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Adam Gopnik declares war on the Second Amendment . . . In the Wake of the Las Vegas Shooting, There Can Be No Truce with the Second Amendment

The facts remain facts. Gun control acts on gun violence the way antibiotics act on infections—imperfectly but with massive efficacy. Yet, even with that knowledge, some of us, in our innocence, proposed a sort of truce about Second Amendment issues in the face of the ongoing national emergency—the Trump Presidency—in which it seemed essential to make common cause, even with those who have the strange American fixation on the right to own military-style firearms.

They don’t have a reason for this fixation—no reason can be found. There’s no argument for it—such weapons are useless in sport, except for the sport of using them; they play no role in hunting, or not hunting anything except helpless people; and they protect no one from a tyrannical government, since the tyrannical government, if it would ever come to that, is hardly in need of small-arms fire to assert its will. Absent an argument for it, they merely have a fixation about it, but it remains practically religious in its intensity.

And the there’s the inescapable truth that . . . Stricter Gun Laws Would Not Have Prevented Las Vegas Shooting

When faced with senseless, horrific shootings, people in Washington and on cable news often end up politicizing them in order to argue over gun laws, especially if the location where the incident took place has relatively relaxed regulations. With this morning’s awful mass shooting in Las Vegas, we may not hear such talk, since the suspect, Stephen Paddock, allegedly used a fully automatic weapon, which is illegal no matter what, unless legally purchased and registered prior to May 19, 1986, when they were basically banned under federal law.  Of course, it’s possible that he reconfigured a legal semi-automatic weapon to make it fire automatically but that would then make it an illegal weapon.

While it’s true that Nevada does allow people to legally carry firearms in public, only legal weapons are covered by this. Paddock would have broken the law before even pulling the trigger, since—assuming he hadn’t been holding onto this weapon for more than 30 years—the law forbids having the gun in the first place. Not only that, but the shooting took place at the Mandalay Bay, which has a strict no-weapons policy. Such policies technically don’t have the weight of law, meaning they can’t remove your weapon, but they can tell you to leave and have you arrested for trespass if you don’t.

You knew this would be coming . . . How the Las Vegas Shooting Challenges the NRA’s ‘Good Guy with a Gun’ Argument

If the carnage in Las Vegas ultimately alters the gun debate, it won’t be just because of the casualty count, staggering though it is. It will be because the circumstances of the shooting nullify the central, animating argument that the National Rifle Association has deployed throughout the numbing succession of public mass shootings — there have been 28 of them, by one count, since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.

Per the NRA, the sole prescription for securing our country against mass shooters, terrorists, and evildoers is for Americans to arm up. “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun,” goes NRA leader Wayne LaPierre’s confident formula, “is a good guy with a gun.” The group has cited one form or another of this dictum as it has fought to ensure that federal and state laws present the lowest possible hurdles to civilian gun possession, while facilitating the carrying of guns in as many public place as possible.

From someone who’s been shot at from above . . . The Las Vegas Shooting and the Attack of the Carrion Crows

What I want to say is this: the carrion crows viewing this as a chance to advance their agenda, should get down on their knees and beg whatever God they believe in to forgive them and turn them into real humans, with real human feelings.

And that’s not counting the people saying it’s okay because those people were likely Trump Voters.  Those people have willfully cut themselves from the human race and made themselves a species of hyena far more repulsive than real hyenas — who are after all only animals who can’t help their behavior.

It’s very early.  We don’t know anything.

We do know that no gun control law ever kept guns from the hands of evildoers.  Those laws do, often, take the means by which law-abiding people can defend themselves, even if that was impossible in this case.

What difference, at this point, does it make? . . . Is the Las Vegas Mass-Murderer a Terrorist?

In Las Vegas, more than 50 people are dead, and perhaps hundreds of others have been injured, in the deadliest mass-shooting attack in American history. Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old Nevadan believed to be the lone gunman, fired upon attendees of the Route 91 Harvest music festival from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort across the street. He killed himself before police reached him.

As we begin to process what has happened, it is important to remember — as we have learned from too many of these incidents — that initial reports are often wrong. We must wait for investigators and responsible journalists to do their work before we can have a clear picture of what happened.

I’m sure we’ll find out soon . . . How Did the Las Vegas Gunman Get His Hands on a Weapon of War?

The incident in Las Vegas reveals the fallacy of the tired slogan, “Guns don’t kill, people do.” Yes, we need to address why so many Americans are attempting to kill a maximum of their fellows at random. At the same time, only a weapon designed for war could kill so many people from such a distance. High-capacity magazines capable of holding up to 100 rounds of ammunition only make that danger worse.

These weapons and magazines should never be in civilian hands and should be banned. Obviously, this is a tall order given the influence of the gun lobby on the Trump administration and majority party in Congress. But it’s not impossible. Existing weapons can be bought back from owners at a fair market price and destroyed. Australia melted down up to a third of its gun inventoryfollowing its deadliest-ever mass shooting in 1996, and has all but eliminated public mass shootings.

Re-thinking gun rights post-Mandalay Bay . . . Las Vegas survivor renounces stance on guns after shooting

Josh Abbott Band guitarist Caleb Keeter took to Twitter Monday to announce that he was no longer a guns right activist. His band performed at the Route 91 Harvest Festival on the Las Vegas strip Sunday night, when the concerts were cut short by a gunmen. Latest reports indicate that 58 people were killed and 515 were hurt.

The experience apparently forced Keeter to flip his stance on the 2nd Amendment.

“I’ve been a proponent of the 2nd Amendment my entire life,” he wrote in a statement posted on Twitter. “Until the events of last night. I cannot express how wrong I was. We actually have members of our crew with [license to carry], and legal firearms on the bus. They were useless.”

After a tragic event like this, we need to put politics aside and…do politics.

What could possibly go wrong? . . . Las Vegas shooting pushes Mark Zuckerberg to stake out even more political territory

As the fallout from the horrific shooting in Las Vegas continued to ripple around the country on Monday, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg issued a brief statement condemning the shooting and sharing, for him, a strong stance on another hot button political debate: gun control.

Because what we really need is advice on how to run a country from our friends across the Atlantic . . . Dear America: the Las Vegas shooting was not a tragedy. It’s a sickness

I’d have sympathy for the stampeding, terrified people who escaped if I didn’t know that one third of them have their own gun, that they live in a state where you do not need a permit to buy one, are not required to register it if you do, and assault rifles are not a big enough deal to require local legislation.

