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It’s just a matter of time before they propose an outright state-wide ban and confiscation . . . California bill will ban guns on campuses, period

Prior to January 2016, anyone with a valid California concealed weapons permit had the right to walk onto a school, college, or university campus with a handgun. In most cases, no one knew.

Lawmakers are working to end that.

California lawmakers approved Assembly Bill 424, which will update California’s Gun Free School Zones law to make schools truly “gun free.” The bill was introduced by Assemblyman Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento).

Don’t stop until you’re #1! . . . Ohio ranks 8th among U.S. states in registered weapons; gun manufacturing near record high, ATF says

The number of guns manufactured in the U.S. spiked in the past five years and has remained near-record levels ever since, according to a report released Thursday by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

In Ohio, there were 173,405 short-barrelled rifles and shotguns, machine guns, silencers, explosives and other weapons registered in 2017, the eight-highest total across the U.S. The state is home to 369 firearms dealers, manufacturers and importers, which also ranks eighth across the country.

U.S. firearms manufacturers made more than 9.3 million guns in 2015 — three times the number made a decade earlier. But gun production has decreased since reaching a high of 10.8 million in 2013, according to the report.

Girls with Guns Launches 2nd Muck Boot Collaboration

Girls with Guns® Clothing is excited to announce the launch of their second boot collaboration with The Original Muck® Boot Company – the Woody PK boot in Mossy Oak® Break-Up Country®! The Woody PK is GWG’s answer to our customers’ request for a lighter boot made for non-arctic conditions.

This boot is the perfect 3/4 season boot; comfort rated from subfreezing (0° to 32°) to 65°, the Woody PK’s are 100% waterproof with a breathable PK mesh lining to circulate air and keep your feet warm and dry. The lightweight CR Flex-Foam neoprene provides heat retention, flexibility, impact resistance and shock absorption while the MD2 Bobbed molded outsoles reduce boot weight and offer an aggressive tread pattern to help you conquer the steepest terrains.

How does yours stack up? . . . See If Your County Made This Top 10 List For Firearm Ownership

Summit County, Utah doesn’t boast a vast population. However, what the county lacks in population it makes up for in an abundance of firearms.

Of the roughly 29,000 residents who occupy the county, 53 percent own a firearm. That’s according to City-Data’s list of U.S. counties with the highest percentage of residents who “keep firearms around their homes.”


Yeah, don’t do that . . . Shop owner fires warning shot to get stolen beer back from thief

Police say a Florida gas station owner chased a man and fired a warning shot, forcing him to return some stolen beer.

Orlando television station WESH reports it was the fourth time store owner Sowann Suy used his gun in defense of his store in the Atlantic coast community of Cocoa. Suy, who’s dubbed “Clint Eastwood” by friends, told the station he fired the shot Wednesday after the man took the beers and threatened to beat him up.

Hit The First Target – Competitive Shooting Tips with Doug Koenig

Champion shooter Doug Koenig emphasizes the importance of placing a good first shot on the target and how it can positively affect the many shots that follow in a competition.

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  1. Yeah, I’d believe the percentage ownership if I believed most gun owners would answer a random telephone survey honestly.

    Most gun owners I know aren’t that …. indiscreet.

    • Plus there’s the fact that they measure “residents”. As they don’t say “adult residents” I doubt their methodology accounted for 24% of the population being minors (let alone non-citizens or prohibited persons) that, thanks to Johnson and the NRA, have to just to massive hoops to own a longarm, can’t own a handgun and can only reliably get ammo by reloading.

      • “Plus there’s the fact that they measure “residents”.
        Plus there’s the fact that they STORE the information and the POS ATF is complicit in providing the information.

      • Yup, if it’s not important enough for a voicemail with your name and subject matter for me to call you back 45 seconds later, you’re just not worth my time, period.

        My county isn’t in the top 10 but there’s a yellow dot on the map, I think that’s good.

  2. California… So disappointing…

    Governor Brown and all the assembly… REALLY! Because that will solve… Wait for it… Absolutely nothing…

    Dramatic sign…

    • F CA can’t wait til the have to defend their POS communist fifedom with their lives. I’ll help them – decide that they waited too long to defect back to purgatory.

    • You are entirely missing the point of this anti-gun legislation!

      This has nothing whatsoever to do with crime control and they know it. The purpose is two-fold:

      1. Make life so onerous that Conservatives will look for any opportunity to abandon the state, and
      2. Make constant publicity about “we”re doing something to protect you by banning the tools criminals use to shoot you” so that low information (Democrat) voters, and “Undocumented Democrat” voters continue to vote in Progressive/Liberal politicians to run their state (into the ground).

      This is nothing more than a job security program for Liberals.

