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“When I tell my friends overseas I shot a shotgun in my friend’s backyard, or that some Americans own AK-47s, they will not believe me until I show them pictures of me holding tight onto a gun. I clearly remember my first time in Wal-Mart. Besides all the chaos, something that blew my mind was that a person with a government-issued ID could buy a gun. The guns were locked in glass cabinets. Some were pink, some were green and covered in a camouflage pattern, but they were all potentially deadly weapons, which could be bought in a retail store.  It was like the guns were commercialized and aimed toward people’s personalities.” – Amalie Davidson in Gun Culture in America is different than Europe [via]

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  1. “…something that blew my mind was that a person with a government-issued ID could buy a gun”

    It’s called Freedom. You should try it sometime. You might like it and want more.

      • Keeping guns out of the hands of children, criminals, aliens and coconuts is not an infringement.

        • That is absolutely the worst anything I’ve heard from anyone on this blog you sir are a moron I was 17 years old with parents consent when I signed up for the 82nd Airborne out of Fort Bragg I did five and a half years in combat before an IED took my left eye and left me with about a quarter pound of metal in my body. I was technically a child caring and m16a2 defending our freedom or Constitution and our country from terrorism you jackass. My two sons and my daughter own firearms they’re under the age 18 they have been taught by me and instructors how to safely use and store and handle firearms and protect their mother if I’m not home with such firearms. The Constitution is very specific when it says the freedom to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed shall not be regulated shall not be anything it is a constitutional right not a driver’s license not a privilege it is a god-given right for every man woman and child and animal on this world to defend themselves against any threat that brings to them danger and or injury. This is written in the Bible the Jewish book of David and is how human beings have been since the get-go. I have a right to defend myself from any threat foreign or domestic with the use of a firearm that’s how the Constitution states it that’s how I live my life you got a problem with the Constitution take a JetBlue aircraft of Mexico you sumbitch.

        • Slow down Airborne, he’s just suggesting that a person actually be a citizen before that person enjoy the guarantees of the Constitution.

        • Only individuals, living as responsible self owners, have any hope of making that happen where appropriate. Writing prohibition “rules” on paper produces nothing but dysfunction and danger for the entire society. Those who wish to hurt others, and those incompetent to handle dangerous things (many thousands of things besides guns, of course), can only rationally be restrained by their families and immediate communities.

          Utopia is not an option. Life is dangerous, and always will be.

        • So, your enamored with “Totalitarianism”. Even in The People’s Republic of China there are mass stabbings, and such….So, that argument to “reason away” every US citizens 2nd Amendment civil rights in the name of Public Safety is a Bunch of B.S.! Just another slippery slope into “Authoritarianism.” Suddenly Big Government Bureaucracy gets to pick and choose what “Civilian Privileges” everyone gets….Yeah, No Thanks….I believe there’d be a “2nd American Civil War” before that happens….

        • A wise man once said, “You hang out with coconuts, you get nowhere. You hang out with smart people, you get smart friends. You hang out with yo-yo people, you get yo-yo friends! Y’see, it’s simple mathematics.”

      • “These Danish laws are held in order to decrease violence, crime, killings and other incidents involving deadly weapons.”

        No, they are put in place because socialist governments employ force to achieve their collectivist goals and, as a result, can’t trust their own populations to be armed. There’s a direct correlation between governmental authoritarianism gun control. The more authoritarian the government the greater emphasis on gun control until, finally, you have complete gun prohibition. Authoritarians like sheeple.

        • Yes indeed, Garrison. The problem is the fact that there is much more than “gun control” involved in that. Americans are surrounded, hemmed in, regulated and imprisoned for all sorts of prohibitions in addition to the very real “gun control” all around us.

          Some have it worse than others, obviously, but the smothering blanket of government control over our lives gets thicker each day, as more and more things are criminalized and forbidden. Does further control of your health care and medicine choice make you comfortable? How about the serious threat of skyrocketing energy costs if the econuts manage to convince this non-voluntary government to destroy our energy industry? How about a world wide trade war? Nuclear war? Oh yes, the exact same insanity and control the politicians want over our guns is at work destroying so much else.

          Unfortunately, far too many people can’t see that, really. They have bought into the idea that “their government” has some legitimate right and authority to create that blanket, imprison them at will for daring to resist. So much more.

          Individual liberty depends on people being willing to do the hard work of self-government, self control, and taking responsibility for their own actions and choices. In order to be free, they must question that bogus authority and refuse to submit to the theft, coercion and deadly force being used to keep us under control. The lie being accepted that they can or want to keep us “safe.” That is not their goal, obviously, even if it were possible. The goal is total control. Unfortunately, none of the controllers seem to have a clue that it can’t be done, and will only result in the destruction of society in the end. Insane.

        • Well said sir. The Danes are sheep and do not realize their access to “free things” is what limits their opportunities, freedom and prosperity. Worse the Danes live in fear of the same refugees they have invited in. Such people are ripe for slavery.

      • “What does a “government issued ID” have to do with freedom?” MamaLiberty got it right. If you have to have a licence (government issued ID) to buy a gun, then you are not free.

        • I’ve got a friend who doesn’t have government id. He can’t buy a gun through an FFL. He doesn’t drive and looks old enough that he doesn’t get carded for beer, so he has zero use for an I’d in his daily life.

          He was worried about burglaries or someone attacking the kids he teaches music to. We got him taken care of.

    • You know what horrifies me is when I take a 12 hour flight to Manchester England and I get off the flight and you go into a retail outlet and you can’t buy guns but you can buy cigarettes tobacco products automobiles hammers axes shovels I’m like don’t you know these are all things that can potentially hurt someone and I just described a pretty good murder kid LOL you need a shovel to dig a hole a car to put them in the trunk and acts to beat them in the freaking head with like someone should do you. LOL there are all types of things in the world that are potentially dangerous hell I worked as an Army infantry Soldier for five-and-a-half years I also worked as security in Chicago of all places armed security that is there are things that happen all over the country all over the world that can potentially be fatal s*** more babies drowned in empty 5-gallon buckets that have 2 inches of water in the bottom of them then died by accidental gun shots every year. And in the United States as for most other countries the leading cause of death by violent Act is blunt force trauma hello guns aren’t in their blunt force trauma more people get their brains bashed in every year then shot so can you please give me a break and if you don’t like Freedom please don’t return we’re sick of y’all you gosh damn British morons over there trying to tell us how to live our lives we all know how that went the last time you tried to do that we stomped your ass in sent you all packing back to your little Island. So let’s keep the count here straight we’ve already beat you completely and utterly a bunch of colonists and farmers beat the most powerful army in the world at that time and stomped the living dog s*** out of you. Then when Nazi Germany was about to declare England as their vacation island spot the Japanese got involved and we bailed you out again by saving your little island and we didn’t do that with harsh language we did that with American Military might and yes Firearms imagine that firearms you people really have to get a grasp on reality. Freedom you should try it sometimes

        • OK fish and chips and by the way I’ve had fish and chips many a times in England and it tastes just like ass. II do you think you guys can clean up Manchester it’s only smells like feces and urine for the last 250 f****** years. Cuz you people don’t like to use restrooms you like to just go out and piss in the streets this happens today as well as it did some two hundred years ago. Yeah it figures a guy with a name like fish and chips would come back and tell me all about it with two inches of water in the bottom of it isn’t completely empty no s*** dumbass but two inches of water in the bottom of a bucket can and does kill children every year and you don’t hear people wanting to ban pink buckets are people from Europe coming over here and being like you know those damn paint buckets are ridiculous they really shouldn’t have paint buckets in the United States with children keep drowning in them you sound like a total moron. I got your fish and chips swing and Buddy

      • 396 words, five periods.
        That’s approximately 80 words per period.