It would help too if their first, thick response to the biggest mass shooting in US history wasn’t “go grab a gun”.

I was sat here wondering how the shooter got his weapon and a bag of ammunition past the hotel staff until I realised Nevada allows “open carry”, and he could have cartwheeled through reception with an AK47 clenched between his teeth without anyone batting an eyelid.

Time to choose sides . . . After Las Vegas, time for normal gun owners to decide where their loyalties lie: with the NRA, or with the USA

How much longer are we going to put up with this?

How many more innocents have to die before we start standing up to the National Rifle Association? How many more concert-goers have to be massacred? How many more party-goers? How many more children? How many more kids on the street? How many more policemen?

The massacre in the Harvest Festival concert in Las Vegas is no isolated event. A staggering 30 Americans are murdered with guns every day.

Every. Single. Day.

That’s 11,000 a year. The equivalent of a 9/11 every 14 weeks.



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  1. Over 30,000 people are killed by cars, intentionally and otherwise, every damn year. How about shaming car owners for a change? How about advocating for car confiscation and only public transportation operated by government agents? The next time someone plows into a crowd I want to see a giant stack of confiscated Priuses and Teslas being crushed. What the hell do you need them for anyway in NYC? Subways still run. Sort of.

    Rant over.

    • But we register cars* and license drivers*. There are 250M cars in the US and 35k deaths by motor vehicle. And there are 350M guns and 11k deaths by gun. So clearly guns are the bigger, more dangerous issue.
      And they’re a much bigger issue than heart disease (600k), cancer (600k), medical errors (250k), or diabetes (80k).

      * For access to public roads, you can drive around on private land without any paperwork.

      • Jason,
        1) Non criminals murdered with firearms are about 10,00 per year. Not 11,000. Over 40 studies in jurisdictions all over the US show 90% to 94%, of murder victims are criminals, and over 80% persons with 10 mor more prior arrests. What the US has is more criminals killing criminals. If you are not a criminal you are safer from homicide in same demographic areas of the US than Canada, Australia or Europe.

        That is also why as incarceration rates increase, murder rates plummet

        2) So what if these firearms were registered and the person licensed? are you saying that would have stopped this? This guy had a pilots license and no prior crimes, he was fully eligible for ANY license and registration scheme for firearms

        3 ) Overall the rate of US gun murder has fallen over 60% in 25 years — as guns have increased

        • And if you are someone who likes public health approaches

          I suggest you look no further than the research out of Yale by Andrew Papachristos. It shows that “gun violence” is like AIDS. You have to be deeply involved with crime to be at any significant risk of getting shot and killed. Basically people kill people. Granted, they do do it more successfully with guns, but, the vast majority of law abiding gun owners are at almost zero risk of committing homicide, so the most moral thing to do is to find a solution to stop a small sect of the population who do the vast majority of the crime. Not banning types of weapons. Mass shootings, as tragic and as shocking as they are, are an infetisemally small amount of violence committed using guns. I’m saddened to see people turning their backs on the 2nd amendment. Even more saddened that they’re falling right into the hands of people who started trying to push their plans while the death toll is still being counted. And while virtually nothing is known about the shooter…

        • That 10,000 is a typo. Of the 11,000 gun murders, 10,000 are criminal on criminal, and 1,000 victims are non criminals. Non criminals in the US have a lower risk of homicide victimization than same average age, income education jurisdictions in Australia or Canada.

      • You can also drive as fast as you want with as many people as the vehicle will hold on private property. That vehicle can be legally transported to another person’s private property and used in the same manner.

        • Uh, you can be 10 years old, no license, no license plate, no seatbelt, and drive 150 miles per hour. The only thing regulated in my state is you cannot be drunk. That’s on private property of course. Would be really nice if guns were as regulated as cars!

        • jt says”: “Would be really nice if guns were as regulated as cars!”
          Let me know next time you have to submit to a federal background check to buy a car.
          Guns are far more regulated than cars.
          When’s the last time scary looking cars were banned?
          How about high-capacity cars?
          A fifteen day waiting period to buy a car?
          When’s the last time you heard a liberal call for “sensible” car control when more than 2 people are killed by cars?

      • I can also buy the most dangerous, largest, car with the greatest capacity, equiped with a muffler (the quieter the better), from ebay and have it delivered to my front door without any hastle, id check, wait period, or license….. i only need to do paper work and pay fees if I want to drive it in public.

        That 350million number is a 25 year old stat…. up it to about 600million and throw on 16 trillion rounds of ammo and we’ll be talking contemporary ball park numbers.

      • …and yet, the deaths keep occurring, don’t they…. Its the behavior of the person, not the object which is at fault. Like blaming forks for obesity…

      • …and yet, the deaths keep occurring, don’t they…. Its the behavior of the person, not the object which is at fault. Like blaming forks for obesity…

    • Your post is illogical. Automobiles are necessary for transportation but high capacity assault rifles are weapons of war and most civilized nations have outlawed them for civilian use and most have true democracy as opposed to our sham democracy that is a representative government and mostly for only the filthy rich. Capitalvania at its most obscene.

      • The AR-15 is not a weapon of war… has never been on the battlefield. Pump action shotguns….have been used in war. Lever Action Rifles, have been used in war…..even against Native Americans….6 shot revolvers….have been used in war, even against Native Americans….Bolt action rifles have been used in war…….any gun with a magazine….has been used in war…so what you are advocating, if weapons used in war are to be banned, is that all guns be banned…since pump action shotguns, magazine fed pistols, bolt action rifles are all currently being used in actual combat…so you want to ban all of these “weapons of war?”

        • Actually, yes, he does.
          With a very few exceptions, of course.
          You can own guns for hunting, as long as they are kept locked up somewhere other than in your home. You can only purchase enough ammunition (for those guns only) to hunt with, and only certain types of ammo, at that.
          You can own guns for sporting purposes, if you can demonstrate that you belong to an approved range, and the guns and ammo must be kept locked up at the range when you’re not using them. And,of course, you can only have the approved type of ammo for said sporting purposes (no self defense rounds, steel core, or anything but FMJ round nose).
          And this, of course, is subject to local laws, which may forbid you to own any firearms at all just because of where you live, or because you didn’t make a full stop at that stop sign fifteen years ago.
          See? He supports the second amendment!

      • We are also the only nation in the world with true freedom of speech. Other than deliberately inciting violence or causing physical harm, you can say anything you want. EVERY other country, democratic or not, has some sort of censorship or restriction of speech. Even in the UK where people like to believe is the most similar to us, whom we decided to part and separate from, you are a subject and not a citizen. There are plenty of reasons we are not the same and willfully do not follow the rest of civilized Europe. If you like Europe, live in Europe. America was designed different on purpose and you shouldn’t be so quick to give up your rights for a promise of security.

