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First his producer is murdered, now this . . . Everyone’s Favorite Gun-Loving YouTuber Is Having a Hard Time

Federal authorities recently searched the property of Kyle Lamar Myers, the guy who’s famous for pretending to be Russian then shooting huge guns and causing violent explosions on the popular YouTube channel FPSRussia. Before the search, the sheriff of Franklin County, Georgia arrested Myers for receiving drugs in the mail. And the story only gets crazier from there.

It seems like the drug-related arrest is part of some sort of sting operation. Feds have searched Myers’s properties looking for illegal weapons once before. If this isn’t a sting operation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms stumbled across a huge stash of weapons seemingly by accident. But it really doesn’t seem like an accident.

The ATF only obtained a search warrant for the Myers property in Carnesville, Georgia, after the local sheriff caught the 31-year-old gun enthusiast receiving, one local source reports, butane honey oil (a marijuana concentrate) through the United States Postal Service. The warrant enabled the ATF to carry out the search, during which agents confiscated over 50 firearms, drug paraphernalia, and more drugs, possibly butane honey oil. No illegal explosives were found on the property.

Tin foil hat or ahead of the curve? . . . Does the Left Know Something’s Coming Involving Guns?

Have you noticed the multiple calls recently for increased gun control, despite the fact that all of the harm being done presently at leftist riots does not (yet) involve guns? A car was used in Charlottesville, as vehicles have been used before, yet, as if unaware of the public facts, leftist politicians and activists have increased their calls for greater gun control. A car was used in Spain, and in Britain before that, and in Paris before that, and each time, American leftists called for greater gun control in the United States. Paul Ryan mentioned increased gun control at a public forum recently in response to a question asked of him by someone he knew. Despite the utter lack of a connection with guns in anything to do with Charlottesville, he linked the event to gun ownership in the U.S. and concurred that more control is needed. Weird, right?

This is what happens to a stupid disarmed populace . . . Boy finds gun in dressing room at Georgia mall, mom pulls trigger

A gun was accidentally fired after being found in a dressing room at an Atlanta shopping mall.

Media outlets report a mother and son were inside a dressing room at the Adidas store in Lenox Square on Wednesday when the 10-year-old boy found what he thought was a toy gun under a bench. Atlanta police spokeswoman Stephanie Brown says the mother took the gun from the boy and pulled the trigger “to see if it was real.” A single shot was fired.

In a country with over 300 million firearms . . . Chicago Police: Nearly 6,000 illegal guns seized this year

Chicago Police say officers have seized nearly 6,000 illegal guns so far this year.

That is about 250 more guns than officers took off the streets during the same period last year.

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson announced the totals on Wednesday, a day after the Chicago Sun-Times reported that the number of arrests dropped 24 percent between 2015 and 2016.

So 24% fewer arrests in 2016. Guess what happened then….

OMG! Teenagers learning to shoot! Rifles! OMG! . . . Kids Are Learning Combat And Sniper Skills At ‘Military Disneyland’ Summer Camps

Thirteen-year-old Mitch Kloepper was cleaning his rifle. Behind him, a drill instructor barked out orders and two teenage campers dropped to the ground to do pushups. “This is fun for a certain kind of person,” Kloepper explained.

Most summer camps offer sports like soccer and baseball. Some include riflery. But at the Military Adventure Camp in Flemingsburg, Kentucky, kids ages 12-18 learn to shoot assault-style rifles and practice sniper skills and hand-to-hand combat.

The camp is a “military Disneyland” that teaches children discipline and confidence, said Jay Whitehead, its director. Situated among rolling fields in rural Kentucky about two hours from Louisville, it seems more like boot camp than summer camp. Campers, who dress in fatigues, stay in barracks-style houses and are expected to make their bunk beds with military precision.

This is why we can’t have nice things . . . Last Call For Free ‘Ladies Night’ Shooting Range

However, it’s last call for “Ladies Night, at least for now, after (Magnum owner Peter) Lee got a letter from an Orange County man threatening legal action. The man is upset since he had to pay while attending a “Ladies Night” and says he deserves compensation claiming the program is discrimination.

The letter reads in part:

“Promotions such as those mentioned above constitute civil rights violations under the California Unruh Civil Rights Act and entitle the individual subject to discrimination to statutory damages.”

Men had been able to come to “Ladies Night” but had to pay.

Always good advice . . . Don’t Stand In Front Of A Loaded Gun

I wrote about the stocks from a technical perspective in yesterday’s blog post “Next Leg Down For Gun Stocks?” However, I want to touch on it here.

