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Nothing to see here…move along . . . Don’t blame the left for violence in America 

Right-wing violence, whether it’s officially condoned or not, helps to advance the reactionary agenda of intimidating and silencing the oppressed. This is obvious from the growing mobilizations of the far right in the Trump era, which have often come in liberal strongholds like Berkeley, California. Violence is a tried-and-true tactic of the right wing to keep opponents quiet.

By contrast, if Hodgkinson’s attack was motivated by opposition to the right–something that hasn’t been proven conclusively, though the media leapt to that conclusion–the effect won’t be to silence or marginalize the Republican Party.

The exact opposite is true: Trump and the Republicans will gain support for strengthening the forces of government repression–and the far right will be able to advance its false claim of needing to arm itself in “self-defense.”

Thank goodness for small favors . . . Caitlyn Jenner on congressional baseball tragedy: ‘Liberals can’t even shoot straight’

“There are crazy people. We have to minimize that type of stuff,” the Olympic champion added, reacting to the shooting that targeted a Republican practice for the annual congressional baseball game on Wednesday, hospitalizing five people, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise who remains in critical condition.

“As far as the people that were injured, it’s an absolute shame. You just want them to recover,” Jenner continued. “Fortunately the guy was a really bad shot… liberals can’t even shoot straight.”

They’re probably worrying about advancing gun rights, not the actions of one cop in Minnesota . . . After the Castile Verdict, Some Ask: Where is The NRA?

Castile was in a car that was pulled over by Yanez for a broken tail light, and he told the officer he had a gun on him and a license to carry. The officer shot Castile to death as he allegedly was reaching for his wallet, which was near the gun he carried. His girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, the driver in the car along with her 4-year-old daughter, live-streamed the aftermath to Facebook.

The National Rifle Association, this country’s most vocal gun rights group, has been relatively silent in the wake of Castile’s, shooting which has drawn attention to the unique set of circumstances faced by licensed and legally armed black Americans.

You don’t say . . . A national amnesty will not rid Australia of violent gun crime

We also know from international studies that criminals are resourceful and highly adaptable. When one source of firearm supply closes off, they typically have networks enabling them to switch to alternative sources.

This is part of the reason why tackling criminal possession of firearms is so challenging. And when we think about the drivers of demand for illegal guns as well as supply, responding becomes even more difficult.

This is why it is disappointing that Australian thinking follows such predictable, well-trodden paths. It seems politicians and bureaucrats tasked with developing firearm policies have little interest in new, innovative, and evidence-based responses to complex problems, and would rather just do more of what they have been doing for decades.

Don’t be that guy . . . Trigger Trash

The term “trigger trash” is used by the Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to describe any item left on public land as the result of target shooting. I began collecting these objects while working on a gun-centric photographic project titled Nobody Wanted, as I was both intrigued by their visual and descriptive qualities and repelled by their presence within the landscape.

In Eastern Idaho, recreational shooting is permissible on public land, but it is illegal to leave behind any targets, shrapnel, or debris. Twenty minutes west of where I currently reside, 4.5 million acres of sagebrush-covered desert are overseen by a small BLM field office. Since there are only a few individuals responsible for such a large expanse of land, litter-covered shooting sites are frightfully common. I question if this disregard for the environment is rooted in ignorance, a misperception of one’s rights to public land use, or a rebellious attitude toward the federal government and its responsibility for managing these places.

Regardless of motive, this behavior casts a poor light on those who use these areas for target shooting. Local community members regularly organize cleanup activities to keep excessive amounts of trash at bay, but it inevitably returns over time.

Four rules…and you have to break at least two of them for something really bad to happen . . . Man who shot 10-year-old boy during Staten Island family gathering didn’t know gun was loaded: lawyer

A man who accidentally shot a 10-year-old boy in the shoulder during a family gathering in Staten Island had no idea the gun was loaded, his lawyer said Sunday.

Semion Mosheshvili, 42, was handling the gun in the upstairs bedroom of the house on Deisius St. near Prall Ave. in Huguenot on Saturday night when the Hewlett, L.I., man accidentally squeezed off a round, his lawyer, Arthur Gershfeld, told the Daily News.

Newsweek blames the United States for Norwegian spree killing, like Chicago blames Indiana for its “gun violence” . . . HOW DOES U.S. GUN CONTROL COMPARE TO THE REST OF THE WORLD?

