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Let us count the ways . . . How male and female gun owners in the U.S. compare

About six-in-ten gun owners in the United States are male (62%). Still, about one-in-five women (22%) report that they own a gun. While these women resemble their male counterparts in some respects, their views on and experiences with guns often differ from those of male gun owners.

Here are seven ways that female and male gun owners compare, based on a recent Pew Research Center survey of 1,269 gun owners.

This should make prosecution a lot easier, assuming he lives . . . Homicide suspect filmed himself during running gun battle that wounded LAPD officer

A homicide suspect who exchanged shots with Los Angeles police during a running gun battle in El Segundo on Thursday filmed at least part of the encounter on a cellphone while he ran from officers, according to a source familiar with the investigation.

The shootout left a SWAT officer wounded and the suspect gravely injured and terrorized the neighborhood, where residents described bullets whizzing by and loud bursts of gunfire.

The gunman, who has yet to be publicly identified, was shouting into the phone that was pointed at him, according to the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the ongoing investigation into the shooting.

“They coming at me,” the man said on the video, according to the source. “I’m gonna die today.”

He hasn’t. Yet.

He lent it to a friend . . . Man Illegally Transferred Firearm: Westport PD

Detectives continued to investigate and found that the gun was owned by Nicolas Cappiello, 38, of North Haven. He said he gave the gun to (Lauren) Abriola to keep in her house, police said.

He turned himself in on an outstanding warrant June 29 and posted a $10,000 bond.

Expect more of this in Connecticut, New York, California, New Jersey . . . .

Air Armor Tech introduces military-grade inflatable gun cases that offer the rugged protection of a hard case with the light-weight portability of a soft case

Much like the airbag in your vehicle that uses pressurized air to fill a bag to protect you, Air Armor Tech gun cases protect your shotgun, rifle and scope using air.  Each case uses a premium, high-performance air bladder designed to encapsulate your firearm in a firm blanket of interconnected air chambers that work together to absorb shock energy from bumps and drops that often occur during transportation of a firearm.  This innovative concept uses the same durable material and engineering that fighter pilots trust their lives with in the daily use of their G-suit and Life Preserving Unit (LPU)!

Lefties start beating and shooting at righties…and the NRA calling them on it is somehow evidence of ‘hate’ . . . Why the NRA has turned from fear to hate

So if you’re the NRA, what do you do? How do you justify telling people not just that their gun rights must be preserved but that there’s an emergency requiring just as much frantic gun purchasing and membership-renewing as ever?

You turn from fear to hate.

You can’t quite say that Rachel Maddow and Bernie Sanders are going to break down your members’ doors and snatch their AR-15s before burning down the house, but you can foster the idea that civil war might be around the corner — and you can ramp up the hatred of liberals. After all, what would make a liberal madder than going out and buying a few more guns? Ha, take that, hippie!

Buy Smith & Wesson! . . . American Outdoor Brands: Full On Bull

Make no mistake results are being improved diversifying away from just the firearm side of the business. However, sales of firearms and accessories are still the big money maker. With the impact of new acquisitions bolstering revenues and earnings per share, there is room to run higher.

Looking ahead, and considering the history of the company’s earnings reports, we see no reason why these expectations will not only be met but also exceeded. There is a lot to like here, including shareholder value creation via $50 million in buybacks last quarter. Further, the company has $61.5 million in cash (up from $54 million three months ago), long-term debt of $219 million when considering senior notes. It is in a strong position. Stay long.

Never a good idea . . . Man shot by Baltimore police in Curtis Bay lifted gun at officer first, body camera footage shows

The 23-year-old man shot by police during a foot chase Tuesday night through Curtis Bay had pointed a gun at an officer at close range before he was shot, according to area surveillance and officer body camera footage released by police Thursday.

“The officer basically hits the deck when he sees that gun raised at him,” said police spokesman T.J. Smith, referring to footage from two angles showing the officer closing in on the suspect in an open parking lot, the suspect turning and raising the gun, and the officer slipping backward to the ground as he opened fire.

Smith said police still were not sure when during the chase the man was shot. The footage shows the officer who fell get up and continue chasing the man into an alley, where he and other officers open fire.

