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I bet the NRA caused the hurricane just so they could do this . . . How the NRA exploited hurricanes to promote gun ownership

NRATV hosts repeatedly used hurricanes Harvey and Irma to push for both more gun ownership and pro-gun laws, while fearmongering that this type of catastrophe can happen anywhere and people should be prepared with guns to fight looters as law enforcement can’t be everywhere.

The National Rifle Association’s broadcast platform, NRATV, steadily covered the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey in Houston during “Stinchfield,” the daily show that runs for 10 minutes at the top of the hour from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Host Grant Stinchfield regularly used these segments to plug “unfettered access to firearms” in order to protect from criminal elements that he claimed take advantage of natural disasters.

The deal is done . . . Bass Pro Shops closes deal to buy Cabela’s

Privately-owned Bass Pro Shops closed a nearly $4 billion deal Tuesday to acquire one of the company’s biggest rivals — Nebraska-based Cabela’s.

The deal, in the works for more than a year, brings Cabela’s 82 stores in the U.S. and Canada into the Bass Pro Shops fold. Bass Pro Shops currently has 95 stores in the U.S. and Canada.

“We are excited to unite these iconic American brands to better serve our loyal customers and fellow outdoor enthusiasts,” said conservationist and Bass Pro Shops founder and CEO Johnny Morris.

Machine guns? . . . Cops with machine guns hunting ‘horny’ heifer terrorising drivers in Essex

A HORNED cow has rammed two cars in Towie’s Essex heartland of Billericay.

Cops with machine guns are hunting the escaped beast, originally thought to be a bull.

The 110st (1500 lb) heifer has been loose since June, when it fled its farm feeding pen.

But no safety warning was known to have been issued.

Then this Tuesday the cow smashed into a motor.

Police rushed to the scene but were unable to find the creature.

The Nation thinks women are incapable of using guns to defend themselves effectively . . . A New Study Debunks the NRA’s Claim That Guns Protect Women

The Violence Policy Center looked at FBI crime data from 2015, the most recent year available. It’s the first analysis of the 2015 data on female homicide victims. The study found there were 328 justifiable homicides committed by private citizens that year, and only 16 involved a woman killing a man with a gun. Conversely, there were 1,686 cases where a woman was murdered by a man with a gun. Those are only single-victim, single-offender incidents, and exclude mass shootings, so if anything it’s an undercount. (Domestic abuse that turns deadly can end up claiming many victims beyond the targeted woman, like the incident in Texas this month where a gunman showed up at his estranged wife’s house and killed her and eight other people who were attending a football party.)

Did they get it right? . . . The 5 of Most Deadly Guns of Modern War

Modern warfare has seen breathtaking advances in the last hundred years, as mortal competition between nations spawns successively deadlier weapons. Aircraft, missiles, tanks, submarines and other inventions—many of which did not exist in practical terms in 1914—have quickly earned key positions in the militaries of the world.

Yet there is still one invention that, although conceived more than five hundred years ago, still has a vital place on today’s battlefield: the infantry weapon and supporting arms. No matter how high tech the armed forces of the world have become, warfare since the end of the Second World War has consistently involved some form of infantry combat.

What will those kooky researchers come up with next? . . . Kids Emulate Movie Characters Who Use Guns

Want to create a society in which a shocking number of children die from gun violence? Here’s a simple recipe: Expose kids to countless images of adults shooting one another to resolve their differences. Then make sure there are enough poorly secured firearms in circulation so that many have access to them.

Sad to say, that describes current-day America—a land where gun violence is an element of many purportedly family friendly movies, and firearms are carelessly stored in many homes. The journal JAMA Pediatrics calls this a “toxic mix,” and that’s not hyperbole: According to research released earlier this year, 7,100 children under the age of 18 are shot every year, and 1,300 of them die as a result.

What could possibly go wrong? . . . Push to solve gun cases fuels rapid growth of New York’s DNA database

New York City is building a vast, unregulated DNA database that police are already using to connect suspects to evidence from crime scenes across the five boroughs.

In the last five years, the number of DNA profiles in New York’s local database has grown dramatically, driven in part by a push to collect DNA in every gun case. As of July, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner was storing about 64,000 genetic profiles, The Trace and WNYC have learned.

Details about the size of the database and its rapid growth have not been previously reported.

This is why we can’t have nice things . . . Uber driver’s gun accidentally fires, hits woman

Indianapolis police are investigating a report of a woman injured by a ricocheting bullet when an Uber driver’s gun accidentally misfired Friday night.

The incident happened between 11 p.m. and midnight Friday near the Embassy Suites Hotel downtown.

