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At first I found this Patty Mayo the [freshly minted] bounty hunter’s vlog insufferable. And then it kinda kicked-in. I’m not sure about the wisdom of taking a perp in a store, or without some serious muscle to back up the bounty hunter, especially when the perp’s a full head taller than the hunter. But that’s what I call a proper pat down. That said . . .

Can a bounty hunter interrogate a felon like that without reading him his rights? And did this guy really make a video about how to pick up women on the beach by offering a massage, pressing his penis against a “customer,” using a fake French accent? He did. And didn’t get charged with sexual harassment. Go figure.

Well, at least he didn’t use the “n” word . . .

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  1. Sorry Robert.
    This does nothing for me nor ever did Dog.
    Just another I don’t even know what to call a bail enforcement agent wanna be LEO type.

    • The California Dept. of Insurance has a license ( bail enforcement ) verifaction on line . Mayo has no lic . He is a actor or a felon .

      • Every one think he a fake. Which I don’t see how he isn’t arrested cause that’s illegal to fake being an officer or any type of law in forced character. So you all can think he fake but you should look up the laws.

        • If he’s an actor, what’s he doing that’s so different than all other Hollywood police productions? It’s not illegal to “act” in your own production. Hahaha.

      • The state of california does not require you to be licensed, only that you take the courcses.

      • California has a rigorous set of standards used to regulate the bail bonds industry under the California Department of Insurance. However, as a California bounty hunter you are not required to be licensed if your only duty is to pursue, locate and apprehend bail fugitives. Still, you’ll be required to successfully complete two separate courses in order to qualify for the authority to apprehend.

  2. So Patty Mayonnaise became a mall ninja with a license to douche? Doug dodged a bullet there.

    These character actor types are funny whatever the role they play.

  3. Bounty Hunters: Because law enforcement doesnt look bad enough on the nightly news.

    Seriously though, if you flunk out of cop school, this is not a good back-up plan. It’s a shootout waiting to happen, and I dont want to be around when Mr SWAT/SEAL/DELTA FORCE/SG-1 Guy and somebody with nothing to lose go at it. Because nobody wins.

    • SG-1 always wins and Samantha Carter looks good doing it.

      It’s the other SG teams you don’t want to be around. Somehow they’re always wiped out or nearly wiped out… by a two Jaffa ambush.

      As to your point though, in the case you mention no one wins. Unless there’s video then all of YouTube/LiveLeak wins.

  4. I just quit reading T-Tag because of this. F’in D-Bag needs to get a real job. Only in Cali.

    • This is so wrong on so many levels. I still can’t believe y’all posted this ignorance. Asking if a Bounty hunter can question someone? Seriously? Last Bounty Hunting to make the news here in Indiana, Homeowner shot and killed one of the 2 and severely injured the 2nd. Turned out to be a case of self defense in the eyes of the law.

  5. Can a bounty hunter interrogate a felon like that without reading him his rights?

    Sure, why not? So can a cop. The only question is whether its admissible in court or not.

    • Your Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights only protect you from infringement by the government. Private individuals can interrogate you all they want, and anything you tell them is perfectly admissible. You don’t have a right to demand that a bounty hunter provide you with an attorney, either.

      • That comment is so stupid and demonstrates such a lack of understanding it’s difficult to say anything but just smack you for being a moron willing to run his mouth about shit he doesn’t comprehend. The Rights encompassing the Bill of Rights are not given to you by the Bill of Rights and while they do only limit the federal government from infringing on them (thereby protecting you from them with respect to that right) this in no way means you don’t have those rights absent the Bill of Rights. Your ability to stand up for them and your recourse when they are infringed are certainly at your personal discretion and decision making but they are still no less your natural and intrinsic rights including your right to protect them from infringement regardless of who or what is doing the infringing. SMH!

  6. Did somebody shoot him up with meth? By the way, which one is Patty? (P.S. This video is so stupid I couldn’t even make it to the 3 minute mark.)

    • +1… i had to look up where it lost me and that was just shy of 3min. Meth is a prerequisite for these people from what I’ve seen. Next Dog the Bounty Hunter? Yep; self incriminating public source video.

