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Bet you didn’t know you were helping terrorists by opposing gun control…did ya? . . . Shunning Gun Control, Helping Terrorists – “In his obligation to protect the public, President Trump would do well to note that the nation’s loophole-ridden gun laws are hailed by the Islamic State as a pro-mayhem advantage. They are described in how-to detail in the propaganda magazine Rumiyah that ISIS publishes for potential terrorists. There, readers are informed, entirely accurately, that in America identification requirements are virtually nonexistent for buying military-style weapons from private sellers online or at weekend gun shows where there is no federal jurisdiction.”

On the anniversary of the Pulse massacre . . . Gays Against Guns to Host Pulse Memorial at Stonewall National Monument – “New York-based activist group Gays Against Guns will honor the victims of Pulse Nightclub this Monday, June 12, with a public event outside the Stonewall National Monument. In partnership with 20 LGBTQ nightclubs in the area, GAG plans to memorialize Orlando’s 49 victims, while demanding revisions to gun laws in order for LGBTQ spaces to remain safe from hate crimes.” Because someone with a gun in the Pulse crowd would clearly have made the situation much worse.

Well the Florida legislature finally accomplished something pro-gun this year . . . Florida law shifts burden of proof in ‘stand your ground’ – “Florida is now the first state with a law that spells out that prosecutors, and not defendants, have the burden of proof in pretrial “stand your ground” hearings. Republican Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill Friday that will force prosecutors to prove during a pretrial hearing that defendants weren’t acting in self-defense when they committed an act of violence. The law took effect as soon as Scott signed it. Before Friday, the burden of proof in pretrial hearings was on defendants. The Florida Supreme Court issued a ruling in 2015 that made that clear. Republican lawmakers responded to the ruling by pushing the bill Scott signed.”

EPD: Suspect allegedly shot man with shotgun shell filled with cereal – “Timothy Glass Jr., 29, Eureka, was arrested in Eureka for resisting arrest and probation violation after allegedly shooting a man with flare gun loaded with a shotgun shell filled with cereal, according to the Eureka Police Department.” He didn’t even have the common courtesy of delivering a follow-up shot filled with milk.

Savage Arms Let Shooters Experience Power, Accuracy Firsthand – “Savage Arms is pleased to invite shooting enthusiasts to experience the legendary accuracy, power and reliability of the company’s firearms during the new Savage Trigger Tour. The series of free, open-to-the-public events will be hosted at ranges across the country to give shooters a chance to test-fire multiple Savage firearms.”

Maryland Mom who Demands Action: 70% of NRA members agree with us! . . . Moms Demand Action group advocates for ‘common sense solutions’ to gun violence – “(Danielle) Veith, president of the Maryland chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, spoke to about 20 members in Ellicott City about her role as an activist and a mother. The nonpartisan organization — part of former New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety group — says it supports the Second Amendment, but seeks ‘common-sense solutions’ such as responsible gun ownership to end what she called the epidemic of gun violence across the country. Those views are shared by 70 percent of National Rifle Association members, she said. Moms Demand Action has opposed the gun group on issues such as allowing one state’s concealed-carry license to apply in all others.”

Eight minutes . . . London Bridge Attack: The Implements of Terror – The police in London have released images of the weapons used by three men who unleashed a terrorist attack on London Bridge and near Borough Market on the night of June 3 in the heart of the English capital: Pink 12-inch ceramic knives and fake suicide bomb vests to inspire “maximum fear,” along with the rented van they used to mow down people on the bridge. Eight people were killed and dozens of others wounded in the third terrorist assault to strike the London area and Manchester in less than three months.

Really makes you think, don’t it?

The more the merrier . . . LPD family members practice firearm safety – “Family and friends of Lawton Police Department got an inside look on what it takes to be an officer Saturday at the 4th annual LPD Family Shooting Day. Lawton police department hosted the safe day of shooting at their range. ‘It makes me feel kind of part of the team,’ said Theleka Henderson, Lawton police department family member. Theleka was one of twenty family members who took part in the practice shooting event Saturday. With the help of her husband, LPD Captain Ulysses Henderson, she was able to receive hands-on training to shoot a firearm safely. ‘I shot my nine-millimeter compact weapon, hit the target a couple times,’ said Theleka.”

Under Trump, US militias say it would be a ‘big mistake’ to calm down or disarm – “The leader of the Georgia Security Force, Chris Hill, remains deeply skeptical of Congress and worries the lawmakers will undermine Trump’s agenda: preventing him from building a wall on the Mexico border, repealing ‘Obamacare’ and fulfilling his promise to ‘Make American Great Again.’ ‘Even if President Trump is able to do the things that he wants to do, he’s still got Congress to contend with. Congress is the same old dog-and-pony show. All they do is fight. They’re never going to grant us more freedom,’ said Hill, who goes by the nickname General BloodAgent.”

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  1. We were reading the story of the Cereal Shooter at work Friday, all got a great kick out of it. BTW, it was Rice Krispies that he stuffed into a shell after cutting it open and dumping the metal shot out.
    The “victim” declined to press charges against his pal,don’t know all the details but sure sounds like a couple of drunk idiots playing with something they shouldn’t, sober or otherwise.