        Try harder next time, unless you don’t care about your credibility.

    • Freedom? Remember that thing called the Constitution? I think there was a part called the Bill of Rights, and it had ten amendments that are truly the cornerstone of the “freedom” you speak of. If I recall, the Second Amendment say something about guns and such, but if my math is correct, one comes before two. The First Amendment gives us the right to express our opinions and gives you the right to criticize those opinions. Regardless of who’s right or wrong, we should be celebrating the fact that we can have the conversation were having right now.

  2. I’ve met Europeans at the gun range who can’t wait to tell their friends back home how much fun they had.

  3. Yes it is shocking that it requires a “government-issued ID could buy a gun”. I wonder if that might be “infringed”?

  4. When one gets so conditioned to being a prisoner who needs to ask for permission to exercise God given human rights, freedom begins to look terrifying.

  5. For all the alleged fear and disgust eurotrash claim to have towards the US you’d think they’d stop coming here in such large numbers for “holiday.”

    I know never again hearing some numbnuts say “cheers” to me in an accent vaguely comparable to a TBI related speech impediment wouldn’t adversely affect my life.

    • “to a TBI related speech impediment ” as someone who has had 11 concussions, I found this hilarious. Thanks for the morning coffee snort.

    • Yeah Amen to that too brother I’m 100% behind you on that one. I went to England roughly six or seven times and between the a****** people that live there and the airlines losing my luggage and the overall treatment of Americans in England is downright crappy. You want to feel like a third class citizen spend some time in England I met about a handful of people out of Seven Trips there that were actually nice to me and showed me the respect that was showing them. The rest really didn’t want me there you could tell the attitudes the looks noses up in the air it was absolutely horrible. Was nothing like Italy Greece or France all lovely places to go and no problems with people treating you badly because you’re an American not so in England. And that’s my point exactly you don’t like our freedoms here in the United States of America then please do us the f****** favor and never come here again.

      • I was treated just fine in England. France was quite another story. Put it to you this way, it was August, 1980. An electrician in Gdańsk, Poland, was causing trouble. The French younger than 30 were condescending arrogant a-holes. The adults over 30 in France were pleasant.

        It really was a neat time to be over there…

      • Jeffy – A Rick James voice-over pops into my head after reading any/all of your posts….’cocaine…’s a hell of a drug’

        (Props to the chappelle show)

  6. I wonder if she realizes that it was a European country (Britain) that tried to take away this right in order to subjugate our people that solidified our resolve to never allow another government to take the right away from us.

    • Of course not. I’m sure that the UK “schools” don’t teach actual history any more than US “schools.” Very few people in the world actually know and understand the reasons for the American Revolution. And probably even fewer would care if they knew.

  7. The part you quoted doesn’t sound like “horrified” to me.
    “Surprised” or “fascinated” maybe.

    • Call it what you will (read the whole thing)…she clearly feels that ‘casual access to guns’ (as if…) is a main cause of crime in America. Her attitude is indistinguishable from that of a US based gun grabber.

  8. Whenever our euro friends and family come to visit here in Texas, the first thing they want to do is go to the range. So not all Europeans are so gun averse. What they do tell me is that people from their country aren’t mature enough to own guns. They aren’t even allowed to carry a pocket knife since they apparently can’t get through a day without stabbing someone.

    • I think media outlets are highly selective of their opinion and puff pieces penned by sanctimonious Europeans. Which, make sense of course. Why would the anti-2nd Amendment main media outlets want to afford a voice to dissenting, pro-gun voices overseas? I live in Northern Virginia and whenever I go to the range I see every hue of humanity and hear every conceivable accent…to include expat Europeans. Silver Eagle Group had at one point both a Brit and an Israeli on staff.

  9. We get tourists all the time at one of the ranges I shoot at when I’m home in Australia. They enjoy doing what they can’t do at home.

    As I found out the other week our rules are easier than California’s.

    • The Chinese love to go to the range in Hawaii, and there is a Chinese businessman building a resort in Florida that will cater to Chinese tourists with guns of all kinds, including machine guns. Stuff they can’t even touch back home unless they’ve been in the military.

  10. One of my best customers ever was from england. He became a u.s. citizen for two reasons, guns and taxes…..go figure.

  11. “A European Discovers America’s Gun Culture…And is Horrified”

    And we should care, why exactly?

    Heck, I’ve been to the old country and was appalled to see the amount of sheeple there and how quickly they accept what the E.U. spoon-feeds them via their media. The libtard media in the U.S. can’t hold a candle to the E.U.’s brainwashing media machine.

  12. Do you want to be free or a sheep? I would ask her that question but I fear she could be Welsh and loves sheeps.

  13. Freedom is a big scary thing. We’ve got a couple of cats that won’t even venture out into the back yard (and another that will disappear for a couple hours if she gets out). They’d rather just sit in the window and watch the world (birds, squirrels, rabbits, etc.) go by, secure in the comfort of their food dish and littler box being a few steps away, than to venture out and experience life for real. So too is the nature of man, one third are truly adventurous lovers of freedom while two thirds would rather be kept like pets.

    • Both men and animals… heck, even plants, get that way from careful conditioning early in life. Even wild mice will fight tooth and nail at times. Helplessness is a learned phenomenon, and is largely self destructive.

    • “while two thirds would rather be kept like pets.”

      That’s what the “Welfare State” is for…

        • I see this problem as a social problem with today’s youth very spoiled. Think that they deserve a free hand out because that’s what their parents have been giving them their entire life. And it’s only natural for a parent to want their children to have more in a better life than they did. The problem is how they implement it by giving and buying the child everything they want and they need at the drop of a hat makes that child into someone that expects that type of behavior to continue on forever. You want to grow your child up really quick and list them in the military as soon as they graduate high school don’t send them to college send them to the military and then once they’ve spent a couple years in the military then let them take the GI Bill and go to school that way they’re all grown up they’re not spoiled little brats anymore and they will make use of the education instead of going from high school directly to college and failing the first year because they just want to party away from their parents. That’s just my $0.10 worth

  14. Other than the shock of unfamiliarity Miss. Davidsen appears to have had a very positive experience with firearms. From her article it seems that safety and care were exercised by those that introduced her to firearms.

    I must however take her to task for the following comments:

    ” I understand the American pride regarding guns, but I do not think anybody should be proud of the innocent people get killed every year in America, either because of street or gang violence or police violence, and I believe this is due to the mentality concerning guns.”

    Americans are not “proud” of innocent people being killed.

    Using terms such as “street or gang violence or police violence” when you have no knowledge of the subjects to equate these terms to mentality reveals a clear niativity of violence or crime.

    “These Danish laws are held in order to decrease violence, crime, killings and other incidents involving deadly weapons.”

    Not too long ago the Danes had laws and policies for such things, it was called
    samarbejdspolitikken” (cooperation) and it functioned very well for themselves and the Nazis. Americans have historically had a different take on occupation and tyranny that’s why we had a revolution and civilian firearms ownership.