Your feel-good story of the day . . . Gang leader called ‘Shredder’ accidentally blasted himself in groin with shotgun and had to have testicle removed

A notorious gang leader called ‘Shredder’ is facing jail after he accidentally blasted himself in the groin with a shotgun and had to have a testicle removed.

Bungling Scott Benjamin, 30, was badly injured when the weapon was inadvertently fired in the bedroom of a house.

The former cage fighter was rushed to hospital with blood pouring from his crotch and required surgery which involved the removal of a testicle.

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    • Pressure dressing or piano wire tourniquet? Going to have to go with the latter to ensure a Darwin.

      • “Hey, Shredder! The first aid book says I have to put my hand on the affected area and squeeze. I’m a thinking you’re gonna bleed out…”

    • Interesting that despite the stereotype even with a shotgun he managed to hit only a single testicle, at CLOSE range.

      Too bad there’s no video on YouTube, I would PAY to see that.

  1. My takeaway from the Pew Pew Pew Survey — “When it comes to gun policy, female gun owners express more support than male gun owners for proposals that would restrict gun ownership and less support for proposals that would expand it.”

    Women are not trustworthy allies in this culture war. Not yet, anyway. And if they approve of anything that restricts their own rights, they’re not very smart either.

    • Broads are all over the faux “security”. TSA etc. Reality and logic are DNA exclusions.

      • Women used to put up “Sabre Tooth Tiger Free Zone” posters in the cave while the men were out bleeding and dieing. Things haven’t changed all that much

    • It be interesting to see if gun owning women were more or less likely to support gun control/expansion than women that don’t own guns.

    • I feel like most will find it very “sexist” but my mother always asked my father to explain political issues to her so she could vote without being influenced by talkshows and other crap she watched. My wife is much the same way. She’s intelligent, but just doesn’t follow or have a vested interest in politics. I have to explain the differences in candidates and what legislation means.

      • It’s only sexist if you’re implying that all women are like your mother and wife.

      • Key word: vested. Most people only exert the kind of energy it takes to dig through disinformation and form a well-reasoned opinion when doing so has an impact on their own economic situation. Since housewives aren’t in that situation, and most women (despite what TV would have you believe) are housewives, women tend not to expend that energy mindfully observing politics and public policy.

        There are plenty of exceptions of course, but the types of people you alluded to when you said your example would be considered “sexist” are not the types of people who care about that. To them the very observation that the majority of women are housewives is sexist.

        tl;dr: that viewpoint is more common than you might think for sociocultural/economic reasons, and some people would find it sexist if you so much as implied men and women even exist (so don’t ever worry about offending those people).

        • In 2014, 57% of women 16 and older worked outside of the home. Women comprise 46.8% of the workforce. Most women are not housewives.

        • @TX_Lawyer

          “…women 16 and older…”

          The issue at hand is marriage and its impact on women as a voting demographic, and you’re presenting data that includes girls (not women) who can’t legally marry or vote.

          • “most women (despite what TV would have you believe) are housewives.” – That statement is false. Even including plenty of ages of whom a majority don’t work, most women work outside the home. By definition, they are not housewives.

            “you’re presenting data that includes girls (not women) who can’t legally marry” – This statement is also false. “All states allow minors to marry, and in most states, children under 16 can be married too with parental consent and/or judicial approval. In 25 states there is no statutory minimum age if other legal conditions are met.” – Wikipedia.

            I used Department of Labor statistics in my original reply. They use an age range of 16 and up. It would have been disingenuous for me to not leave out that their definition of women included 16 and 17 year olds.

            My point was that most women were not housewives. You’re the one who is claiming something that statistics indicate is not correct. The burden is on you to explain and prove how, if 57% of females 16 and older, 50% of “women” plus 1 don’t work outside the home.

  2. Re: Baltimore body-cam shoot – Twice during that chase he was running toward the bad guy with the slide locked back. Not sure what happened the first time, whether it was a malf or what, but second time probably had run the gun dry. His manual-of-arms in clearing the first lock-back wasn’t very well executed as it looked like he was just slapping the top of the locked back slide. At least that’s how it looked to me.