        Additionally, why are we so focused on tools and not behavior? Adding “Guns” to the problem of “Violence” provides a great disservice and takes the focus away from the problem, “Violence”. How about we stop violence and then we can have all of the kitchen knives, hammers, cars, fireworks and cannons we like!!

        • “you shouldn’t be so quick to give up your rights for a promise of security” – which is an empty, undeliverable promise anyway.

      • Your post is illogical. Automobiles are not absolutely necessary for transportation and there is literally no such thing as a “high-capacity assault weapon” in the first place. Even if there was, which there ISN’T regardless of whatever you or anyone else says, it wouldn’t be a “weapon of war,” either. Oh, and most “civilized nations” aren’t even true democracies and their governments are only for the filthy rich — and still have all of the EXACT same crime problems as we do, to boot. Capitalivanian is not even a real word.

        • Well it is Cisco after all, you come to expect the socialist drivel from him. As I’ve said many many times before to the mindless idiot liberals, ASSAULT is an act, you can assault someone with most anything, a chunk of wood a knife, a hammer, a brick, a pencil, a dinner plate, an automobile, you get the point. We never put the word ASSAULT before any of those objects only guns. Liberals are brainwashed and don’t incapable of logical informed thinking and fail to realize that there will always be crime, criminals and nut jobs in the world, there’s nothing anybody can EVER do about it. If all of the indoctrinated idiots want to give up all of their freedom and let the government tell them how and what they can do that’s that’s fine with me. The rest of don’t want to live like that, you need to stop trying to ram your socialism down our throats. He used a rifle to assault people, it’s not an assault rifle. If you want to live in an oppressive society go find one and stop trying to change America. Our Constitution written so long ago is needed now more than ever and all of you whack job liberals need to leave America and go create your cesspool society somewhere else. Don’t like guns, don’t buy one. I have had it with all of you brainwashed idiots.

  2. “It would help too if their first, thick response to the biggest mass shooting in US history wasn’t ‘go grab a gun’”.

    I’ve already said this once today, but no. Indeed my first response was not to disarm myself in the face of the violence caused by a lunatic.

    • Just like they moved for sensible vehicle control when peace trucks began plowing into people.

  3. Just because a crescent wrench is a good tool doesn’t mean it will work for every thing, like changing a spark plug. Your EDC G19/M&P/SR9c/LCP/J-frame/commander 1911..etc won’t do you any good if the threat is 200+ yards out and you can’t see them. If want to make a one eighty on your support of the 2A because of what happened, that’s your choice, it’s just not too thought out in my opinion.

    • you are correct. i have ran various senarios through my mind and came up with the same conclusion every time. the only people there who would have reacted the fastest would have been police and military/ex-military. and it still wouldn’t have changed the outcome.

      also fuck the stupid gun grabbers who only think guns can kill people. if any thing we should ban all of these then:

      (and yes he’s being sarcastic in the video)

        • They knocked on his door fairley quickly. He fired through the door then offed himself. The shooting stopped so they were able to carefully breach the door, THAT part happening an hour after the shots.

  4. I re-thought my “trunk gun” for about 3.03 seconds. Yes, there was no “good guy” with a gun scenario that wouldn’t involve shooting at random hotel windows, unlike the armed bystanders who shot at Whitman and kept him from killing possibly more people.

    But you can’t argue from the extremes, as the left so often does. No matter, they routinely ignore “goog guy with a gun” successes all the time and interpret other interventions as somehow bad. See

  5. “Existing weapons can be bought back from owners at a fair market price and destroyed.”

    But what if I refuse to sell…or comply? Going to send someone over to take them?
    What if I think fair market value is…say…go fist yourself? How does that figure sound? The left is howling for a war. I don’t think they know what they are asking for. If it ever comes down to it civil war 2.0 won’t be pretty. Keep your powder dry.

    • Dammit. Not the first time I’ve heard it but “go first yourself” always gives me a chuckle when used appropriately.

    • Advocating war, Thomas Gabor and Adam Gopnik appear to think they’ll be safe behind their pens. If they had the courage of their convictions they’d volunteer to personally go disarm people with the guns they don’t like.

      • This right here. I love it how the left want the mechanism of law to carry out their desires. They definitely do not have the sack to do it themselves. They will be hiding in their gated community and behind private security.

    • Yeah buy backs have already tried here and usually only get a few thousand guns at the most. Gun culture too strong to get rid of the majority of the guns. Especially since the majority of AR-15s are owned buy “gun nuts.” You know, the people who own like 20 guns or 100? Some of the least likely to hurt a soul. So no limits on guns owned to stop people to accumulate arsenals. And any long gun is rarely used in any crime. Also, while some anti-gunners point to Australia and Britain for the successes of gun control, I point to France. The antithesis of every AWB supporters ideas. Very few SEMI-AUTOS, let alone full autos owned there, and still far deadlier killings. Also had Nice. Don’t need a gun to kill a lot of people.

  6. And we’re all shocked to see the dancing. No? I didn’t think so. I don’t see how we can win. There will always be some event like this that will start the dancing (and tweeting–how I hate tweeting! It’s like a world-wide bumper sticker). And we pro-rights folks will be back on the defensive.

    We can’t seem to use the “if it saves one life” but. Defensive gun uses are either buried, not reported, or discounted by our Betters.


  7. Repeal Hughes Admin and any nfa law # federal “no gun zone”
    Don t let change nevada”s gun laws to commirado / follow kansas

    my view !

  8. I did not vote for Trump. But right now, I’m thanking God that Hillary is not the President….

    • I am also thankful to God personally. The moral inferiors who voted for Trump do not deserve my gratitude.

      • ** The moral inferiors who voted for Shillary don’t deserve anyone’s gratitude.

        Fixed that for you. You’re welcome.

    • Thanks for WASTING your vote, how does that chrome-domed Egg (Evan) McMuffin taste?

    • Yeah but that nasty wench is still behind the scenes, she needs to fall into a deep black hole never to be seen again. The left are certifiably all out crazy whack jobs !!!!!!

  9. “In Las Vegas, more than 50 people are dead, and perhaps hundreds of others have been injured, in the deadliest mass-shooting attack in American history.” This wasn’t the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. The deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history was the Massacre at Wounded Knee in which the U.S. government slaughtered between 150 and 300 citizens.

