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Two arrested after taking guns through Jack in the Box drive-thru in Antioch – “Two men were arrested Tuesday after police said they drove through the drive-thru of a Jack in the Box with guns. Two arrested after taking guns through Jack in the Box drive-thru in Antioch – Carlos Cabezas, 32, and Michael Ferreira, 19, both from Antioch, were armed with a rifle when they went through the drive-thru at the restaurant at 2505 A Street, Antioch police Sgt. Dimitri Barakos said. Officers arrested them after finding the two passed out in the car and also discovered a short-barreled shotgun, a military-style rifle, and an unspecified “large” amount of marijuana.”

Man allegedly pulled real gun on teens playing with Nerf guns in Edina – “A video circulating on Facebook shows a confrontation outside an Edina store between a group of teens playing with toy Nerf guns and a couple allegedly brandishing a real weapon at them. Edina police said no shots were fired and no arrests were made, but they are investigating the incident. According to the video posted on Facebook last Wednesday by one of the teens, the argument began after they allegedly were playing with Nerf guns inside an Edina store and then went outside in the parking lot after they refused to put away their toy guns.”

Blasphemy! . . . Blade Runner Pistol Is Being Turned Into…A Water Gun – “Blade Runner’s blaster already has a number of expensive replicas. This summer, it’s getting a water gun. Japanese gun model maker Ryosuke Takagi previously did his version of Deckard’s PKD Blaster from Blade Runner.


Widow wants hollow-point bullet ban – “The widow of a Racine delivery driver James Norris, who was gunned down on Racine’s north side in March 2016, is calling for a ban on hollow-point bullets that reportedly contributed to his death. ‘The guy bought the ammunition from Walmart that killed him,’ Stacy Blevins said. ‘You don’t buy hollow-point bullets unless you meant to kill him.’ According to Racine Police, Norris was shot to death March 25, 2016, in the 3900 block of Green Street. He was found in the street next to his car door at an apartment complex where he had just delivered food from his employer Super Steaks and Lemonade.

This should make it easier to throw up more roadblocks to final approval . . . Warner gun range deemed to have regional impact –  “The town of Hopkinton and the Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission will get their shot at a planned indoor gun range and retail store in Warner after that town’s planning board determined the potential for regional impact Monday night. The decision to give Hopkinton and the planning commission a voice as abutters will push back the potential for project approval for at least another two weeks.”

A shady character if ever we’ve seen one . .Prattville High student gets one-year expulsion for water gun incident – “A family is up in arms after their 16-year-old daughter was expelled from Prattville High School for having a water gun on campus. The Autauga County Board of Education expelled Sara Allena “Laney” Nichols in February for a year from all schools in the county and she was trespassed from school property and any extra-curricular activities for the same period. Her mother, Tara Herring, admits she had the water gun on campus, but questions the severity of the punishment.”

Watch as this ammo review goes horribly wrong:

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  1. Yes, ban hollow points, decrease ammo effectiveness and increase the likely hood of injuring bystanders, for safety!

    • Ban hollow points. The ultimate example of fear and ignorance overcoming intelligent discourse.

      The ban will only result in the deaths of more innocent bystanders.

    • I notice that in the linked article, there is absolutely no motive given for the killing, even though the police believe the killing was intentional.
      Was Jimmy involved in some shady activities? We don’t know.
      Does Stacey have some evidence that if Jimmy were shot by FMJ rounds he would be alive today? We don’t know.
      There’s a lot we don’t know, but I believe that hollow points aren’t marketed for the specific purpose of killing Jimmy.

  2. Thank you for posting that screenshot from Fox8 Cleveland.It clears up any misunderstanding form a post yesterday..

    I always enjoy this nightly feature, thank you!

  3. Hmmm…I carry HP ammo to stop the threat. And NOT shoot through the perp. I thought they was joshin’ about the “dark white skin” until I saw THIS. PC will get you killed.Expelled for a squirt gun! You get less for ASSaulting a teacher…home school people if at all possible.

  4. One of these days one of these school districts desperately needs to lose a multi-million dollar lawsuit. I nominate Prattville High School to take the fall so the rest of America’s school systems can take a reality check.

    • The problem is: if every parent pulled their kid from that school, the school district still gets their money… What a communist scam…

      • This is why they need to have the Keurig taken from the teachers’ lounge to pay for the plaintiff’s award.

      • “if every parent pulled their kid from that school, the school district still gets their money” NO, all people have to do is run for the school board. They are public schools people, you can fix them. Its called a school board.

