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New surveillance footage of Michael Brown sparks protests – “New video captured hours before Michael Brown was killed shows the 18-year-old exchanging marijuana for cigarillos with the clerks of a Ferguson, Missouri, store, a documentary director told CNN on Monday. Director Jason Pollock, whose film ‘Stranger Fruit’ debuted at the South by Southwest festival in Austin over the weekend, said the video shows that Brown did not rob the store before being stopped by police and that surveillance footage purporting to show Brown engaged in a robbery at the Ferguson Market and Liquor stores was actually video of Brown returning to the store to retrieve the cigarillos the clerks gave him.” Too bad there’s no footage of him charging and beating officer Darren Wilson, as the Obama Justice Department found.

And it no doubt performs better than Sylvester Stallone . . . The U.S. Army 3D-Printed a Grenade Launcher and Called it R.A.M.B.O. – “In a blend of pop culture showmanship and high tech, the U.S. Army has revealed a grenade launcher made almost entirely from 3D-printed parts. Even better, it fires 3D-printed grenades. The project highlights the Army’s interest in integrating new manufacturing technologies, ideally lowering costs and easing supply demands down the road. Rapid Additively Manufactured Ballistics Ordnance, or R.A.M.B.O., is a modified M203 grenade launcher with a shoulder stock and pistol grip. The M203 grenade launcher is an older, pump-action design that was fitted under the barrel of an M16 rifle or M4 carbine. It’s also probably no longer protected by patent.”

Snoop Dogg Shoots ‘Trump’ In Latest Music Video – “Snoop Dogg is under fire this morning after the release of a music video in which he shoots a clown dressed as President Donald Trump. The scene in question appears in Snoop Dogg’s ‘Lavender’ remix video — an apparent protest against police brutality. Snoop Dogg announces, ‘this is the final call’ before pointing a gun at “the President,” who puts his hands up. The rapper then pulls the trigger, at which point a ‘bang’ flag shoots out from the gun.”

‘American Guns’ scandal not the first for Discovery – “’American Guns’ star Richard Wyatt is facing up to 15 years in prison after he was found guilty Friday of conspiracy, failing to disclose $1.1 million in income to the IRS and selling guns without a license. Wyatt lost his gun license in 2009, the Denver Post reports, yet from 2011 to 2012 he managed to film 26 episodes of a reality series that aired on Discovery Channel and centered around his Gunsmoke Guns shop and his firearm sales.” You’d think the suits at Discovery might check those kinds of details before buying the series, no?

Gee, wonder why . . . Gun Permit Demand Surges In City: ‘People Are Worried About Crime’ – “A spike in demand by city residents saw the state issue 63 percent more permits to Chicagoans to own a gun in 2016 than in 2015, according to data obtained by DNAinfo from State Police. In 2016, some 38,712 Chicagoans got a state-issued Firearm Owners Identification card compared to 23,725 in 2015. About 212,000 people are licensed to own a gun in Chicago, according to State Police.”

Nice . . . Guns as Art: Cerakoting My 1911 – “Some guns should be considered works of art based on the efficiency and beauty of their design alone. A masterpiece of industrial design can transcend its utilitarian purpose and become something more. Many guns throughout history meet that mark. Hell, pretty much anything John Moses Browning ever brought into this world is a treasure. Guns have long had but a single color scheme: black on black on more black. Every once in a while a brave company would come along and slap some flat dark earth or olive drab green or purple or pink on their guns and people would be impressed by how different and colorful they are. Cerakote is changing all of that.”

SEAL 1 Introduces New Signature Series Copper and Lead Remover SEAL 1’s New High Performance Copper and Lead Remover is specifically designed for the “High Performance Shooter”. State of the Art Technology is used to remove Copper and Lead fouling from the bore without smell or dangerous chemicals normally used. SCL-4 Suggested Retail $10.49

Another ivory tower campus carry opponent . . . UCF prof: ‘Right-wing doesn’t want people to be educated’ – “(University of Central Florida English Professor Barry) Mauer made the most shocking argument by far, proclaiming that campus carry is really a Republican plot to prevent people from becoming educated. Referring to campus carry as ‘part of a conservative attack on many, many fronts on higher education, and frankly all of us that are in academia know about it,’ Mauer declared that he and others in higher education ‘see it as a power grab and the reason we see it as a power grab is because the right wing doesn’t want people to be educated. It wants them to be educated but not in the ways that involve critical thinking, solidarity, citizenship.’

