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When I found Yogea Yoga’s “end gun violence” video (below) I kept looking for the troll trip-trapping on YouTube’s bridge. Nope. It’s for real.

“Yogea is an innovative approach to mainstream and classical yoga that re-imagines imposed standards of definition and possibility in a rapidly evolving Yoga world,” the caption on their main YouTube page proclaims. “It engages the community into a comprehensive educational, creative and spiritual platform for a healthy and enlightened living. Yogea brings traditional wisdom to contemporary issues and provides a comprehensive toolkit of inventive targeted routines, inspiring mediations, empowering mudra and breathing practices for the needs of the modern individual.”

I’d pay good money to see mudra go up against Godzilla. Anyway, “asana” means sit down in Sanskrit. Done! I’m feeling enlightened already! But then I do have one of those fancy ergonomic chairs . . .

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    • Well, I watched the video and my first thought was that if I was that flexible I’d do better at IDPA and 3gun, probably not what she was going for.

    • Not necessarily. If it weren’t for liberal arts majors, my engineering education would have led to a minor in celibacy.

  1. Wow. Just. Wow. I have witnessed some odd prayers before, but that is one for the record books.

    A question – what if I want to hold my hand like a semi-auto rather than a revolver?

    Good thing I wasn’t drinking soda…

  2. And how many people got shot since making this vid?

    Count on humans fighting and f***king 🙂 We are good at it and we have been doing it since there have been humans.
    Seriously, this chick needs to get down with that sickness.

    On a somewhat related note . . . with the worldview and core muscles we witnessed in the video I am betting this chica could conduct a circumcision without a knife.

  3. “you fold your left foot in and your right foot out”

    Ohhhhhh….. Hokey Pokey yoga can end gun violence if you just turn your head away. I can not wait for the Ostrich pose video to be released.

    • It’s just a jump to the left.
      And then a step to the right.
      With your hand on your hips…….

      No, wait a sec, that’s a different one too.

  4. RF, this video had about 100 views when I clicked on it. How do you find these things? Do you purposely search youtube for the least-viewed videos in the world, and then highlight them here?

    • It’s all about precise body and muscle control, teaches you focused core strength and mental discipline around simple tasks. Sounds like everything you need for the body mechanics of long range shooting

      Now just imagine a hard core marine instructor teaching that in marksmenship training

  5. I’ve never tried yoga but I’m a sucker for a good cause and followed the directions carefully. I think I hurt myself – badly. You do NOT want your leg to spasm when your heel is tucked up against your groin – ever.

  6. Imagine all the lives she could have saved if she were wearing an orange shirt while doing this. Really selfish of her to wear black.

  7. If they really believe half of the nonsense they’re spewing they’d open up a yoga studio in Syria.

    … or worse, in Chicago. I suggest near Fuller Park.

  8. I think whoever thought this up has undergone too many cranial-rectal inversions. Gives new meaning to “exploring the inner self”.

  9. Oh boy, as it turns out, this yoga pose doesn’t end “gun violence”. In fact it accomplishes nothing!

  10. “Yogea”

    First reaction: “Hey, RF, didn’t you use spellcheck before hitting SUBMIT?”

    Second reaction: “Ok, never mind, the lady just doesn’t know how to spell.”

    Third reaction: “LOL…forthcoming post…”

  11. As of today there have been 161 homicides in “Charm City” in 2017. Baltimore Mayor Pugh and Police Commissioner Davis are at wit’s end trying to put a lid on the “gun violence”. The cops are working 12-hour shifts in order to put more uniforms on the street. The overtime costs are going to be horrendous. All the while the answer to the problem is right in front of their very noses and they’ve failed to avail themselves of it.

  12. There was an experiment in some sort of hippy prayer meditation vibe stuff. It was supposed to reduce violence by putting out good vibes or something. I don’t really remember the details. The experiment “worked.” While violence was actually higher than days in which the experiment took place, that was only because of other factors, and once those were accounted for, the technique reduced violence.

    I believe this story was told by a statistics professor in college. The point of the story was that it is important to understand statistics enough that you can read a study and understand it enough to know whether or not you’re being fed a load of b.s. He used an obvious example to drive the point home.

    • I’ve always thought of statistics from the gun-grabbers in the same way that Mark Twain did in a remark attributed to the eminent British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.”
      – Mark Twain’s Own Autobiography: The Chapters from the North American Review

      • Statistics are great when they are not abused. It’s largely how we know which medicines work. Unfortunately, a lot of people doing statistical research are liars.

  13. This IS in keeping with the efforts to affect change on guns utilizing every possible ineffective means to create that change outside of changing laws, drafting and signing petitions for local ballot measures, or lobbying congress and other sundry attempts to address this issue according to the anti’s claims that they want change.

    I can tell you from personal experience the debt I owe those various groups who sing, dance, do yoga poses, or write poems, and paint pictures have helped me pay for my car payments, kept my utility bills paid, helped me out on my tuition, and paid off those parking tickets with dancing has REALLY done me a solid.

    Back in reality, this is yet again, another sad attempt to do something of worth to address a problem in the WORST way possible, guaranteeing more dancing, singing, and yoga posing. However, I must disclose my love for yoga practitioners of the fairer sex wearing these fantastic clothing items. You ladies make life just so much more fun, truly.


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