  3. In 2016, and despite no evidence of any incident ever involving a CCW holder on any school campus in the state, California banned CCW holders from carrying on school campuses (excluding of course the police and for unknown reasons retired police), subject to the discretion of the school superintendent to allow CCW holders to carry. Five school districts in the entire state, all in rural areas, granted a blanket authorization to CCW holders. There still has not been a single incident involving a CCW holder. But in his zeal to make obtaining CCWs as expensive and as difficult (read: impossible) to obtain as possible, Representative McCarty proposed a bill to rescind the authority of superintendents to grant exceptions. McCarty has also sponsored a bill to audit the sheriffs of Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Diego in an alleged effort to determine the “true” cost of issuing CCWS, a bill whose purpose can be nothing more than an attempt to increase the fees charged, which right now, including the LiveScan, run around $150 for a new license good for two years (which amount does not include the cost of the mandatory training). This bill is the result of bad blood with one of the members of the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors who objects to the Sheriff’s “issuing CCWs like candy” and wants to shut him down/defund the department that processes applications. The Sheriff has a “virtual shall issue” policy, which means that unless there is a reason to deny, a license will be issued. And he will likely succeed; some counties, Los Angeles among the, sends detectives around to interview your neighbors, your four personal references, and your employers, past and present, to see if you are “stable enough” to carry a gun. That must cost a fortune.

    [For background, California is a “may issue” state, and the Sheriff of each county has discretion in setting the standard for issuance, which runs from “virtual shall issue” to virtual–or actual–no issue. (San Francisco does not issue CCWs to anyone other than cops. Unclear whether any judges have applied. As far as anyone can tell, then Supervisor Feinstein was the last issued “civilian” CCW–and that was more than 40 years ago.)]

    So banning CCW is very high on Rep. McCarty’s agenda, and he has a supermajority of the State Legislature–and the Ninth Circuit which declared that there is no right to a concealed carry permit– to go along for the ride.

  4. “Suy, who’s dubbed “Clint Eastwood” by friends, told the station he fired the shot Wednesday after the man took the beers and threatened to beat him up.”

    He’s far too nice for his own good, not to mention his health or life.

    That P.O.S. threatened to do him grievous bodily harm when he confronted him.

    In Florida, that’s grounds for lethal force.

    He should have dropped that punk right then and there…

  5. Soooo my state Ohio doesn’t have gun registration…well DUH. I can open carry without a permit….DUH. A private business can say I can’t bring a gun inside, but they can’t stop me from carrying in my private vehicle…DUH.

    Just another anti-2A video. And I have never been polled, I own over 30 firearms, not just a pistol and a shottie or rifle. I even have a hand held 40mm flare gun. It is a tube with a spring loaded plunger instead of a pistol. I guess If I ever did get the po-po in my house they would say with the guns, the ammo and the disabled grenades, the BLUE RPG round (blue means training) the Shotgun floor lamp I made, the Thommy gun replica desk lamp I made, I would be labeled as having an “arsenal” 😮

    Not to mention the swords and crap load of knives because I also collect those. None have ever drawn another person’s blood. All my guns together have killed less people than Ted Kennedy’s car.

    • My thoughts exactly. Just WTF “registration” is this doofus talking about, TX should be at the bottom with *ZERO* registered guns, since there is no registration. I’d also like to hear how many crimes have been solved thanks to Ohio’s very expensive (for nonexistent) registration system. What is registration supposed to do, other than give a useless and overfunded Federal agency something inconsequential to say.

      • ” What is registration supposed to do, other than give a useless and overfunded Federal agency something inconsequential to say.”

        When they say they want gun registration, ask them if they are fine with book registration or the police getting a list of every website you visit every month.

        After all, if you aren’t doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about…

  6. The best thing that could happen for the nation is for Commiefornia to slip quietly into the pacific ocean,gone forever.

  7. will update California’s Gun Free School Zones law to make schools truly “gun free.”

    Truly “gun free” as in “restricted access with 100% search of incoming persons, and access points defended in depth by armed men?”

    I’m guessing not.

    • “Armed men” would not be *TRULY* gun-free. The schools should be guarded by Mom’s Demanding Stupid Actions, when a miscreant appears, they could bore him into a coma until disarmed cops arrive to cuff him.

      • Maybe they should put up signs all around the campus stating. This school has been completely disarmed! If shooting up a bunch of innocent kids is your thing, then by all means “Come on down!”

  8. Wyoming has no state registration. With my state ID or drivers license I can conceal carry without having to buy permission from big brother. What America used to be….

      • Eternal vigilence Uncle Bobo; this state is just a few legislative sessions away from the path to firearms criminalization and confiscation (i.e. ban on MSR and magazine capacity restrictions). We have too many transplants from gun grabbing states. (Fun fact: Bernie’s from the Bronx and schooled in Chicago before he came to Vermont.)

  9. Number 7! Yay Orange County, Vermont! Keep up the good work (and where are you other Vermont counties).

    Putting the picture of BHO directly below the section about hitting the target on the first shot; was that a subliminal message or just a coincidence?

  10. The number one county didn’t even break 60%… I’m calling BS on the data.

    We lived for many years in a very rural north Texas county and I don’t know a single person who didn’t own a gun. Pistol in a dresser drawer, shotgun in the hall closet, deer rifle in the truck, or something, somewhere

    Now, I didn’t know everyone in the county, but you were only one degree of separation from knowing everyone. And 90% would have been my conservative guess.

  11. I had to sleep on it but I finally remember where I knew CA legislator in the first picture from. He’s Chiun from Remo Williams, no?

  12. Hot Dam! I just gotta have a pair of them gorgeous Booties! Just the thing to go with my new turquoise flowered dress.
    Maybe get a pair for the old lady too.


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