    • Every time there is mass shooting someone brings up Wounded Knee. Military operations, even bad ones like
      WK, cannot be compared to random or even calculated mass shooting perpetrated by lunatics or terrorists. They have the same results, but are a different animal. The Wounded Knee comparisons are
      just another Liberal attempt at identify politics.

      • Why are they different? Stating that they are different isn’t a reason. Without a reason, I’m not persuaded in the least.

    • I have a hard time believing anyone who is a lawyer could be that dumb. I think perhaps your a wannabe lawyer. Comparing the incident at Wounded Knee that was done by the American Army is in no way relevant to the acts of a mad man that should never have had access to a weapon of war. Perhaps you should have compared Wounded Knee (committed by the U.S. Army) to the Mai Lai Massacre in Vietnam (also committed by the U.S. Army). Neither were the work of a single civilian mad man but done by the criminals who ran the U.S. Army in both of the incidents. Makes you proud to be an American if your a Right Winger who views every other race and religion as sub-human.

      • I don’t have a hard time believing you could be this dumb, because you are and have been repeatedly proven to be. Conclusively. We know that you’re a wanna-be, well, everything you claim to be and more yourself. Weapons of war were not what the mad man had, and no gun control law proposed by your or anyone else alive or that will ever live — short of totally and forcibly uninventing the gun permanently (which IS probably what you will ultimately want anyway) — could have ever kept his hands off of them, regardless. Makes you proud to be an American if you’re a Left Winger who views every other race and ALL religions as sub-human.

    • Liberals won’t believe that, it’s real AMERICAN HISTORY, their not taught that in our socialist education system.

  10. Several of the Band members who hand weapons said they were useless because of the distance and they are now not pro-Second Amendment anymore. The reality of what a mad man can do with a high power rifle at a distance with a high capacity magazine completely changed their minds on gun control and how we do need more of it and now.

    • Repeat after me…Republican President and Republican Congress. Nothing will happen. You tards couldn’t even get anti 2A legislation passed under Obama. But keep howling if it makes you feel better.

        • “Well he did pass many import bans without needing Congress at all.”
          And illegally, we might add. You see, he did need congress, he just didn’t use it.
          Just because the president does it doesn’t mean it’s legal, Nixon notwithstanding.

    • Then “several band members” are failing to see the bigger picture. the heinous act of a lunatic has nothing to do with a fundamental freedom.

      • More like:

        “Several closeted Liberal band members who posed as pro-2nd Amendment Country Music stars in order to pander to ‘Conservative’ Constitution-loving fans have shown their true colors”

      • They don’t see anything at all, they have no independent thought, only what the media and the left tell them. they are not taught to think for themselves.

    • Millions of AR-15s bought. Millions more in circulation. Yes I know it’s sad, but it’s remarkable how infrequently people get hurt by admittedly, quite deadly machines.(talking about AR-15s specifically here) With so many in circulation, you can’t guarantee that some won’t be used maliciously. Is it moral to restrict access of those weapons to the people who will never hurt anyone on the fat chance someone uses it for evil? More people are killed with no weapons than with long guns. I know it’s sad, but please give it time.

    • ore people who never owned a firearm are going to buy them now. Especially with morons saying “time to shred the Second amendment.” This event is as much an argument to shred the Forth and Fifth Amendments.

      • Yep. Crime and terrorism could be combated much more easily if we did away with the 4th amendment. We need common sense 4th amendment control!! Who cares about our right to privacy!! Who cares about the gov’t getting comfortable with intruding on people, and who cares if people get complacent with getting spied on!! Peer reviewed studies show it gives us freedom from murder!! Let’s get rid of our rights!!

    • find us a link that quotes that BY NAME AND BAND or it did not happen!
      More Lib fake news! Go back to CNN troll!

    • Go ahead crisco kid, cry for gun confiscation. Who’s gonna come take everyone’s guns? You? 😂

      • Hank, He’s always spewing his socialist drivel on this site, I’m guessing he thinks he’s going convert us into brainwashed liberal idiot’s. After all , they aren’t the brightest bulbs in the box, just helpless victims.

    • So the 2A does envision private ownership of firearms after all? So much for “I am for the 2A but . . .” No, we both understand full well what it means and what the founders meant. I don’t see the military or cops ditching their weapons after this massacre. Why should we?

    • Thanks to your stupid rant I just bought another one to add to my collection.

      Thanks for the inspiration, tool.

      I’d love for you to come personally take them and not hide behind government like you tools all do.

      • I purchased four the of Czech Republic’s finest ( CZ ) just this last month to add to my already substantial firearms collection. My loyalties also lie with the our Constitution, my hatred for the left grows more and more by the hour. I don’t think they realize where this is headed, there’s no way this nonsense with the left can continue.

    • It actually made them as willfully pig ignorant as you, especially as to how we don’t need more gun control now. As a matter of fact, we didn’t ever need it in the past and we never, ever will in the near or distant future, either, for that matter.

      Accept it. Get over it. Get used to it. You’re going to, anyway, so quit acting like you actually have a choice. You don’t and nothing will ever change that.

  11. Time to demand a more N Korea like country. When we all become drones of the the government and a supreme leader like Hillary or Sanders or Pelosi or Schumer or Jesse Jackson etc etc etc. Only then, well we be safe from all evil. Humm, maybe not so much.
    Fools are now lip flapping for less freedom, restricted liberty, more government control. Under the old wore out “its for your safety” flag. How dare they!

    • They are mindless, brainwashed idiots !!! Nobody can seem to make them realize it !!! Helpless victims.

  12. For all the planning that went into this, what gets me is this guy was a pilot. He had 2 planes. The Vegas airport is parallel to the venue. Fill up the wing tanks and roll it over right after liftoff. What the kinetic energy didn’t do, that burning avgas would. So why shoot up the place from that far away. We’re missing something still.

    • “He had 2 planes. The Vegas airport is parallel to the venue. Fill up the wing tanks and roll it over right after liftoff. What the kinetic energy didn’t do, that burning avgas would.”

      Damn good point, depending on the aircraft he had, a 172 has about 50 gallons in the wings.

      Slamming that into the crowd at 120 knots, the wreckage would kill dozens, and the fuel dozens more…

    • Your thinking outside of the box as are many of us, things just don’t seem to fit and unfortunately nobody will ever know the real truth, just like the trail of death behind the evil clintons.