Since I wrote “Excitement For Gun Rights, Anxiety For Gun Investors,” the publicly traded equities have either gone nowhere to became falling projectiles. While investors are typically warned not to try and catch a falling knife, I think in our case it is appropriate to state the obvious, don’t stand in front of a loaded gun.

Since my article was published on June 7th, Vista Outdoor was able to eek out a 4% gain based on “not as bad” earnings results.

Seems like some investor looked at my article heeded my warnings (let me think it please) and sent both American Outdoor Brands and Ruger down over 25% in just 2 months. (Why didn’t I short it??)




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    • Hmm. You know I haven’t heard anything from FPS Russia in some time. He shouldn’t have had that stuff on him in Georgia. But I still don’t wish that kind of Federal attention on my worst enemy.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if the sheriff or ATF mailed him the drugs.

      Is there any victim in this situation other than FPSrussia? (Since they just had a bunch of valuable possessions stolen by government entities?)

      • They say it was a schedule I drug. That means a drug without any medical use. Since even meth, morphine and cocaine are schedule II drugs the only Sch. I drugs that readily come to mind are marijuana and heroin. Rumor has it that it was pot. So, who sent it to him? Why isn’t that person being named? It’s smelling more and more like a setup.

        The cops/ATF have had it in for him ever since he beat the Tannerite rap and his business partner’s mysterious death. Cops hate being made to look like fools.

        • Well one think that people don’t know is that the USPS doesn’t check packages for contraband worth a damn. I’ve heard form third parties that they smuggle like ‘commercial quantities’ of all kinds of contraband right through the US.

          Now he probably did have that stuff. By now we know from hard data that recreation marijuana at least isn’t the big bad boogie man they said it was. No, at this point it sounds like everything he had was legal but the drugs. So that’s why they’re making a big deal about it. And sadly I don’t expect him to skirt on this one just because it’s so ideological and that the ATF still considered weed possession to a disqualifier for your RKBA. :/

    • “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

      Which brings to my mind the interesting question: While they may have had (or fabricated) probable cause to search for the drugs, what was the probable cause for the BATFE to include firearms in the warrant?

        • So when the government decides to ban ‘insert object here’ in the future and said object gets mailed to you and they get a warrant for said object to confiscate they are then “legally” allowed to take all your guns and deny you your rights, right?

          Such outright foolishness…we definitely have the government we deserve with “thinking” like this…

  1. “the mother took the gun from the boy and pulled the trigger ‘to see if it was real.’”

    Dopey nimrod-ess didn’t know that she’s supposed to look down the barrel and pull the trigger to see if a gun is real.

    Or maybe she was just trying to shoot the brat, and missed.

      • Wow. What a dirtbag. I mean I know I shouldn’t be surprised with that RINO but I figured gun control would be too risky for him to support, being from WI and all.

        • Ryan[O] asked his Democrat wife if it was all right for him to say more gun control was what we needed. She’s a liberal activist and so, naturally, she gave the poor sap the go-ahead. Pablo Ryan[O] gives enhanced meaning to the epithet “p*ssywhipped”.

  2. Gee one my local ranges has ladies night…don’t know of any local puzzies “protesting”. It’s not a damn bar. Oh and that retarded gal has already reproduced-no Darwin Award for you.

  3. I feel bad about the FPS russia thing. His videos were kind of stupid, but all over some weed? Really? Theyve been after him for a long time just because they ended up looking stupid trying to accuse him of murder.

    • This criminal goverment really needs to fuck off with all their excessive laws. Weed, guns, automobiles whatever. There is WAY too much oversight into ones personal lives, all because that uncle sam bandit wants to keep his hands as deep as he can in as many pockets as he can. FTF.

      • No criminal in history has EVER just “fucked off” because a comment told them to. Evil never takes its boot heel off of your neck voluntarily. But, at least for now, it will let up enough for you to take a breath if you submit, totally and completely.
        Whether we do or not is a decision for each man to make for him, or her, self.

    • The ATF has already shown themselves willing to plant evidence (remember when the Texas Rangers pointed out all the “NFA items” found at Waco were ATF or FBI property?) so any evidence found by them is automatically suspect.

  4. Re calls for gun bans/control/etc… it is kind of odd, now that you mention it. However, the media and pols are rather boxed into a corner. They can’t criticize the disruptive elements (if they’re “on-side”), and complaining about open carrying clubs and sticks just isn’t sexy … and given who’s carrying them, see point a). So what’s left?

    Thing is … the more I hear the completely irrational and misaimed screaming, the more I think they want mass violence to erupt; no matter who starts it, the conservatives and gun owners will be painted with a bloody brush. I wonder if they’ve thought ahead enough to contemplate how that will make the average well-armed citizen react.

    • “…the more I think they want mass violence to erupt; no matter who starts it, the conservatives and gun owners will be painted with a bloody brush.”

