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Hence the EU’s stance on guns and, well, everything else . . . Danish lawmaker calls for ban on jet skis after fatal crash – “A Danish lawmaker called Tuesday for a ban on jet skis off the country’s coast after two American students were killed in a crash last weekend. Kenneth Kristensen Berth told The Associated Press that Denmark’s 98 municipalities should be able to forbid jet skis but a 2010 Supreme Court ruling allows them, citing European Union rules.” Because every societal problem is just one more law away from a solution.

Forget about that whole Trump Slump thing . . . U.S. gun stocks surge, Sturm Ruger results give bulls fresh ammo – “Shares of gun makers surged on Tuesday after Sturm Ruger & Company Inc’s (RGR.N) quarterly results suggested demand is recovering following a steep sales drop after the election of Donald Trump as president. Sturm Ruger shares jumped as much as 16 percent and were still up 10 percent at $63.15 in afternoon trading. Shares of Smith & Wesson’s owner, American Outdoor Brands Corp (AOBC.O), were up 4.4 percent at $21.95. Vista Outdoor Inc (VSTO.N), which reports results for the March quarter on Thursday, were up 1.4 percent at $19.35.”

This is what happens to a disarmed populace in end-stage socialism . . . Venezuelans prepare fecal cocktails to throw at security forces – “Venezuela’s opposition protests on Wednesday may be the messiest in a six-week wave of unrest as demonstrators prepare to throw feces at security forces, adding to the customary rocks, petrol bombs and tear gas. The new tactic has been dubbed the “Poopootov” in a play on the Molotov cocktails often seen at streets protests in Venezuela. ‘They have gas; we have excrement,’ reads an image floating around social media to advertise Wednesday’s ‘Shit March.'”

OMG! Ghost guns! OMG! ‘Build your own gun’ hobby growing in popularity – “It only takes a few pieces of metal, some screws, and pins and you can make a gun. And did you know that the process is perfectly legal, and is becoming a popular hobby. Jonathan Hirsch owns Adelbridge Company and Firearms in San Antonio. The store has been in business for 4 years and has more than 1,000 new and used guns for sale or trade. But, a growing part of Hirsch’s business is parts he sells that allow you to build your own gun.”

Woman rushed from bedroom with gun blazing, killed robber, officials say – “Two alleged robbers who were pretending to sell guns door-to-door met their match at a Lincolnton home Saturday afternoon, when a woman emerged from a bedroom firing a gun of her own. Within seconds, one of the suspects, 51-year-old Marion Palmer Yarborough, was dead and the second was on the run, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office told the Gaston Gazette. The gun-toting woman was not identified and investigators told the Gazette they believe she likely won’t be charged, because it was a matter of self-defense.” Sam Colt made her equal to her two uninvited guests.

SkyNet development continues apace . . . This Machine Gun Robot Will Probably Lead the Uprising One Day –  “Do you ever wonder what tomorrow holds? Some people are pretty convinced that the future will be filled with flying cars and jetpacks and robot butlers. But here in the year 2017, I’m not so sure anymore. I have a suspicion that our future might be filled with more machine gun-toting robots, like the one seen above, than robotic butlers. This particular robot is called a multi-utility tactical transport (MUTT) and was demonstrated by the General Dynamics Land Systems and the US Navy during an event at Camp Pendleton late last month. And despite its adorable canine-inspired acronym, it’s a killer. Yes, that’s a machine gun on top.”

Horse, barn door . . . Railroad says it has taken steps to thwart Chicago gun thieves – “A leading U.S. railroad says it has implemented new security measures at a Chicago rail yard where thieves in recent years have stolen about 150 guns, most of which The Associated Press found had ended up in the hands of drug dealers and gangs. Norfolk Southern wrote in a May 4 letter to U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., that among the measures it put in place at its 69th Street Rail Yard as of April 1 are rules requiring better train cargo locks. The senator’s office provided the railroad’s letter of response to the AP this week.”