  13. What silly “arguments”. I hope the NRA cites all the lives saved by DGUs every year. Then compare this “high death count” to automobiles, pools, medical malpractice, tyrannical laws, gun control laws that prevent citizens from arming up against a threat, etc that no one bats an eyelid at.

    Also, how many gun free zones have cost lives? All of them.

    Perspective is always needed to expose the hypocrisy of the gun control complex.

  14. they protect no one from a tyrannical government, since the tyrannical government, if it would ever come to that, is hardly in need of small-arms fire to assert its will.

    Do they actually still believe this, or are they just repeating it hoping others will believe it?

  15. Ban the evil (D), they like being top of the heap at killing people around the globe, and the more innocent the better, cause people pay $$$$ to use the parts for medicine and food.

  16. Thomas Gabor and Adam Gopnik ( Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumb ) would do best crawling back down that rabbit hole and letting the door mouse teach them a thing or two! The thousands of gun laws couldn’t stop this. The thousands of laws against drunk driving, DUI, DWI, driving without a license or insurance doesn’t stop that! Nor do the hundred of thousands of laws against robbery, rape, murder, manslaughter, illegal immigration, and dozens of other crimes prevent those. Keeter’s ignorance and statement puts him at the bottom of IQ scale. Obviously he shouldn’t carry because he lacks all knowledge of firearms, effective ranges, usage, ammunition and more. No one would seriously attempt to engage any automatic weapon or even semi auto at that range with a handgun no matter how good they were. Best they could hope for if they spotted the point of origin of fire would be to hit the window!

  17. ok so lets get a couple things straight right now shall we…

    #1 america doesnt have a gun problem…america has an asshole problem and i know its hard to believe but we do in fact have more guns than assholes so lets try to get rid of what we have less of first…that would make more sense

    #2 you cant declare war on guns without de facto declaring war on their owners…not a good idea as theyre the ones with all the guns…
    tens of millions of gunowners owning perhaps hundreds of millions of guns…not a good fight to pick

    my suspicion is were going to find out pretty soon that this is another man of the left and the msm is trying to get out ahead of that by making guns evil instead of the perpetrator and thus framing the argument in a way that suits them and their agenda…and we all know what that is now…the destruction of america…obama called radical transformation…but we knew what he meant

    a truly God fearing america loving man of the right would never ever do anything like this and even if he did he would shoot up an antifa rally or planned parenthood rally not a country music festival…theres scant few things more american than country music and the people who enjoy it myself included

    the modern home of the godless…and debauchery…and those who hate people in particular and america in general is in the democrat party…without a doubt…end of of story…its not even up for debate

    if nothing else the events of the last year have unequivocally proven that

    i hope im wrong but my fear is its already too late and weve already fallen off the edge of the cliff and were going to have to ride this thing all the way to the bottom

  18. Something still smells fishy about this whole thing. By all accounts he had no .mil or .gov experience, but there is way too much tradecraft involved in this ambush. The tactical decision to use a room overlooking the venue, the use of tripods to stabilize the weapons while firing, the possibility of explosives of some sort present, the modification of weapons to full auto, the possible use of a bump fire type stock, etc. This guys background indicates to me that he is the kind of guy that would have been barely capable of renting a UHaul and running over people, and unless other info comes out I remain skeptical that he could have successfully pulled this off.

    • look up “Ambush”

      I generally agree with your point but anyone literate could read a dozen mens novels and come up with all your details. A bipod is not exactly cutting edge tech.

      • The media is now reporting he had rifles with bump fire stocks. I didn’t think those worked with bipods.

  19. Interestingly, the LA Times (of all papers) is reporting tonight that are least one of the shooter’s weapons was not fully automatic. It was modified with (using their words) a “bump stock”. So I wonder how long we wait before we hear the call to outlaw bump fire stocks?

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could mourn for and bury the victims before starting the political rabble-rousing?

  20. Fox reporting they found two bumpfire stocks in the room. Rate of fire seems to fit. And the fact that he didnt stop between strings of fire also tells me it was a bumpsaw.

  21. “These weapons and magazines should never be in civilian hands and should be banned. “

    Ok, you want to ban those items from American civilians? You know which easily trackable group of civilians has the most of those items? The cops. Start with them.

    No carve outs, no bullshit. Straight back to S&W wheelguns and 870’s.

    Unless, of course, you think that maybe criminals wouldn’t abide by this new ban, and American civilians have need to be able to protect themselves from those criminals…

    • I’d rather they start with the all private security details for politicians, lobbyists, gun control advocates, and celebrities first. You know, lead by example.

    • The left doesn’t care about the safety of the people, it’s about CONTROL, total control. the democrats are the modern day nazi party. You can’t control people with guns, they must be disarmed and indoctrinated through the socialist education system.

  22. pffft!
    i thought youse Yanks had a bit more ‘nouse’ than to believe main-stream media BS….
    this whole thing is putrid!
    if the NRA had any guts, then, they’d be hiring a team of top notch Private Investigators (backed up by ex-Special Forces vets) to investigate what happened….they got a small, vanishing window to do that…abt a week or so…then…its gone!

  23. His name is gopnik? Like what they call white trash scumbags in russia? Great name dude. You can’t make this stuff up.

  24. Someone above said that we shouldn’t argue from extremes and that’s true.

    This case is an extreme outlier. It’s really sad and kinda scary but it was only a matter of time until someone with half a brain decided to really raise some hell and do a half-way decent job of it which, by the by, is something I’ve been warning about for a long time.

    The truth is this: short of a long range precision rifle shooting back at this guy wasn’t going to happen. However, I ask this; How often does a guy with an elevated position and and MG (or semi-auto rifle) open up on a crowd of people from a range of 300-400 yards in a situation where they can actually do some significant damage because they have a massive crowd in a kill zone from which the crowd cannot quickly escape? The answer is that this has happened once: this incident. The Texas clock-tower isn’t even in the same league as this shooting, though it has some general similarities.

    One day the people, who exist in decent groups, who have an ideological/religion reason to come after us will figure out how to really hit a soft target within the borders of the USA. When that day comes the casualty count will rival or exceed this and the incident won’t be a one-off.

  25. The facts remain facts. Gun control acts on gun violence the way antibiotics act on infections—imperfectly but with massive efficacy.

    I don’t think the term fact means what this guy thinks it means. And I’m absolutely sure he has never been to Mexico.

    • Yep, because if that were in fact, a “fact”, then south central L.A., Chicago, Baltimore, et. al., would be utterly devoid of “gun violence”.

  26. even with those who have the strange American fixation on the right to own military-style firearms.