    It appears from reading between the lines that Miss. Davidson has enjoyed a rather safe and privileged life so far; travel, playing tennis, no real responsibilities. Perhaps a sebatical from academia in the real world of Detroit, Cleveland or St. Louis could expand her understanding of Americans and their interest in firearms for protection?

  15. I’m waiting to hear the part of the story where the people at Wal-Mart crack from the sheer proximity to guns and start shooting innocent people indiscriminately in a free-for-all running gun battle.

    Oh wait, that didn’t happen, did it?

  16. 1. She sounds wholly ignorant of European gun culture. The EU is attempting to kill it off, but today it exists.
    2. Some foreign things shock Americans–Canadian baby seal clubbing, Norwegian whaling, Japanese killing of dolphins, Cuban and Mexican cockfighting, etc.

  17. I just had to say for the most part I enjoy people from other countries and learning about their customs and talking about family even religion but as soon as you drop the political note you might as well get up and leave. They don’t understand our constitution in most part because they’ve never had Freedom’s like we do in this country. But as far as the euro-trash goes I like to say those are the Millennium group of kids and for some reason like Piers Morgan they think United States of America is England part 2. They were never caught that we handed them their ass in their hand during the Revolutionary War and we did this with farmers and die hard colonist American not trained soldiers we didn’t even have an army back then we beat the brakes off of you with ordinary people. I just hope and pray that England isn’t attacked by some crazy terrorist superpower and you bunches nannies need assistance again because we might be a little late to this show period LOL you’re an island you call yourself a country but you’re really an island nothing that a fleet of ships couldn’t surround and boycott any other vessels from coming in within six months you’d all be looking like concentration camp victims you are a big fart in the Wind no one hears it no one cares about it. I’m a hundred and 10% and Ty England. They are trying to push buttons along with Australia another hell hole to put pressure on us to turn the page on our constitution guess what ain’t going to happen.

    • Dude, shut up. You’re just a babbling fool who can’t form a coherent thought. As someone said earlier, work on learning to speak intelligibly if you want to be taken seriously.

      You may be on our side, but good Lord you sound like an idiot.

      • I have explained multiple times on this blog and fog horn knows about it Sodus Tyler I was severely hurt from an IED explosion which took my left eye a huge portion of my left face my left hand so I have voice text that I use so that I can participate in commenting on the above post. If you cannot understand me or it seems that I’m speaking incorrectly then do me a favor don’t read my comment. I gave all I had for this country’s Constitution and would do it again today right now if needed that’s all I’ve got to say about that and I’m just trying to let you know why some of my sentences run on some of my punctuation isn’t there and sometimes autocorrect has a field day with my Southern accent I am from the gunshine state.

  18. She generally does not have a good opinion of Americans: see her article on “Racism and hate” on that website…

  19. She didn’t sound horrified to me. It just seemed like she was programmed to say that she didn’t approve even though she kind of liked it.

  20. I’m going to the range tomorrow. I ask all of my European friends to pray for me that I am not overcome by the cordite.

    / and for a good stance, firm grip and tight groupings.

  21. Why does anybody care about what some Europeans think about American gun culture or any aspect of American culture for that matter. I knew a brit bank in Arlington, a Royal Navy veteran, who came here just for the gun culture. We have our culture, they have theirs, BFD.

    • I for one totally agree with your opinion. My problem is why do they keep coming over here if they don’t like us and why do they keep blogging about gun culture when they have no experience with gun culture? If they don’t like the US find don’t come over here we will not be mad trust us. LOL

  22. Do I really care what the World thinks about, our Freedoms not one Iota! Get the U Fu**ing N out of my country their policies make us policeman which our country is not and has cost us many lives!
    All the anti-American do gooders, libber-tard leftist pukes make me sick, like the F***ing Moonies and airport agitators at airports during the VN war! led by cowards afraid to take responsibility for their actions or send the dope-heads out to make a few bucks for their master.
    Then take the Demonic party that embraces these people and actually disobeys the Constitution without any retribution!
    or judge’s that exceed their Authority! Close our F**king Borders, all those illegals here charge them 10k ahead to pay for the wall! plus cut off all welfare, Medical, housing, dental. etc and apply those benefits to our own people first!

  23. Another insignificant little Eurotwit who’s afraid of her own shadow? Well, that’s just adorable.

  24. Whatever I posted there was flagged for moderation.

    Here is what I tried to post:

    People were happy.

    Suddenly, I was standing in the middle of a tiny room located just beside the kitchen. It was dark and cold. The lights were turned on and I saw myself in the surrounded by numerous guns; pistols and rifles of all sizes were placed precisely on shelves and some were locked in a glass cabinet.

    I honestly got scared, and all I wanted was to run home. The father must have noticed my nervousness, tapped me on my shoulder and handed me an empty pistol, which in my hand looked more dangerous than on the shelf. I looked at him and forced a giggly smile while I handed him back the gun.

    This is because the vast majority of families have a positive connotation with firearms. You see on the news people being killed with guns and you have developed this hoplophobia against it. 99.999999% or more of Americans aren’t killing people with their firearms and they are enjoyable to them. They don’t associate their firearms with death and destruction. You do. As an example I have a beautiful swiss made k11 carbine straight pull made in 1916. All I get out of it is warm feelings. I also have a an AK variant that my father gave to me before he passed away. I remember buying it with him at the gun show when I was a kid, I remember shooting it with him for the first time. It was fun and we had a great time. Nothing horrifying about it.

    In America, to me it seems like everybody has a gun for protection or for hunting.

    Or for sport, enjoyment in shooting, and many others.

    The American people take huge pride in their gun laws and their guns.

    I take pride in our “lack” of gun laws. Which isn’t much pride at all, given how many laws we have. I wish there were fewer laws – not more.

    In Denmark, only people with hunting certificates can buy a rifle strictly for hunting purposes only. There is extreme control, and no one can go into a pawn shop and buy a gun. It has to go carefully through the system.

    We are not “pro control” here – I’m certainly not. We like freedom, self reliance, independence, personal responsibility, etc.

    These Danish laws are held in order to decrease violence, crime, killings and other incidents involving deadly weapons.

    It is against the law here to murder people. If someone is being murdered, why does it matter what instrument was employed to murder them?? Also, in another few decades, this silly anti-freedom law that makes attempts to force-fed people safety and authoritarian control, will be completely moot, when anybody and everybody will be able to print a gun made of steel by means of laser sintering. 3D plastic printers were unobtainable by the vast majority of the public due to its cost, and now anyone can have one, even build them themselves, at almost no expense at all. Laser sintering is next.

    In Denmark, we have a strict knife law restricting the use of knives. It is illegal to carry knives in public places, and in order to have a knife blade exceed 12 centimeters, you must have permission from the police.

    I’m sure the criminals completely and voluntarily follow this.

    I am aware of the differences of society structure, government control and mentalities of Denmark and America, but I do believe guns and other deadly weapons are too easy to access in the states.

    That’s fine. It is clear you don’t support the US constitution (2nd amendment of constitution –
    Question 45 of the Application of Naturalization – USCIS form N400). When you are finished up here, please make no attempts to become a US citizen and move back to Denmark. Denmark is the place for you.

    Honestly, I believe American gun laws are extremely casual. I understand the American pride regarding guns, but I do not think anybody should be proud of the innocent people get killed every year in America, either because of street or gang violence or police violence, and I believe this is due to the mentality concerning guns.

