At Least One of Stephen Paddock’s Rifles Was Equipped With a Bump-Fire Stock

Photos of two of the AR’s used by Stephen Paddock to shoot at a concert crowd assembled below the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas Sunday night have emerged. From “The photos, obtained by Boston 25, show two semi-automatic weapons, with one having a ‘bump stock‘ added to make it fully automatic. Fully-automatic weapons allow the […]

TTAG Daily Digest: Mandalay Bay Special Edition

Adam Gopnik declares war on the Second Amendment . . . In the Wake of the Las Vegas Shooting, There Can Be No Truce with the Second Amendment The facts remain facts. Gun control acts on gun violence the way antibiotics act on infections—imperfectly but with massive efficacy. Yet, even with that knowledge, some of […]

Gun Owners of America Statement on the Las Vegas Shooting

Gun Owners of America president Erich Pratt has issues the following statement in response to the Mandalay Bay massacre: GOA Statement on Las Vegas Shooting Springfield, VA – Executive Director of Gun Owners of America (GOA) Erich Pratt stated the following after the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada: “Everyone at Gun Owners of America was […]

Keep Focused on What’s Important after the Mandalay Bay Massacre

Facts are still few and far between where the murder perpetrated in Las Vegas last night is concerned. Most of what we’re hearing is speculation about motives, along with spurious claims of responsibility by pissant Middle Easterners and political pablum by people for whom, pace Clausewitz, politics is the continuation of sports by other means. Pardon my […]