According to a report documenting the incident, the victim told police her Uber driver’s gun accidentally discharged – causing the bullet to ricochet and injure her.

I’ll take “Useless, Empty Gestures” for $200, Alex . . . Concert held to end gun violence

The event was held by ‘Iowans for Gun Safety.’ They are not against legal gun ownership, but they say too many guns are getting into the hands of people who shouldn’t have them.

Cedar Rapids Police Chief Wayne Jerman says 21 guns have been stolen out of vehicles in Cedar Rapids this year. He says a lot of those vehicles were unlocked.

He says, “There’s 21 guns who are in the hands of who knows who, and that’s concerning.” He adds that police have been more vigilant in their patrols, and that’s help drop the number of shots fired incidents by about 20 from this time last year.

Don’t fall for it . . . Scam website targets those seeking gun permits, sheriff warns

A fraudulent website is falsely claiming to help Pennsylvanians apply for a concealed carry permit — and charging fees for the fake services, the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office warned Friday.

The website ­— — asserts that it can assist with getting firearms licenses in Pennsylvania, as well as Florida, Louisiana, Michigan and Wisconsin, Chief Deputy Kevin Kraus said in a statement.

“Users are directed to select a state and complete an online form, which prompts them to supply personal information almost identical to what would be provided on an application for a Pennsylvania license to carry firearms,” Kraus said.

Raise your hand if you’re a “weapons fanatic,” too! . . . Weapons fanatic had HUGE arsenal of guns and ammunition at home

A huge arsenal of weapons including shotguns and more than 6,000 rounds of ammunition was found at a Midlands home.

Police say the collection which was hoarded by Jonathan Knight posed a ‘significant risk to the public’.

Officers from the National Crime Agency’s armed operations unit descended on a house in Sunfield Road, Cannock after suspecting weapons fanatic, Jonathan Knight had been collecting firearms illegally.

Three air pistols, a pair of air rifles, a ME38 revolver, two sound moderators and a huge amount of ammunition was discovered at the 47-year-old’s home.

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  1. The words “[Insert literally any gun-grabbing group here]” and “study” do not belong in the same sentence.

    Or even the same universe.

    Especially given that one leftist rag has already reported another “study” as “evidence” that allegedly “debunks” the same NRA claim made above, when upon actual examination upholds and reinforces it.

    As any real study always does.

    • For clarification, the rag’s article in question is effectively fisked here:

      The study in question, linked in the fisking, is examined a bit more closely here:

      Gun control advocates are, however unintentionally, implicitly — if not explicitly — pro-rape, pro-murder, pro-domestic violence, anti-self defense and anti-due process. Especially if the woman in question in any way doesn’t follow The Narrative™ that they need a big, strong man in a costume with a badge with a gun to come save them, because neither they nor their significant others are in any way capable of saving them no matter the circumstance despite being “empowered.”


      Well.. something something “Patriarchy” something something “MUH FEELZ11!1!!” something something “MUH FEM1NIZUM!!11!!” and other such anti-intellectual rot coming from that side of the fence.

      Then, the knives really come out and they visit the exact same brand of misogyny on them that they themselves claim to be fighting against, complete with death threats and wishes of harm on her and her family, friends, and colleagues (and pets). Racial epithets galore, too, if she’s a minority; which they always claim can ONLY come from OFWGs that are allegedly always “stalking” and “harassing” them on Twaddle and Fakebook.

      It’s called psychological projection. They’re subject-matter experts when it comes to denial, deflection, and lies; their stock and trade.

  2. Five most deadly weapons of war:

    Guns, knives, flamethrowers, 2nd lieutenants, and tanks.

    (You’re welcome. The keys are in the ignition.)

  3. From the article about the weapons

    “Five of the weapons, which contained gas easily converted to fire live ammunition, found at his home were made illegal due to the increasing amount of criminals purchasing them.”

    Think about that statement for a moment.

    • What’s really bothersome is this statement, “His collection posed a significant risk to the public had it been stolen or sold to criminals,” sorry we’ve got to throw you in jail for 5 years because of what might happen. Those PCP air rifles cost a lot more than any criminal would likely pay.

      • Not to even mention that they could put somebodies eye out. Next target… pointy sticks. After that, I imagine, rocks.
        Someone could get their skull fractured by that dangerous…. rock. We have to gather them all up. Every one. Do it for the children….
        Sheep will believe almost anything.

