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In the video below, Iraqveteran8888 fires a fully-automatic Adam Arms AR-15 until the rifle’s handguard catches fire and melts. Why? To see how an entry-level piston system compares to an entry-level direct gas-impingement system.

Or maybe it had something to do with pretending to be Batman baddie Bane. Who knows? I’m just wondering if YouTube will let the videographer make any money from this, because it’s gonna be big.


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    • Defective magazine or bolt catch? Either that or there’s not enough force pushing the BCG back past the bolt catch, short stroking it. It could be a number of related issues though.

  1. No civilian will ever push a rifle like that in a real life situation. The rifle functions just fine (until it catches on fire of course).

  2. That was pretty cool. Notice the flash kill fall off the meprolight?
    For an entry level piston gun, I think it held up pretty well.

  3. NEWSFLASH: Plastic burns. Replace the plastic with an aluminum free float and you’ve eliminated the flammable objects from the hottest part of the gun. I can guarantee that someone with a giggle switch won’t spring for the bottom of the line model of the other components. Everything must have already been thought of, this is akin to jumping a shark.

    That’s just what he needed from YouTube, I guess.

  4. Couldn’t do this in commie kalifornia . You see, here in a non free state the serfs are controlled for our own safety.
    I offer this WARNING. kALIFORNIA is much like an STD, infectious and spreads. Here is a little proof. Washington St., Oregon, Navada, Colorado, yup, even parts of Arizona.

    • Yep. I live in AZ and I’m sad to say our state has been polluted with lefty liberals who couldn’t afford to remain in CA during the last recession (I guess all the repubs and conservatives didn’t lose their jobs). Once word got out what $500,000 could get you in AZ the floodgates opened. Now we’re almost a purple state and have these antifa a**holes running around in small numbers. Fock!

      Regarding the burning AR, I’ll add that this is one of the reasons why the military went to 3 rd burst from full auto. If you’re setting handguards on fire you’re also likely ruining barrels. Point being: There’s no reason to fire full auto anything like this – this is why light/medium machineguns have interchangeable barrels.

      • Same problem here in NV.

        All the left-coast loons and the NE libs moved in to Clark County (where las vegas is). Now that single county has enough lib population to carry all of the other 15 counties during election time.

        The Bloomberg voter initiative (Question 2) failed in all other 15 counties last year, but was carried by Clark county. They can basically dictate their insanity to the rest of the state.

  5. It probably would have been between the LWRC and POF meltdown videos if he used a better forearm that wouldn’t catch fire and would support the gas block like the POF and LWRC rifles he tested. This was a barrel failure, not a piston system failure. The di guns pop gas tubes before they can even cause a barrel to do this. And the “my carrier group is my piston” folks sound about as dumb as someone with a mp5 saying “muh case head is muh piston” describing a blow back firearm.


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