      I think they’d like that, but it makes no sense, currently.

      The time for that was the beginning of Obama’s first term. They had it *all*, both houses, and the White House.

      They could have grabbed the brass ring at that point, and we couldn’t do Jack about it. Instead, he burned his political capitol on the (non) ACA.

      Now, they can jump up and down and scream all they want, (even more than they are now, if at all possible) and get *zero* for it. We won’t lose the lower house in ’18, and stand to make serious gains in the upper. Even if they win in ’20, they can’t ram anything through. Out of the gate, they will be a lame duck…

      So, why then?

  5. Maybe the Left is screaming for more “gun control” because “ANTIFA” is calling for more and more violence against anyone and everyone who does not fully agree with their exact ideology and opinions about everything. Supposedly, this includes the left, center, right, and everyone who is not toeing the ANTIFA Marxist party line. The ANTIFAS claim they are planning to expand and greatly escalate their violence. No doubt the leftists are fearfully certain the ANTIFA escalation will include the use of firearms.

    I shot fairly regularly at the Riverside Magnum Range for about thirty years from the original owners, second owners and Mr. Lee (3rd owner). They had “Tuesday Night Ladies Shoot for Free” pretty much throughout all that time. I took my wife several times and paid my way thinking it was a good thing and so did a lot of other guys.There are a lot of nice, hard-working modest income folks in Riverside/Corona who gladly took advantage of RMR’s Tuesday Ladies night and really appreciated it. It’s not a fancy place, but has a friendly atmosphere and a real sense of community under Mr. Lee’s ownership. I hope the a$$hat suing Peter Lee loses his butt on this idiot lawsuit, or gets awarded $.01 cent and no Court costs.

    Before anyone else feels compelled to report it, Mr. Lee may have suffered some unwanted publicity because reportedly it turned-out the San Bernardino Muslim terrorist of December 2, 2015 infamy practiced with his AR-15’s at RMR prior to the heinous murder spree he and his wife perpetrated against his co-workers.

    • It would be a good idea if people read some history concerning anti-fascist organizations and movements starting with WW II. Many of the comments about and characterizations of the current antifascists are just wrong. I get the impression that many people who comment here consider the antifa the enemy. If that is the case you all ought to do the homework necessary to know exactly who and what you are dealing with.

      • When I see antifa macing people wearing bitcoin hats, protesting free speech rallies, and causing a riot because they don’t like someone who’s speaking at a college I can’t help but feel they’re the enemy. Anyone who wants to use violence to shut down anyone’s speech, even the speech of degenerates, is an enemy in my opinion

      • Your Post Moniker says it all, “Futile”. Maybe you should read what the ANTIFAS are actually saying and who they are threatening, but thanks for your comment. Gave me a chance to point you in the correct direction.

      • Antifa today are nothing like the WW2 variety. The old lot wear were battling the unformed street thugs of Mussolini, Hitler, and Franco. Today’s lot are far-left hooligans that have attacked people for going to a Trump campaign event, rioted and burned property on campuses because there was a speaker there they didn’t like. They do not respect the free speech rights of anyone who questions things like political correctness on campus, mass immigration, safe spaces, or any other leftist cause. They are basically the leftist version of the thugs that the original anti-fascists would battle.

      • It would be a good idea to brush up on the tactics that the actual fascists used, there, “futile”. Perhaps then you’d notice how fascist “antifa” really is.

      • Fascists calling their enemies fascist is a tactic that goes back to the earliest days of the Left.

        You have to be an imbecile or the MSM (BIRM) to not see the fascist origins and actions of the Leftist Antifa.

      • You are laboring under the misconception that the antifa movement of today is actually working against a fascist government or movement.
        Instead, they are an anti-right movement (both the political right, and the rights of the people).
        I can call myself a table, that doesn’t make me a table.
        The MSM has no interest (as in self-interest) in educating the public about what’s actually going on, too. If some group of anarchists want to say they are fighting fascists while actually fighting the right, they (the MSM) is perfectly happy with that.

      • Well, I’ve read enough to know that we’re dealing with communists. That’s what the original antifascists were.

        It was Stalin vs. Hitler which was soviet communism vs. German national socialism, which makes it left-on-left violence. In situations like this, I pray for a meteor to kill them all.

        This isn’t 1930’s Germany or Russia. This is the USA and there are still a lot of people who are neither communist nor socialist and they are being attacked by antifa (i.e. communists) as well.

        There are still a lot of us who believe in the statements made in the Declaration and the organization set forth in the Constitution. Maybe not enough to win elections, but enough to make problems for the leftist goons as they get more real about attacking their political enemies.

