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Gosh, wonder what else we’ll unearth at the ATF under the new administration . . . Obama DOJ Failed to Stop Mexican Cartel Murder of ICE Agent with Smuggled Guns – “The Obama administration had numerous opportunities to arrest Mexican drug and weapons traffickers before murdering a federal U.S. agent and seriously wounding his partner but opted for the hands-off approach, a new federal audit reveals. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), which operates under the Department of Justice (DOJ), should have stopped the traffickers—members of the Los Zetas organization—long before the Immigration and Customs (ICE) agents were ambushed in Mexico with firearms smuggled south of the border thanks to a once-secret Obama administration gun-running operation.”

Is this the hope or the glory? . . . Armed police will no longer be automatically suspended for using their guns – Armed police will no longer be automatically suspended for firing their guns, Home Secretary Amber Rudd has announced. She told MPs that firearms officers would only be suspended from duty in “exceptional circumstances” – and emphasised there was no rule preventing them from shooting first. Her announcement came after a Tory MP claimed the current rules were “not fit for purpose” as many officers feared they would spend years under investigation just for using their guns.”

Oooh! A rice-colored RONI . . . LIMITED EDITION White Micro RONI® Stabilizer Pistol Conversion Model – No NFA Paperwork, No Tax Stamp, or No Wait Period – “CAA, developers and manufacturers of advanced battle-tested firearms accessories, developed a limited number of the Micro RONI Stabilizer pistol carbine conversion in an interstellar White for a clean, futuristic look.”

The Gun Lovers No One Talks About – “’I don’t really like that kind of traditional gun store experience where you go in, you’ve got Islamaphobic shit, really, really right wing stuff. Just the whole kind of, ‘Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. Fuck the other guys,” he said. ‘That’s also part of the reason I felt like I wanted to start my own store.’ Seifert isn’t alone. Membership increased by 10 percent since election for the Liberal Gun Club, which provides ‘a voice for gun-owning liberals and moderates in the national conversation on gun rights.’ Vocativ found an entire subreddit dedicated to Liberal Gun Owners, a four-year old community that has close to 7,000 subscribers and includes a thread dedicated to liberal gun stores.” And yet these “liberal gun store” owners vote for politicians who want nothing more than to curtail their rights…and their business.

The Hunting Plot that Keeps On Giving – “Evolved Harvest, the industry leader and expert in wildlife nutrition, offers hunters and professional wildlife managers a variety of high-performance forage-grade Brassica seed blends. New for 2017, Evolved introduces Shot Plot, an exceptionally fast-growing, high protein forage turnip / forage rape blend that’s ideal for late-season hunting plots, while providing loads of critical nutrition for deer during the winter hardship period. When properly planted and managed, each 10-lb. bag of Shot Plot seed is capable of producing an astounding 16 tons of forage”.

Massive gun bust is biggest in Brooklyn history: authorities – “They were running guns — and their mouths. Brooklyn cops broke up a huge, Virginia-based weapons-smuggling outfit and seized 217 weapons — the biggest firearms bust in the borough’s history, authorities said Wednesday. Gun runners were caught on tape boasting about the commonwealth’s weaker gun laws that allowed them to easily assemble their cache of weapons, which they sold up north, according to police and prosecutors.”

NY state settles with 7 toy sellers over realistic fake guns sold in Central NY – “Seven toy wholesalers have agreed to pay fines to New York state and stop shipping toy guns that look too real. A total of 1,936 of the realistic toy guns were sold mostly online in New York state, including in Central New York, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman annnounced today. The wholesalers were selling the toy guns as third parties on on the internet, Schneiderman said. The guns were sold in nearly every part of the state, he said.” Of course, now a plastic river of toy guns will begin flowing into New York from lawless states like Virginia.

Brownells Seeks A Few Good Gunsmiths For Cover of Big Book #70 – Grinnell, Iowa — Brownells is issuing an open casting call to gunsmiths for the cover of the next “Big Book” catalog to celebrate the 70th year of its publication. Long regarded as the unofficial “Bible” of the gun industry, the Big Book is famous for its amazing selection of thousands of the best gunsmithing tools and products, and its large, horizontal format. Some lucky gunsmith will see a photograph of himself and his shop splashed across the 12″ x 9″ cover of Big Book #70, which will be distributed to gunsmiths and dedicated hobbyists across the United States and around the world. Contestants can enter for their chance to grace the cover of Big Book #70 two different ways. They can email their best photos of their gunsmith shop or work area to [email protected], or post the photos on social media and use the hashtag #BB70.

