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This is what happens in a “may issue” city where you have to ask for your 2A rights on bended knee . . . NYPD cops accepted strippers, vacations for expedited gun permits: feds – “A corrupt cadre of cops embroiled in the NYPD gun licensing scandal were plied with strippers, wined, dined and taken on lavish vacations to Mexico and the Bahamas to expedite gun permits for corrupt brokers, according to new court documents released Tuesday. A deep-pocketed broker even paid for a cop’s honeymoon to Hawaii, according to court records released Tuesday as federal prosecutors added three more disgraced cops’ names to the growing list of bribe recipients. Two other license brokers were also identified.”

So much for the Trump Slump . . . Smith & Wesson and Ruger Rise As FBI Gun Checks Surge in March – “Well, so much for the theory that a gun-friendly president and Congress would shoot down gun sales. The FBI reported background checks for potential gun buyers surged in March and are on track to record one of the biggest year’s ever. Not surprisingly, the stocks of gunmakers American Outdoor Brands (NASDAQ:AOBC) and Sturm, Ruger (NYSE:RGR) have jumped in response. Shares of the parent of the Smith & Wesson brand are 7.5% higher since the report came out at the beginning of the month, while Ruger’s stock is up 6%. The apocalypse many analysts thought would befall the firearms industry following the election of Donald Trump as president seems to have been postponed.”

Your guess is as good as ours.

As far as WaPo editorial board is concerned, California and New Jersey are irresponsibly weak on guns, too . . . Iowa is the new poster child for gun irresponsibility – “MANY THINGS may have changed about the nation’s politics, but one remains constant: Radical pro-gun forces such as the National Rifle Association wield tremendous influence, and the result is the continual worsening of the nation’s firearm laws. The new poster child for irresponsibility is the Iowa legislature, which passed a comprehensive bill loosening a variety of restrictions. Instead of vetoing it, Gov. Terry Branstad (R) hopped on the bandwagon, signing the legislation into law this month. Iowans will be less safe for it. Now the question is whether other states can resist the pressure to exercise similarly poor judgment.”

OMG! A guntry club! In Chicagoland! OMG! Booze and Bullets: Gun Range With Bar Attached Proposed in West Suburb – “Some west suburban residents are hoping their village officials will put a stop to a unique gun range that would also sell alcohol to its customers. Willowbrook residents like Zoltan Baksay oppose the gun range and liquor lounge that would be offered by the Chicago Gun Club at 79th Street and Frontage Road. ‘I’m just against mixing guns and alcohol under the same roof,’ Baksay says. ‘Any combination of firearms ammunition and alcohol sales under the same roof is a disaster waiting to happen in my opinion.'”

But wait! A rare glimpse of sanity from the Tribune’s editorial board . . . Chicago needs to ease the rules on gun ranges – “(T)he city still has to comply with the court’s rulings. In truth, the judges had good reason to reject the reasoning behind the restrictive ordinance. The city, for example, claimed (gun ranges) are an environmental and fire hazard. That’s no truer of commercial ranges than of the law enforcement ranges located in Chicago — which numbered 11 at the time the case was argued. The city claimed commercial shooting sites could generate crime. But the court noted the city furnished no evidence to support this conjecture. And a place frequented by law-abiding adults equipped with firearms and skilled in their use really isn’t the most tempting target for felons.”

If you’ve been looking for a good argument for travelers being able to carry a concealed handgun on commercial airline flights, this little Kenny G. horror show is all the justification that’s needed. What’s depicted in this video is so much worse than cracking a mother on the head with a stroller or dragging a screaming doctor down the aisle, it’s a wonder this hasn’t made the nightly news. Or is this some new ploy by the airline to incent passengers to de-plane more quickly? If this display isn’t enough to land that noodling nudnik on the no-fly list, why bother having one at all?

An email blast from anti-gun org States United to Prevent Gun Violence: “According to a just released University of Michigan study, 45% of Americans, 25% of gun owners and 53% of non-gun owners, believe firearms should not be allowed to be carried in public spaces, including restaurants, schools, college campuses, bars, government buildings, sports stadiums, retail stores, service settings and places of worship. As Congress prepares to vote on the Federally Mandated Concealed Carry bill, making it easier for people to carry guns in public spaces, States United to Prevent Gun Violence launches Carrier or Killer to increase awareness of the realities that lie ahead andconfront the terrifying question: How can you tell what someone with a gun is going to do?”

