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You don’t say . . . Giffords Shooting Memorial Has Become ‘Politicized,’ Barber says – “Survivors of the January 2011 shooting that killed six and severely injured Giffords and 12 others have raised more than $5 million to create a memorial in downtown Tucson. But while the state House passed $2.5 million to help fund the project for the next five years, the Senate never took up the bill. Crystal Kasnoff, executive director of the January 8th Memorial Foundation, told The Associated Press that she didn’t know why the bill didn’t get the same support it did in the House. But Barber, who was among those wounded in the shooting and later took over Giffords’ seat before losing his re-election bid, said he does.”

Umm . . . Woman Charged for Pointing Gun at Teen Allegedly Raping Dog – “‘I got my gun out of my safe and went out my back door,'” Lenkerd told police, according to a court filing. ‘I told him to get on the f—ing ground and pointed my gun at him.’ The boy, identified only as NM, 14 years old, in court documents, jumped over a fence and ran. As he fled, Lenkerd fired a shot into the grass ‘to scare him,’ she said. … The boy was charged with two counts of bestiality and one count of criminal trespassing, police say. But Lenkerd’s attorney Shane Wilkinson says she was surprised when she also was charged, with aggravated assault. He says the Benton County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office should drop the case against her.”

Or they could just enact constitutional carry and be done with it . . . Tennessee bill would allow some granted order of protection to carry handgun without permit – “A bill passed by lawmakers that is on Gov. Haslam’s desk right now would allow some Tennesseans to carry handguns instantly if they have an order of protection signed by a judge. Hundreds of orders of protection are filed each month in Knox County. Last year 2,300 were filed. If the governor signs this bill, those granted orders of protection, who can legally have a gun, will be able to immediately carry a gun for 21 days without going through a class or getting a permit.”

Barnes Bullets Product Safety Recall Notice – Barnes Bullets, LLC determined that eighteen (18) Lots of its Barnes Bullets, LLC 300 Weatherby 180 grain TTSX VOR-TX ammunition (the “Ammunition”) packaged product may contain cartridges of a different caliber (collectively, the “Affected Product”). The eighteen (18) Lot Numbers are identified above. Firing a rifle with the incorrect caliber of ammunition may result in damage to the firearm, serious personal injury, or death.

Allowing the insolvent to exercise the right to keep and bear arms . . . A new bill misunderstands the Second Amendment –  “This week the Senate voted 35-3 in favor of a bill that would allow individuals filing for bankruptcy to keep up to three guns worth up to $3,000 total. In South Carolina, bankruptcy filers are allowed to keep a home, car, tools of a trade, and so on, up to a certain value. While a case can be made for some kinds of exceptions, the purpose of the bankruptcy process is for the debtor to pay whatever reasonably can be paid toward debts that exceed assets, and then start over with the bare necessities.”

Another big gun seller has been hit since Trump’s election – “The largest independent gun retailer in the US has slashed its sales forecasts since the election of Donald Trump as president, new securities filings show. Cabela’s, an outdoorsy chain that generates roughly 40 percent of its sales through guns and hunting-related items, is projecting a same-store sales drop of 2 percent this year, versus its earlier forecast of 1 percent growth, according to a Tuesday filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.”

Texas sheriff blames Manchester bombing on lack of guns: ‘This is what happens when you disarm citizens’ – “Pay attention to what you see in Manchester England tonight. Pay attention to what is happening in Europe. This is what happens when you disarm your citizens. When you open your borders without the proper vetting. When you allow political correctness to dictate how you respond to an enemy that wants to kill you. When you allow these radicals to travel to Afghanistan and Iran and simply let them back in. When you give up your city’s and your neighborhoods to a religious ideology that says you must convert or die.”

Sig Sauer Responds to New Jersey Lawsuit – “Sig Sauer’s investigation of the failure mode indicates a contributing factor may be a compatibility issue between this unique NJSP P229 and the specific training ammunition used by the NJSP. Importantly, these failures were limited to the training ammunition used by the NJSP, and the P229s functioned when using their duty ammunition.” Crappy ammo…exactly what Nick predicted when the suit was first filed.

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  1. I don’t exactly know how a gun would’ve stopped the bombing. Can then entire TTAG community enlighten me?

    Good for Tennessee.

    • Based on what we currently know an armed individual couldn’t have stopped it. I did find reports that security was fleeing instead of helping unsettling.