Woman records man pulling gun on boyfriend during road rage incident – “‘It’s hard to imagine even going back home,’ Ewing told Willis. ‘I should feel safe in my home, especially in my own driveway.’ She said she was backing out of her driveway on Whitehaven Park Lane last Saturday when she said an impatient driver swerved around her. She honked. Ewing said the driver cursed. Then Ewing said she shouted back and said her boyfriend stepped out of the car. That’s when she said the driver pulled the gun. ‘It wasn’t until after he said ‘take one more foot and I will blow your effing brains out’ that I pulled my phone out and took a few pictures,’ Ewing told Willis.” Stay in your car.

This from Scotusblog’s Relist Watch “There is only one new relist this week – but oh, what a relist it is. Peruta v. California, 16-894, asks whether the Second Amendment entitles citizens to carry handguns outside the home for self-defense – including concealed carry when carrying firearms openly is forbidden by state law. Under California law, openly carrying a handgun outside the home is generally prohibited, but concealed carry is permissible with a license. Applicants for concealed-carry permits must demonstrate “good cause” to obtain a license, which some county sheriffs (the relevant decision-makers) interpret to include a desire to carry a handgun for self-defense. The San Diego County Sheriff, however, defines “good cause” to require a showing of a particularized need for self-defense.”

The Ninth Circus doing what it does best . . . Appeals court backs HPD in denying man a gun permit – “A federal appeals court has upheld the Honolulu Police Department’s refusal to grant a firearm permit to a man who was convicted of petty misdemeanor harassment. One of the three judges on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel that ruled Friday in the case against Kirk Fisher, however, criticized Hawaii law for imposing a lifetime ban on a person’s constitutional right to bear arms for committing a misdemeanor. Fisher’s lawyer, Donald Wilkerson, said he is encouraged by the criticism and that he and Fisher will continue to pursue the case. ‘We’re not going to give up on this,’ he said.”



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  1. If cert is granted in Peruta, that will be a monumental ruling, one way or another. I would hope that may issue would be dealt a death blow, but it’s just too hard to predict.

    • I’ve heard plenty of bitching over the past few years that SCOTUS isn’t interested in touching a 2A case.

      Isn’t the fact it was re-listed *again* proof at least *some* of the justices want to take a swing at it?

      (C’mon, Justice Kennedy, retirement is *really* nice. A condo in a warm climate sure sounds good doesn’t it?)

      “I would hope that may issue would be dealt a death blow, but it’s just too hard to predict.”

      With Kennedy on the bench, yeah, risky as hell.

      With a New! Improved! justice picked by us.


      (We think the Left has been whining? Just wait until a seat on SCOTUS becomes available…)

      • Well the rumor mill says Kennedy wants to retire “soon”.

        It may be the liberal side of the bench pushing for the relist since it would hypothetically be their last and best chance to maintain some modicum of gun control since it would all ride on Kennedy.

        • Kennedy needs to retire while we still have the power to fill his seat with a constitutional originialists and Ginsburg just needs to fucking die already,

        • So, how does a re-list vote go?

          Do at least half (currently 4) of the Justices request re-list?

        • I don’t think so. The left will gladly accept the status quo rather than risk “may issue” being struck down.
          The pro 2A block (Roberts, Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch) have the requisite 4 votes to grant cert. They haven’t done so for the same reason they didn’t grant cert on the NJ case a couple of years ago — they don’t want to risk giving Kennedy the power to rewrite Heller/MacDonald.
          My guess is that the pro 2A wing will keep relisting the case until we see whether Kennedy is going to retire at the end of the term. If he makes the announcement, cert will be granted so that the case comes up for the fall term . . . after PDT has appointed / Senate confirms Kennedy’s replacement.
          If Kennedy doesn’t retire, my prediction is that the Court denies cert and waits another year to see if he retires next June (or if the actuarial tables catch up with RGB) before taking a big 2A case.

        • LKB, by that logic, the anti-2A justices also have a requisite 4 votes for cert and could very well issue cert to hear the case before Kennedy retires and swing his ruling in their favor. Both sides have something to lose.