    Mentality concerning guns, or mentality concerning murder? Again, 99.99999% or more of Americans like the guns and don’t want to kill anyone. Is the problem the gun, or the individuals decision to commit murder? Do you seriously think for one second that the street and gang criminals are getting their guns legally? The problem here isn’t a gun problem. It’s a criminal problem. People willing to kill other people. They are the problem. Not people that own guns.

    It saddens me innocent people get shot by police or innocent kids get caught in the middle of a drug war and lose their lives.

    It saddens me that people don’t take responsibility for their children and just hand them over to the village to be raised by the riffraff. Again, is the problem that guns exist in this environment? Or is the problem that people were raised without morals and civility?

    This problem cannot be solved by increasing the causality of weapons.

    I disagree with your premise that the “problem” is guns. The problem is morally reprehensible individuals. When they murder someone, I am upset about the death that has resulted. I could care less what instrument they used to murder someone. The problem is they murdered someone. The problem isn’t, that they owned a gun, or a knife, or a bat, or whatever.

    It is about time the American gun industry is called out as well as its money and power is decreased.

    Uhhh. No. The “American Gun Industry” isn’t the cause of crime and gang violence. The “American Gun Industry” isn’t a single entity appropriated by taxes. It is many thousands of large and small companies privately owned and operated by people with the freedom to do so. I know you don’t like this kind of freedom, which is why Denmark is the place for you.

    Everything about your post is offensive by the way. If you don’t like our culture, you don’t have to stay here. Your opinion is noted, and we don’t really care for it. I wouldn’t go to Denmark and tell them that I didn’t like their culture and that they should change it because I didn’t like it. But yet this is what you are doing to us.

    • You could have been really mean to her, you know.

      Seeing how she is a female of slight stature, you could have told her her chance of experiencing a very special part of ‘immigrant culture’ that would have broadened her horizons immensely; commonly known as ‘rape’, is a whole lot higher over there than here…

  25. LOL, even a Brit recognizes the ID/check process is a barrier to purchase (i.e. an ‘infringement), they just don’t realize it or think it’s wrong.

  26. Miss Davidson considers herself to be a subject, not a citizen. Authoritarians believe subjects cannot be trusted to exercise freedom responsibly unless they prove otherwise, while classic liberals believe citizens can be trusted to behave responsibly unless they prove otherwise. It’s no wonder freedom makes her uncomfortable.

  27. “It was like the guns were commercialized and aimed toward people’s personalities.”

    Gee, almost like, well, anything that’s sold…Cars, houses, computers, clothes…..I would be more concerned with the ME invasion you have going on….Besides, if you wanted a say in what America does/doesn’t do, maybe you should have fought harder..

    • LOL!!! “a pair” of what? What that usually means is anatomically impossible for a girl, though I guess they can do wonders with plastic these days.

      We must be done here… if we can’t think of anything better than this. 🙂

  28. She has every right to go home and live gun free. Any US citizen that does not want guns can elect not to have them. If they make enough money to live in a gated community that only allows guards and LE to have guns(per HOA agreement), she is welcome to that lifestyle.

    Trying to limit any American resident(that is here legally) from firearms does conflict with my rights. You are free to vote with your feet – please use your freedom.

  29. A buddy of mine was holidaying in the US and visited a exchange student acquaintance that lived on a farm in Kentucky. They handed him a rifle and went out for a hunt in the woods and he ended up shooting the deer they had for dinner that evening! American gun laws are amazing.

  30. It’s adorable that this girl thinks anyone in a free country would care about her ignorant opinion. 17ish years ago I was taken from my bed around 4am and “transported” to a lock down facility in Ensenada, Mexico. It’s a long fucked up story, but my year and a half there taught me all I need to know about who’s responsibility my life is. I still struggle with the nightmares and flashbacks, but I can honestly say it is not possible for something like that to happen to me again. My ordeal drew big bold lines on my stance towards self defense, and I’ll die fighting before I’d ever spend another 18 months wishing I was dead. Guns are an obviously useful tool for that purpose, but there’s also the spirit or resolve or what have you that’s burned into my core. Gun or no, it is a guaranteed bad day for the next one to come for me. I hold great anger towards these people so trusting of some grand external benevolence looking out for them that they refuse to look out for themselves. This world doesn’t work like that.

  31. “Gun Culture in America is different than Europe*”

    *except for Switzerland, and sometimes Austria

  32. So with all those deadly weapons waiting to jump out of their glass cabinets to kill you, how in the world are you still alive?!

  33. She could have saved on travel expenses and went to the Czech republic. She would have a very similar experience (as in the excerpt), except shooting a shotgun in someone’s backyard. We’re too densely concentrated to safely do that.

  34. She doesn’t know her own country or its history as well as she thimks she does.
    After WWII, the Danish gov’t noticed how easily the Nazis used gun registration records to round up all privately held firearms. They took vast quantities of rifles, pistols, SMGS, ammunition, anti-tank weapons, light artillery, and other goodies, unloaded them at quiet crossroads, and drove away. The equipment dissappeared. It has not shown up om the black market. It has not been used in crime. It waits…

    • The reason why none of those weapons ever showed up again was very simple really Hitler was trying to rearm the German army with aircraft and weapons and he took all of those what he classified inferior non German made weapons for the most part they were and he melted them down for all material to make new weapons made by Germany by Germans for German soldiers it’s part of that whole white Aryan type of mumbo-jumbo.

  35. Why bother with country of rednecks, moonshine, black rifles and Wending Machines Full Of Glocks? The lady will find peace of mind in Great Britain, with their wonderful laws, castrated knives (goddamit, even Russia, with totally disrupted judicial system and laws produced by bunch of toe-lining half-wits, did not manage to ban locking folders) and all rainbow and happiness.

  36. SHE MAKES A LOT OF COMMON SENSE POINTS. France had 1,800 shooting deaths (with terrorism) last year and the U.S. had 33,000. Roughly over 18 times the deaths. Could we decrease unnecessary firearms deaths without banning guns? The answer is yes and its already been done in many countries.

    1. All guns would have to be locked up in approved heavy duty safes and defense guns would have to have a trigger lock or small desk safe if children were living in the house.

    3. All gun owners would have to install approved security alarm systems which would cut way down on stolen guns.

    2. All sales of all guns would have to be vetted which would dry up overnight the tremendous flow of second hand guns from States with lax laws into States that have strict laws on second hand gun sales.




      • Most Morons of the Neanderthal tribe will be dancing to a different tribal drum beat when they bury your 5 year old daughter who accidentally shot herself with a loaded gun you left lying round. “Shall not be infringed” will haunt you the rest of your life when “infringed” would have saved your daughters life. And by the way the Supreme Court could not care less about “Shall not be Infringed” as they have in recent months upheld a complete ban on modern weapons at several of the East Coast States and in California as well where the weapons must be turned in to be melted down.

        Remember the Constitution has always been a bad joke and it gives you no freedoms, rather it is the Courts which decide what they will and will not allow regardless of what the Constitution says. History has proven this many times so do not bother to quote the Constitution as only Morons think it means anything at all because when the Court rules they prove the Constitution means absolutely nothing at all as they know their power is absolute.

        None of this probably would have ever happened if European Laws had been in place in regards to safe storage, burglar alarms and vetting of all gun sales had been in place.