I think the headline writer mis-spelled ‘right’ . . . Judge protects public safety by revoking man’s gun privilege – “Brown believed a fight had broken out and decided he had to act. He told his mother to call 911, and pulled his semi-automatic handgun. Morgan also testified that Brown pointed his gun at the group and ordered them to produce identification. ‘I’m like ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa. You need to put that gun up,’’ Morgan testified. When Brown’s instructions went unheeded, he decided to fire a bullet into the ground 3-4 feet in front of him. That got everyone’s attention — including police officers racing to the scene. Instead of a fight in progress — the initial 911 call — officers now knew that a firearm was involved.”

Orange Police Shoot Man Suspected of Traffic Violation After Using Fire Hose to Force Him From Van – “The man was barricaded in his car for about half an hour, and authorities became concerned when he produced a lighter and gas container they thought could be flammable, Lopez said. The Orange Fire Department soon arrived on scene with a fire hose to assist police in extracting the man from his car. ‘The officers could smell the gasoline and became concerned when he lit a cigarette,’ Lopez said. ‘We thought it could be combustible, so they felt that a plan needed to be put into place to save his life.’ He was flushed out after several attempts, and many of the van’s windows were broken. Video captured at the scene next shows an outburst of yelling and sounds of shots fired. The suspect had pulled out a knife, Lopez said.” Click the image above to view the video.


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    • And who determined that Brown exchanged pot for the other stuff?
      If that video was of better quality (and if it was, we would see it in that better quality) we might better be able to see what was happening.
      We have only this “reporter’s” word for what happened.

      • I saw the “documentary” maker on Fox New’s “First Hundred Days.” He has been accused of editing the video and is bat shit crazy. He was red faced and screaming when the anchor asked him how, if taken as entirely true, his version of events mattered in regards to the events that lead to Darren Wilson shooting Michael Brown (Brown being in the middle of the street, refusing to get out of the street, and attacking Wilson).

        So if true, what’s the new headline? “Drug Dealer Shot by Police after Drug Deal Turns Violent” is probably not in the lead right now.

        I haven’t seen the video since the initial hysteria, but didn’t Brown grab the clerk by the throat? That’s felony assault here in Texas.

  1. ‘You’d think the suits at Discovery might check those kinds of details before buying the series, no?’

    You’d think someone who’s dealing in guns without an FFL would have enough sense to NOT do it on national TV.

    • It worked for Will Hayden. He no longer owned Red Jacket Firearms when Sons of Guns was on. The guys he was always yelling at were actually the holders of the license and his ‘business partners’. The real joke here is that Discovery Channel pretends to fairly represent gun culture while putting douches like Hayden and Wyatt on the air. I hate to be a tinfoil hat guy, but I have to wonder if they didn’t pick guys with legal problems on purpose.

  2. ‘Mauer made the most shocking argument by far, proclaiming that campus carry is really a Republican plot to prevent people from becoming educated. Referring to campus carry as ‘part of a conservative attack on many, many fronts on higher education, and frankly all of us that are in academia know about it,’

    And frankly, the fact that ‘all of us that are in academia’ are as delusional as Prof. Barry would be good enough reason for Republicans to discourage people wasting tens of thousands of dollars being ‘educated’ by such morons.

    • Plus I don’t think I have yet seen any pro-gun college students going to a lecture to shout down the speaker because they disapproved of his speech. Or instances where gun-wielding CCW college campus carriers have held the class hostage until everyone agreed with his/her ideology. Just amazing that this plop would think such a thing.

  3. Umm, OK. Interesting mix tonight. Professor Mauer needs no comment, but I do think he needs a psychiatrist. Such paranoid thinking may be an early sign of serious pathological tendencies.