Norway has strong gun control and committed humane values, but that didn’t prevent Anders Breivik from opening fire on a youth camp on the island of Utoya in 2011. His clean criminal record and hunting license had allowed him to secure semiautomatic rifles, but Norway restricted his ability to get high-capacity clips for them. In his manifesto, Breivik wrote about his attempts to legally buy weapons, stating, “I envy our European American brothers as the gun laws in Europe sucks ass in comparison.”

In fact, in the same manifesto, Breivik wrote that it was from a U.S. supplier that he purchased—and had mailed to him—ten 30-round ammunition magazines for the rifle he used in his attack.

In other words, even if a particular nation or state chooses to make it harder for some would-be killers to get their weapons, their efforts can be undercut by the jurisdictions that hold out for them. In the U.S., of course, state gun-control measures are often thwarted by the lax attitude to gun acquisition in other states.

What could possibly go wrong?

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  1. So Bruce er “Caitlyn” has waded into the shooting of Republicans…truly we are living in the end times?So what praytell SHOULD the NRA say? Don’t drive high? Put your hands on the wheel when stopped by a “scared” Jeronimo! Don’t hire triggerhappy cops? I know I won’t DARE suggest the shooter was an inept Barney Fife twink…

    • My script, which I wrote in five minutes, for Wayne LaPierre or Chris Cox to deliver:

      “As all Americans, we were shocked and disturbed by the death of Philando Castile last year. While the jury has ultimately returned a verdict of not guilty, we think this case puts in stark relief the need for law enforcement agencies across the country to examine and improve their training. This is especially so in regard to interactions with citizens exercising the God-given rights guaranteed by our Second Amendment. A person who has taken responsibility for his own safety and that of his loved ones is no threat to the police and the reverse should be true. Let’s learn from this tragedy to make that a reality.”

  2. Didn’t know the gun was loaded?? If he could have extricated his head from his alimentary canal, he might have been able to check. So simple, and yet, it eludes so many.

    • It’s a sign of the suppression of legitimate gun culture that “I didn’t know it was loaded” is taken as an excuse, rather than inexcusable in itself.

      • Don’t worry. All of these gun safety organizations will soon be teaching classes and having campaigns so that everyone will know all about the four rules of gun safety … or they’re just a bunch of liars who don’t care about gun safety at all and just want to ban guns. One of those two is definitely true.

    • But TTAG’s training guru was just recently denigrating the practice of press checks. Maybe this guy is just irredeemably stupid, but it’s not hard to imagine a press check here or there helping with the whole “loaded or not” question.

      • There is a difference between checking if a gun is still loaded vs. checking to see if it is unloaded. With press checking, you’re taking a gun that has been in you possession out of the holster and manipulating it, which is susceptible to a negligent discharge.
        There is no problem checking the chamber of a gun that someone else just checked and handed to you as unloaded. That’s not an insult. There’s no problem checking a gun again if you set it down orpass control of it to someone else. What happens if you check too much to see if a gun is unloaded? Nothing. What happens if you check too few times? Bang!

  3. Look at liberal groups versus conservative groups and which is the cause of violence becomes very obvious.

    Many claims were made against the Tea Party and all were disproven. Meanwhile the Take Over group, applauded by Obama and other liberals were proven guilty of a wide variety of violent actions. That can be traced to the violent actions of the anti-war movement of the Vietnam Era. The Black Panthers, The Students of a Democratic Society, The Weather Underground just to name a few.

    Remember, the liberal progressives ancestors were the Democrats of the 1860s. People who were enmeshed in the continuation of slavery. Enmeshed in the KKK. They were willing to destroy the United States of America for their cause then, and it is no different today. How many Democrats voted for the 14th Amendment? The answer is ZERO. Blacks would still be separate if the Conservatives had not carried the day. Look what the likes of Jerry Brown and so many other socialist leaning Democrats are doing to this country. They are bankrupting the nation in order to economically enslave not just Blacks, but Hispanics, Asians, and Whites who do not share their world view. Perhaps they actually want to see on open revolution as the Soviets experienced in order to attain the creation of a new Communist state.

    When a man says hunt down the Republicans and, at the same time blames the Republicans for violence, though it is not my desire for our country, I say, let them come. In the words of Patrick Henry, “….I know not what course others may take, but, as for me, give me Liberty or give me Death.”

    • You pretty well described the ancient democrats, but lets look at the more modern ones.

      Back in the 1960s, their leaders hi-jacked the political platform of the CPUSA.
      At first the CPUSA was a little pissed off, but then they got over it and stopped even fielding any canididates of their own!
      Today, they just say, “Vote Democrat”!