        • It’s just like you left liberal types to bring up some graphic horrific story to prove your point. I think it’s pretty safe to say that all law-abiding gun owners don’t wish anyone to lose a child from any reason sickness Accident Injury and yes also firearms. But you’re missing the entire point ninety-nine .7% of all our readers and all gun owners in the United States that are legal gun owners that is don’t leave Firearms laying around for children to find not sure where you’re getting your data from but if you check the Center for Disease Control and see how many law-abiding gun owners actually lost children to a left firearm it’s almost unmeasurable and still that is too high. But I would never wish something horrific like that on anyone not even a left this liberal that just goes and shows you what type of person you guys really are.

          • I suggest you should have done a moments research before making a fool out of yourself. The following article proves 1 child every other day dies in a gun accident. Is that enough bodies piling up for you to change your mind on the subject?




            From sexism to feminine hygiene products:

            Behind the bloodshed: Every U.S. mass killing since 2006

            Teachers who sexually abuse students still find classroom jobs

            For blacks, police pursuits far deadlier

            Knife-wielding student slashes 4 at University of Texas, kills 1

            Chaos after man with ‘beer in one hand and a gun in the other’ shoots up San Diego pool party; one killed

            Jimmy John’s is selling $1 subs on May 2

            In this nation, children’s body parts are sacrificed for witchcraft

            USA TODAY




            Chronicle of agony: Gun accidents kill at least 1 kid every other day





            Gun accidents kill kids every other day

            Gun accidents kill kids every other day


            A new USA TODAY Network and Associated Press analysis shows children die in gun accidents more often than the government knows. AP, USA TODAY NETWORK


            (Photo: Anna Sperber, AP)









            Hours earlier, he was a happy 4-year-old who loved Ironman and the Hulk and all the Avengers. Now, as Bryson Mees-Hernandez approached death in a Houston hospital room, his brain swelling through the bullet hole in his face, his mother assured the boy it was OK to die.

            “When you are on the other side,” his mother, Crystal Mees, recalls telling him, “you are going to see Mommy cry a lot. It’s not because she’s mad. It’s because she misses you.”

            And this: “It’s not your fault.”

            But whose fault was it?

            Bryson shot himself last January with a .22-caliber Derringer his grandmother kept under the bed. It was an accident, but one that could be blamed on many factors, from his grandmother’s negligence to the failure of government and industry to find ways to prevent his death and so many others.

            The Associated Press and the USA TODAY Network set out to determine just how many others there have been.

            The findings: During the first six months of this year, minors died from accidental shootings — at their own hands, or at the hands of other children or adults — at a pace of one every other day, far more than limited federal statistics indicate.

            Devastated by mishaps, gun-loving county mourns but goes on

            Tragedies like the death of Bryson Mees-Hernandez play out repeatedly across the country. Curious toddlers find unsecured, loaded handguns in their homes and vehicles, and fatally shoot themselves and others. Teenagers, often showing off guns to their friends and siblings, end up shooting them instead.

            Using information collected by the Gun Violence Archive, a nonpartisan research group, news reports and public sources, the news media outlets spent six months analyzing the circumstances of every death and injury from accidental shootings involving children ages 17 and younger from Jan. 1, 2014, to June 30 of this year — more than 1,000 incidents in all.





            Gun accidents kill kids every other day


            Handguns are displayed on a vendor’s table at an annual

            Handguns are displayed on a vendor’s table at an annual gun show in Albany, N.Y. In an Associated Press/USA TODAY Network investigation into accidental shootings involving children from Jan. 1, 2014, to June 30, 2016, more than 320 minors and more than 30 adults were fatally shot. Philip Kamrass, AP


            Crystal Mees poses for a portrait holding a large photo

            Tamara Bloemendaal is reflected in a glass cabinet

            Denise Kirchner and her daughter, Madison talk about

            In 2015 Ruthie Price’s 4-year-old son, Cameron and

            Cameron Price, 4, of Shreveport, La. was killed accidentally

            Brent Moxey, the youth pastor at West Ridge Church

            Khain Thiessen, 12, of Toledo, Iowa, shoots during

            Mark Rosenberg, the former director of the CDC’s National

            Joshua Casto arranges targets as he leads the Tama

            Abby Sandvick, 14, of Toledo, Iowa, shoots during a

            Joshua Casto leads the Tama County Young Guns class

            Handguns are displayed on a vendor’s table at an annual
            1 of 12

            Crystal Mees poses for a portrait holding a large photo

            Tamara Bloemendaal is reflected in a glass cabinet

            Denise Kirchner and her daughter, Madison talk about

            In 2015 Ruthie Price’s 4-year-old son, Cameron and

            Cameron Price, 4, of Shreveport, La. was killed accidentally

            Brent Moxey, the youth pastor at West Ridge Church

            Khain Thiessen, 12, of Toledo, Iowa, shoots during

            Mark Rosenberg, the former director of the CDC’s National

            Joshua Casto arranges targets as he leads the Tama

            Abby Sandvick, 14, of Toledo, Iowa, shoots during a

            Joshua Casto leads the Tama County Young Guns class

            Next Slide

            12 Photos

            Gun accidents kill kids every other day

            Among the findings:

            •Deaths and injuries spike for children under 5, with 3-year-olds the most common shooters and victims among young children. Nearly 90 3-year-olds were killed or injured in the shootings, the vast majority of which were self-inflicted.
            •Accidental shootings spike again for ages 15-17, when victims are most often fatally shot by other children but typically survive self-inflicted gunshots.
            •They most often happen at the children’s homes, with handguns legally owned by adults for self-protection. They are more likely to occur on weekends or around holidays such as Christmas.
            •States in the Deep South, including Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia, are among those with the highest per capita rates of accidental shootings involving minors.

            In all, more than 320 minors age 17 and under and more than 30 adults were killed in accidental shootings involving minors. Nearly 700 other children and 78 adults were injured.

            The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 74 minors died from accidental discharges of firearms in 2014, the latest year for which comparable data are available. The AP and USA TODAY analysis counted 113 for that year, suggesting the federal government missed a third of the cases.

            Although accidental shootings account for only a fraction of firearm deaths in the U.S., gun safety advocates have long argued that they are largely preventable and thus prefer to call them unintentional shootings, rather than accidental.

            “The extent of the problem is a little bit shocking. The extent of the undercount is a little bit shocking,” said Lindsay Nichols, an attorney at the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence in San Francisco. “A lot of it provides further evidence that this is such a horrible pattern that continues and that more action is needed.”

            The federal government knows surprisingly little about gun accidents

            Gun control advocates demand stricter laws requiring guns to be kept locked up and unloaded. But gun rights supporters argue those measures make guns less useful in emergencies; citing CDC statistics, the National Rifle Association argues in public statements that such deaths have declined significantly in recent decades and that the chance of a child dying in a firearms accident is “one in 1 million.”

            Bob Anderson, chief of the mortality statistics branch of the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, suggested the NRA was citing statistics that underestimate the risk guns represent to American children.

            He would not, he said, “put money on that interpretation.”

            A TYPICAL NIGHT

            Bryson and his 2-year-old sister were staying with their grandparents in January to give their mother a break. She had given birth months earlier to a baby girl and needed sleep.

            It was a typical night. After their baths, Bryson asked if he could hop in bed with his grandfather, who was already asleep. His grandmother, Anna Sperber, said yes, before she fell asleep on the living room couch with the younger girl.

            When Sperber got up to get a blanket hours later, she saw Bryson face down on the bedroom floor. She thought he had fallen asleep.