    The Michael Brown video is so bogus, ti too requires little comment. I saw this the other day, and the commentator breathlessly reported that the police didn’t release this CRITICAL video before and must have been COVERING IT UP. and I’m like, why is what happened at the store the day before, and which did not involve the store owner, have any relevance to the question of whether there was a good shoot? Did the officer know that Poor Downtrodden Mikey was a drug dealer selling dope on the sly to the (nonowner) clerks? No. Did the owner call 911 after Mikey came in and manhandled him? Yes. Did Mikey try to manhandle the officer in his vehicle and further try to take his gun when he was stopped for questioning, which resulted in a discharge of the firearm in the vehicle? Yes. Did Mikey then try to flee? Yes. When ordered to stop (after having committed a felony assault on the police officer) did Mikey charge the officer with his head down? Yes. And did Mikey weigh around 300 pounds when he attacked? Ayup. Nothing has changed. The officer can only be judged on what he knew and what happened that evening, not on what Mike may have done the night before that had nothing to do with the reason he ended up dayed.

    • If TV has taught me anything, it is that when a drug deal goes bad, it has a lot to do with why the drug dealer ended up dayed.

      In this case it may have. For the sake of argument, assume the “documentary” maker isn’t insane and is telling the truth. Drug dealer attempts to sell drugs for to entice clerks to steal cigarillos (because they weren’t the clerks cigarillos) and give to drug dealer. Owner retains property. Drug dealer assaults owner and steals property. Drug dealer gets shot fleeing crime scene and fighting cops.

      I don’t think TV has let me down on this one.

  4. “About 212,000 people are licensed to own a gun in Chicago, according to State Police.”

    Well, that’s a start. Only 2.5 million to go.

    Since there’s no such thing as a “permit to own a gun” in Illinois, I had to read the (condescendingly written) linked article to get to the facts.

    The 212,000 number refers to total Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) cards. The article also mentions a surge in applications for Concealed Carry Licenses. You need to apply for and receive your FOID card first, before you can take the training and then finally apply for your Concealed Carry License.

    We have become way too comfortable kissing the government’s ass to exercise a Constitutionally protected right.

    • OK, I’ll bite, what’s the difference between a “FOID” and a permit to own a gun? Can you legally own a gun without holding an FOID? Or have you just had the wool pulled over your eyes?

    • There’s no need to wait until you have your FOID card to take the concealed carry training. Also, you can apply for your FOID and your CCL at the same time.

      • Well, isn’t that just so BS special. How nice for you. sigh Neither one has any rational relationship to the natural right of self defense. Your attacker is certainly not going to be overly worried about obtaining either one. And he/she might just be using something other than a gun anyway… like their bare hands. And that works so much better if you are waiting for “permission” to defend yourself.

  5. Yeah and everyone watched American Guns to watch young Paige (the pimped out step daughter). Still not as bad as “neva’ bin dun befo’…so they killed the dude to save him?!? Interesting. Nothing to say about big Mike,the criminal Snoopy or Chiraq…

  6. Can you for the love of God fix your www redirect spam filed ads. I can’t read anything without being told my phones battery is infected or I won a Facebook prize

    • uBlock Origin is your friend.

      (The new Google keyboard which “helped” me spell it three times, on the other hand…)

    • This website is the ONLY reason I installed adblocker on my browser. Never had a problem with any other site but this one. No problems now though!

  7. The Michael Brown video- or, rather, the conclusions drawn from it- are a joke, as the DA said. In the BEST case scenario it paints Michael Brown as a drug dealer, which is a felony there (even weed, any amount). But since giving a clerk some weed in exchange for the store’s merchandise is still theft (albiet with the clerk as an accomplice), when the manager (owner?) sees him LATER come in and try and take goods without paying and Brown shoves him up against a wall he has still committed a strong-arm robbery. So now he’s a drug-dealer and robber. Good job, “strange fruit” producers.