        • I realize you were speaking in hyperbole, but you might be surprised to learn that Australia’s Parliament actually considered a bill to ban pointy sticks several years ago – no, I’m not kidding. I remember reading about it several years ago. The bill apparently was introduced after there was a big gang fight outside a club one night. There was a construction site across the street and several of the people involved pulled u surveyor’s stakes at the site (“pointy sticks”) and used them as weapons injuring several on the other side. Thankfully, the bill was never passed. But still…

  4. Privately-owned Bass Pro Shops closed a nearly $4 billion deal Tuesday to acquire one of the company’s biggest rivals — Nebraska-based Cabela’s.

    Any bets on how long before Bass Pro Shops files for bankruptcy?

    • I was thinking more along the lines of now there’s two places that will charge EXACTLY the same high, over priced charges for items.
      (Rather than several big box stores charging similar high prices…)

      • With all the on line availability, one shouldn’t worry about brick and mortar rip off prices. I recently bought 2 30mm scope rings for under $15.00 on line. My lgs wanted $45 (tax included) for same. Supporting local stores is fine, but not when faced with such price spreads.

    • No but expect prices to rise, I always liked Cabela’s their prices were always cheaper than bass pro shops by a considerable amount.

  5. … only 16 [justifiable homicides] involved a woman killing a man with a gun. Conversely, there were 1,686 cases where a woman was murdered by a man with a gun.

    So, a woman only defends herself with a firearm if she kills her attacker?

    And this study cherry-picked statistic fails to adjust for factors such as differences in firearm ownership rates and marksmanship ability (ability to place a lethal shot) in men versus women.

    Plus the most colossal error of all: comparing the mortality rate of an attacker, who has the GINORMOUS advantage of choosing the time and place of their attack as well as the element of surprise, versus the defender who is often responding to an ambush. It should be obvious that an attacker who ambushes a victim with lethal intent is going to prevail more often than the victim.

    • The most impressive number they went to obvious lengths to omit from their data: the number of women who defend themselves with a gun without needing to fire a single shot.
      Include that number and “poof”, there went the entire argument.

    • The thing they forgot to mention is that the FBI only tracks arrest data, not final dispositions or incident where no arrest is made.

  6. Podesta “Never let a good tragedy go to waste.” He was referring to using mass shooting to further the gun control agenda.

    It’s extremely misleading to single out the NRA for using tragedy to push an agenda.

    • “Podesta “Never let a good tragedy go to waste.” He was referring to using mass shooting to further the gun control agenda.”

      I believe that was Progressive thug Rham Emanuel:

  7. Golly when I was a lad(some 50 to 60 years ago) violent gun-laden TV & movies were everywhere. We played war(rarely cowboys and indians). I got toy guns,WW2 playsets and toy soldiers as gifts. Could it be that having 2 good parents,stabilty and raised in a Christian home prevented me from being a violent thug? Despite all the guns(dad had an NRA sticker n the front door)…😋 Oh and I learned to shoot.

    • I watched John Wayne, Wyatt Earp and countless other cowboys in white and black hats shoot each other to infinity and back, watched Daffy Duck get his beak shot off at least once every Saturday morning, and Sonny and Rico kill every Cuban drug dealer they could every Friday night…and not once did I ever entertain the thought of shooting someone.

      We had hunter safety courses in elementary school, shot .22s at summer camp, and drove to school almost every day from late September to early January with some sort of long gun in a gun rack or trunk of our cars, yet no one died.

      So what was different then, than today?

      • Haha! And then there were Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam constantly trying to murder Bugs Bunny in cold blood!

        It’s a wonder we didn’t all turn into serial killers!

  8. Maybe Cabela’s will carry more than 3 brands of clothing. Maybe something less expensive than Sitka? And better quality than “Cabela’s”
    I know Bass Pro does.

  9. What in the hell is a sound moderator? Were they not sure whether to use silencer or supressor? Or do they mean one of those things that changes your voice?

    • the industry has started using the term “sound moderator” to get away from the stigma put on silencers/suppressors by the left and the media. still the same thing but it implies that it does not in fact silence but simply “Moderates” the noise which unless you use subsonic ammo is all any silencer is able to do in the first place

  10. In my section of PA, you walk into the sheriffs office, hand them your drivers license, fill out a form, give em $20, stand in front of a camera and in 10 minutes you walk out with a carry license.

    Constitutional carry would be ideal, but its pretty darn easy now if you ask me.
    And for those who say getting a license is a way for them to know you have a gun or track you, trust me, we just assume everyone in PA has a gun.

    There is more to this state than inner Philly or Liberal downtown Pittsburgh.

  11. “He adds that police have been more vigilant in their patrols”
    That’s right up there with, “Endeavor to persevere.”

  12. Why the asinine attack on the NRA from truth about guns?
    It is true that criminals prey upon victims of unfortunate circumstances like this, the writer and truth about guns can shove this article up their arse.


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