    • They’ve handed the girl a federal discrimination suit she can’t lose.

      A boy brought a water pistol into the school, Laney took it out of the school and put it in her car. Another girl who saw him hand the gun to her reported them to the principal.

      Laney was kicked out of school for a year for removing a squirt gun from a school building. The boy who brought the squirt gun into the building was not disciplined. When he did it again, they gave him in school suspension.

  5. The dark white skin post is fake news. If you want a laugh, watch Steven Crowder’s video on YouTube about it.

    • Still, Jose’s Star Spangled Banner was IMHO one of the most inspirational renditions I’ve ever heard. It’s too bad it ruined his career. Well other than Chico and the Man.

  6. I’m as much against PC as anyone, but search “dark white skin” and check out Snopes and other sources. This looks like fake news as much as anything. Let’s fight the good fight on the side of truth.

    • This highlights a major difference between TTAG and a huge news agency like the New York Times.

      TTAG doesn’t have the resources to fully verify every story, but they try to. A “fake news” story gets published on TTAG occasionally.

      The New York Times does have the resources to fully verify every story, but they don’t try to. Most of the stories on the NYT contain some elements of “fake news”.

  7. Congrats to the new couple!!
    He’s got a real cutie there.

    Remember the Four Rules of Marriage…
    Happy wife, happy life.
    You can be right, or you can be happy.
    W.A.I.T. ( Why Am I Talking)
    Whenever you get a new gun, she gets… whatever she wants!

    Live long & prosper

    • ‘He’s got a real cutie there.’

      Busty redhead, what could possibly go wrong. Just grab the rope and pray you can last 8 seconds.

        • I assume any woman with tattoos on her upper thighs is a slut.
          But that’s just my assumption.
          And not that there’s anything wrong with being a slut.

        • Who said anything about her not being a ‘nice girl’. Just a fact of life, if you strap a rope on a bull and jump on his back you’re in for a wild ride. Doesn’t mean the it’s not a nice bull.

    • Nothing so sexy as a woman who knows how to shoot! But lose the nose ring, lady. It just makes you look stupid.

    • I dunno, they’ve been involved in two recent incidents where they had to draw their weapons?? Either they are in a really, really bad neighborhood and need to move (and apparently haven’t figured that out yet) or they are looking for trouble. I’m suspicious.

  8. You guys managed to, yet again, fall for a hoax (the Fox 8 Cleveland story). There’s this new thing called Google you can use if you don’t want to look foolish and continue dumbing down humanity by spreading this stuff.

    Or you can look at the text of the word “white” and see that the style isn’t the same as the rest of the infograph.

    • By gum, you’re right. The sad thing is, the journalistic establishment displays so much ignorance and stupidity already that things like this just fly right under the radar.

  9. Completely off topic here. I work in gun store in SW Pennsylvania. We are not a class 3 shop. But today we received a letter from the ATF instructing us on all the rules and regulations on suppressor sales and transfers. I know some of the TTAG commenters also work in the Firearms industry and was curious if anyone else has encountered this. I have no pipe dream that this means the HPA passing is immenent, but it does give one hope.

  10. “Watch as this ammo review goes horribly wrong:”

    It went wrong? She said yes!

    Dan, is that some kind of Freudian slip on the state of your marriage?

    I sure hope not, she might get to keep the gun safe…

    • Yeah, if that “went wrong” then I don’t know what right would have been.

      SHAME ON YOU DAN! Shame…

  11. Dark white huh? I’ll give him a pass on that. Try going to the cosmetics section of a department store and asking for face powder for your wife or girlfriend.

  12. Congrats to the husband and wife to be. That really warmed my stone cold heart, but then again I don’t know what human affection is.

  13. I realize it’s every gun owner’s responsibility to know the laws, but, this law against taking guns through the drive through is a new one to me.
    I don’t eat fast food but seeing as I am always armed when driving, I would certainly be in violation.

      • Well that would have been a nice piece of information that could have even been included in the headline.
        I mean it isn’t like they were limiting words. The first three sentences repeated the same thing.

        • Well certainly not stellar reporting. Not the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree here. But regardless of the reason for the call to the police, they had a short barreled shot-gun and something called an ‘illegal assault weapon’ (whatever that is), a bunch of pot and one of them was a felon in possession of a firearm, so whatever the brandishing or whatever was, it’s the least of their worries now.


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