            Then she noticed the lump on his head and panicked when she saw the pistol she kept under her bed lying next to him. He had shot himself above the right eye.

            Bryson’s grandfather, who used a noisy breathing machine, had slept through the gunshot. After a frantic 911 call, emergency responders would take Bryson to a hospital by helicopter as his sister watched. Soon, a neurosurgeon would tell his mother it was only a matter of time before the boy would be dead. The bullet had gone straight to the back of his brain and shattered.

            ‘THE BAD BUTTON’

            The undercount documented by the AP and USA TODAY Network is “significant and important,” but not surprising, said the CDC’s Anderson.

            He said the agency has long suspected that its statistics on accidental firearms deaths are too low; the agency tracks deaths from accidental discharges of firearms but tallies only those that are officially classified that way by coroners on death certificates. Coroners categorize many such deaths as homicides because they can fit the definition of being killed by another. They also can classify them as undetermined, if the cause is unclear.

            The AP and USA TODAY Network did not rely on coroners’ findings, but rather counted those shootings that were declared accidental or unintentional by investigating agencies. They were tallied primarily from the Gun Violence Archive, where researchers track media, government and commercial sources to compile a comprehensive database of gun incidents. The review also uncovered a handful of shootings that had not previously been made public.

            The findings were in line with prior research done by Everytown for Gun Safety, the advocacy group founded by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, which keeps a running database of such shootings. The group says that up to 70 percent of accidental shootings could be prevented if parents kept their guns locked and separated from ammunition, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

            Since the start of 2014, more than 80 children age 4 and under have fatally shot themselves.

            “That 3- to 5-year-old age group, they are going to be looking at the gun when they shoot it. They point the gun barrel at themselves and put their thumbs on the trigger,” said Sheriff David McKnight of Marion County, Texas, who is investigating the death of a 3-year-old who killed himself with his father’s gun in July.

            But children of every age, and especially boys, seem drawn to guns.

            Last year, 4-year-old Cameron Price and his 6-year-old brother, Ka’Darius, were riding their bikes outside the Levingston Motel in Shreveport, La., where their family had taken a $30-a-night room — all they could afford, their mother would later say.

            Cameron Price, 4, of Shreveport, La. was killed accidentally
            Cameron Price, 4, of Shreveport, La. was killed accidentally by his 6-year-old brother, Ka’Darius, in 2015. A gun was sitting out at a motel room where the family was staying and Ka’Darius thought the chrome and black .40-caliber pistol was a toy. (Photo: Ruthie Price., None)

            They decided to go inside, into a room where several adult acquaintances of their parents had been smoking marijuana.

            A gun was sitting out, and Ka’Darius thought the chrome-and-black .40-caliber pistol was a toy.

            A single shot rang out. Robert Price found his younger son slumped over on the arm of a couch when he entered after hearing a loud “pop” while in the bathroom of an adjacent room. He cradled the toddler as he took his final breaths before being whisked to a hospital, where he died.

            Ka’Darius later told police he “pushed the bad button” and he understood his brother “had a hole in his head,” was going to the hospital and not coming home.

            The Caddo Parish district attorney’s office charged two people in the room with weapons and drug charges. Both pleaded down to attempted possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. In August, a judge sentenced them to four years with credit for time served.

            SHOWING OFF

            For children ages 10 and up, the cases usually involve a group playing together when one manages to obtain a gun.

            The AP-USA TODAY Network research showed the most vulnerable years are the middle teens, specifically for those just reaching the age when they can obtain a driver’s license.

            A shooting in Iowa earlier this year illustrates one of the more common types of accidental shootings.

            It was the Friday of spring break, and the University of Iowa Hawkeyes had just won an NCAA tournament game on a buzzer-beater. It was a thrill for Senquez Jackson, a basketball-loving 15-year-old from Cedar Rapids.

            He relayed the news of the big win to his mother, who was resting in her bedroom before her night shift at an educational testing company.

            The high school freshman returned to the living room to hang out with friends, who had spent the week with him and his older brother, Malik.

            One, a 17-year-old, had brought over a handgun that had been legally owned by a friend’s mother and recently disappeared from her home. A 13-year-old wanted to see the weapon and removed the clip. Thinking it was unloaded, he started playing with it.

            “Bro, I’m hit,” Senquez said.

            The friend thought he was kidding, but the gun had fired. The bullet ripped through the right side of Senquez’s chest, piercing his lung.

            His mother, Tamara Bloemendaal, was jolted awake with Malik screaming: “Mom, get up. Senquez has been shot.”

            Tamara Bloemendaal looks at a photo of her son, Senquez
            Tamara Bloemendaal looks at a photo of her son, Senquez Jackson, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on June 21, 2016. The 15-year old was killed earlier in the year when a gun a friend was playing with accidentally discharged. Jolted awake by her older son, she recalls helping Senquez out of the recliner and watching him collapse on the floor in a pool of blood. She rode in the ambulance with the boy she called “Chunks” as a baby. Within hours, he was dead. (Photo: Charlie Neibergall, AP)

            Bloemendaal recalls helping a bloodied Senquez out of the recliner and watching him collapse on the floor. She rode in the ambulance with the tall, handsome boy she called “Chunks” as a baby. Within hours, he was dead.

            The 13-year-old pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in juvenile court, expressing remorse.

            “It doesn’t seem like any of them had access to a gun before. They were fascinated by it; what it looks like, what it feels like to hold,” said the boy’s attorney, Jeremy Elges. “It turned out there was a round in the chamber. He wasn’t savvy enough with guns to know that’s a risk.”


            Gun safety advocates have urged a public health approach that includes more research by the federal government, more public awareness and stricter state laws. But the problem of lax gun storage is difficult to address in part because it’s hard to quantify, and the federal government stopped trying 12 years ago.

            The CDC had asked Americans about whether they kept loaded, unlocked guns in their homes as part of an annual telephone survey that asked 400,000 adults about various health risks. Using that data, researchers estimated that 1.5 million children lived in such homes — and the results varied greatly by state based on gun ownership levels.

            But the CDC scrapped that line of questioning in 2004. State public health officials voted this year not to reintroduce the questions in next year’s survey, in part because of the political sensitivity of asking about gun ownership, which some see as an invasion of privacy.

            “Some states did not think they would be allowed to ask such questions by their governor,” said Donald Shepherd, the survey coordinator for Iowa.

            Gun control advocates say Child Access Prevention laws — on the books in about two dozen states — act as a deterrent. In general, those laws allow prosecutors to charge parents when children obtain their guns and use them to harm themselves or others.

            Supporters say a study of a Florida law suggests they can save lives if implemented correctly. And the concept enjoys wide public approval: Two-thirds of Americans support laws making adults criminally liable for gun safety lapses that endanger children, according to an AP-GfK Poll in July.

            But efforts to expand those laws have stalled in the face of opposition from the NRA and other gun rights supporters. Bills in several states, including Missouri and Tennessee, to create similar laws were introduced this year and died without action.

            The NRA argues that more education and training should be the solution, not more laws and prosecutions. The NRA takes credit for improving safety through its Eddie Eagle Gun Safe program, which warns children not to touch any firearms they come across and to tell adults.

            Critics dispute the effectiveness of that message, pointing to academic research that shows curious children will pick up loose guns, even when told otherwise.