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,
    The founders chose to give us AN example of a reason the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. That example in no way inhibits the right of the people however it gives us insight into one of the reasons they thought this right needed to be protected. And who might the militia be needing to use arms against? Certainly not rabbits. So the founders expected the militia to be equal to the task of fighting a modern army, and IMHO that means the people need to be equally well armed and that “weapons of war” are specifically protected by design.

  27. So I think the question that needs to be asked in return… How are 50 deaths in an isolated incident somehow worse than 512 year-to-date in gun restrictive Chicago. Even with this incident, Las Vegas is typically half that number. Let’s Nevada into further perspective. Gun deaths in the state typically run about just over 200 yearly. What do you suppose the number of car deaths is year-to-date? 210. Vehicles also murder over 700 people yearly in Illinois. Clearly, we have a vehicle murder epidemic according to the media.

    • The auto analogy is illogical. We need automobiles for transportation, we do not need military weapons of mass destruction, they were invented for war not for civilian use with the resulting mass murder and mayhem they create.

      • The auto analogy can be logical. We don’t absolutely need automobiles for transportation, and “need” has absolutely nothing to do with civil rights — which includes, whether you gun-grabbing mongrels like it or not — the right to keep and bear arms. That, and civil rights are not now and have never been subject to the democratic process to to your (non)arguments grounded in social utility. The ONLY ones creating mayhem are you and your ilk, anyway, what with the continual stripping away of our rights — which extends to far more than the civil right to keep and bear arms, which is closely inter-connected to all of the others.

        Not that YOU would know that, or literally anything, naturally.

        • Cisco is an illogical socialist idiot, nothing you say will change his tune, he is brainwashed. He has some sort of delusional mindset that he is going to change us all into left wing loonies.

          • His lies will not go unanswered, and quicksand foundations of his (non)arguments must be laid bare and then liquidated with the earthquake reverberations of truth. Real truth.

  28. AS USUAL the Republicans say we will do nothing as to cut down on the profits of the gun industry gone mad would be against the Republican greed monger credo. And of course we fear the Gun Father of the NRA. No other civilized Nation puts up with mass murder. No other civilized nation does not vet gun purchasers with a psychological test first to determine if they are mentally competent to even own a weapon. Not many civilized nations allow the use by civilians of weapons of war capable of mass destruction on a horrific scale. Australia had one mass shooting and said enough was enough and put an end to it. Why does the U.S. put up with such horrors?

    Do nothing and the mass killings will not only go on and on they will only get worse until the back lash will cause the total outlawing of all firearms in the U.S. and for many that is not a bad idea. We live in a non homogenous society were tribalism and hate run rampant and weapons of mass destruction make it all to easy for the racists to commit mass murder.

    Right now the horror of the event is running high and the far left wants a complete ban and the far right wants to do absolutely nothing, saying learn to live with it as the body count and carnage can never be too high. The real truth should be that yes we can do something short of a complete ban on firearms and its long overdue.

      • Cisco’s an idiot with his left wing drivel, he needs to move to Venezuela, or North Korea, or China where he can live out all of his socialist beliefs instead of trying to change America.

    • It’s not over due. Take guns away from Black thugs in cities like Chicago. Black thugs comitt thousands of murders a year. That would be a better place to start – by disarming black thugs.

    • AS USUAL the DemoKKKrats will do nothing as to cut down on the campaign donations they’ll line their pockets with on the promise of disarming their constituent’s perceived enemies, as that would go against the DemoKKKratikkk greed monger credo. And, of course, we fear the Gun Hater of the DNC. No other “civilized” nation puts the demonstrably empty and undeliverable promise of security above liberty. Not many “civilized” nations DISallow the use of modern SPORTING rifles, either. Australia has had several massacres and wasted $500M and didn’t put an end to it. Why does the U.S. put up with proto-totalitarian horrors like you?

      Pass gun control laws and the mass killings will still not only go one but only get worse, until the backlash will cause the total outlawing of such proposals, and that is not such a bad idea for everybody. The demography is moot and irrelevant, and the only tribalism and hate running rampant IS on the Left who openly, loudly, and proudly celebrate each and every single one of these heinous acts.

      Right now, the horror of the event is running high and the far left wants a complete ban, and the far right actually wants to fix this situation — just no in a way that YOU personally approve of, so you merely CALL it “nothing” — and it’s actually the far left that says learn to live with it. Like the racist Muslim Mayor of London HAS. The actual truth should be that, yes, we can do something but, no, gun control is not long overdue. REPEALING it is.

  29. The Gun Father of the NRA says “Get used to it” its the American way of life. And his Republican Prostitutes say , we fear the NRA so we can do nothing and its also against our Credo of blind greed and profit to reign in a gun industry gone mad selling weapons of war by the tens of thousands without any proper vetting to anyone who wants one. No prior psychological testing to get a gun permit card to buy and no vetting on second hand sales. Wonderful, any nut case out there can get all the guns and ammo he wants and completely ignore all of they myriad of State laws that are rendered absolutely meaningless. Madness and Mayhem on a scale seen no where else in the civilized industrial world. And all of this goes right over the head of the Jethro Bodine crowd but that is not surprising.

    • The Gun Hater of the DNC says, “Get used to it, it’s the American way of life until you give up every last one of your rights for the security you and I both know can’t be delivered.” And his DemoKKKratikkk prostitutes say, “We fear the racist, sexist, classist, Marxist grievance lobby so we can do nothing, and it is against our credo of blind greed and profit to reign in a grievance industry gone mad selling victimhood without properly vetting the faces of our many organizations, which often include convicted terrorists and child killers.” People with spotless records, but deep-seated psychological issues, WILL pass any and all mandated tests (yes even psychological ones) and checks and it will not stop anyone. Second-hand sales will simply move underground and it will not stop anyone. Wonderful, any nut case out there can and will get any and all the guns and ammo they want, regardless of whatever laws are on the books and regardless of how strictly they’re enforced. Mayhem and madness on a scale also seen in Europe. And all of this goes right over the empty little heads of the Joseph Goebels crowd (which IS you by the way), but, that’s not surprising.

    • Cisco,you are the true definition of a COMMIE, the only helpless victim JETHRO on the site is YOU, you’re about as un American as one can get. Brainwashed is an understatement. Your a straight up commie, it’s all about control right Cisco. Don’t tread on me, don’t tread on any of us. You need to leave America and take and take your little left wing minions with you. You lefties ARE what’s wrong with America. You disgust me beyond words !!!