  2. ‘The nonpartisan organization…’

    I think you mean ‘nonbipartisan’ organization.

  3. Really makes you think, don’t it? Yep, makes me think the antis are underestimating us if this is how they see us. This is a good thing.

  4. I would love to see someone kick the shit out of a gay basher then ask the people he defended why they needed a straight to save their asses when they should be doing it themselves.

      • False. The FBI found no evidence that Mateen had homosexual relations or had accounts on homosexual dating sites. This bi/gay meme was deployed to deny Mateen’s connection with Islamic terrorism.

        • The fact that the FBI didn’t find any evidence doesn’t mean there wasn’t any.
          They are notoriously inept.
          Most of their toughest cases are solved because someone got mad at the perp and turned the perp in.

        • While someone might go into a gay nightclub once to satisfy their coriousity, someone tha goes back again and again is at least majorly “Bi-coriuus” – I would consider them on the fence ready to jump right in. He kept going back because he was turned on. His way of proving his denial was by killing the source of his turnon.

          Muslim boys in Muslim run countries are kept away from girls at a young age. A boy with no sisters is ripe for the “chicken hawk” that goes after him. Some will take to it and it just escalates from there. The early “spin the bottle” and “suckface parties” that most teens learn about the other sex do not happen there. I am sure that sex is the major thought of both sexes and that much experimention goes on. In the countries that condone “boyplay” and the like there must be that 10% number that the gay lobbies like to push.

          If you are the male child whose father has died, is non existant, or who is very poor and you have no sisters(to introduce you to girls), you are doomed. A female child would mostley have it worse, if the father wanted to sell her to and old man to be low wife, who cleans up for the older wives and has to take thier hatred. The only way out for this girl is to have a father that cares and tries to set her up with some male she already knows, like a cousin around her age.

          WE read a lot about how a man is the boss, but being a student of human nature, I know that there is love in some of these pairings and that the man does do things for the women or he doesn’t have a good home life, just like all of us.

  5. I’d have thought the Cali shooter would have been using Froot Loops or something nutty or flaky.

    Now they’re going to press charges against him for not using non-GMO ammunition and not respecting his victims’ dietary preferences. Never gonna see him outside again…

    • 50 or so years ago, Puffed Wheat and Puffed Rice were proudly advertized as being “Shot From Guns”. It was a different era. Kids liked the association with guns. Probably get boycotted for such a phrase nowadays.

  6. I’m sure men wearing wedding dresses really gets muslim terrorist excited in more ways than one.
    Its a good thing to see police introduce shooting to their families. When a democrat becomes president again they will need the skill.
    The only difference between the republicans and the democrats is the republicans are deeply afraid of gun owning voters. And democrats have disarmed their voters.

    • I think both parties are terrified of gun-owning voters. The only difference is in their response. One superficially caters to armed citizens to keep them happy, and the other caters to the unarmed in hopes of disarming everyone else.

  7. Am I the only one whose mind went straight into the gutter when they saw that the acronym for “Gay Against Guns” is GAG? And then wondered if that was intentional or hilarious accident? I’m going to hell, aren’t I?

    Also, I can’t stop laughing at the guy taking the crazy happy selfie during a press conference.

    • Definitely not the only one.

      As for GAG, I wish they would. If they’re biting down, they won’t be able to flap their gums at the rest of us.

  8. Sweet! I love inrangetv. Not my favourite Glock though, anything other then the g26 fits my palm wrong. Haven’t tried their single stacks out on a range though

    • I prefer the 29 and 30 with the grip extensions myself, and I like the 20 and 21 too, but I have moose-mitts.

    • Well THAT was an interesting read! It appears ceramic knives CAN generally be undetected per Google. Makes you think?

    • Depends on the ceramic, but, yeah. Also depending on conditions and the ceramic, some can “pass muster” on X-ray (regular and backscatter) and mm-wave scanning also.

      They can also – depending on the ceramic – be wickedly sharp and hold their edge better than most metals. Unfortunately they also tend to be more prone to chipping and breaking than metal knives, which is one reason I tend to avoid them for my pocket knives … I tend to use them kinda hard.

      • Have the nailed down the fracturing issue?

        Some of the ceramic kitchen knives back in the day would sometimes “snap” if they took force the wrong way across the blade… which I guess is a long winded way of saying they were brittle/weak in certain directions.

        • With extreme hardness there is a tendency for brittleness.

          You can’t have it both ways….

      • The ceramic I used to have was extremely fragile, so much that it had its own padded section of kitchen drawer. You could shave with it though, and it never needed sharpening.

    • From what I’ve heard for commercial blades they add enough metal powder to the ceramic matrix for it to be detectable by a magnetometer or they will embed small metal rods within the blade. But yes, completely undetectable ceramic blades can be easily made.

  9. JWM

    Haven’t tried that style but have taken ceramic knife through metal detectors by accident.

    Nothing new as glass knives were popular up to the 1940’s. My grandmother had one for birthday cakes and fancy occasions.