            Bryson Mees-Hernandez’s grandfather had bought the gun and another firearm from his own father the year before, in California. The boy’s grandmother kept them under her side of the bed because she was often home alone, struggled with mobility due to back problems and was concerned for her safety after reading about local break-ins on Facebook.

            Crystal Mees, right, holds her daughter, Brandy, 8
            Crystal Mees, right, holds her daughter, Brandy, 8 months, while walking with her husband, Steve Henderson, as he holds Mees’ daughter, Briley, 2, near their home in Houston on Saturday, Aug. 13, 2016. In Jan 2016, her 4-year-old son, Bryson, accidentally shot himself with a .22-caliber Derringer his grandmother kept under the bed. A grand jury declined to bring charges against Anna Sperber, but Crystal blames her mother for the boy’s death and no longer talks to her or brings her two children around. (Photo: Eric Christian Smith, AP)

            The guns were kept in a case that had been used to transport them on an airplane back to Texas, and Anna Sperber believed that would keep them away from children. But Bryson was able to open the side of the case, reach in and grab the gun.

            “I thought it was secure, but I was wrong. My grandbaby’s gone. And it happened while I was watching him and I failed him,” Sperber said, through tears. “I don’t want anyone to ever, ever go through this. It’s so horrible.”

            A grand jury declined to bring charges against Sperber, but Crystal Mees blames her mother for the boy’s death and no longer talks to her or brings her two children around; she says she had warned her to keep the gun out of children’s reach. She plans to push for a “Bryson’s law” in Texas to make it easier for prosecutors to bring charges against adults who allow children access to firearms.

            Both women attended the funeral, where relatives dressed up as Bryson’s beloved Avengers, and his casket had an Ironman theme. He was buried with Legos, toy cars and his grandfather’s favorite cologne.

    • @cisco kid Pro-tip: Refrain from using caps-lock.

      Also, regarding item one, such laws could, and probably would discriminate against the poor and non-property owners. I rent, and therefore I cannot make the necessary modification to my home to properly install a safe (ie bolting into the floor, building a false wall to conceal it etc). I secure my guns in other ways…so don’t go all high and mighty on me. Item two presents the same issue if you don’t own your home. My landlord isn’t going to pony up the cash to install a home security system. As for item three, how do you suppose uncle sam is going to monitor all gun sales if there is no national registry? So, lets say you want to enact one…how are you going to get everyone to comply?

      Want to reduce “gun deaths?” Enforce the fucking law, teach kids gun safety, encourage (but do not mandate) safe storage, explore suicide prevention options and examine why so many Americans are on anti-depressants and similar drug. This is a multi-dimensional issue…in point of fact its at least three different, distinct issues, murder, intentional suicide, and accidental suicide. Quit pretending that there’s one solution…gun control…because there’s not.

      Methinks you haven’t thought this through.

      • If you knew anything at all about the gun world you would realize we have had gun registration since the 1968 gun control act went into effect. Its just that this law only pertained to new weapons not second hand ones. As far as getting everyone to comply. Simple, you get caught breaking the law you go to jail just like breaking any other law and after a few well publicized cases the proletariat all fall into line for their own self preservation. Five thousand years of civilization has rather proved this very well.

        As far as not owning your own home, this law has worked well in other countries not only in Europe but Japan also as they have a similar law of locking guns up in safes and having an alarm system. Its not rocket science and since these countries have already worked out this problem its not rocket science to make modification to the law for apartment dwellers as well. Some people have stored their hand guns in safety deposit boxes at banks which have security alarms and of course walk in safes, just one method which would comply with the law. I am sure with further investigation of the subject by studying what other countries have done the problem could be solved for apartment dwellers’. I had a friend once that lived in an apartment and when the landlord would not let him put a security alarm system in he simply moved to an apartment that did. Today’s wireless security alarm systems are getting more sophisticated by the day so that would not be a problem as well i.e. no need to drill holes in the floor or walls anymore at all. As far as bolting to the safe to the floor, I did not specify that it would be a requirement and if it was it could be modified for apartment dwellers as well. As you can see with only a moments thought on the subject ther3 are many ways to comply or modify the law for apartment dwellers. To do nothing is the height of absolute stupidity and ignorance but hey is not that the mark of all Conservative thought when it comes to anything to make society a safer or more civilized place to live in. Heaven forbid we become civilized.

        You mentioned suicide, again laid right at the feet of Reaganomics and the stinginess of the Conservatives to spend money on nothing but wars of rape, pillage and conquest. For them there is always money enough for war but never any tax money to help the American people improve the quality of their lives. More money for mental health care to make it affordable and everyone could visit their local health care provider if they were having mental or physical problems but that would be far too civilized for Conservatives to accept as they only agree to pay taxes for more war.

        And don’t give me any of your blather about the panacea of childhood training. If you did have kids you certainly have not be around them long. No matter how much training you give a child he often just acts like a kid and does stupid things. And how about the kids that come over to play that have no training, huh? Or how about an adult that happens to come over to visit and just happens to see a gun and picks it up (especially one of the idiotic striker fired guns with no manual safety) boom and off it fires when he picks it up. No, that Conservative moronic babbling has not worked as the bodies of children and adults that pile up in the morgue each year prove it beyond any doubt.

        • Okay Cisco Kid the problem we are having communicating is you need to pull your head out of your ass. There are hundreds if not thousands of gun laws on the books right now and yet people still break the law that is going to be the way it is till the end of the Earth no matter how bad your feelings get hurt buddy there are violent people in this world. If we just enforce the laws we already have on the books we would be much better off. And this problem is three-dimensional it’s not a simple you write down a couple of quotes and number them and expect that to change the world that ain’t going to happen you’re stupid yep I told you you’re stupid. This problem affects large cities inner cities that have no positive gun culture because it’s been eradicated by gun control anytime a person in New York City season of a person with a handgun and they’re not wearing a police uniform they automatically think that that person is a criminal whether or not they’re one of the lucky few that actually have a concealed carry permit or not. This is in direct correlation to the eradication of positive gun culture and safe gun practices. You just don’t make any sense and your theories and points don’t hold water brother sorry.

          • You cannot enforce laws that have not been passed as of yet. Go back and read my post. You can lead a hillbilly to knowledge but you cannot make him think.

  37. Alright Cisco, it seems you’re trying to employ the ole Gish Gallop (proof by verbosity) so I’m only going to response to one facet of your hackneyed treatise. You said that “people have stored their hand guns in safety deposit boxes at banks which have security alarms and of course walk in safes” and such methods would “comply with the law.”

    In regards to that, I have a diagnostic question for you:

    Do you believe that an individual has the right to use lethal force to protect his or herself from violent action would could result in death or great bodily harm?

    Having to store a gun off sight would certainly not comport with said right.

    Lastly, I’m not a conservative…so save your leftist moralizing for someone else.

    • Reading comprehension Jethro, reading comprehension. If you had any you would not have made such a post because that was only one of the many options I posted. If it did not suit your needs there were and are other options.

        • Yes your response describes your line of thinking exactly. Totally illogical. Get your wife to explain it all to you.

          • Excuse me Cisco Kid I have a question for you if you are so adamant anti-gun liberal Progressive I’m guessing you were born 1999-2000 why are you on this website? I feel that you’re on here just trying to start a fight and believe you to be a troll. A Foghorn Tyler can’t you guys get rid of this guy? He’s just pissing in the wind here.