  3. “Never a good idea.” If you define a good idea as the correct decision given the facts, sometimes it is. When the cops surprise you with a no-knock warrant, and you don’t know they are cops, it could be considered a good idea to shoot them. Sometimes good ideas don’t work out because you don’t have all the facts.

    In other news, close the gender gap!

  4. “Air Armor Tech introduces military-grade inflatable gun cases that offer the rugged protection of a hard case with the light-weight portability of a soft case”

    Really? I can put a bunch of lead in there along with the gun and sink it in saltwater for a year and the gun will be just fine? If a 500 pound elephant stands on it could it handle that?

    Those bladders may be problematic in other areas, like if you inflate them fully and take an airliner somewhere will the bladders explode when the cabin altitude is about 8,000 feet in pressure differential?

    Hey, TTAG management, have you requested a T&E sample for evaluation?

  5. This guy videos his gun battle, a guy gets jumped in Denver and the six idiots who do the crime Snapchat the aftermath using the victims phone and mostly get busted the next day, the NRA is a hate group…

    Did I bake my brains out cutting up plate steel today or is there a whole hell of a lot of stupid going around this week?

    • I bet it’s the same amount of stupid as always. This just more newsworthy stupid.

  6. I don’t need the NRA to make me hate Leftists. The antifa and their fellow rabid-left turdburgers are doing a bang-up job on that front.

    Besides, hate isn’t the terrible, awful, evil, no-good, very-bad, wrongity-wrong thing the Lefties think it is. Unhinged or misdirected, it’s a different story (as are most things taken to excess), sure. But all human emotions have a useful and essential purpose.

    If hate motivates you to defend your values, that’s a good thing.

  7. “You can’t quite say that Rachel Maddow and Bernie Sanders are going to break down your members’ doors and snatch their AR-15s before burning down the house”
    Haha, they funny. Of course that is exactly what they would do. And i heard they would also kill your elected congress members…

  8. I know this won’t go over well with feminists of both genders, but women hate shooting.

    You’ll note I didn’t say “women hate guns”.

    Women are more sensitive to external stimuli and the recoil and report of gunfire is physically painful to most of them.

    I know, there’s always the 10-12% exception to this phenomenon.

    Keep this in mind the next time you drag your special girl to the range.

    • You never met my wife. You’ve never been to my range. FLAME DELETED and if women were not less likely to read firearm related blogs (it’s in the survey) you’d be getting hammered by now.

      • Want to borrow my hammer? 🙂 Just kidding. I don’t care what idiots think or say. Free speech and all.

        Personally, I LOVE the roar and recoil when I shoot. I love the smell of gunpowder in the breeze, and the Hopes 9 I clean the guns with.

        I’m 70 years old and seriously disabled, but I love shooting; especially love to teach shooting… and especially to women. So far, I think I’ve had at least 100 of them in the last few years – since I started keeping track. None of my men students seem to manage to come out to the range to practice, but a lot of the women do – especially those who work an outside job as well. They are motivated.

        • I love the smell of gunpowder in the breeze, and the Hopes 9 I clean the guns with.

          Now that you mention it, most women hate the smell of Hoppe’s.

        • A woman in my company married a man named “Hoppe”- I congratulated her on marrying into a famous perfume making family 🙂 (she didn’t get the joke).

        • I was at the Tanner show in Denver a coiple weeks ago. A dealer there asked a woman what she was looking for. She said a personal defense handgun. He picked up an LCP .380 (in PINK!) and said “This is perfect for you! Lightest weight pistol around!”

          I had a feeling I knew what she was going to say, and I was right. It was a test for me to keep from laughing at the poor sod as she ripped into him about squats, curls, and clean-and-jerks.

    • I’ve never taken a woman shooting who didn’t enjoy it. About 40% of people I’ve taken shooting have been women. I have been shooting with many more men than women. I consider me taking you shooting if you are relying on me for equipment and/or “expertise.”

  9. Of course the flailing people are upset. It’s less fun if their victims #shootback.

  10. “[Shredder] admitted possession of the firearm and ammunition, MODIFIED TO EXPLODE ON IMPACT, on the basis that he was looking after it for a criminal associate.” (emphasis added)

    Please, put me out of my misery… anti-gunners are such complete morons! Who would say such a thing?

    Or are all of the antis just DUM-DUMs………….?

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