      The above tells you everything you really need to know about both parties, except what to really call them!
      They are certainly no longer “democrats”, and I see them being called every degrading name under the sun! Now, that would be fine, but it has absolutely no coheision, nothing hangs it together. Everyone is just “going their own way!” Certainly not the best way to accomplish anything. We need to pick out a fitting, new moniker for them, one a bit “catchy” and one that also gets under their skin at least a bit.

      Now, I have heard one that describes them perfectly, pisses them off, and gives people a sense of just where they came from.

      Not my “invention”, dont know jus who came up with it, but it is “Commiecrats”!

      We have already had our first Communist president, 8 long years of him, and were “set up” to “move on” to another in HRC! BUT, thank God, the voters and Donald J. Trump pissed on their party!

      Hillary once screwed up and blurted out, that ” If that Son of a Bitch wins, we are all going to jail!”
      She was serious, still is, and they must keep Trump “Off Ballance” as they have been, but that only works so long.
      They absolutely MUST take him down, if they are to surive!

      So, lets all get behind him, put a stop to the RINOs, let them know that if they dont support him, they “go home”, come the next election!

      Come on folks, we can do it!
      We CAN take our country back from the Commiecrats!

  4. Politicians in Australia are just like politicians here; in fact, they could be here.
    They won’t do any more than what their “constituents” demand, at least those the pols are willing to listen to.
    That means, “Do Something. Anything.” Whether it will solve the problem or not, Just Do It.
    They know, just as those in CA and NY know, criminals won’t have a problem obtaining banned guns, just like they don’t have a problem obtaining banned drugs. They know what will help (harsher penalties), but they haven’t the spines to do that.
    So, we will continue to remain armed, and, if need be, quiet about it.

  5. Socialist have always been the most violent of political types.
    Of the four presidents assassinated 3 where murdered by socialists. Boothe was just your average racist.
    There is no difference between a international socialist and a national socialist. They are both genocidal murders. In pre 1933 Germany the national socialist Adolf Hitler was making speeches. His words got people killed.
    The international socialist Bernie Sanders also makes speeches. And his words have gotten people shot and soon his words will get people killed.

      • Since when are anarchists anti-capitalist? I admit I don’t know much about the nuances of those political ideologies, but it seems to me that an anarchist would actually be as pro-capitalist as they come, since without government, assuming enough order to actually have an economy, you get lassiez fair capitalism. Correct? Not trying to be an ass; I’m genuinely asking. You’ve piqued my curiosity.

        • We’re talking about early Anarchists, who didn’t believe in personal property. Karl Marx was actually hero to some, rejected by others because they believed in collective property, but without centralized control. Since Leon Czolgosz had fallen on hard times during the recent depression, it’s not hard to imagine he was in more of the “communal property” camp than the “mutualist” side, which basically represents free-market capitalism (fair compensation for work provided, though they’d probably reject the “capitalist” label as well).

  6. Why are we paying attention to the modern counterpart to the Nazi party? As far as I am concerned, declaring yourself an international socialist is morally the same as declaring yourself to be a member of the Waffen SS. Both should earn you a short drop and a sudden stop.

  7. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. A gun on your person should not be a death warrant. We need to start demanding more from our civil servants than just “He had a gun, and I feared for my life.”

  8. Decade after decade the left and right try to define themselves and each other. Higher life forms like myself realize it’s all about the same.

  9. Holster on the stock… right. Better idea. Find a way to attack a pistol to the fore end via pictinnany rails, thereby utilizing the pistol as a forward grip and back up simultaneously.

  10. “Right-wing violence, whether it’s officially condoned or not, helps to advance the reactionary agenda of intimidating and silencing the oppressed. This is obvious from the growing mobilizations of the far right in the Trump era, which have often come in liberal strongholds like Berkeley, California. Violence is a tried-and-true tactic of the right wing to keep opponents quiet.”

    Pardon me while I have a moment of cognitive dissonance. Tell this to Anne Coulter and Milo Yannopolis. The only violence I am aware of in Berkeley was by the Antifa, hardly a far right group. Is this idiot suggesting that the reason that there was violence was because “far right wing” speakers tried to give talks there? Ask the people of Portland who it was that was doing the attacking–antifa. This is the death knell for the First Amendment–anyone who doesn’t agree with them doesn’t have a right to speak.