Ramsey gun range vote postponed – “The council was slated to vote to amend a 1961 ordinance that prohibits the firing of “any pistol, shotgun, rifle or other type of firearms anywhere in the borough.” The ordinance currently contains an exemption for gun ranges, which the council wants to remove. Per Borough Attorney Peter Scandariato, the ordinance was tabled so he and international law firm Troutman Sanders – which was hired by the borough on a pro bono basis – could review recent Second Amendment cases around the country and possibly modify the council’s ordinance.”

JAGDHUND’S Traditional Hunting Clothing Now Available in the U.S. – “Steeped in tradition, quality and innovation, the Austrian-headquartered JAGDHUND clothing line is now available to U.S. consumers exclusively through Steyr Arms. JAGDHUND offers a full line of stylish yet functional men’s and women’s jackets, shirts, pants, boots, hats and accessories rooted in the classic European design traditions for hunting and shooting. Combining all-natural materials such as wool, camel hair, and cotton, the company offers the U.S. consumer a classic design and appearance for both hunting and social occasions without ever having to compromise on details or design.”

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      • Since phobia refers to an irrational or uncontrollable fear of something and such is NOT the case when dealing with Islamists who are openly seeking the death of infidels and the destruction of our way of life, you are absolutely correct, sir.

        Note to RF – how about initiating a contest to come up with a term that more accurately describes the legitimate concern we infidels have in regards to the Mohammedans?

        I was thinking of a parallel contest for a term to describe those Liberals who claim to cherish their Second Amendment protected RKBA while giving money, support and votes to politicians who are actively and vocally opposed to the 2A, but one already exists: oxyMORON.

        • Actually duke Odo of Toulouse stopped the Muslim advance in the battle of Toulouse in 721AD, the Muslim campaign of 732 (the year that Martel defeated them at tours, not 711) was a raiding expedition aimed at the Basilica of St Martin in Tours, which was loaded with Catholic wealth.

        • You’re right, I mixed up my dates. It would probably be most correct to say “Islam has been at war with Western Civilization since they invaded Iberia in 711.” Am I closer to the mark?

          In any case, Martel, Odo, Godfrey de Bouillon, Bohemund I, Richard the Lionheart, Rodrigo do Bivar, and Jan III Sobieski must be rolling in their graves.

    • “And yet these “liberal gun store” owners vote for politicians who want nothing more than to curtail their rights…and their business.”

      This is a pretty good definition of co-dependence. Whole books have been written about people who maintain a neurotic attachment, even loyalty, to their abusers.

  1. “Gun runners were caught on tape boasting about the commonwealth’s weaker gun laws that allowed them to easily assemble their cache of weapons, which they sold up north, according to police and prosecutors.”

    yes, im sure that happened

  2. @The Gun Lovers No One Talks About

    “Liberalism is a mental disorder, and it will get us all killed.”
    – – M.Savage, radio talk show host

  3. for whatever its worth, I like the european style hunting garb. simple, plain, slightly more stylish than brown flannel and doesn’t scream out “I OWN LOTS OF GUNZ”.

    • I always figured it states, “My brother is in parliament and I make a lot more money than you – which is why I can hunt.”

  4. I have no problem with armed liberals/gays/women / and btown people,etc…but when you spout BS about Republicans or conservatives I have a problem. Change your evil dumbocrat party losers. Ya know I went shooting today. ALL the other shooters were black. They had no problem with the evil white gun store…

    • One would assume that they would keep in stock only those weapons that are approved in the Liberal wet-dream utopia of Kalifronia.

  5. It must be tough for a liberal gun owner come election day. Do you vote for the party that wants to take away your guns, or the party that want to take away your free abortions?

    • “Do you vote for the party that wants to take away your guns, or the party that want to take away your free abortions?”

      There is more to this than you realize.

  6. If a liberal picks up a firearm and learns how to use it effectively and responsibly, I consider it a good start. We can work on the rest of the politics as we go along. The trick is getting them to pick up, and enjoy/use effectively a firearm in the first place. That is the biggest hurdle of them all.

    I think the old saw is true, “they are afraid of it because they secretly worry that they’ll enjoy it…”

  7. If you read the liberal’s article its funny how he’s pro-physician assisted suicide and drug legalization and yet sell guns which no matter how you slice it, contributes to unassisted suicides.

    • Maybe he’s “body autonomy” supporter. Drugs, abortion, suicide, tattoos, fast food, jazz music, whatever.

      • “Maybe he’s “body autonomy” supporter. Drugs, abortion, suicide, tattoos, fast food, jazz music, whatever.”

        Uuuuhhhmmm, that would, like, you know, be a Libertarian.

  8. What are the rifles at the bottom of the New York gun photo? They have AR15 stocks and AR15 style pistol grips (but only the part that the hand goes on), but they aren’t AR15s

      • Never heard of it and, after looking it up, seemingly for good reason.

        Also isn’t AR22 a blank adapter for a belt fed machinegun?