  2. This moron sheriff from Texas should be more concerned about how Texas having a homicide rate higher than California and New York or probably needs to be replaced by a competent sheriff that will do his job instead of spewing his heavily debunked garbage.

    Texas has a homicide rate higher than the UK.

    The UK is doing fine without armed lunatics running amok. What happened there does not compare to what happens everyday in the US.

    The UK has never suffered anything near pandemic.

    Meanwhile this country seems to ignore it’s 24/7 daily dose of mass attacks caused by martyrs of the gun lobby.

    If you cared about human rights and freedoms, You would fight against the terrorism, racism, bigotry, lies, threats and propaganda spread by the american hating “peaceful law abiding gun right groups” who continue to forced their debunked manure down our throats while at the same time arming terror groups that want to harm us in some idiotic belief that “laws don’t work”.

    Continue to live your fantasy delusions about your weapons keeping you safe when statistically they not.

    You can continue to live in fear of imaginary boogeyman at every corner.

    I will stick to reality thank you.

      • Judging by all the wadded panties below, I’d venture that the above was one of the more successful trolls in recent memory.

        • ” I’d venture that the above was one of the more successful trolls in recent memory.”


          You must be new ’round here.

          All that twerp troll does is copy-paste the same tired, debunked crapolola.

          The finest troll (who really isn’t a troll) is known as 2Asux. He actually presents arguments, and most importantly, actually defends his position. All without personal ad-hominem attacks.

          2Asux provides *outstanding* practice for debating 2A rights, and is a true asset here in TTAG.

          All that the ‘resistance’ troll brings to the game is the same stale talking points. Talking to it is the functional equivalent of arguing with a brick wall.

          (And there is *zero* sarcasm in that…)

        • BS. Soros just pays more for original novellas vs cut/paste. He is still a moron progtard.

        • “I’d venture that the above was one of the more successful trolls in recent memory.”

          Successful? No. Popular? Once, when he was new. He used to be much more responsive, and it was fun to watch him get roasted, but now he just dumps his copy-paste and abandons the thread. He was once fierce and passionate, and now he is a hollow shell of his former self. It’s sad, really.

          At times I feel tempted to sympathize. …Then I remember he is a shill who sold his soul to a corrupt entity whose ideals are so anti-freedom that I am surprised he doesn’t spontaneously combust from his own seething self hatred.

    • What exactly is it that you are resisting, “The_Resistance”? Other than logic and rational thinking.

    • Nobody’s forcing anything down your throat. All people like me want is for people like you to leave us alone. How about let’s try it?

    • “…You can continue to live in fear of imaginary boogeyman at every corner. I will stick to reality thank you.”

      Why do you and so many other hoplophobes make the assumption that it is fear that the motivating emotion to firearm ownership?

      This is not a rhetorical question… why do you think us afraid of boogeymen at every corner?

    • So, at this point I am not sure what ‘reality’ you are posting from, The_Resistance, but your posts indicate that it isnt this one.
      California has a noticably higher homocide rate than Texas, even according to the CDC, and New York’s rate is only slightly lower.
      Once again you say debunked, without giving evidence of any kind, do you even know what thay word means, or do you simply use it as an insult because you lack thw creativity to come up with something else?
      The United Kingdom suffers almost 50% more homocides than Texas, per capita, according to The Office For National Statistics.
      You say that the United Kingdom has a murder rate which doesn’t compare to that of the United States, but even a brief glance at the statistics (listed below if you care to check facts before your next post) you will see that that simply is not true.
      “24/7 . . . Mass attacks?” “Martyrs of the gun lobby?” do you have any idea whay you are talking about? Mass shootings are incredibly rare in the United States, and you convieniently failed to mention any commited by second amendmemt advocates, which probably owes to the fact that they never occur, expect perhaps in your imagination and in the television crime dramas which seem to be your primary source.
      Your next 3 paragraphs seem to be a sprawling ad hominem attack, without semblence of an actual argument.

    • Yeah… the U.K. is getting overrun by goat raping child molesters… But it’s ok… once we get commies like you out of the US we’ll come along to save their asses… again… and help them get the kebab out. Now shut up and get in the helicopter before I have to waste valuable ammo.

      • By the time things are sorted out here, there might not be a lot of the UK, let alone Europe, left to save.

      • “Now shut up and get in the helicopter before I have to waste valuable ammo.”

        While I agree with the sentiment, the ‘chopper really isn’t an ecologically sustainable solution.

