Vedder Holsters Daily Digest: Personnel is Policy, A Left Coast Win and Suing for Carry Rights in New York

These Trump DOJ Appointees Could Be Instrumental in Shaping National Firearm Laws – “Taking a cue from ProPublica, which disclosed many of the names, we examined the gun-rights records of some the newly installed officials at the department. Most of the DOJ appointees whose backgrounds The Trace reviewed had neither clear ties to the gun lobby or the firearms industry, nor had they publicly staked out strong positions on gun issues. But these three lawyers — plus a fourth, Brett Talley, appointed to the Office of Legal Policy — bring pro-gun views to a federal agency that has significant sway over national firearms laws and regulations. Already, in the first months of Trump’s term, the Justice Department has made two quiet moves toward loosening gun restrictions.”

The Daily Fail pronounces Jorg Sprave a dangerous trainer of terrorist techniques . . . Google blood money: Web giant cashes in on vile seven-minute video showing ‘knife expert’ penetrating a stab vest like the one worn by murdered Westminster PC – “A Mail on Sunday investigation today exposes how Google has cashed in on a sickening YouTube video that shows viewers how to kill someone in a stab vest like the one worn by PC Keith Palmer when he was murdered in the Westminster terror attack. The vile video was online for six months before the outrage and could be viewed for days afterwards, despite widespread warnings that UK jihadis use such material for training. The seven-minute film, entitled How To Pierce A Stab Proof Vest, demonstrates how to plunge a knife through protective body armour and has been viewed nearly a quarter of a million times – generating thousands of pounds in advertising revenue.”

Super Clean® Adds a .45 ACP Offering to Its Lineup With more recreational pistol shooters than ever before and more interest among those shooters in becoming better prepared and more proficient behind the trigger, Winchester Ammunition continues to answer the demand for better performing, yet affordable ammunition options when it comes to training at the range. Enter the brand’s Super Clean line, which in 2017, will add a .45 ACP offering to the lineup.

A rare win in California . . . Agents seized 500 guns and 100,000 rounds of ammo from a family. They got them back. – “Under the California APPS system, teams of special agents of the attorney general travel through the state in black SUVs in search of those barred from possessing firearms by state law, including felons and those diagnosed as mentally unstable. The agents who went to Sheakalee’s home seized 209 handguns, 88 shotguns, 234 rifles, 181 standard capacity magazines, 100,000 rounds of ammunition and 10 guns designated assault weapons under California law, including a .50 caliber bolt-action rifle. Coleman, the attorney for Sheakalee, argued that the majority of the guns were bolt-action rifles and shotguns used for hunting along with legal handguns. The assault weapons were registered with the Department of Justice and all the weapons were in a locked safe with an alarm system, he said.”

Walther decided to take a look at a bunch of things that are thicker than the Walther PPS M2. Here are a few of them. Comment here if you have anything unique or interesting that the PPQ M2 is “Thinner Than” and you MIGHT just win a Walther hat or shirt. We’re cool like that.

Another one of those successful armed self defense situations that never happen . . .  Armed Robber Killed By Single Bullet From Man Who Refused To Be A Victim – “A 19-year-old man was identified by police after he was shot and killed by a single round fired from his intended victim. The deceased suspect and an accomplice attempted to rob a man on the street. That man ended up having a gun of his own and fired the single shot that killed Kylin Spencer.”

Good luck with that . . . New York ‘May Issue’ Arrogance Forces Gang Target to Sue – “A New York man who was targeted for death by the leader of an outlaw motorcycle club has filed suit against Suffolk County, its police commissioner and three officers for denying his application to carry a concealed firearm, Courthouse News Service reports. Sean McCarthy had been beaten and stabbed ‘at least seven times’ by Pagans gang members ‘in the late 1990s,’ when, as a nightclub manager, he’d refused to be extorted. The group’s leader admitted in court during his guilty plea that he’d ordered McCarthy’s murder.”

Zombie Apocalypse LIVE (ZAL) is a tactical, live action, video game like zombie shooting experience. You and your team will use infrared military training replicas to clear apocalyptic and infested areas where the undead have invaded.   The zombies will be wearing cutting – edge head shot targets that will flash to indicate a hit. Beware! Some zombies may need to be hit more than once to be taken down!

Ruger is excited to announce that the Ruger® Gunsite Scout Rifle is now chambered in .450 Bushmaster. A natural extension of the Gunsite Scout Rifle line, the .450 Bushmaster model offers big-bore, high-energy performance in a compact and handy rifle. Weighing 6.6 pounds, this version of the Gunsite Scout Rifle features a 16.10″, 11/16″-24 threaded barrel with a 1:16 twist rate, offers controlled round feed and ships with a 4-round detachable box magazine.

Do you have what it takes to be a Glockerator? . . . GLOCK Professional Launches GLOCK Operator Training Course – “GLOCK Professional has announced the launch of the GLOCK Operator Training Course for continuing marksmanship education. The intensive, two-day shooting course was created to offer an affordable form of continuing education in marksmanship and the use of the GLOCK pistol to clients. The course, which has been designed and vetted by military and law enforcement, and combat veterans with real world experience, offers instruction to sharpen the skills of newly trained shooters and seasoned operators alike.”