Sad and useless: Make selfies not war!

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  1. >>‘I’m just against mixing guns and alcohol under the same roof,’

    Next thing you know they’ll allow bars with parking lots!


    Ps. Not my quote, I wish I could give attribution…

    • The article’s quote is actually “firearms ammunition and alcohol.” No comma(s), so no guns involved, just ammunition for guns.

      Punctuation matters. NBC Chicago should learn basic English before they publish an article.

  2. Well I’m contributing. Paying off another gun tomorrow. Its not just Willowbrook and Chicago expanding gun culture in Chicagoland. New ranges(and shops) in Oak Forest and Mokena. AND Oak Forest has MACHINE gun shooting and 3gun! Seriously in Cook county. Who is shocked by NYC? Them that have get…

  3. My nearest FFL has a restaurant that serves alchool and an indoor range attached to it. Never heard of any incidents.

  4. So proud of what we were able to accomplish in Iowa. There’s more planned for next year! And the liberal tears make it taste even sweeter.

    This is my shocked face about NY permits. O_o

  5. ‘I’m just against mixing guns and alcohol under the same roof,’

    Can we just move past this myth, and that’s what it is a myth, that guns and booze can’t be mixed in any amounts without serious safety issues?

    It’s just not a big deal unless you’re a ninny and besides, I doubt the range allows people to shoot while/after drinking anyway.

    FFS, bar carry is legal here in Colorado and causes no issues. I carry every time I go to shoot pool and never once have I put down my beer and decided to just start a-blastin’ with my heater.

    • However, if you do decide to just start a-blastin’ with your heater, you should definitely put your beer down first. Don’t want to spill.

      • Hahaha, good point. Put down beer, shoot bad guy, drink beer while awaiting police to arrive, call lawyer, order another beer, ask cops if they want one when their shift is over (if they’re nice).

        As I’ve said before, drinking to excess while in possession of a firearm isn’t a good idea but if you can’t trust yourself with a holstered pistol after 1-3 drinks in a reasonable time frame (not three back to back shots, which you shouldn’t do anyway) then you probably should quit drinking or give up your burners. Maybe both. Learn some personal respons-a-frickin-bility and retry things later.

        • Guns are like car keys – as long as they stay in your pocket/holster they’re not going to hurt anyone regardless of how drunk you are. Here in Iowa you’re legal to carry up to 0.08%BAC. If you’re sober enough to drive you should be sober enough to carry.

        • Being armed in a bar is legal, not imbibing is not. Possession of a firearm while under the influence of alcohol is a violation of 18-12-106 C.R.S. Colorado doesn’t define a BAC for “under the influence.” It’s a class 2 misdemeanor if the police/DA decide to pursue it.

        • In Texas intoxicated is defined as “not having the normal use of mental or physical faculties by reason of the introduction of alcohol, a controlled substance, a drug, a dangerous drug, a combination of two or more of those substances, or any other substance into the body; OR (b) having an alcohol concentration of .08 or more.”

          The (b) part does not apply to carrying a firearm (there is debate about this in the criminal bar). It applies to pretty much everything else.

        • Anymouse

          18-12-106 doesn’t say that.

          That statute covers “Prohibited use of weapons”. The section on alcohol doesn’t define “under the influence” and that definition was adjudicated in People v. Beckett, 782 P.2d 812 (Colo. App. 1989) to be “too drunk to drive”. As such, you may consume liquor or beer while armed but it becomes illegal at 0.08BAC unless you’re under the influence of something else defined in C.R.S. 18-18-102 at the time, or, obviously intoxicated by the alcohol but with a BAC of lower 0.08 and therefore subject to DWAI laws.

          Just like Gov’s state, here in Colorado, if you can legally drive you can legally have a gun on you.

          One nasty thing about Colorado however is that self-defense, even within the home, is not a defense to violations of the this law so if you’re drunk when a home invasion happens you just have to hope that the cops are nice about it.

          This was covered extensively in my CCW class, which featured a Q&A with the Arapahoe County Prosecutor and I’ve also asked CSP about it.