        A Hughes 500 ‘Little Bird’ burns around 35 gallons an hour of ‘Jet A’.

        Since Jet A currently costs over $4.00 USD per gallon:

        …and a round of 5.56 in bulk costs about $ 0.30 USD per round:×45-ammo

        …it’s much cheaper and kinder to our fragile environment to waste them with 5.56… 🙂

        • You forgot to include the other disposal costs. The helicopter has none. But for the 5.56 you have fuel for the backhoe, you need some land dedicated, etc.

        • Disposal costs…

          How about dumping him on public lands and let the feral hogs take care of it?


    • PLEASE… put the keyboard down slowly, go upstairs out of the basement, have your mom get your meds. You are waaaay overdue for your nap.

      And dude, when you get up, have a Snickers…

    • Freedom ain’t for free. Authoritarian states can have low incidences of crime in one context while they massively dominate the lives of their citizens in others.

      • Careful when comparing reported crime rates for places like the UK. A reported and investigated “incident” with mounds of evidence doesn’t count towards reported rates immediately, you need a conviction for it to become a crime

    • You are hereby notified that you have been awarded “The Moron of the Day” Award. Congratulations Doofus!

    • He’s a bit off-base, however, when he says that lack of gun ownership was a contributing factor. Perhaps indirectly; but I think the other things he mentions are more proximate causes.

      Still … I think I like him, too.

    • People everywhere should be able to defend themselves but no amount of guns would have stopped Manchester. I think it does us a disservice as gun owners to say that a gun is the solution to every single violent act in the world cause it just makes us look like dumb asses.

    • Our gun ownership didn’t help anyone at The Pulse.
      Don’t get me wrong, I like my guns. And I really like the 2A.
      But people who are willing to die are very difficult to stop before they do what they came to do. Manchester had nothing to do with guns, and much more to do with people who hide behind a religion to further their political agenda.
      People who cry, “DO NOT CALL ME VIOLENT OR I WILL KILL YOU” are obviously not concerned with what we call them; instead, their goal is to further the role of violence as a means to gain control over more people.
      Those who do not understand this are simply playing into their hands.
      Guns are a completely different subject. Except, maybe, as a means for ridding the world of these… and here, words fail me. They aren’t “people” as we recognize the meaning of that word.

      • “Our gun ownership didn’t help anyone at The Pulse.”

        The Pulse was a “gun-free zone”. Except for one guy. So…

        I abso-tively, posi-lutely guarantee that if there was another (or couple or three), we’d be reading an *entirely* different story about the Pulse incident.

  3. Well that was quick retard er resistance. Bloomie got you on a retaining leash? Look for slaughter in Britain fool…oh hey don’t blame me for lower sales at gunshops. Got a hundred rds. at Cabelas,paid a transfer and bought a magazine at another and purchased a Pepper Gel Sabre thingy for the wife at yet another shop?Doing my bit for AMERICA…

    • Somebody REALLY needs to get hi IP published so that the guys on /pol/ can have a look at who this particular lowlife really is. I’ve got $20 on barely post-pubescent basement dwelling neckbeard. Any takers?

      • Eh. I find I just really don’t care anymore.

        Let’s face it, him posting here is pretty much an exercise in futility. He gets mocked and called on his lies and bogus statistics, and almost never bothers to respond to anything. When he does, it’s just more of the same. He has about as much chance of “converting” someone here to being anti-gun as we would converting someone to pro- by posting ” ‘Murica!” on HuffPoo.

        If he’s going to spew this nonsense, perhaps it’s better to be here than to someplace where he’s more likely to be read by someone who doesn’t already know better … and where a knowledgeable crowd isn’t as readily available to call him on it.

    • I wonder how long he was staring at TTAG hitting “refresh” until the daily digest showed up.

  4. I don’t see what the London bombing has to do with guns. Still, that sheriff is mostly right. It all goes together, doesn’t it.

    • Well, pretty sure the London bombing was a few decades ago and given the literal Nazis involved, had plenty to do with guns.

      If you mean the Manchester bombing… Without guns, how else are you going to get the kebab out?

  5. “The boy, identified only as NM, 14 years old, in court documents, jumped over a fence and ran. As he fled, Lenkerd fired a shot into the grass ‘to scare him,’ she said…”

    BUZZZZZ! Wrong answer! “Warning” shots are an iffy choice anyway, but shooting one at an unarmed, fleeing 14 year old (even a dog-rapist)? Nope, that’s stupid (assuming it was a ‘warning shot’ and not a miss).

