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Jesse Ventura has an idea! No, it’s not about Big Foot’s secret FEMA death camp involvement in the Twin Towers attack. To protect our kids from criminals, crazies and/or terrorists, the former Minnesota governor reckons schools should hire gun-toting ex-cops and vets to . . . sweep the floors and kill active shooters.

It fits with the NRA’s post-Newtown proposal and yes, sounds crazy. But it just might work! Only . . .

State schools — more or less owned, but certainly operated by left-leaning unions — would have to change their hiring practices to favor janitors who can operate operationally. Administrators would have to assume the “risk” of gun-toting janitors who go rogue (as opposed to non-gun toting janitors who commit sex crimes).

How about we let teachers, administrators, staff and parents exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right on school grounds? That way you’d have more than one armed defender. Which reminds me . . .

Donald Trump promised to repeal and not replace Bush the Elder’s Gun Free School Zones Act. On his first day in office, no less. Not that he has the power to do so without an act of Congress. But still. Still we wait . . .

Despite the President’s press secretary’s semi-assurance in January that he’d get to it. Eventually. Meanwhile, maybe Mr. Ventura’s Under Siege strategy does have merit. Your thoughts?

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    • Why is it the news surpasses news events that might embarrass the federally funded indoctrination union? Why not focus on the problems and crimes committed on Our Children within THE SYSTEM? There is a reason that Parents are “opting” for school vouchers in lieu of State Education/ Indoctrination.
      Cheap Labor Janitors working as Building Engineer’s assistant, IF not vetted, can be problematic. Teachers that teach TO SUBMIT can be proved to be a part of the PROBLEM.

  1. The Body has had worse ideas in the past. With his erratic mannerisms and temperament, it’s surprising that he wasn’t tapped as a presidential advisor. On the bright side, maybe this will provide some well needed employment for a few veterans.

  2. The High School I went to had a cop who’s beat was the High School. He was a very cool guy and was always respected. This was not in a “bad” area either. It was a middle class town with very little crime. It was just something the city did and it worked great.

  3. What are these “loopholes at gun things” that he wants to stop?

    Is Jesse against trigger guards or something?

  4. Why does a libertarian want to put armed uniformed government guards into schools? Why doesn’t he support staff and teachers having CCWs??? Out of sight out of mind. The bad guy won’t know who is armed. I use to like Gov Ventura. He is an opportunistic creep. Maybe he always was.

    • “Why does a libertarian want to put armed uniformed government guards into schools? Why doesn’t he support staff and teachers having CCWs???”

      In that video clip, Ventura is asking why *don’t* we have military trained support staff and teachers carrying concealed.

      He further adds that it should be between the principal and those carrying *only*…

      • Jesse Ventura says NOTHING about armed teachers or support staff (beyond janitors) in the video clip referenced in this article. He only advocates for armed janitors.

      • I have seen as many as 8 to 10 people working in the front office of elementary schools here in Kentucky. If All of those staff members had a gun at Sandy Hook, that evil teenager would have never gotten past the hall way entrance and into a classroom full of innocent children.

        The first line of defense in any school is the school staff located in the front of the school building. The last line of defense is the individual teacher in her classroom with the children. And 90% of elementary school teachers and staff in american elementary schools are female. The janitors are located far from the entrance to the school building. It seems it has been a long time since Gov Ventura has been inside an american elementary school building.

  5. Could you imagine the cabinet if the Body ever got elected POTUS?
    H.H.H. as A.G., KoKo B. Ware as H.U.D. director, Vince McMahon as C.I.A. director, Ted Dibiase heading up the Treasury dept. Hulk Hogan as Press sec. Its too bad that Macho Man Randy Savage isn’t still alive…could you imagine the White House press breifing he’d give! Ooohh YEAH!

  6. A good simunitions active shooter course for LE can be done in a weekend (often paid for with federal grants). Stretch that out for two for non-LE to account for teaching relevant use of force laws and room clearing; three to add range-time and make sure someone can pass a qual course. Think we can find one or two staff members at a school willing to give up three weekends a year? I suspect so.

  7. I sincerely thought this guy was dead. No joke. Now I can’t remember where that idea came from…

    • I keep hoping this scumbag drops dead but he hasn’t yet. Few people are bigger scumbags than Ventura.

  8. How come when it comes down to “regular” public schools. It’s like were talking about turning them into a ” penitentiary, or penal colony”. What does this due to a mind-set that’s supposed to promote higher learning, freedom, and liberties…? How come its NOT the same if it were a “Private school” of higher learning…Some place where Prez. Bush, or Obama sent their kids….A place for the ruling class…How come they don’t have the same problems as the institutions of ” unwashed masses”?

  9. Never heard the bigfoot, FEMA spin on 9/11, but have still yet to hear anyone conclusively explain how Bldg 7 collapsed, or how the BBC reported its collapse 45 minutes before it actually happened.

    • It got blown the hell up, just like the other two. We had to make sure dick cheney didnt get caught stealing a few trillion and whackin it up between him and his buds. Plus, we needed an excuse to get back into the middle east and we had this plan hanging around since it was proposed to JFK to use as an excuse to go into cuba.

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