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Parents’ fury after military instructor ‘taped rifle to pupil’s hands after she failed to hold it correctly’ – “Parents were left furious after a military instructor at a private school allegedly bullied a teenage girl by taping a rifle to her hands after she had trouble holding it properly. They were upset that former soldier Mark McAlister was allowed to continue working with children at Glasgow’s Kelvinside Academy after the allegations surfaced.” I think that’s called a code red.

Why did it take this long? . . . Trump administration fires Obama-appointed surgeon general who called gun violence a ‘public health issue’ – “Continuing its federal shakeups, the Trump administration dismissed Obama-appointed U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy on Friday — less than three years after he took the post under former President Barack Obama. Murthy was relieved of his duties effective immediately, and his position will be temporarily filled by Deputy Surgeon General Sylvia Trent-Adams as the White House looks for a replacement, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said in a statement.”

Chinese modern sporting rifles . . . Thousands of T91 rifles sold in US in one day: report – “More than 1,000 T91 assault rifles were sold in the US in a single day, the Chinese-language United Daily News reported, after the Ministry of National Defense began exporting the locally made weapon. Made by the ministry’s 205th Armory, the rifles were exported through the US-based Wolf Performance Ammunition, the first Taiwan-made small arms to be sold commercially, the report, published on April 10, cited sources as saying.”

Lawsuit Filed Against California’s Assault Weapons Control Act – “The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) today announced it is supporting, along with the California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA), an important Second Amendment lawsuit challenging California’s newly expanded Assault Weapons Control Act (AWCA). The suit, Rupp v. Becerra, seeks to have the courts declare the AWCA unconstitutional because the ill-conceived law will do nothing to stop terrorists or violent criminals, and infringes on the right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment.” It’s the ninth circuit. So they’re probably pinning their hopes on the Supreme Court taking the case.

Just don’t bring one to school . . . Ultimate Tactical Rubber-Band Guns, Ranked – “Ah, rubber-band fights: a schoolkid’s rite of passage. Let us fondly recall those heady days of desperately trying to nail our friends in the eyeballs — totally an accident, honest! — with a Mark 1 Mod 0 finger pistol, or the advanced delivery technology provided by a No. 2 pencil. For a select few, the rubber-band war continues well into adulthood, and this has led to quite an arms race. From Gatling-style rotary blasters to stretch-powered shotguns, these are the five most badass rubber-band cannons the internet has to offer.”

Building big beautiful walls . . . Barricades and security cameras: With more gun store thefts, owners arm themselves – “Gun store burglaries nationwide are on the rise. But Ron Quick isn’t too worried. For him, concrete barricades and security cameras — among other things — are enough to protect his business. He’s owned Quick’s Guns and Transfers in Kansas City, Kan., for about two years, opening it after closing Quick’s BBQ at the same location. The old dining room is the gun store’s display room. ‘I have no more concern now owning a gun store than I did with a restaurant, to be quite honest,’ Quick said. But the statistics show gun stores increasingly are becoming the targets of thieves.”

Isn’t this why tragic boating accidents were invented? . . . 100 years ago in Spokane: Federal agents confiscate guns owned by Germans – “In one example, Mrs. Alphonse Obergefell of Peaceful Valley turned in her old Springfield rifle, but exceedingly reluctantly. She told the marshal that she was an English woman and that her husband was an Alsatian. The marshal explained that ‘Alsace is listed as an enemy country’ and he had no choice but to consider him a German. ‘A German?’ retorted Mrs. Obergefell. ‘He is no German. One of his brothers is now fighting in the French army, and as for me, I had one brother killed in the English army in January …’ She went on to say that her husband was “more of a Frenchman than anyone now living in France.’ The marshal remained unmoved and asked Mrs. Obergefell if there were any other Germans in her neighborhood. ‘Well, if there are, you can find them yourself,’ she replied. ‘I ain’t telling about them.’”

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  1. Why did it take 95 days to get rid of Murthy? Trump has a helluva’ lot on his plate…and SG has no real power. What do you want to bet we’ll be hearing about Quick’s Guns being robbed? Quick seems a mite slow with his boast…

      • You know “puissant” means “all powerful”, right?

        adjective: puissant

        having great power or influence.

        I think the word you’re looking for there is “peasant.”