    • “Hi, 14 YO dog-raper. Would you ask the DA to drop the charges? Because otherwise, I’m doxing you on your school’s FB page.”

    • A lot of folks here have declared that they would kill a person to protect their dog. If firing a warning shot over a dog is enough for the lady to be facing life changing charges think what would happen if you killed someone because of Fido.

      Think it thru, folks. I’m not firing a shot til I absolutely have no options left.

  6. Gab Giffords was a pro 2A, PRO STRONG BORDERS (D). Jared Loughner was a crazy POS (D),

    And I only use that strong language POS (D) because a strong enough epithet hasn’t been invented yet. You are all the same and F all y’all.

  7. Draw and quarter that “boy”. Or…feed him to to a pack of hungry dogs like that douchebag on game of thrones. Miss warning shot aught to get off with a slap on the wrist.

  8. The woman who fired the ‘warning shot’ at the dog phucker could be in serious trouble. However, I would not want to be the District Attorney that has to take that to court.

    • “However, I would not want to be the District Attorney that has to take that to court.”

      I hope she demands trial by jury.

      She has a pretty good chance of acquittal when the jury hears the facts…

      • agreed but sadly she’d be stuck with a pretty sizable legal cost too. The DA should decline to pursue charges in the best interest of justice.

        What kind of crime potential does this punk have when he’s phucking a dog at 14? He’s destined to be a career sexual predator.

  9. SIG SAUER is too good a company, making too good a series of weapons to get sh_t on by a fake police force. NJ is such a piss ant little state, the court better keep Sig from getting any of that NJ sh_t on it.

    NJ needs to get the TARGET-bathroom-Kelloggs treatment.

  10. So bestiality is still a crime? Why? Beauty and the Beast was written in 1740? and the US has been watching the Disney version since 1991? or are they saying they have some sort of standard that makes bestiality wrong?

      • But i didn’t say Rape at all in my comment? i said Bestiality, and he was charged with Bestiality. But basically what you are implying is that there are no moral constraints at all if there is consent? that is a very perverse Theology.

    • The story was written about a man with Hypertrichosis who was adopted as a boy and was brought up in royality:
      “The Beast” was educated as a royal son, he was loved by the court and the king arranged a match for him. Other than the taking of his children(who also had the trait), he and his wife were very much in love in life. It was said she was afraid at first, but had a strong marriage.

      Much different that “Howard The Duck”

      • Thanks for that clarification, it sounds like the original book is much dif than the Disney movie. Thanks

    • I really can’t tell if you are trolling or if you are actually defending bestiality, but I really really hope it is the former….

      • like your Commenting Name!!!:) no not trolling and not defending Bestiality i am just curious that a Nation with Excepts Sodomy and the killing of the unborn with charge someone with Bestiality as they have no moral ground for doing so.

        • Correct there shouldn’t be any legal constraints if consent is given. Moral is up to the consenting individuals not for you to decide. I’m not sure who or what made you the all powerful moral judgement maker?

          If there are aliens and they can and do give consent and a human gives consent go for it.

          Why do you feel sodomy is immoral? If consenting adult individuals prefer other holes and mouths what’s immoral about it? What constitutes immoral behavior to you? Just anything you randomly don’t like and think is gross?

          I’m not sure your point to beauty and the beast because as far as I know the only animals that can give consent on planet earth are human animals.

        • i Don’t “Feel” Sodomy is immoral, i Know it is immoral not because i say it is but because God Says it is!! My feelings should never dictate if something is immoral or wrong nor should anyone’s feelings or emotions dictate if something is immoral or wrong. What i have for my standard is the Word of God. i am not sure how you substantiate your world view with but obviously it is your own standard and what you think is right and wrong which gives you no reason or cause to object to anyone’s view of anything as it is your own thinking and that is all. So how in your world view can you object to my comment? are you going to appeal to a higher standard? or just try to prove that you are god and your standard should be followed.
          and NO way Morality is not just because two people consent!! That is utterly absurd. and Again what higher standard are you appealing to? and Again is this your standard?
          i am not deciding Morality i have a standard, all you have to appeal to is your own attempt at being god.

          But i would appeal to you have a calling to submit to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior! and i Pray that you would by his enabling come to the Knowledge of the Lord Jesus, without him you will never have a meaning for life and will be bankrupt without him. May the Lord make Himself Known to you in a personal way NorincoJay

    • Actually i am:) and the whole reason i commented is because i am concerned. and hoping others will see our nations total hatred and contempt for the Law of God without which you cannot say that Bestiality is wrong.