          Speculation is just that.

        • Warren, the anti-2A block count DOES have the four votes needed for cert (Ginsburg, Breyer, Kalgan, Sotomajor). But they don’t want to grant cert for the same reason our side doesn’t — nobody can be sure which way Kennedy will go. (Every Court watcher I know describes Kennedy as unpredictable, increasingly so in the past few years. )

          The anti-2A faction has to be afraid that he’ll join the 2-A wing, as he did in Heller/MacDonald. In Peruta, right now if cert isn’t granted “may issue” remains OK. No reason for them to upset that applecart.

          Until Kennedy (or Ginsburg or Breyer) leaves, the situation is a classic Mexican standoff . . . .

  2. Venezuela Voted for it.
    France voted for it.
    California voted for it.

    The California government may soon employ openly Communist people in its ranks. Don’t worry, you can walk around naked on designated days by the government. You already have legal marijuana intoxication. The last gun store in San Francisco was closed and turned into a pot dispensary. You can have sex in public at street festivals. But you can’t bear arms nor can you have a poster of a gun in your store front window in California.

    • What is wrong with being a communist? Whether or not it is a feasible economic system (history proves it is not), it isn’t illegal to be a communist, and not a basis for denial of employment. Simply being a communist does not mean that someone is unpatriotic or a supporter of the (former) Soviet state or the current Chinese system (neither of which are the communism that Marx envisioned, but instead totalitarian states NOT ruled by the proletariat). Since the communist governments to date rely on OPM for survival, government jobs are the perfect jobs for commies, since they reject capitalism, and therefore cannot work in the private sector!

      • Communism has no place in a free society. I would fully support a Constitutional amendment outlawing communist political parties and activism in the US. These people are willing to kill millions to get their way.

        • Land of the free, as long as you agree with me? Is that what you’re proposing? Amending the Constitution to outlaw certain beliefs is a stupid, short-sighted, and dangerous thing to do, especially if the political pendulum swings away from you.

        • Sorry beef, you’re way wrong. Communism, Fascism, and Islamic-fascism can NOT be tolerated in an otherwise “free” society. They will kill *EVERYONE* else. The ideology demands it.

          All the flavors of the rainbow are welcome, but the people who only want to shit in the well should be denied entry.

        • And how many people are you willing to kill to get YOUR way? Because when you create thoughtcrimes like you’re talking about, you are killing people. You’re just hiding behind the state to do it.

        • Instead of banning communist thoughts it would be better to just re-write the constitution so it says that the government only exists to keep up a military, police force, and court system. And that even those should be very limited (aka, no more pre-emptive war and congress absolutely HAS to declare war for every military action). Restrict the government as much as possible and you won’t have to worry about communism trying to get in and install evil program like social security, drug bans, economic mandates, etc.

        • what this country needs is a national movement to rid our citizenry of communists. we can call it something catchy like “Great Leap Forward” or a “Cultural Revolution”.. or maybe “Final Solution”.

        • wouldn’t work, they’ll just call themselves something else, and be communists. Can’t outlaw thought.

        • Beef: As the hoplophobes love to point out, all freedoms must have limits.
          In a democratic republic such as we have, even though the constitution protects a lot of freedom, it has been constantly demonstrated that limits must be put on those freedoms, else anarchy results.
          The fact that you are allowed to hold communistic thoughts does not mean we need to allow your thoughts to dominate, or even influence, any governmental body, federal, state or local. You are certainly entitled to vote your preference, but when it comes to having a communist on the local governing board as a representative, I am personally against it, even if the law allows it (I am also against abortion, even though the law allows it).
          I know politics is a strange thing, and what I think is certainly considered dangerous by some others, I think we have just gotten out of an eight year period of a socialistic, anti-personal rights leadership. We have, and will continue to, suffered from this.
          I am of the belief that the average American voter is swayed politically more by roadside signs with a single name on it that by any understanding of the policies behind that name. That is the path to emulating Venezuela.