  7. I plead the 5th, It’s called know you rights regardless of who you’re talking to, especially if it’s a dirt bag like Dog the Hog F’er. Blue Lives matter to me, but like Aldus Huxley said (absolutely no pun intended and all due respect to Blue) “all animals are created equal, some are just more equal than others.” Learned this the hard way while being completely legal and spending 3 hours cuffed on the side of I-94 in Michigan being questioned, was too young and dumb to know my rights and finally consented to a search. They found nothing aside from my pistols and my permit, dropped the mags from my pistols, ejected the chambered rounds and threw the pistols and mags in the back of my truck. Tore all the door panels off and anything else they could break and found nothing again. Found nothing and sent me on my way with a stern warning never to come back to Michigan again

    • Hog effer? That convicted felon wishes he could be effing a hog instead of that nasty thing. I guess he’s pragmatic after prison, and a hole is a hole and all…

        • How does one get a driver’s license with cataracts/macular degeneration that bad? Maybe when you Ray-Charles-tap- the-foot, swing the mullet, or whatever, the echo-location is not quite as precise as a dolphin.

      • You Guys are absolutely right. My bad, I’m reading 1984 by Orwell right now, but previously read “Brave New World” by Huxley and “Animal Farm” by Orwell and got my authors mixed up. Thank you for the correction.

  8. Umm yeah:
    1. It’s “reality”(*cough* as real *cough* as 1989’s *cough* action movies *cough*) TV, so I doubt they even have live rounds.
    2. Since bounty hunters aren’t actually peace officers… yeah they can question pretty much like anyone else with similar limitations (read none at all) of the admissibility of any statements made.

    • The restrictions on introduction of evidence also include agents of the police or anyone acting as agents of the police.

      • Bounty hunters don’t work for the police, they work for the bail bondsman… they’re basically bill collectors with guns, handcuffs and on TV shitty attitudes (the guys I’ve worked with actually tend to be pretty professional).

        • You don’t have to be paid by the police to be found by the courts to be acting FOR the police in terms of evidence collection.

  9. Needs more cowbell.

    …and a fat lady dressed like a street walker waving her finger in people’s faces and yelling “NO ICE IN PARADISE!” wouldn’t hurt either. .

    • Iam still laughing you gotta love it when u find out you’re not the only one that couldnt stand that loud obnoxious ditch pig or her long haired bufont sporting asshole husband. And how does that work anyway 2 felons running all over the place looking for alleged bad guys? Then turn around and get rewarded w a tv show only in America

      • You have to admit, Dawg was kinda entertaining. I mean, at least it was better than the Kardashians.

        English TV is all dry humor, French TV is all about porn dressed up as “classy” entertainment because the chicks drink wine before doing a hardcore scene. The US is a bit more pragmatic. Ratings and cash. That’s what American TV is all about.

        What draws more ratings than meth heads chasing meth heads? Nothing unless one group of meth heads has tasers and a camera crew!

        • I dunno, I found Dawg entertaining in the same vein as a rural West Virginia Special School District bus fire. One watches for the schadenfreude, but ultimately feels bad for every participant.

          (Naturally, anything is better that The Lardassians.)

        • Wow 16V. That’s just fucked up.

          You’re saying that you’d actually feel bad for West Virginian hill folk offspring? (I kid the West Virginians!)

          [I’ve only been there twice, but I did watch The Wonderful Whites of West Virginia like 19 times. Comedy gold right there.]

  10. I know a couple bail bondsmen in Denver who have unfortunately worked with Mr. Dog The Bounty Hunter Chapman. They tell me they’d never hire him, or his kids, or his wife, or anyone who has ever shaken his hand, brah.

    It’s not a compliment to be called the next dog.

  11. Maybe Gecko45 got fired from his mall cop job or just needed a change in scenery.

  12. “Patty Mayo. The Next Dog the Bounty Hunter? JTILTH”

    And “JTILTH” means what, exactly? Googling it went nowhere.

    (I found that idiot in the video un-watchable…)

  13. It’s almost never good to stereotype but I have never seen bounty hunters that don’t think they are badass SWAT. This industry is going to get itself in trouble because if deuchebaggery and there will be no one to stand up for the bounty hunters. This guy is Exhibit 2 (Dog was Exhibit 1)

  14. Fancy external vest carrier. Maybe next time go with something cheaper-looking and put actual body armor in there.

  15. “Can a bounty hunter interrogate a felon like that without reading him his rights?”

    Well, bounty hunters don’t work for the state. They are serving the interest of the bondsmen who put up the bond to free the accused. So they are not bound by the Constitution and they are not covered by the concept of the state actor doctrine.