  30. “No other civilized nation does not vet gun purchasers with a psychological test first to determine if they are mentally competent to even own a weapon. …”

    The Vegas suspect had a pretty spotless record. Please tell me what magical psychological testing would have shown what he was going to do?


    So why spout this nonsense?

    • Its obvious you never had even psychology 101 and if you did you obviously flunked it. One does not need to have a criminal record for a trained psychiatrist to detect abnormalities and often very quickly. In civilized countries everyone who wants a gun purchase i.d. card must first submit to such an examination and history has proved that yes it does indeed work and vet out many, many nut cases. This is long overdue in the U.S. as is proven almost weekly anymore amongst all the mass shooting in the U.S.

      • “…for a trained psychiatrist to detect abnormalities and often very quickly…”

        says you.

        Again slowly this time, What test would have shown this guy to have abnormalities?

        No record, rich, pilot, properties, a functional normal person described by every witness who knew him including brother, ect ect

        • You’re asking someone who is abnormal, he’s a socialist, to give you a normal answer, ain’t gonna happen.

      • You’re full of crap. There is no such test and even if there was can you imagine the labor intensity and the number of fails you would get with a program like that?

        • That’s the kind of stuff the brainwashed lefties want, log jam of useless programs. anything to gain control of the masses.

      • It’s obvious that you’re psychologically projecting your own long-known, widely-documented, and willful pig ignorance of psychology, and you clearly never even took it to begin with because you knew you’d flunk it, anyway. Often times, even the most vehement protests over a person’s mental state, the courts and law enforcement have simply ignored them. In actually “civilized” countries, no poll taxes are required to exercise a civil right. History has also proved that such examinations do not work at all and do not vet out any nut cases. This is not overdue in the U.S., or anywhere else on the face of the planet for that matter, as is proven by the fact that the U.S. doesn’t have a mass shooting “weekly.” Nor do you have ANY credible sources to support literally any of the claims you’ve made here, or anywhere else on the whole of the site — or ever will make, for that matter.

  31. How different the responses would be if the people ranting “do nothing” would be if their own daughter were now laying in the morgue in a pool of congealed blood and guts. Yes the dim light bulb would go on in their heads and they would say “what could we have done to prevent this”? They would not be pontificating out of an ivory tower through rose colored sun glasses but be getting ready to attend a funeral and the worst day of their entire lives. Idealistic philosophy on unlimited access to weapons of war has little meaning when standing over the rivers of blood and carnage of innocent young people that had there entire lives before them.

    The only good to come of this is that the young crowd that was largely right wing now faced with the reality of the mass destruction that is possible with the unlimited access to weapons of war certainly has changed many of their minds on gun control permanently as it is something they do not want to see ever happen again and they being young will be doing something about it and it will not be perpetuating the unlimited access to weapons of mass destruction that no one needs in a civilized society.

    • How different the responses would be if the people ranting “do the wrong thing” would be if their own daughter were now rotting in jail because she dared to defend herself in a deep blue, gun control-heavy state. Yes, the dim light bulb would finally be installed to begin with, and turned on, and they would say, “Why can’t we defend ourselves?” They would not be pontificating out of their ivory towers, looking down at the ankles of their moral, ethical, and intellectual superiors through their rose-colored glasses, but be getting ready to attend the capital murder trial and witness the worst days of their entire lives. Idealistic philosophy on the empty and undeliverable promises of safety in exchange for liberty has little meaning when standing over the rivers of blood and carnage of innocent young people that had their entire lives before them.

      The only actual good that can possibly come of this is that the young crowd that is largely right-wing, now faced with the reality of the mass destruction that is impossible to control with meaningless and often unenforced laws, has not changed many of their minds on gun control at all. They, being young, will do something actually constructive about it and it will not be perpetuating the long-disproven myth of gun control, based on the false (non)argument of “need.”

  32. For all the people saying guns didn’t help…I mean “sheeple”, what do you think caused the shooter to off himself? It was people coming to get him with GUNS…

    • You ignore two obvious factors. One the people who got him were police officers not civilians in the crowd who by the way did have guns. Even the Band said they were armed but could do nothing because they were being fired at from long range with a weapon of war. No armed civilian made any difference during the shooting and even the police could not take him out at long range because of several factors. One was the extreme range and the other was that taking a shot at 400 yards would have resulted in many misses which would have went through the other windows where people were hiding in their rooms at the time. Proving of course that letting mad men get access to weapons of war is really insanity and many would argue banning them really is the only way to have prevented this. Lets face facts a bolt action hunting rifle is slow to operate and could never have done such an amount of damage in such a short period of time and most bolt guns do not have high capacity magazines anyway and banning high capacity magazines too would again have prevented even a bolt gun from doing anywhere near the damage that was done. There simply is no way around the problem, weapons of war along with high capacity magazines coupled with no prior psychological vetting to obtain a gun i.d. card for purchase simply guarantee mass murders will and have already become the “new way of life” in a country gone completely mad and one that is coming apart at the seems.

      How all this reminds one of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. No, they did not have weapons of mass destruction but the country rotted from within with the rich controlling all the money and all the power and perpetuating never ending wars of rape, pillage and conquest until the population willing let the barbarians come in and annihilate all of their hated leaders. The Romans had a population largely put on state welfare because of a lack of good jobs and good health care was only given to the rich and the members of the army. How history repeats itself.

      • You go out of your way to ignore two obvious factors yourself. One, the people who got him are police officers, who ARE civilians despite whatever protests you may have to the contrary, and nobody in the crowd had guns, either. neither do you have ANY credible source that says they did. None exist. The band is NOT the crowd, and no, they were NOT fired at by a “weapon of war” — which you still know less than absolutely nothing about, anyway. Like literally everything else you’ve ever commented about on this or any other sire of the whole of the web. Armed civilians made a difference during the shooting and the police, which ARE still civilians by the way, could very well have had a SWAT sniper take him out at long range — if they had adequate time to situation him, which they didn’t. This actually proves, of course, that we’re not letting “mad men” get access to “weapons of war”, which you still have no clue as to what they ever are and literally never will, is the real insanity is thinking that gun control laws would stop them, anyway. Which you and I both know damn well by now that they won’t. Not. Ever. Period. Let’s face some actual facts: a bolt-action rifle is plenty fast enough to beat a 72-minute reaction time by the police, which is how long it took for them to reach his room and cause him to off himself, and could very well have done every bit as much damage in terms of fatalities over such a long period of time. So, most bolt guns don’t even need “high-capacity” magazines in such circumstances, anyway, so banning “high-capacity” magazines would not have prevented a damn thing. That’s what you also know, whether you want to admit it or not. There is no way around the actual problem: “weapons of war” are not what’s on our streets to begin with, you don’t know what they are, and no number of gun control laws could have ever possible stopped this. The only one completely mad here IS in fact you and every other gun-grabbing mongrel spewing their filth and demonstrable lies on this and every other site on the web.