    • I agree with your last statement, up to a point. They are gutless turds unless they are in large groups. They take a swing at the wrong person or people trying to exercise their first amendment rights, and we will see how tough they are once they are staring at the wrong end of a pistol.

    • That first sentence should be “Right wing violence, whether it exists or not…”

      It doesn’t matter what anyone on the right actually does. Your very existence is tantamount to violence as far as the progressive left SJWs are concerned. You’re the boogieman that justifies their violent intolerance of any divergent viewpoint.

      To them, “violence” is people like you and me daring to have our own opinions in public.

  11. Semion Mosheshvili, 42, was handling the gun in the upstairs bedroom of the house on Deisius St. near Prall Ave. in Huguenot on Saturday night when the Hewlett, L.I., man accidentally squeezed off a round, his lawyer, Arthur Gershfeld, told the Daily News.

    Translation: He intentionally squeezed the trigger and the gun went bang as it was designed to do.

    • I was just surprised it said HE squeezed off a round, usually it just says the gun went off. Then I realized that was the wording of the lawyer. Apparently whoever wrote that piece needs to go back to journalism school, you can’t make it seem like someone mishandling a gun has a mind of their own. It has to be the gun’ s fault.

  12. I question if this disregard for the environment is rooted in ignorance, a misperception of one’s rights to public land use, or a rebellious attitude toward the federal government and its responsibility for managing these places.

    Occam’s razor leads to the former.

    • Laziness. No one will ever know they left it there and no one’s there to make them go to the effort of cleaning up, so they’re not going to.

    • There’s a fourth possibility that the author overlooked: some people are just irresponsible assholes. Sadly, this group seems to be growing in size in all aspects of American life.

  13. I don’t know. The Castile shooting and NRAs silence has me rubbed the wrong way. I’ve been a card carrying NRA member since the 90s and I’m about ready to burn my card for good if they don’t condemn the verdict ASAP. It’s a shame. They’ve done a lot of good. But if they condone what is essentially summary executions of law abiding CCW holders then what’s the point anyomore of supporting them? I know back in the 90s they got a lot of flack for calling out the ATF as “jack booted thugs” but seriously, for the sake of its members, they ought to also call out our wannnabe aristocrats-in-blue/social welfare queens/heros when they piss their pants and start shooting random people.

    Well NRA, I’m waiting. And so are my membership dues.

    • “licensed and legally armed”

      I’ll take “something you’re NOT when you have a high concentration of THC in your system for $200, Alex…”

      The NRA (and every other pro-2A org) is damned if they do and damned if they don’t on this one. Defend it, and it’s played as them defending a guy who drove across town with his lady and her seven year old kid to buy some weed. Ignore it, and it’s played as racism.

      Beyond that and as mentioned in other comment threads, this is a textbook case of what not to do when you get pulled over and you’re armed. Have your license and permit out (permit out if you must or choose to inform) and your hands on the wheel before the cop gets to your car. Pro tip: this is all easier to remember to do when you’re not all blunted up…

        • He was the driver. His passenger was recording the event on selfie-side of her phone, so the video seen around the world is a mirror image. You can clearly see the steering wheel at points during the video.

      • “which has drawn attention to the unique set of circumstances faced by licensed and legally armed black Americans.”

        That may be a true statement, but the implication that Castile was legally armed is 100% false. He was a prohibited person due to marijuana use. Whether or not that should make him a prohibited person is not the point.

        There was enough evidence to make a good case for reasonable doubt. I’ve read that testimony was offered that officers were told Castile had a gun, the officers told him not to move, then he reached for something in his pants. That information alone is enough for me to say a reasonable jury could easily vote not guilty. As a fact finder in a court, the case would hinge on the credibility of the witnesses. Unless I was pretty convinced such a narrative was a lie, then I would have to vote for acquittal.

    • Concealed carry permit or not, the car and its occupants matched the description of robbery suspects described as “armed and dangerous.” Adrenaline is already high, most versions of the shooting I heard from both sides amount to clean shoot.

      And, being from a different state, I actually haven’t followed the case closely. Has anyone ever produced the permit, or proof of training class, any application for a permit, anything? Last I heard, most of the deceased’s family were making statements that heavily implied that they believed passing a NICS check is the same thing as having a CCP.

      And, let’s not forget, even with a valid permit, he was still a criminal in possession of a firearm during commission of a crime. Girlfriend’s video clearly stated, “we just had some weed in the car!” As far as I know, illegal in MN, possibly a felony depending on amount. That bad decision alone should cast reasonable doubt on the prosecution’s case.

