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“I was always anti-gun. … I wasn’t really scared of them, I just decided I wanted to be anti-gun, and what a difference 24 hours makes.” – Lori Shelton in Women taking gun safety classes to prepare to protect themselves [via]

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  1. …and reason #235 why people become anti-gun: identity.

    At least she finally saw the light.

  2. Home invasion is the #1 reason why I train myself and I work on getting everyone else in the house trained in gun use, gun safety, and tactics. I’m constantly evaluating the house to figure out ways to harden the place. But I trust my armed son with my life to watch my back.

  3. I just decided I wanted to be anti gun?
    Amazes me how there isn’t an issue alive that can’t be reduced to cliquey identity politics.

    I figure maybe 5% of the people actually care about any issue in particular. The other 95% cares about the image they project in front of their peers.

    • This theory explains perfectly how Liberals, Socialists, and Libertarians are created.

      Utopian dreamers and tag-a-longs that ignore reality.

      • I like the Libertarian shot. Just another way of saying, “I don’t care”. May initiate a little discussion…

        • There are tons of people who don’t care in any given political affiliation. To stereotype Libertarians as apathetic is quite ignorant.

        • Then educate us. What do Libertarians care about? I’m generally interested in hearing where is their passion directed?

          Dope legalization?

        • My passion is directed at my personal liberty. Essentially I carry a white hot hate for anyone who tells me what I can and can’t do as long as I’m harming anyone or anyone’s property.

          If you insist on harping on the drugs thing, yes, I believe if some junkie wants to die under a bridge from a hot shot he should be able to and I shouldn’t have to pay to pick up his corpse. Nobody should. Let the coyotes take care of it.

        • I’m assuming you meant “as long as I’m NOT harming anyone else”. But you might also be a psychopath who derives pleasure from the pain of others. Like most office managers. As long as I’m not somehow under your power or authority, I guess I don’t give two shits. Maybe one, at best.

      • Just about every libertarian I know was”created” by realizing that the Republicans and the Democrats have sold us out and the system is broken.

        When who gets to run for office is determined by just 0.25% of the people, the amazing thing is that the Libertarian Party isn’t the largest.

        • I always love when old cucks and fudds try to take a swipe at Libertarians despite the fact that they have absolutely zero idea WTF they are talking about. The Libertarians I’ve encountered tend to be far more educated, well read, and better informed than the average Republican or Democrat by a long shot. Guess who started the Tea Party movement? Here is a hint, it wasn’t Republican fudds. Guys like Gay Poser are the reason that traitors like John McCain, Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, etc., are still in Washington hijacking and derailing any real conservative agenda. Look at the “Liberty Caucus”, those guys are basically libertarians with an (R) beside their names. Coincidentally they are the only individuals in Washington for whom I hold any respect. The Republican Party is SEVERELY compromised. They have far more to do with obstructing the Trump agenda than any Democrats. If cannabis deregulation is your big hang-up, I have news for you; that is the last thing you should be concerned with in the big picture of threats to our future as a sovereign Republic.

  4. Ignorance: lack of information
    Stupidity: refusal to assess, acquire or understand available information
    Complacency: willing to accept “stupid” as a way of life
    Rational self interest: willingness to seek out information, assess it for reliability, incorporate it into rational life plan.

    Glad so many women are moving out of the first three categories into rational self interest. I’ve trained a whole lot of them to handle a gun and begin the journey to reliable self defense, self responsibility.

    • ML,

      Should my dear wife and I ever make it to your neck of the woods, I’d love to sit down over a cup of coffee, and have you explain this to her.

      I’m not having much luck…


      • You are a husband; ergo: you are stupid.
        If you had certificates from half the gun instructors in the U.S., had served as head engineer and designer at Smith&Wesson, and were the direct male descendant of John Moses Browning himself – your wife would never take instructions from you.
        Just leave it to someone/anyone else.

      • I had to shoot a man to save my life about 35 years ago. I wrote a little book about it, and some of the things I’ve learned since. She may not want to read past the first part, and that’s OK. Baby steps, and no pressure. She’s not stupid, just inhibited by all of the propaganda she’s been fed, most likely.

        Would love to send the book (pdf) to anyone who asks for it. Contact info at the link. 🙂 The book is called, “I Am NOT A Victim”

        It is very difficult, much of the time, for men to convince their women, much less actually teach them how to use a gun – much less the scope of self defense – which requires far more than just a gun. Too much emotional and other baggage there for a clean deal all too often. If she will read that little book, she might be open to learning more. Just make sure she understands that it is her choice, and we’ll both pray she never becomes a victim.

  5. I am anti gun also. I truely hope and pray that I never have to use it against anyone.
    That being said, I am pro Paul and pro Paul’s friends and loved ones. And that trumps my anti gun feelings. Until the Age of Aquarius really comes and everyone in the world lives in perfect harmony, I will give up my guns(well, some of them) after everyone else does.