  10. “at weekend gun shows where there is no federal jurisdiction.” Sweet. We can buy machine guns at weekend gun shows because there is no federal jurisdiction. I’m guessing the writer at the NY Times doesn’t know what the word jurisdiction means.

    • Alternatively, the writer is playing to the uninformed.
      When you need to lie so blatantly, it’s painfully clear to the informed that your idea sucks. Unfortunately, our schools and colleges are turning out so many uninformed (but obviously right in their thinking[/sarc]) that these ideas seem right. A real shame that we, as a country, will suffer so much because so few (professors) have so much influence.

    • He’s a NY Times writer. He probably doesn’t have a very good handle on at least four of the words in that sentence fragment.

  11. Gays Against Guns. So is being gay a mental disorder? Umm, there is even gay animals in the wild. A small percentage, just like there is a small percentage of humans that are gay. But the fact that gays are overwhelming for gun control, that is the only sure way to defend oneself from being attacked for being gay, and they overwhelmingly vote for Democrats that want to outlaw guns and that also embrace the one religion(Islam) that calls for the killing of gays, and in majority Islamic countries do kill gays, is to me, a mental disorder, even outright insane.

    • the same percentage could be used to say that those are birth defects. As in, 2% of animals are born with some limb deformation. Does that mean that its normal? Hardly. My opinion is that it is SOME KIND of brain mis-wiring but no different than me not liking red meat. Does that make me defective? Hardly. We differ from other animals as we can CHOOSE not to reproduce where animals have an uncontrollable instinct to reproduce. Gay animals still have sex, which shows they are trying, subconsciously, to reproduce but with the wrong gender but that is what they are compelled to do. Issues like this drudge up a lot of preconceived biases and mental conditioning that most of us are not aware of. Its hard to take a REAL unbiased look at it. When i feel like i am, i come away with “who gives a shit”. Lets say we do figure out its a brain deformation, what then? force surgery on people? if someone doesn’t want to reproduce, why the hell would you force children on them? Some people just can’t handle other people not following what they think is the “right” path. Even when no one is hurt from the path those people chose.

      • My perspective is that G-d has given me the free will to follow his Laws, then he allows my society and I to pay the price when we freely choose not to..

        So for me, I see it as a violation of G-d’s intent to legislate morality for an entire society. Who am I to not give free will for others to follow his laws, if he gives it to me? Then, it is completely on the heads of those that choose to violate the laws of nature, and the destruction that follows, as the price they freely chose to bring upon them and their progeny..

      • Of course, with that said. According to the communist manifesto and the plans written down and recorded in the sixties by the communist party, the whole point of the push by the progressives to unseat G-d as our guiding light and replace it with the mind of man, is to remake the society in it’s own twisted and dark image. So the constant attacks against Christians beliefs of traditional marriage being between a man and a woman. The feminist agenda attacking the traditional and honored role of a woman being the home maker. The pushing of moral relativism, and if it feels good, do it.

        All with the public and stated intent to destroy the Western culture and replace it with a communist “utopia”. So the weak minded and the gullible fall for the siren song that they are the final arbiters of what is right and wrong, that they are the creator of their own universe, and we only have to see the massive blood, starvation and tyranny that follows from such madness in the G-dless “Utopias” of Stalinist Russia, moaist China and the most recent example of socialist Venezuela.

  12. It seems there’s a good portion of the gay community that supports those who want to bring Islamists into our country and are uninterested in defending themselves. Excuse me if I file the predictable results of these views under; Things to Not Give a Shit About.

  13. London Bridge Attack – Surely this could have been prevented with a few more laws.

    Speaking of which:

    I expecially liike this part:
    Good reasons for carrying a knife or weapon

    Examples of good reasons to carry a knife or weapon in public can include:

    taking knives you use at work to and from work
    taking it to a gallery or museum to be exhibited
    if it’ll be used for theatre, film, television, historical reenactment or religious purposes, for example the kirpan some Sikhs carry
    if it’ll be used in a demonstration or to teach someone how to use it

    A court will decide if you’ve got a good reason to carry a knife or a weapon if you’re charged with carrying it illegally.

    • In England, you can carry an umbrella legally, if you intend it to use it only for protecting yourself from the rain, but if you had posted on some social media that you also intend to use it as a defensive weapon from being attacked by other human beings, you will be charged with a crime.

      In England, it is illegal to intend to use anything, even a big book bag or a belt with a big buckle as an improvised flail, as a weapon to defend yourself.

    • To clarify, I believe once you have used an improvised weapon, and it can be shown that you had intended to use it for such, is when you can get charged with a crime. Unless England has gone all “Minority Report” and just talking about it can get you charged, which would not surprise me.

  14. Around 15 years ago before I carried a handgun 2 knives were part of my loadout, for about a year a ceramic knife was one of those. While I never did try to take one through a metal detector (didn’t want it to be confiscated and lose it) I used it all the time for opening and cutting up cardboard boxes and that thing stayed incredibly sharp. Right up until the day I dropped it and had 5 or 6 sharp pieces…


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