  6. If the so called game didn’t throw factual statistics out the window, it would actually help our cause. Sadly, I’m sure (given its support from an anti group) it misrepresents the statistics (or ignores them entirely) and makes it closer to a 50/50 chance of the answer being one or the other instead of what it actually is.

    • I got 5 out of 5 correct so I’m not sure how effective their messaging is really.

      Being near deaf may have helped because the spouse asked what I was doing on the computer that was so dramatic.

      • 4/5 here, but don’t feel bad cause it’s the one the cops killed for acting a fool. The game is faggots and undermines their cause. Was handy to find my states reps #’s so I can make sure they support the bill, lol

  7. NYC: Not surprising. If something is in short supply, people will pay more for it. If it’s basically illegal, a black market forms, and you find … non-traditional, shall we say … payments as well as cash.

    NICS: good to hear. But past performance isn’t a predictor of future results, in any market.

    SA: Don’t care. Didn’t care about the Saint, don’t care this time around either, not even a little bit. Unless they’re trying to one-up Rock Island and releasing the long-awaited 0.9-mm derringer with a triple-stack clipazine, that is.

    I always try to pass WaPoo as quickly as possible.

    Chicagoland: I’ll bet these are the same people who think the particle accelerator at the nearby Argonne National Laboratory is what turns the deer white. (It’s not .. it’s the buried alien remains in the old “abandoned” chemistry building…)

    Airborne Kenny: Hello, Amtrak…?

    random anti-gun group: rights aren’t subject to popularity contests. Or at least they shouldn’t be. But if you really think they should be, let’s start with yours, shall we?

  8. Town of Willowbrook, please invest in a poster sign checker. What’s a “safff-tuh” ? And if there were no guns, that would include “here” and “anywhere”. Person holding a sign saying hear our voice. Hee-hee. I can’t take you seriously if this is your approach… Were y’all at the bar before this?!

  9. Anyone else get all 5 correct in the carrier or killer game? Not to hard to tell since all the killers had their guns in the up and ready position while all the carriers had them in holsters or slings and weren’t touching them with their hands.

  10. Lol. Game is funny. I got all correct except for Dylann Roof (he wasn’t a threat yet…) To take him out at that point would have been murder.

  11. I’m not sure I like the gun range/bar idea… There are already enough idiots at the range with poor gun handling skills. Are there people I trust to have a couple beers and shoot with? Yes. But not some guy who just bought his first firearm and gets a piece of brass down his shirt and jumps around like his feet are on fire.

  12. That kid with the “no guns anywhere” sign better start hitting the gym. Without the civilizing influence of guns, society returns to “rule by thug”, and little guys like him are going to be a toy for some bigger, stronger, meaner dude.

    I mean, I assume “no guns anywhere” includes those used by police, the military, etc – all those people who keep the savages at bay and let him live his coddled, easy life in upper-middle-class suburbia.

  13. Clearly ttag is not a jazz fan.
    Mr. Gorelick is quite talented and very successful. I like his work but abhor his politics.

  14. “…Any combination of firearms ammunition and alcohol sales under the same roof is a disaster waiting to happen in my opinion.”

    That’s nice. Now please share with us where you got the arrogant idea that your opinion should be the basis for what others are allowed to do or not do? What other things would you like for us to check with your first before doing?

  15. I read a couple months ago a review for a book on the guys who bust the NYPD’s bad apples. The author said a high-profile corruption case happened about every 20 years, and that they were due for another one. Looks like he was right.

  16. “Radical pro-gun forces such as the National Rifle Association … .” I don’t think they know what radical means. The NRA is not radical. I’ve only come across one or two pro-gun groups that are to the left of the NRA on gun laws. I can’t even remember all of the gun rights groups to the right of the NRA on gun laws.

    I guess radical is technically correct in that, for a pro-gun group, the NRA is radically liberal on gun laws.

  17. The new Springfield thing will probably be an American-made XD, or a modular XD in the same vein as the P320 and APX.

  18. “How can you tell what someone with a gun is going to do?”
    And how can you tell what someone without a gun is going to do?
    As sergeant Zim said: There are no dangerous weapons; there are only dangerous men.


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