        • Mossberg 715T they use it in the story. I had to look it up too, what is a 715T? OH that is real scary, evil .22lr, guess the T stands for TERROR or maybe for Trainer? NY it’s TERROR, most other places, Trainer.

  9. Liberal gun owners will gladly give up their guns to the democrat party when they take power. I would boycott his store if I lived there.
    The difference between a conservative gun store owner and a liberal one is Mark Kelly would have been sold an AR-15 by the liberal.
    The conservative gun store owner in Arizona refused to sell him a weapon.

    “Gun store nixes Mark Kelly’s AR-15 purchase”

    • Maybe, just maybe, Liberal gun owners actually believe that once the Progressives have taken over and put the Conservatives in their proper place (Camps? Re-education centers? Gulags?) all will be fine and dandy and safe and they won’t need their right to keep and bear arms anymore since the State will keep them safe from all dangers forever!

  10. Don’t see a link for the Ramsey story. They’re idiots if they try to ban it, the caselaw on this is pretty clear. But, then again, they’re idiots anyway- for example:

    “Board member Howard Cantor suggested metal detectors be installed to ensure no unchecked guns enter the range.”

    Yes, we definitely need to make sure that no one brings a gun into a firing range

    • As somebody who grew up in Ramsey, that is par for the course. The gun owning conservatives just try to lay low and avoid drawing ire so they can practice their rights as best as they can in peace.

      • I worked at Ramsey Outdoor Store in the gun dept. They have been selling guns there since the 1950’s…many thousands over the years no doubt. Ramsey, NJ is a white, upper-middle class (you can just feel them looking down their noses at you), liberal town with a big highway (Rt.17) through the middle of it. Several large, empty buildings (closed down business’) that is where this range probably wants to go. Screw those scowling witches in the picture, and sue the crap out of the town if they side with them.

  11. a liberal owning a gun store is fine with me. i dont care for the right wing propaganda crap either, at least the store owners are upholding the second amendment and our right to keep and bear arms!

    • “a liberal owning a gun store is fine with me.”

      People are overlooking the irony (pathetic irony?), of left-wing, statists engaging in capitalistic free enterprise.

  12. Islamophobic means “Fear of Islam.” It’s a progressive term that should never pass the lips of an American.
    See, I don’t like okra. I do not “fear” okra, I mean, I’m not a god-accursed okraphobe. I just don’t like it.

  13. I would imagine there could be two different outcomes of the “liberal gun club”. 1. They slowly realize the politicians they are voting for are literally trying to destroy their right to bear arms, and will finally pull their heads out of their rear ends, or 2. They know the politicians they are voting for hate gun rights, but they are ok with it, as they now have a gun, and see it as a good way to help disarm the people around them, ie – the “guns for me, not for thee”. They are liberals, after all.

  14. Part of me sees this as a good thing that there are liberals voicing support for the 2nd Amendment. It could have a positive effect in that liberals might listen to these people without immediately screaming for a safe space and question just why are they afraid of gun ownership. But I just can’t see voting for politicians like Clinton that have made it clear they are against your own best interests and what you believe is in the country’s best interest.

    I think a lot of this also comes down to business. These guys know the type of people that are going to enter their shop and are going tailor their sales approach to that market.

  15. U.S. consumer a classic design and appearance for both hunting and social occasions without ever having to compromise on details or design.” Then add the stylish 144 inches of hunter orange to accent your ensemble.

  16. “Membership increased by 10 percent since election for the Liberal Gun Club…”

    So now there are 11 members?

    OK, that was catty. As long as people are buying guns for real reasons (or not) and own them responsibly, go right ahead. If the Leftists buy guns and vote for people who want to deny them ownership, well, actions have consequences. If they’re buying guns as magic talismans, well, more money for gun shops and their kids will need to deal with them when they die.

    Honestly, I have never been in the type of gun shop that was described as the impetus for starting a hipster shop, save one. This shop in MA had a lot of Nazi gear (e.g., helmets, daggers, flags, posters) and, as a Jew, I felt uncomfortable. I didn’t buy anything and I never went back. I believe that it has since closed.

  17. Twisted sisters just trying to make a buck! when push comes to shove they will fold like a sheet of toilet paper! Another perpetration out of the Democratic Play book; sign up a lot of stupid people so they can refute the NRA!

  18. The liberal gun store owner says, “That means that I care lots about human rights. I care always about civil rights, I believe in equal opportunities, at least to start,” he said. “So I think that we should invest in infrastructure, we should invest in educating people, and we should respect due process.”

    The irony is that those beliefs make him a Republican. He just doesn’t know it, because he buys into the media promoted stereotype that all “traditional gun owners” are far right, racist, extremists.