            • A-typical Jack Booted Nazi. The type of forum you learn on is one in which there is free speech. Like most Storm Troopers you log on to a forum to have only your own erroneous beliefs and prejudices reinforced when everyone yells “Heil Hitler”. That is not how one increase ones knowledge on any subject. Its obvious your not a product of higher education.

              And by the way Herr Hauptman I was born in 1948.

  38. Dan my bad can you do something about this problem we seem to be having with this Cisco Kid.

    • The only problem is your terrified because you have had to face another point of view and you cannot handle that. Like most people of your ilk you believe the 1st Amendment should be eliminated. If you cannot handle the heat, then get out of the kitchen. No one is forcing you to log on here.

      • Okay you want to fight Cisco Kid I spent five and a half years in the 82nd Airborne in Iraq and Afghanistan you punk little bit. I had to kill people you weak-minded little Crapper for this country and for my brother that Stood Beside Me which I lost quite a few people when I was over there. I got hurt from an IED Defending Your Right to be a b**** so don’t you come across half-ass at me I’ll give you my address give you my email we can meet up and we can talk this out face-to-face in a parking lot if you like mr. I hate you you’re just a little weak minded Punk that doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground never done anything but blog and work at some minimum wage job punk ass little f***. Come and get some ain’t scared of you ain’t scared of nothing on this planet come on

        • The only rights you defended were for the rich to become more wealthy and more powerful. It was and is a fight over control of Middle East Oil. They used you for cannon fodder to achieve this. 9/11 was pay back because of the women and children you bombed over there. It had nothing to do with religion or race. You made us less safe not more safe.

          While we spend billions on war our own people suffer from lack of adequate health care, affordable education, safer roads and bridges and the threat of terrorists coming here to pay us back because we invaded their country and killed their people. You did not do us any favors believe me, only the rich and powerful. But I am sure this is way over your head. If you knew anything all about Middle East History you never would have went there in the first place but since you flunked World History (assuming you ever had any) you were easily duped with waving flags and patriotic music, along with the usual dose of xenophobia, racism, and prejudice.

          Go thump your chest somewhere else. If you wish I can send you a phallic cover as they used to wear in New Guinea, you would be quite happy parading around in it. It does not impress civilized people.

          And by the way Tarzan, I achieved High Master Shooter in NRA across the course shooting up to 600 yards so you make me laugh when you threaten me. I willing to bet you never even made marksman.

          I was hoping you would have had enough intelligence to spare more on the intellectual level but I see when you lose there you have to throw a tantrum. Just as war in the Middle East has been a catastrophic and expensive failure so too it is in civilian life as well. War and violence accomplishes nothing and only creates new problems. You would have already known this if you were a product of higher education.

          In the end when people get tired of killing each other and spending billions, they are forced to sit down and settle at the peace table. History has proven intelligent leaders like Ho Chi Minh were correct when he said “You can kill ten of us for every one we kill of you, but in the end we will win, we only wanted peace and self determination but fought because it was you that invaded our country”. Much the same can be said of the Middle East because we attacked them first. Only a political settlement will stop the violence in the Middle East which is exactly what T.E. Lawrence predicted at the end of WWI when the French and English Morons in the Military simply drew lines on a map to divide up the Middle East with no regard to the ethnic and religious differences amongst the people who live there.

          Yes, we lost in Viet Nam, we lost in the Middle East, and We lost in Afghanistan, (now going on its 16th year) and billions down the drain all for absolutely nothing. Save me your chest thumping, your flag waving and your moronic patriotic babblings, I have heard it all too many times in the past. None of the surviving families of the 58,000 dead on the Vietnam Memorial Wall want to hear your crap, as it does not bring back the dead, all off which died for absolutely nothing because wars are fought to enhance the riches of the wealthy and make them more powerful, it has always been that way down through history.

  39. Most Europeans have been raised in cultures that are saturated with leftist, socialist, nanny state values. The result of that is that they are used to being told what values are to be considered civilized and acceptable. They have been flagellating each other with superficial, phony manifestations of guilt that has been trained into them as the proper response to their colonial history of exploiting, subjugating, and committing mass murder against other people who either believed differently or live the life that Europeans deemed more primitive than theirs: and thereby worthy of extermination. The sad thing about the supposedly “civilized” Europeans is that they have conditioned the impulse for unbridled freedom without government permission right out of their societies.

    Those who believe that human beings who are adults have the God-given and natural right to be free to do everything within their ability, without regard to the permission or approval of the government or others–so long as it doesn’t harm or kill other human beings– are seen as outliers, rogues, antisocial, or some other sort of pejorative term for nonconformists to the pacifist, gonad-less norms.

    Unfortunately most of them don’t recognize what sheep they have become until some wonderful “migrant” is sodomizing their son, raping their wife or daughter, shooting up their church, murdering the Jews in their midst, or some other violence is being perpetrated upon them and they are incapable of exercising the most basic human right: the right of self-defense in order to preserve your own existence.

    With the exception of Switzerland, because the Swiss recognize that every citizen must be armed, and equipped–mentally, physically, and emotionally–to use a weapon to protect themselves, their families, their neighbors, and their nation–Europe will either undergo some massive social reawakening regarding fundamental freedoms and basic natural rights, or it will find itself at the inevitable destination of the road that it is now upon: Eurabia. They will be stabbed, raped, run-over with vehicles, blown up with explosives, shot dead, or have some other act of violence perpetrated upon them and their society that will drive them into the dustbin of history.

    America was founded by people who recognized the fundamental nature of the natural God-given freedoms and rights into which we are all born by legacy. Quite fortunately there are still a preponderance of American citizens who will defend to the death against those who would European-ize our values into the socialist failure of the government of nearly every European nation. No one in Sweden is ranting and raving loud enough about the fact that Swedish society is accepting of the fact that statistically speaking 25% of the female population in that sad nation will be raped–without doubt. Why human beings would accept that is what shocks ME exponentially more than exposure to the freedoms that we enjoy as Americans shocked our little European snowflake.

    I, for one, will not “go gently into that good night,” but I will indeed “rage, rage against the dying of the light!” I might be found dead, lying in a ditch one day, but I guarantee that I will be lying in a pile of brass. There are many adjectives that I find appropriate to describe myself, but one mantle that I will never allow to be placed upon my existence is that of “victim.” Si vis pacem, para bellum!

  40. How considerably astute of you, miss (or mr., or whatever). You’re exactly right. Guns ARE commercialized and aimed towards people’s personalities in America, and that may be very different compared with where you’re from. Also different is the fact that America is not filled to the brim with people with personality propensities for indiscriminate murder. While I feel bad for the condition your homeland is in thanks to the EU, I don’t blame them at all for judging otherwise of your country’s population.

  41. Quote———————Unfortunately most of them don’t recognize what sheep they have become until some wonderful “migrant” is sodomizing their son, raping their wife or daughter, shooting up their church, murdering the Jews in their midst, or some other violence is being perpetrated upon them and they are incapable of exercising the most basic human right: the right of self-defense in order to preserve your own existence. —————-Quote

    FACT: The majority of mass murder in the U.S. was by White natural born citizens who were RIGHT WING FANATICS that shot up churches, shot up abortion clinics and murdered the people in them and attacked and murdered minorities. Ever hear of DILLON ROOF poster boy for the far right confederate flag waving fanatics. Only one of many.

    FACT: The Right Wing Fanatics ignore the truth and that is its been well over 40 years since any refugee has committed any mas murders in the U.S.

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