      • “Simply being a communist does not mean that someone is unpatriotic”

        How in the holy fvck do you define unpatriotic?
        That is almost my definition of unpatriotic; people who hate America, hate what it stands for, hate our way of life and hate traditional values. This basically describes every rotten red tomato I’ve ever had the displeasure of encountering.

        Better dead than red.

      • Wrong, I have the right to associate freely and I will not do so with morons who think an ideology that has killed more then 250,000,000 people is a “good idea”.

        Their “right to be themselves” includes my right to be free from them and their mental illness.

        They want to be commuusts/marxist? They can do it in another nation. If they refuse deport them via “Pinochet Helicopter Rides and Rentals”.

        • “an ideology that has killed more then 250,000,000 people” – Presumably this refers to communism, rather than to Christianity?

        • Yeah… tell me more about how Christianity is responsible for anywhere near the body count of Communism. Just another christaphobic biggot running his mouth.

        • 250M is a grossly inflated number for either. If not wanting to restrict people’s rights based on their belief in some ideology that has a history of abuse by murderous, power-hungry thugs makes me a “bigot”, I can live with that.

        • It isn’t a “history of abuse”, Serpent. Communism and it’s political ilk necessarily demand that body count and more. You can not seperate a political ideology from its core tenants. They are one and the same. If the state is the only thing that matters, and individual is just a means for the state, then you have the highest evil that man has yet constructed.

          Better dead than red.

        • “It was self-defense, Officer. When he said he was a communist, I felt threatened and shot him in the face.”

        • Yup… and I’d probably walk. It would be about as hard to prosecute as a a Jew who shoots a guy in an SS uniform goose stepping down the strasse.

      • The same thing that’s wrong with being a Nazi, only ten times worse. Oh, and “it’s not real communism” will get your face caved in by anybody who lived under commies.

      • “it isn’t illegal to be a communist, and not a basis for denial of employment.”

        I believe it can be considered grounds for denying a security clearance, and that certainly *can be* a basis for denial of employment in a national security capacity.

        (We can always hire Serge to break the news of the denial of getting the job…)

        • ““Hire”? Damn, I’ll do it for free.”

          Now *that* Is the essence of a true American, a man who loves America so much, he’s *happy* to do the job for free…

          *sniff* 🙂

          (Spool up the helo…)

      • Being a communist is on the same level as being a pedophile. Only a severely twisted pervert would be either one.

        • Same level as a pederast.

          The comments above certainly prove that the gov’t schools are turning out morons.

          Anyone under 30 likely has understanding of what communism is/was which is sad. Why history matters.

        • The only thing bad about any “ism” is that when it is applied in it’s pure form, it leads to oppression. It doesn’t matter if it’s pure capitalism or pure communism.

          Give me a free market economy with a social safety net.

        • “Anyone under 30 likely has no understanding of what communism is/was which is sad. Why history matters.”

    • It does not surprise me that there are people on a pro second amendment web site who support communism. Or support the idea that communism is “equal” to the republic type government in American.

      The only reason why communism is acceptable to so many people in America is because, you were shot on site, if you took pictures of Stalin’s communist mass graves. You were immediately executed if you tried to photograph slave labor camps. The National Socialists loved to photograph every mass murder they committed. And then share the pictures. Anyone on this site who supports “communist speech” does not support the Right to Keep And Bear Arms. Communist have never supported the individual right to Arms. They have never supported the Bill Of Rights. Even in the 1970’s when the KKK killed them in North Carolina they refused to carry guns. They totally rely on the police, because they want to control the police, when and if they get control of the government. These people are Communist Holocaust Deniers.

      And it seems they will get control of the government in California. But as I said before you can walk around naked on government approved days.
      Have homosexual sex in public or you can have heterosexual sex in public. But you can’t have a gun. The California Pro legalization crowd for marijuana in the 1970s were never pro gun. And they are still not pro second amendment.