    • Why do both the dudes in the leftist gun store photo look almost identical? I’ve noticed that leftists are always trying to say they are non-conformists and support diversity etc, but they are ideologically in lockstep and they also tend to look very similar. Glasses, faux manbeards, etc.

  19. What if citizens had their beliefs first, then chose their party and votes second?

    Nah, that’s crazy talk.

  20. The Liberal Gun Club seems to be woefully misunderstood here. It’s not that they vote for Democrats who are required by party to vote anti-gun, it’s that they vote for any candidate who agrees with a majority of their most important points, being liberal idealisms save one, they are pro-2A. If that’s a moderate Republican who covers more bases than the Democrat, they vote for them. These people are entirely on our side, which is the side of gun rights. They read TTAG.

    It amazes me how often the comments section here derails into anti-abortion or other subjects when it’s a gun news site. It’s like you all have a hard-on for stirring shit for it’s own purpose. We could be encompassing every gun enthusiast, none of whom would ever even mention any other political controversy, and we’d be much larger, and have more minds giving input on the gun news at hand. You don’t have to put up with Liberal-specific views, but we’re here for gun news, not to find a best friend.

    This is why TFB is so big on “firearms, not politics”. It hurts their product to have to eschew the politics which are constantly intertwined with gun news, but they do it because anyone and everyone who is into guns can go there and every comment will be about the gun news at hand. Just and only the gun news at hand. We could learn something from them.

    For the record, I’m Libertarian if you’re firing up your insults-for-Liberals at me.

    • “they vote for any candidate who agrees with a majority of their most important points, being liberal idealisms save one, they are pro-2A. ”

      Liberals cannot be pro-2A in the positive sense. They are merely taking advantage while it is convenient. Voting for any candidate from a party with a major platform element that touts severe restrictions (yes, confiscation) on gun rights means you are de facto anti-gun, anti-personal responsibility, anti-constitution, anti-people. Being supportive of state control of every facet of life and having a gun means (charitably) one sees guns as no more than fashion accessories.

      The above is why people here devolve into general political discussions. Many people are not single-issue voters, and do not like other positions of a candidate or officeholder who supports 2A strongly, but otherwise seeks more government control over personal decisions. To put a fine point on it, liberals, statists, leftists and libertines would throw every principle away in order to ensure abortion and opiods remain legal. Haven’t run into any gun owners who would accept every other anti-personal freedom position of a candidate, so long as that candidate is “hard over” for gun rights.

      • “Liberals cannot be pro-2A in the positive sense”

        I think you’re missing the whole point of the Liberal Gun Club. They’re not fudds, they’re pro-2A people who vote and make their belief known to their representatives, better than some of us do, because it raises an important point. Regardless of one’s stance on other issues, there are people on both sides of the aisle who are pro-2A, because of all the reasons it makes sense and is justified. Nobody has to vote party if their candidate doesn’t represent things that are important to them.

        “To put a fine point on it, liberals, statists, leftists and libertines would throw every principle away in order to ensure abortion and opiods remain legal”

        This is exactly what I mean. If you can’t berate them for being anti-gun because these people clearly aren’t, you won’t side with them for reasons that aren’t accurate anyway. There are pro-life liberals just like there is this pro-gun liberal club. Also, I don’t think anyone is currently arguing to make opioids legal, they’re fighting for marijuana now. No? Don’t want to hear it because you like your comfortable little lie that every Liberal is the enemy? You’re shooting yourself in the foot. The Liberal Gun Club is an ally to the Second Amendment, and a good one because it proves that there are people of every other opinion on unrelated subjects who still understand why guns are important. They call their representatives and say “Hey, I’m Liberal, you’re Liberal, I voted for you, and I want you to listen to me since you won’t listen to Conservatives that guns aren’t bad.”

        We need to get this truth out to more than 60 or 70% of the population until every citizen understands that guns aren’t the enemy, to the point that constructs like Everytown is choked to death on membership attrition because nobody believes their lies anymore. Bloomberg can pour his entire fortune into commercials, if 99% of the American population goes to the shooting range every weekend because they all saw what guns really are about, it’ll be a perfect waste of his money. Bringing people over to the pro-gun side isn’t difficult, there may always be Liberals in politics but we can win this fight with truth and facts that guns are good.

        • “There are pro-life liberals just like there is this pro-gun liberal club. ”

          Until the must choose between winning elections and their hobbies. They will go for liberal, anti-freedom candidates every time. There was an old phrase, “Fairweather friends, and sunshine patriots”.

        • I get your point, but you’re talking about Liberal VOTERS, not Liberal politicians. Politicians and kingmakers on the Left will NEVER be pro-2A, because their entire platform is about controlling the populace. Period, no ifs ands or buts. Are there a handful of Congressfolk who are ACTUALLY pro-2A? Sure, but they slipped through the cracks and don’t represent the national party.


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