    That is my story, and I am sticking to it.

  6. If it takes a traumatic event to make you see the light, you were never that smart to begin with.

    • You’re spot on (as usual) Ralph. For a person to require actual experience of something as self evident as the existence of violent crime to accept its existence suggests cognitive and reasoning deficits so profound as to virtually require intervention on behalf of the sufferer.

      Does this person also disbelieve the lethality of a fall from a high place due to having no personal experience with it? That isn’t a difference of opinion or a political stance, it’s evidence of a serious learning issue that puts the sufferer in grave danger. Will no one help this poor woman before she seriously injures herself or others?

    • “If it takes a traumatic event to make you see the light, you were never that smart to begin with.”

      Not so. Human beings only have so much attention to go around to all the topics in life to which one could pay attention. The majority of things in our lives that need taking care of are handled by others, from paving roads to providing prescriptions, so unless something happens to focus attention, most human beings go happily along letting others take care of most things — and if nothing happens to make it clear that safety isn’t something others can provide, any individual can be a genius yet not realize the importance of taking responsibility for personal safety.

      Indeed, none of us came to that realization without some input, whether parents, friends, or some event such as an escaped convict in the area reported as armed and dangerous. That input comes at different times and points in life for different people, regardless of how smart (or not) they are.

      That points to the strategic and tactical question: what input can we provide others so that it doesn’t take running up against a traumatic event to see the light?

      • I was never against firearms but never considered them for self defense, only fun. (Friendly competition with a Ruger 22 etc.)
        Many years ago we were on vacation, my family and another couple. We had rented the last house on top of the Mountain with only one road out. My friend was a cop so he had his pistol and I didn’t think much about it.
        Well they left a day before us so we were all alone. During the night we heard noises coming from outside on the porch. That is when I realized that short of a bread knife I had no way to protect us.
        The next morning we found that an unsecured door had made the noise. That was the moment that I changed my attitude about self defense. I bought my friends backup, a Charter Arms 38 special and never looked back.

  7. The “it happened to me” is one lowest arguments/appeals that are out there. Something is seriously wrong with you if “x” has to happen to you before you believe it can . . . even though all around “it” has been happening for sometime. You have to physically feel pain or fear before you can mentally ascend. I will take it when and where it comes before if you have to be the victim of a crime in order to believe that evil is real you might not survive the encounter.

  8. The majority of reluctant coverts I have seen have been related to something violent happening either to them, or their social circle. They seem to wake up and realize that cops are not stationed in your hallways and cannot teleport to your location via psychic link.

    The rest remain in blissful ignorance.

    • For my (former) brother-in-law, the wake-up was when the local SWAT team came along evacuating people through back doors and windows because of a crazy across the street — and then decided my sister’s house was the best place for them to set up….

  9. I’ve been saying that for years, that not until these anti gunners have violence visited upon themselves or their loved ones, will attitudes change. We can only pray that they become victims of murderous criminals sooner rather than later, so my child’s rights of self protection are better preserved in the future.

    • This too, was the first thing that I thought. “A liberal is one mugging away from being pro-gun.”

  10. It’s sad that these things need to happen to some people before they finally get it, because sometimes they don’t live to tell the tale. But, some people will only learn the hard way for one reason or another. I’m sure we all know at least person, probably a family member or close friend, that is like that. I sure do. They don’t even learn from other people’s mistakes.

    Regardless, result. Right?

  11. The cold hard fact of the matter is there ARE people out there who will kill you. It happened to Bo Kirk from Hayden, Idaho. Just Google it. He left work at a medical facility after his shift ended at night and was followed by two individuals who were looking for targets, either a house to rob / home invade or someone to rob, steal from and murder. They found Bo. Bo was kidnapped and murdered then the bad guys used his bank card at an ATM. He wasn’t prepared.

    It’s a roll of the dice that anyone crosses paths with the person who is going to kill them. They are out there roaming the streets, looking. Who is it? Are you prepared? Are you willing to defend yourself from someone intent on taking your life? Those who say it won’t happen to them are foolish. MAYBE it won’t happen to them.

    I won’t go down that way. Isn’t happening. I WILL NOT be a victim.

  12. To be fair, the social conditioning of “call 911” and super cops with your best interests at heart will appear to save the day has been hammered into everyone’s brain up until the point they get more experience dealing with police (traffic tickets) and realize they are just people.

    IMO, it is the gun community’s duty to educate, inform, and ensure our country men have been given the facts. After that, they are free to decide.

    It is unfortunate some people refuse to acknowledge the facts and put themselves in harm’s way and thus learn by experiencing evil firsthand, but such is life.

    Live and learn.

  13. My BFF was anti-gun but left the dark side for the light of day after being stalked.

    I don’t particularly care why a person switched to common sense, as long as they do… unless it’s an idiot like the one in my college course who said he wanted to learn how he could legally shoot someone. The professor escorted him to the door and he was out of the degree program.

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