      • What proof do you have that there is a god? How do you know which one and which laws god wants followed. Sharia Law maybe? Our country was founded on individual freedoms.

        • 18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness, and unrighteousness of men, which withhold the truth in unrighteousness.
          19 Forasmuch as that, which may be known of God, is manifest in them, for God hath showed it unto them.
          20 For the invisible things of him, that is, his eternal power and Godhead, are seen by the creation of the world, being considered in his works, to the intent that they should be without excuse:
          21 Because that when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful, but became vain in their thoughts, and their foolish heart was full of darkness.
          22 When they professed themselves to be wise, they became fools.
          Rom 1:18-22

          NorincoJay again where is your standard? i see you have made a point to make sure to object to my standard but where is yours? I can never “prove” to you that The Lord Jesus Christ Exists that could make you believe that he exists, even though it would be foolish to try to say that he didn’t because there is to much proof that he did. The Lord has to give you a new heart that would cry out “Abba Father” and declare him King. it takes Faith the God grants.

          This country was not founded by lawless fools you use there freedom for lawlessness. you say individual Freedoms? but AGAIN where did these individual Freedoms come from? Because they do not come from your world view. What i am seeing is that your world view is Lawlessness and gives no reason for you to even object to murder, rape, theft, etc. as being “individual freedoms” where is your standard to say to others that this is wrong?

          Again i appeal to you to bend the Knee to Jesus Christ you can do it now while you are on this earth or after, but after if will be to late and you will be bending the knee and declaring him King in hell. this may seem hard but i am concerned for you NorincoJay and will Pray for you.

  11. The boring _Resistance, please move to the UK and go to many concerts, we will all support your views there until, 3..2..1..

    • Or move to england and try to practice freedom of speech. Hold a sign on a corner in London saying the prophet mohammed was a pedophile and watch are you are beating by muslim nuts and arrested for hate speech by the gov’t (they don’t have freedom of speech as we do).

  12. The boring _Resistance, please move to the UK and go to many concerts, we will all support your views there until, 3..2..1..many here would buy the tickets for you. Enjoy your new life..

  13. I wonder what the NJSP uses for duty ammunition? While I was at LEOSA requalification yesterday we were warned about carrying firearms loaded with JHP’s in NJ. Apparently, they don’t even let their cops use them.

  14. Reading Sigs response to the NJSP lawsuit they make a statement; “Sig Sauer developed a version of the P229 specific to the requirements of the NJSP”.

    My question is what are the differences in the NJSP P229’s and the rest of the P229’s on the commercial market?

  15. “Haslam’s desk right now would allow some Tennesseans to carry handguns instantly if they have an order of protection signed by a judge.”

    The NRA needs to step up and offer free training for those women, and gun companies could offer discounted guns for those same women…

  16. 6 citizens die and the progtards want to erect a MEMORIAL to the broad that SURVIVED? WTF.

    I believe in the US, a MEMORIAL traditionally recognizes the DEAD. Not brain dead, but room temperature dead.

  17. My son paid us a visit on Mother’s Day. He brought his Sig P229 Elite. We went out back to shoot. He was out the Winchester Nato rounds I gave him so we opened a box of Blazer aluminum cased ammo that I bought by mistake.
    Both my Glock and his p229 ate through the whole box without a single issue.
    One difference I noticed was, where the Glock threw empties all over the place, the Sig made a nice little pile of spent cases.
    Ain’t nuthin wrong with the Sig extractor.

  18. “If you have Affected Product, immediately discontinue use of it and contact Barnes at the telephone number below. Barnes will arrange for the return shipment of your Affected Product and, upon receipt, will send you replacement Ammunition at no cost to you. If you are unsure whether you have Affected Product or if you have mixed boxes of ammunition, please immediately discontinue the use of the ammunition and contact Barnes Bullets, LLC at the below telephone number – we will replace this ammunition for you.”

    Why not “If you have the affected product, please read the headstamp and make sure it’s really 300 WBY. If it’s not 300 WBY, call us and we’ll gladly pay shipping both ways to replace it with proper 300 WBY”?

  19. Was Sig making M-16s during Vietnam? Sure sounds like it. If a high dollar production gun can’t fire mass produced ammo, there’s a problem, and it isn’t with the ammo.

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