      I understand why you hate the white christian republicans who have sex in the missionary position with the lights turned out. They cling to their guns and their religion.

  3. Whut?!? Selling guns DOOR to DOOR? Where do they do that? As far as Chicago train yards someone tipped off the theives. Period. Pretty sure there is a giant “Strum Ruger ” emblazoned on the side…oh the gal BACKING into traffic is an idiot. Not worth a story.

    • Yeah, that road rage incident definitely brings into question who was right and who was wrong. Depending on the circumstances, if an angry dude is walking me down in a car I’m probably at least getting ready to draw…though I’d have (hopefully, as trained) smiled and waved instead of cursing at them.

  4. Just have the MUTT patrol the Chicago train yard. If that works out, get more to patrol the rest of Chicago.

    • On the south side of Chicago, that cute little robot would be up on blocks and stripped of its machine gun in the first twenty minutes.

      And if the train yard didn’t take the step of firing whichever employee keeps stealing the guns, they’re still going to have a problem. Unless every single train car that comes through gets broken open, they must be targeting the gun shipments, and that requires inside knowledge.

    • DARPA is WAY overdue for a look at ROI.

      Note the new high-tech machinegun mounted on the toy “Goliath”. They should name that gun something warm/fuzzy like “Ma”

  5. She said she was backing out of her driveway on Whitehaven Park Lane last Saturday when she said an impatient driver swerved around her

    Um, if another driver is actually in a position to swerve around you as you back out of a driveway, then you have failed to yield to traffic already on the roadway.

    • yup and when your boyfriend then gets out of the car to be a big man he should expect to be muzzled. Don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing.

      • Yup. Although the other driver should have simply continued on instead of stopping to flap jaws. On this weeks edition of “When assholes collide…”

      • respectfully disagree, depending on what BF did. IF all he did was curse the driver out verbally, this is illegal brandishing and police should prosecute. sticks and stones and all that. If he threatened driver with immediate grievous bodily injury or death, then by all means clear leather. The smile on the driver’s face isn’t proof of anything, but does not appear to be the face of a frightened man, and he is the one sitting in a running car with his foot on the brake and not the gas. Keep driving asswipe before you give cc’s a bad name. he said/she said and prosecutors probably declined due to lack of proof on either side, but if I was a betting man I would say the guy pointing the pistol is the one with the impulse control problem here.

  6. “Two alleged robbers who were pretending to sell guns door-to-door….”

    Er what now?

    They’re fake? Nuts, I thought the liberal nightmares had come true and buying guns was easier than I thought.

    • Except he could have just drove away.

      If you’re stuck in traffic and some goober comes boiling out of his car to have a throwdown with you, it’s one thing, in a residential area with a clear street? Just leave dude.

  7. another heckuva case in that relist watch:

    “Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, 16-111

    Issue: Whether applying Colorado’s public accommodations law to compel the petitioner to create expression that violates his sincerely held religious beliefs about marriage violates the free speech or free exercise clause of the First Amendment.”

    i know the first thing to pop into my head when i think of “tolerance” is using govt force to conscript labor.

    • Not just “sincerely held religious beliefs”. Who is some gov’t employee/judge to determine my “sincerity” or “belief”.

    • If my government tries to conscript neighbors to mow the lawn of the poor widowed 80-year-old down the street, that would be highly illegal.
      If, however, my government conscripts a baker to make a cake for someone with no payment made (not offered, but made), that’s just fine?
      Where do these judges get their law degrees? The toilet store?

  8. So the guy in the car feared a guy standing in the driveway? That’s a load of crap. All he had to do was drive away. He is an asshole with a gun and he found one.

  9. So the guy in the car feared a guy standing in his driveway? That’s a load of crap. He is an asshole with a gun looking for a problem and he found one. All he had to do was drive away.

      • Also, the standard is not fear of harm but being apprehensive of harm. A good way to explain it is “if I don’t do anything I will be harmed.”

        Also I don’t know where pointing a gun is deadly force. Around here it is the threat of deadly force.


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