Do We Need A One-Editorial-A-Month Law? – In an uninformed rant about a one-gun-a-month law proposed by Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, the completely ignored the fact that it is already illegal for straw purchasers to buy handguns in Virginia and then sell them on the streets in New York. The editorial, headlined “How Many Guns Do You Need?” concludes, ‘An ordinary citizen shouldn’t need to buy more than 12 guns in a year, and a dangerous one shouldn’t be able to.’ Limiting the number of guns law-abiding people can buy doesn’t actually have anything to do with straw sales, which already break federal laws. In truth, one-gun-a-month laws set a bad and unconstitutional precedent, namely, that government can limit the frequency with which a law-abiding citizen may exercise a constitutionally protected right.



  1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    Well, if you want to be a real collector, it’s going to take 42 years if you’re only allowed to purchase one firearm/month.

    1. avatar anonymoose says:

      Why 504?

    2. avatar BLoving says:

      Hey Gov, ya think we’d get thrown out if we showed up at a Glock training course with a Ruger? I’m thinking a nice cheap 9E or a fancier SR9c.
      And as for the stabbing business, it reminds me I still want that chainmail vest I’ve been thinking of for my “going somewhere” ensemble. For some reason, getting shanked scares me more than getting shot…

      1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

        As far as the Gloperator school, I’m allergic to striker pist ols. Break out in hives any time I get near the dang things. So you’ll have to take that on by yourself. I guess I’ll never get to be an ‘operator’.

        Chain mail is great, just make sure you get 100% Elvish mithril. No sense going cheap on body armor.

        1. avatar Tietonian says:

          It was Dwarves who mined and made stuff out of mithril…

      2. avatar SteveO says:

        Chain mail is great….til the ice pick comes along….

        1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

          Do you really think the elves didn’t think of ice picks?

        2. avatar Tietonian says:

          When properly riveted (not butted), hardened, and backed by an appropriate amount of impact absorbing material (soft ballistic panels?) mail will not easily be penetrated by an icepick.

      3. avatar Matt(TX) says:

        I am a member of a middle ages recreationist group. Chain armor will not stop a hard thrust from a knife, neither will kevlar. It’s just not that great an armor. It can stop a slash, so it’s better than nothing. If the bad guy has a hammer or club it will do you no good at all. It is also rather heavy.

  2. avatar Geoff PR says:

    I’m surprised and glad that Cali family got their modest ‘starter’ gun and ammo collection back.

    Any word how much that cost them in attorney fees?

    1. avatar Red in CO says:

      Way less than it cost them to buy 500 guns and 100k rounds of ammo….

    2. avatar sagebrushracer says:

      color me shocked. this is the first bit of news from the state in which i reside that you could consider good.

      hell, if a lawyer can put “returned 500 guns and 100,000 bullets to owner in CA” on they’re resume, that is gold all bye its self.

  3. avatar Stinkeye says:

    “…all the weapons were in a locked safe…”

    That’s a big f—ing safe.

    1. avatar David says:

      I think they misspelled “vault”.

  4. avatar Nine says:

    Is Ruger planning on making the rest of the GSR line in the wood stock?

    1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

      Now if they can only make those mags double stack…

  5. avatar Mark N. says:

    Meanwhile, a so-called “shall issue” bill proposed by one of the nearly extinct Republican members of the California Legislature unsurprisingly failed to get voted out of the Public Safety Committee today, on an expected party line vote. I say “so-called” because all it sought to accomplish was to set a uniform standard in all California counties for “good cause,” defined as “merely” a serious threat of injury. This would contract CCW issuance in most of the state but expand it in the no-to-minimal issue counties controlled by the Democratic Party. Most of the northern and eastern counties of California are “virtual shall issue” where “self-defense” is considered sufficient good cause for issuance.

  6. avatar DaveL says:

    And guess what? Armed robber Kylin Spencer is now up on as a “victim of gun violence.” SMFH.

    1. avatar Button Gwinnet says:

      He got violent. A gun was used to end his violence. I’m OK with that.

    2. avatar bryan1980 says:

      The only violence he was a victim of was his own.

  7. avatar Button Gwinnet says:

    A GLAWK “Operator?” Give me a damn break. I don’t carry a GLAWK brand GLAWK because my hand shape makes them less than easy to point. The “perfection” thing makes my eyes roll. Now this? That 350# video game champion with a G19 between his fat rolls is a GLAWK Operator?

  8. avatar Ladd Boid says:

    Why are all the Glockerators Weavering on the line?

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Because Glock don’t allow no Isocelerating.

  9. avatar TexTed says:

    That New York case looks like an ideal one to sue over, and then appeal the loss, and appeal again, and appeal again, straight up to the newly-Gorsuch’d Supreme Court. And when that happens, there’s a fair to middlin’ chance that “may issue” laws will be sent straight to the colorectal hell where it belongs.

    I hope Alan Gura takes up the case.

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      Maybe, although he doesn’t seem to be challenging ‘may issue’, per se. He’s arguing that he had the necessary cause, not that there should be no standard of necessary cause.

  10. avatar Defens says:

    …the Glockerator course was designed and vetted by Only Ones…. LMAO…

  11. avatar Tietonian says:

    What does a bolt-action .450 Bushmaster do that a lever-action .45-70 cannot?

  12. avatar Ing says:

    “Under the California APPS system, teams of special agents of the attorney general travel through the state in black SUVs…”

    So stereotypical. I wonder if they wear jackboots, too, when they’re out on their appointed rounds violating people’s civil rights…

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