  6. The Democrats will use ANY excuse to propose and pass bills limiting gun rights–and sometimes no excuses at all. IN california, the first state to pass a GVR=RO Act, the excuse was a murder spree by a young man who first knifed his roomates and one of their friends to death, then hopped in his BMW and drove around Santa Barbara shooting people until the police finally caught up to him and he suicided. The reason the excuse was bogus is that his parents did not know that their wacko son owned two nine millimeter pistols. Later, a law was passed banning CCW holders from all school grounds, although there has NEVER been an incident of violence at ANY California school involving a CCW holder. The bill that was passed allowed school administrators to allow CCW on campus; so this year, because six school districts in the entire state passed blanket authorizations, a bill is in process that would eliminate that discretion. Still no incident of violence. Oh, and police officers and retired police officers are exempt, ensuring the support of the police. Maryland banned all ARs, not because of any issues of violent crime, but because they are scary, or something, and Sandy Hook, of course. How many laws requiring locked and unloaded if not carried have been passed, even though the number of children injured or killed by accessing guns is de minimus? Why GVROs when civil commitment statutes have worked just fine for decades? The list is infinite. Because the aim is ot to prevent crime, not to prevent violence, but to ban gunz.

  7. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if it turns out that the ATF mailed FPSRussia the drugs and tipped off the Sherriff. They’ve been after that guy for the longest time.

  8. Re: False Flag “Gun” Incident “Coming”

    Never credit to a plan, what’s explained by opportunism. (*)

    They don’t need a particular incident to come; they just need *some* incident to come, or one they can spin. They’re programming the response to invoke when they get a chance.

    Most of the anti’s don’t need that much of a plan. They’re just *opportunostically* mouthing what they’ve already been programmed. (If this applies to other things, color me surprused.)

    There’s some deep thinking back in the mists, but nearly all of the folks up front are useful idiots. It’s hardly just now, or just about guns. (Like Russia uniquely trying to influence the recent U S election … Not so special. That would be all of them since the 1930s, or earlier.)

    So, the game is to counter *that*, not the meme of the moment.

    (*) Apologies to Heinlein & the rest.

  9. “Federal authorities recently searched the property of Kyle Lamar Myers,”
    Recently? Well, I guess it all depends upon one’s definition of that word. Perhaps it doesn’t mean what this piece thinks it does. It all happened back in 2013 after all.
    MORE recently, he lawyered up, got all the firearms back from the BATF, and left the gun channel world like a good little boy with a boot on his neck.
    He went back to being a video game channel, and now they(and even youtube) leave him alone. Yet another example of death by harassment, or what I call; Death by a thousand court cases”…. all pending.
    Here’s an update on it that’s a little MORE recent than this definition of “recently”…

  10. Call me crazy, a civil war is coming..

    Too many incidents that could of set it off all ready by one “hot head”.

    Sometime soon, a leftest group or goverment agency will run into another well armed group that has had enough of this BS.

    Prepare as best you can.

  11. On the “Free ladies night”,
    Bars have been doing this for a long time. Not because they think the ladies deserve a free drink, but because the more chicks you can pack in, the more guys will follow them.
    The same thing probably applies to shooting ranges. Wouldn’t you like to stand real close, behind a pretty young thing, holding her arm to get her to shoot at the target in front of her, instead of the one in front of the guy three stations down from you?

    • Maybe he was a bald fat old, homosexual or heterosexual, white man, who was just angry, jealous!

      Women have complained, for very good reasons about being shown disrespect at gun businesses. That disrespect comes from employees and male customers. If we want our rights, everyone needs to be a better example to the non and new gun owners.

      Be polite.

  12. Here is Ca, even bars can not have a ladies night or even a happy hour. They can just let them in free or lower the drink price without the advertising, but what good is that?

    • Seems strange that they couldn’t advertise for happy hour?? No discrimination there except for the poor guys that are stuck at home with their old ladies.

  13. so apparently Ryan said something along the lines of “We’ve got to do a better job of making sure that criminals don’t get guns or that people who are suspected of terrorism–like domestic terrorism–don’t get guns. Just like we saw…Heather Heyer was killed by an act of domestic terrorism. This fits into that category so I think we have to do a better job of making sure that terrorists not get guns.”

    i don’t like the kind of legislation that comes out of THAT sentiment… but this also doesn’t sound as extreme as is being depicted without a quote.

    • So Heather Heyer is killed by a person using a car as a weapon and you think that making that into a gun issue will somehow address that problem? And that that attitude “doesn’t sound as extreme as is being depicted”?????
      What’s next, addressing building fires by restricting access to magnifying lenses?
      You know, because even though fires don’t start that way, they maybe could… possibly… sort of…. because guns? 🙂


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