    And the kicker is, none of that matters to the question of whether the force used was reasonable. The cops didn’t see the tapes until afterwards, and Michael Brown was not executed for robbery, theft, or drugs anyway. He also wasn’t executed for being black. Believe it or not, the cops in Ferguson don’t shoot every black man who steals something. The officer was looking for Brown as a robbery suspect as described by the store manager. Whether he was or was not guilty is impossible to determine at the moment Wilson sees him. But because most people aren’t morons (like the agitators behind this video release), they realize that the police sometimes have to be detain people, based on reasonable suspicion or probable cause, who may not be guilty. And if the person then assaults the police who is attempting to lawfully detain him, it is fully lawful to use whatever reasonable force is necessary in response. Whether deadly force is reasonably necessary has already been debated but the main point is, this video changes absolutely nothing unless Ofc. Wilson saw it beforehand, which he couldn’t have; and even if he did, he still would have had probable cause to arrest Brown for a felony.

    Now I see BLMsy people complaining about how the police didn’t release the video. Funny, because last time they released a video of the incident that directly prompted the 911 call people claimed they were wrong to do so because it was somehow attacking Brown’s character. What a joke. What is happening in this country.

    • Last I heard, the cop was not looking for Brown for the robbery or anything else, he had not even been advised of any robbery, he was trying to get the fat jerk to get out of the street, when he was attacked.

      • Yes and no. Here’s how it played out. Wilson had been looking for the robbery suspect. He sees Brown and his buddy jaywalking and tells them to move. He goes past them and realizes that Brown matches the description. He radios for more units and backs up (which corroborates his statement of realizing he had a robbery suspect on his hands). Then bad stuff happens.

        • “Yes and no. Here’s how it played out. Wilson had been looking for the robbery suspect. He sees Brown and his buddy jaywalking and tells them to move. He goes past them and realizes that Brown matches the description. He radios for more units and backs up (which corroborates his statement of realizing he had a robbery suspect on his hands). Then bad stuff happens.”

          Who cares?
          Brown was a thug, who attacked a LEO, tried to grab his gun, and paid the price.
          Case closed.
          Oh, yes, lots of SJWs try to make Brown out to be a “gentle giant,” who wished no one any harm, but the facts put the lie to that.
          So sad, so sorry, but that’s what happens when you try to do dumb shit.

  8. Not to sound like an asshole here but warning shot?

    Brah, the warning shot is the one I planted in your buddy’s chest. What, you don’t have a buddy? That sucks, let me check that statement, your chest. The next one is in the same chest or, like Miller’s Crossing, “in the brain”.

    If it’s not target shooting or hunting the only way I discharge a weapon is at you and with the intent to hit you. Not to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty damn good at it, so bring a friend who’s an easier target and your running shoes unless you want a GSW.

  9. Interesting mix…
    Not even going to comment on the Brown video.
    Thank you Snoop for perpetuating violence against the president… brilliant.
    And warning shot… really? Isn’t that on the rubric during your CHL class? Moron.

  10. The Brown video is edited to try to show a drug deal. What it takes out out is that the clerks told him no and took back the merchandise.

  11. The RAMBO looks cool. Are the files posted anywhere? I’m sure Defense Distributed would like to know if they are.

  12. Here is the real story of the Brown video:
    Michael bartered his marijuana for the store owners’ cigars. The employees of the store had the right to make this deal because they do it all the time. The owner of the store is part of the systemically racist establishment, so he has no say in this transaction. Later, when the owner attempts to prevent Michael from retrieving his lawfully obtained goods, Michael righteously resists, demanding his right to the profits of the Bourgeoisie. Bourgeoisie calls the Cossacks (Officer Darren Wilson) to violate Michael’s rights. Michael surrenders immediately, and Wilson shoots him 4-6 times in the back, while citing “Stand your Ground.”
    At that point, the systemically racist FPD, the systemically racist SLCPD, and the systemically racist DoJ conspired to manufacture a video showing Michael as a thug – a racist portrayal in itself. They hid another video showing that Michael had a right to those cigars, and they threatened or bribed all the witnesses to change their stories.
    This latest video breaks the lid off this biggest conspiracy since Watergate, and you fools are too foolish to see it. Fools! Well, we cant all be Mycroft Holmes, I guess. But do TRY to keep up.

  13. Hokay, now, is that lady in the blue shirt shooting a 4″ Python? Does she want to sell it?

  14. The Discovery Channel bases a show around a criminal posing as a real FFL.

    Neva bin dun befo’.

    Come on, somebody had to say it.

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