        The Fall of Rome had nothing to do with the presence or absence of civilian possession of arms, and more to do with how corrupt the government was. The same kind of government that YOU have and will continue to vote for, NOT the rest of us. How history repeats itself and is how YOU would be running the show, and that’s literally all there is to it.

  33. Does anyone else find it strange how the DC & Mandalay Bay Shooting we’re done by a leftist madman who hates Trump and went after Republicans openly. It is all to convenient and obviously planned against the right and to motivate taking away rights. I would not be surprised to see George Soro’s directly involved. This is nothing short of a war on conservatives and the Constitution. This is no doubt another false flag event. It shocks me to see how tolerant the right is. We have become cowards and the left knows it. We are now in a war with home grown domestic enimies now it is time to wake up and take back what is ours and put a stop to this crybaby stupid crap we have been seeing because Trump won and not the Benghazi butcher. I have been in the Military for over 20 years and have flown 100 of missions in several countries but us military members can’t do it alone. We need the help of Patriots that have a real desire to sustain our way of life and the Constitution for our children and GrandChildren. Anitifa has indicated they are planning to start civil war this Nov. and remove Trump from office. They need to remove the gun rights of U.S. citizens to make the job easier so it makes sense they plan shootings to scare people into giving up the 2nd Amendment. This is a strategic war we are in now at home. Better wake up before they start putting you in camps for being a Christian or Gun owner or listening to Country Music. This is real war folks.

  34. Flash new news. Herr Drumpf , just as T Tag predicted during the Presidential race has a different view of the Second Amendment and he has announced new gun ban laws are on the way. Herr Drumpfs parading around in front of the NRA was just another lie of his many lies that he used to get elected. Dump your assault rifles and high cap magazines now as you will get nothing for them when they come to confiscate them.

    • Herr Shillary, just as TTAG predicted during the Presidential race, has an entirely negative view of the Second Amendment and has openly declared all of its supporters to be her personal enemies (including you even though you clearly don’t support it), and has falsely announced that new gun bans are on the way. Drumpf has only hinted at consideration, and given the way that the Congress IS still largely aligned against him in most respects, it’s doubtful that they’ll gain much traction at all. And they shouldn’t, regardless. Herr Shillary and her lemmings are who’s actually parading around in front of the NRA with just another lie, of her many lies, she used to try (and rightly fail) to get elected. No one is coming around to confiscate anything — yet. And even if they did, they still won’t get anything. Remember the 95% of Connecticut and New York state residents, as well as Los Angeles city residents, who DIDN’T turn in or register their “assault weapons” (which still DON’T exist no matter how hard YOU try to make them exist) and their STANDARD-capacity magazines? Of course not. You still don’t do any research into anything, at all, ever. What do you honestly think they’ll do? Assuming you actually have the capacity to think, which you don’t. Are they going to put yet millions more perfectly innocent people in prison over property that is not now and will never be a threat to anyone in the present or the near or far future, that was legally-acquired and in good faith?

      The answer that you ARE looking for, whether you think it is or not, IS “absolutely not.” They’re not going to put ANYONE in prison or even scare anyone into hiding anything. Many local and state law enforcement organizations, as well as most of the rank-and-file beat cops on the street, have repeatedly stated that they have better things to do with their time than to chase PAPERWORK FELONS — people made that way BY PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND LITERALLY NO ONE ELSE.

      You DON’T understand the root causes of the problem, you DON’T have the capacity to find any real solutions to the real underlying problems (and no it’s NOT guns), and you DON’T have the reasoning necessary to convince anyone actually capable of critical thought — people that DO NOT include you.

      • You can’t debate with Cisco, and his commie beliefs, there are no reasonable thoughts coming out of that socialist brain.

        • My intention is not to debate with him just as it neither his intention to debate us. I am merely dictating to him the reality of the situation and rightly allowing no room for alternative (non)arguments whatsoever, and that’s because there aren’t any. My intention to give everyone else a template to structure their counter-arguments with actual facts, which crisco kid here seems to be intentionally unfamiliar with, against proto-Marxist toolbags like him.

  35. I own firearms and hunt but seriously , we need stronger laws to limit how much firepower doe’s one man need shame on the GOP for not taking a knee on this,will be continue on our next mass shooting.

    • Your personal bonafides are moot and irrelevant, and furthermore are inapplicable to his or any other situation. We don’t need stronger laws and that’s where literally every single solitary piece of evidence — empirical or otherwise — points and nowhere else. It’s about “need,” either, as it has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the exercise of one’s rights, at all. We actually need to shame you and every other gun control alive and that will ever live, on this and everything else under the Sun, because your favored laws will not even meaningfully delay the next mass shooting by even a second. And you KNOW IT.

  36. I don’t see how anything that happened changes anything. It was still a situation in which this guy would have gotten guns even if they were completely banned. The more the gun control idiots pressure their arguments on us the more obstinate I will become about never turning a single thing over to them. My deep dislike of democrats grows larger each day.

  37. This event is still an anomaly. Deaths from rifles remains a tiny blip compared to thugs shooting each other with pistols. Let the damn progressives go deal with that problem if they’re really interested in saving lives and leave NRA membets f—king alone.

  38. I’ll believe a “ban” will eliminate BGs with guns when all the BGs already banned, don’t have guns any more.

    I’ll wait.

  39. Were there no scoped high powered rifles in the the Las Vegas Police arsenal, that could have offed the ass hole?

    • They responded correctly. No police department would have tried shooting into a 30 something floor room of a hotel. Any miss is bound to hit someone else. Know your target and what is beyond.

  40. The standard Democrat/Liberal/Leftist solution: “there can be no truce …” that is, no one else’s opinion counts but ours, about the Second Amendment. No wonder there is a huge divide between the Left and the Right. Just like Obama fretting about the Republicans not compromising on the Budget Sequester, then refusing to compromise an inch himself.

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    aussie 312 all the way, 48 overs (ervin hill 124, emmanuel Cramner 40, Steven cruz 39, wayne Falkner 36; Ashley van Rooi 3 25, Helao you spain files] 3 31).

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