    • Where are you getting your knowledge of the events? If you’re getting it from the girlfriend, you should look into her background and the evidence contradicting her accounts. Remember how Michael Brown’s friend said he was executed by being shot in the back with his hands up?

      And what would the NRA be doing with this case, exactly? The officer was charged with a crime and brought before a jury. When you do that, the burden of proof is “beyond a reasonable doubt.” According to all 12 jurors, the evidence was not sufficient to establish his guilt.

      There are things to talk about here but they revolve more around why it’s a bad idea to smoke weed, get in a car with a gun, and then reach towards the gun when the police get involved.

    • Lets face it, The unspoken elephant in the room is that for law abiding CCW holders both the police and criminals are to be looked out for. You simply can’t trust either to make a rational judgement call. Both will see you as a threat, both are extremely dangerous to CCW holders and Both need to be given a very wide berth. It would be delusional to do otherwise. Heck, in this day and age many criminals will even dress up like cops and use fake flashers to cause there potential victims to drop their guard. Another reason to be on condition one readiness when approched. Stay safe, vigilant and carry strong!

    • I don’t think its appropriate to condemn a verdict. 12 citizens got a lot more info than we’ve seen or read and, hopefully, made an informed decision. The system workef as it wad i tended. Criticize failure to prosecute, acquital on appeal by a political judge, or continue to condemn the actions of the officer. Just because something isn’t criminal doesn’t mean it was proper or correct.

  14. The government needs to crack down on Antifa Communist terrorists

    I love it if one of those scrawny effeminate beta males try to pull a knife on me.. Would glad unload 9 rounds from my Ruger P97DC into their chest. Thank God we have the 2nd amendment!

    I wish these thugs along with BLM would have a massive protest that turns violent and gives the government a reason to send in the National Guard and shot all of these Communist terrorists dead before they become more of a problem.. Let them be the aggressors. We’re just defending ourselves.

    • This is nothing personal, I’ve seen it from many others, but I can’t help but to wonder why people say they would be happy to kill someone in a DGU in a public forum. I hope, for your sake, if you are ever in a DGU situation, you don’t have to unload to stop the threat.

  15. I knew a socialist in college. When I read that screed, let’s just say the flavor of intense, reality-denying rationalization was eerily familiar.

  16. I thought “trigger trash” was a term for red necks doing stupid shit with guns on YouTube.
    Whenever I shoot at these type ranges, I leave shit behind because even though I bring my own targets, I usually wind up finding some good stuff to shoot that’s been left behind. I leave the trash for the next guy to shoot.
    I shoot biodegradable targets but if I see a Commodore 64 sitting there, why not pop a few caps in that?

  17. I got stopped by a cop last week. Spoiler alert: I was not shot dead.

    I had run over a small plastic, grocery store bag on the beltway that morning. I saw it coming, but couldn’t avoid it. As I didn’t immediately see it in my rear view mirror, I suspected it had gotten hung up underneath. By the time I got to work, I had forgotten all about it.

    On the way home, a Texas trooper happened to exit a freeway as I was stopped at the feeder road light, so he pulled up behind me. As the light turned green, he lit me up and we both pulled into the gas station at that corner.

    He had seen that bag, which was still dangling from my rear axle. Apparently, from his vantage point, it looked like an article of clothing. So he had called in the stop as a possible felony hit and run. I had zero idea about any of that. I just played it cool like a mature adult.

    I parked the car, turned it off, set the brake, turned on the flashers, rolled down all four windows, and waited with my hands on the wheel. He approached from the front passenger window, hand on his holstered sidearm, and told me I was being stopped for debris under the vehicle.

    I laughed as I remembered that plastic bag and told him about that. He asked for my licence and insurance. I provided those after first advising that I also am licensed to carry and am currently armed. Before reaching for them, I advised that my licenses are in my wallet in my left back pocket and my insurance is in the glove box, beneath a spare magazine (not clip).

    He went back to his car after giving me permission to exit and remove the bag. Apparently there’s some code they need to enter into the computer to communicate that the would-be felony stop was really nothing, after all, and that he isn’t under duress.

    We chatted for a few moments after that, just about whatever, and I was on my way. Not dead, arrested, ticketed or anything. There was no media attention of the incident. Curious, that.

    • The reason he went back to his car was not only to report that all was well, but also to run you through the computer system for wants and warrants. This is standard in most places.


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