  2. People have largely forgotten that FDR’s internment camps – he got the idea from Woodrow Wilson.

    • Not that I’m pushing PBS but they just ran a very long American Experience about WW1. I knew Wilson was an evil racist progressive POS Democrat but it goes into vivid detail about his assault on those opposed to that BS war. Much worse than FDR(or Lincoln)…

      • Interesting. I’m kind of a WWI buff when it comes to history, so I started watching the series on You Tube. Got exactly 5:56 into the first episode (no significance I’m sure) and found the first glaring error. They said 9 million people were killed in the First World War. Nine million(+) soldiers were killed, counting civilians the death toll was at least twice that. Last I checked civilians are people too. I’ll slog on though…

        • 43:15 – Austria’s war with Serbia meant war with Russia and war with Russia meant war with Germany and that meant war with France and Britain. WRONG! Great Britain entered the war as protectors of Belgium, not France. Germany could have avoided war with Britain, but stuck with the Schlieffen Plan and attacked France through Belgium and thus forced Britain into the war.

      • When I was kid in the 1970s the evil of President Wilson was taught. But the Progressive message took priority in the 1980s. They had to protect his image because of the League of Nations.

        It was Glen Beck six years ago who started talking about the evil of Wilson on his Fox TV and radio show. I don’t trust PBS. But based on your comments I will check out the show.

        • That’s what they said about the Sith. Keep stomping, and wetting the ashes.

          I think it’s B.S. Think of all the fing cash those aholes cached over the last 8 years, Aholasaurus Soros is recruiting heavily. I think we’ll still do civil war, maybe before the end of Trump’s first term. He can free the slaves from the Democrats, again.

  3. I’m pretty sure a little tape on the hands isn’t a code red

    Then again, the ‘code red’ of the movie was involving active-duty Marines, not girls in a private school.

  4. You sent your daughter to a school that you knew, or should have known, has a mandatory CCF (Combined Cadet Force) coursework and you get mad when your daughter is treated like what she is, a cadet…


    • Ummm, the name of the country on the island of Taiwan is “Republic of China”. If you ask them, they are Chinese, and their government is the government of China. If you ask mainland China (aka “People’s Republic of China”), they ALSO will say that Taiwan is part of China, and the people there are Chinese. So if everyone, including the people that live there, refer to their country as China, and the people that live there as Chinese…. how exactly is it incorrect to refer to them as such?

  5. I used to make linoleum guns with heavy rubber bands, wood stocks and spring-loaded clothespins for triggers.

    Trust me, you did not want to be hit with a piece of linoleum shot by one of my linoleum guns.

  6. Its now ok to talk about the German Americans who lost everything including their rights during WW1.

    But its not ok to talk about the over 10,000 German American citizens who were put in concentration camps during world war 2. Just like the Japanese were. Crystal City Texas held thousands of German Americans, right next to the Japanese nisei. And thousands of Italian Americans were locked up as well. The progressive hero FDR did not discriminate.

    If they don’t write about the thousands of white people who lost their rights during world war two, it does makes it easier to call all white people racist if it was “just the Nisei” who were locked up.
    Five years ago Glen Beck interviewed several German Americans about this history and their time in FDRs camps.

    • Interesting. All these years and all my reading, and until now I hadn’t come across a single mention of ALL the people who were “interned” in WWII. Only the ones that make America look racist (as if the gov’t rounding up everyone it doesn’t like isn’t already bad enough).

      The progressive powers that be have done a really good job burying the history that doesn’t fit their agenda.

  7. “I think that’s called a code red.” No, you shouldn’t listen hollowood. In real life, it’s called training, and it’s a very inexpensive lesson compared with the alternative. Was the “child” at the “academy” 9? Then it’s harsh, but it’s still training, and her whole unit present was trained too.

    ISIS teaches their kids at age 4 to cut off heads of infidels, so it doesn’t really help to whine about tape.

    “Out of every 100 men, 10 shouldn’t even be there, 80 are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior and he will bring the others back. – Heraclitus

    Let your warriors breed warriors, and let them train the rest.

  8. dad changed the spelling of his first and middle names from ernst karl to ernest carl and joined the navy to avoid being swept up.
    that was back when german shepherds were known as alsatians.

  9. So the gun cover is a sock that makes it harder to draw your open carried gun, but is printed with the gun’s image so everyone knows you have a gun — in other words a product that eliminates the advantages of open carry while preserving the disadvantages.


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