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“We always have been here. We work very closely with the Chicago Police Department.” – ATF spokesman David Coulson in Chicago police, federal officials to announce gun violence ‘strike force’ on eve of July 4th weekend [via]

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  1. Poor parenting is the fundamental cause. Until that is addressed with parental accountability and punishment, nothing will substantially change. If every gun in Chiraq was rounded up, then knives, fists and clubs would be used and the number of murders would be about the same.

    • Put all the criminals, gangs and drug dealers in a walled area, then throw chains, knives and baseball bats over the wall. Should be interesting.

      • Thats called prison. And we know what happens there. Its urban tribal warfare on the streets, or highly scrutinized tribal warfare surrounded by walls.

      • I’ve always had the thought of sending criminals convicted of violent crimes to the Aleutian Islands. Attu, Unalaska, Umnak, Unimak, etc., doesn’t make a difference. No need for jails…no where to go. They can live in tents with wood stoves. Everybody gets a handsaw, and a pile of logs. If interested, they can have schools to teach trades. No internet. TV is limited, and is news and educational only. Their buddies can’t sneak drugs, alcohol, etc. into them…Ha…good luck with that. Those that cause trouble can be locked up in pens, and get to serve their full sentences. Our guys in the military have put up with MUCH WORSE conditions. What the hell, what ‘we’ are doing doesn’t seem to be working.

        • You should read “The Dry Guillotine” … This idea has been done. Pretty effective I guess.

        • Heck, let their buddies smuggle drugs and alcohol, or anything else — so long as those buddies stay once they arrive.

    • “Poor parenting….”

      Close, but more accurately it;s the 75% of black babies not having a father.
      How pizzed would you be as a male that didn’t have a father?
      While growing up how suceptible would you be to look for anu kine of male role model even if he was the corner drug dealer?

      Black girls and women need to keep their legs crossed until marriage.

      Churches led the liberation of blacks in both the 1860’s and 1960’s.
      Religion is the best solution to lead them again but the Left has done a pretty good job in marginalizing religion in America.

      • “Marginalizing”? More like stomping it into the ground and out of existence….. Hence these results……

      • I grew up without a father in the house. And i havent killed anyone or been on the hustle. “Parenting” as implied in the article doesnt mean you have to have both parents. I was raised by a mother who busted her ass but who we knew would bust ours if we messed up. It is true that parenting is the make it or break it in a situation like that but you dont need a man in the picture for parenting

        • Heck, I knew a guy and a couple of siblings who were raised by two men and came out superbly!

          The two were brothers, whose wives were killed in the same accident; they decided to merge households.

  2. I suppose he has to say that, or an equivalent indicating it’s just one big happy family.

    But I have to wonder how CPD and the ATF really feel about each other. And of course, according to the Trumpeet (Trump tweet) they’re from the government and they’re there to help.

  3. Guns are the root problem? Oh, that it were that simple. The problem is that we have an entire sub-strata of society whose moral compass points “due south” which has an insatiable appetite for drugs, the profits for providing those drugs are enormous, and there are plenty of people who are willing to supply the drugs and kill anyone who competes with them in doing it. The BATFE can’t solve THAT problem.

  4. Umm, I think the point of the post was to satirically (or not so satirically) imply that the atf being there was the root of the problem, guys

  5. Yeah…. i feel SOOOOOO much safer now…. guess i will be staing out of Chiraq this weekend.
    Oh wait. I never go there anyway.
    All that has happened is another organized crime element has been introduced.
    Everyone i know that lives in Chiraq city limits is trying to get out.

  6. and now “victims” will be able to sue the feds as well.
    a couple of my friends did it right. instead of stopping at a couple few, they went ahead and cranked out piles of kids. two of them had all boys. really upped their chances of winning.
    is it wrong to offer up a sacrifice for the betterment of your descendants?

    ooh, descendants!

  7. And did you know Chicago is the #2 destination for July 4th?!? I Iive a scant 10miles south and July is hopping…homie don’t care if the ATF iz there.

    • Im about 15 miles west. And the trouble was brewing last night around here. This is gonna be an interesting few days i think.

  8. No. The problem is the D. A Kim Fox not prosecuting violent , repeat gun offenders and letting them walk after serving a scant portion of their time in prison. She is a pathetic excuse for somebody who’s job is to fight crime.

  9. Liberals are the problem in Chicago. If existing gun laws were actually enforced and gang members remained in jail instead of being caught and released, the Chicago gang problem would largely be confined to the prison system.

  10. Stupid people have been and always will be the most consistent source of problems.

    Let Darwin thin the herd.

  11. If the ATF has “been there all along,” (with no appreciable effect), then this “task force” is nothing more than a “feel good” announcement that they are going to keep on doing the same thing, but in a fashion that is intended to make people believe that “they are doing something.”

    Well OK then.

    • If “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result”, then it’s a pretty good definition of stupidity, too.

  12. All I hear is give us more money for this special task force comprised of people who have already been doing this job. But if you give us more money we can solve the problem this time.

  13. To sum the problems up in one word: Democrats.
    Welfare, no fathers, no values taught, no perspective, no strict punishment and accountability for what you do but rather excuses why not the criminal but society is to blame, strict gun laws supress civilians from defending themselves,…
    I could go on for days, but all these democrat ideas that want the welfare-superstate instead of self-responsible free people are making up the big picture.

  14. Stop this dumb pussy code word shit. It isn’t Democrats. or liberals. or the government.

    It’s niggers being niggers. End of story.

  15. The real problem here is a failed social experiment. Some people just don’t belong is a civilized society. Abraham Lincoln, was actually going to deport all slaves to Central America after the war as he knew that they would never fully integrate into our society. The only thing that prevented this to happen was his assassination.


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