    All that doesn’t mean that bounty hunters are immune from prosecution or civil lawsuits for their acts, as they don’t enjoy qualified immunity. There are more than enough cases of bounty hunters kicking in the wrong door and being charged, convicted, and jailed for burglary. The bounty hunter profession is one that is full of bad people and operates in dark gray place.

  16. Taking an enforcement action in someone’s place of business is very unsat. So many opportunities for this to go bad and the new Bowow brought it there.

    • Pretty much this. Unless there is a dire emergency, kicking something like this off in a store is a serious problem, one that endangers everyone and risks opening a three or four sided gunfight. That much stupid needs a keeper.

  17. Okay just to clarify if you pay attention the things in the vlog Patrick Thomas is a real licensed agent in the state of California. Mayo isn’t really his last name. And just because he’s a bounty hunter does not mean he’s a wanna be. Just because someone does private security work or fugitive recovery doesn’t mean they’re doing because they couldn’t become a cop it means that that’s the way they decide serve the community. Plus if you actually look at the statistics, bounty hunting given a proper amount of attention and dedication can be very rewarding job. There are some out there that make 250k+ a year. And as far thisguy doing goofy ass shit on the beach on his vlog, come on we have all done jacked up shit before! And he didn’t get charged with anything cuz the people in the videos didn’t care they were cool with it. And as far him doing his thing in a store, he certainly should not have done that, but that comes with learning the trade. If you really pay attention to his vlog it’s interesting to see how much he’s grown into this profession. Small things to pick up on. As far not going into store or crowds of people, he has started carrying two pairs of cuffs instead of asking while trying to get a perp cuffed hey let me see your cuffs, or the way he does things he no longer hesitates on giving commands to individuals. He has grown into the profession. Although I do agree when he first started it was unbearable. I couldn’t stop picking out things that he was doing wrong. But that has changed and i rather enjoy watching south land bounty hunters, more so than cops or anything else. And definitely 20x better than dog the fake ass bounty hunter. That show is so incredibly painful to watch. Why the fuck do you need biker gloves?!?!? What the hell is the point of wearing fingerless gloves when the reason you should be wearing gloves is to protect your hands.

  18. Patrick Thomas aka Patty Mayo born in Boston , Mass. on July 6, 1987 is a actor on youtube . His videos are fake. He is not a bail enforcement agent in the state of Calif. The State of Calif. , Dept. of Insurance shows no lic. issued .

  19. Patrick Thomas is a youtube actor. He is not a bail enforcement agent in California . This info can be verified by the Calif. State Govt. If he is a licensed agent . What is his lic. # ????

    • That is not the necessary license required for 1299 compliance in CA. The licensed Bondsmen can contract with the “Fugitive Recovery Agent” or “Bail Recovery Person.” Look up CA PC1299. The listed requirements can be found there.

  20. I have help him edit his videos in the past. He is a nice guy. But the videos are scripted using actors .

  21. I contacted Dave Jones the Comm. of the Calif. Dept of Insurance ( 1-800-967-9331, lic. hotline ) Patrick Thomas / Patty Mayo has no records on file for training required per Calif. Penal Code. And has on license issued for bail agent . You can go to the website and use the check license option . You can search by name or license # . it will show no records found .

    • Look up PC1299. It really doesn’t take or require much. The lic you receive is merely a course and you carry the cert with you on your person, per PC1299. There is no database for the Bail Recovery or Fugitive Recovery Agent. The Bail Bondsmen is the one that will hold the license and usually contracts with the recovery agent to perform the apprehension for a percentage of the bond.

  22. dANNY call it what you want . Database or not. But The Calif. Dept. of Insurance has a searchable license section on there website . It will say the following Active , Expired , revolked or No records found . Sound like a database . Patrick Thomas / Patty Mayo shows ” No Records Found ” .

  23. Patty Mayo / Patricia ” Patty Mayo ” Mayannaoise is a character on the Nickoloden aniated show Doug . His real name is Patrick Thomas Tarmey , he and hid girlfriend ( Kayla Pilliar) live in Burbank, Calif. They use Backstage to cast actors for the scripted bounty hunter show. Nov. 19 , 2014 had a art. Players complain man running treasure hunt lied about hiding prize cash ( 20 k). Patrick Tarmay ( Patty Mayo ) was the owner . Fake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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