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Must be an oversight . . . Even After Being Caught, CDC Still Hasn’t Corrected Accidental Gun Death Data in Database, Causes Errors by Others – “In January 2016, Dr. John Lott contacted the CDC to alert them to a mistake in their numbers for 2014 on accidental gun deaths.  The total was clearly a 100 larger than it actually was (the error arose because of mistakes in Tennessee’s data, and the mistake was so large it noticeably impacted the national number accidental deaths that year, raising the reported number from 486 to 586). Finally, in October 2016, the CDC acknowledged their error, but they never corrected the data on the website.  Unfortunately, since they never made the corrections, others are making mistakes when they use the data. Now even reputable organizations such as the National Safety Council are using the erroneous data and drawing incorrect conclusions.”

Here’s a bulletin . . . Sorry: Still No Proof Gun Control Decreases Murder and Mayhem – “In this age of waxing laws and waning freedoms, a notable exception to the pattern of ever-tightening restrictions is gun prohibitions. New Hampshire no longer requires a license for the carrying of a concealed, loaded firearm; Florida is considering eliminating all “gun-free zones” (e.g., at schools); and Iowa may institute a “Stand your ground” provision and lower the age at which children could use handguns, to cite a few examples. Such measures are politically palatable because, increasingly, Americans don’t believe in gun control—except insofar as it means hitting your target. Related to this, fear of government intrusion after Barack Obama’s 2008 election sparked a firearms-buying spree; likewise, many more black Americans are reportedly now purchasing guns in the wake of Donald Trump’s ascendancy.”

It’s all they have  . . . Anti-Gunners’ Preposterous Arguments Against Suppressors – “Were one to rely solely upon Hollywood movies for one’s general impressions of the world’s jagged edges and contours, one would end up with a rather limited grasp on reality. The silver screen can be many things—artful, imaginative, a source of much-needed escapism after a long day at work—but accurate it is usually not. And nowhere is this more noticeable than in the realm of firearms. Lately, as the Hearing Protection Act of 2017 has begun to wend its way through Congress, this limitation has become even more apparent than usual.”

OMG! Assault gloves! OMG! . . . Hamilton police: We don’t issue ‘assault gloves’ to frontline officers – “Hamilton police said Tuesday they don’t issue so-called ‘assault gloves’ to frontline officers and the gloves are “not approved for use” for officers. The reinforced gloves made by Oakley are raising questions across Ontario in the wake of a CBC News investigation into their use after the death of an Ottawa man last year. ‘I can say that the hard carbon fibre-plated gloves … are not gloves issued by the Hamilton Police Service,’ said Hamilton police Const. Stephen Welton. ‘Nor is any member of the Hamilton Police Service authorized to use those gloves in the course of their duties.'”

No reason you can’t look good while packing . . . Meet The Woman Who Created A Lifestyle Brand For Women Who Wear Heels And Carry A Gun – “Emily Valentine launched Style Me Tactical with a specific woman in mind: She wears a gun on her hip and heels on her feet. This isn’t your average lifestyle brand. On her website, her Instagram feed (she’s got nearly 13,000 followers), and her Twitter account, Valentine offers lifestyle advice and style inspiration to women who are armed, fashionable, and firearm-savvy.”

Oh Mal . . . Gunsmith uses 19th Century technology to fight California’s ridiculous gun laws – “To comply with California’s ridiculously ineffective SB 880 gun law, AR-15 owners must use a fixed magazine. With this configuration, shooters must disassemble the firearm in order to load a second magazine. Gunsmiths across the country have been developing new concepts to sidestep these backwards laws. Mean Arms went the other direction and looked to past technology for inspiration. Meet the MA Loader, a detachable polymer loading device that attaches to the weapon’s ejection port. What’s basically a 10-round stripper clip in a plastic guide lets the shooter rapidly feed fresh rounds into the fixed magazine. After the MA Loader is removed the bolt slams shut and chambers the first round.”

Oops . . . Man killed in Fayetteville standoff was using rifle officer left on bed, chief says – “Gatson chased officers with a rifle, threatened to shoot officers and, when told to put his weapon down, replied that officers would have to kill him to end the situation, police officials have said. Wednesday, the interim chief said that the weapon Gatson used to chase officers, and which he refused to drop, was one police had found, but failed to remove from the scene.”

Oops again.

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  1. Re: the Means vid…

    Ya can’t stop the signal.

    Dang! I may get a couple of those anyway. They look very efficient.
    They in .308?

  2. That new technology looks remarkably similar to a device invented by Paul Mauser.

  3. Silver Screen – Much anti-gun rhetoric originate with morons who live like kings and queens from the proceeds of movies wherein they use guns, knives, fists and vehicles to solve problems.

    Sorry: Still No Proof Gun Control Decreases Murder and Mayhem – USA, France, England, Mexico, etc isn’t proof enough?

    Anti-Gunners’ Preposterous Arguments Against Suppressors – Reportedly, you can easily and legally buy a suppressor in GERMANY. If you can buy in Germany, I would imagine the rest of the EU allows it. (Can anyone verify this?)

    Assault gloves! – As far back as at least the 1970s, cops have worn “assault gloves”. Black, leather, with a stuffing over the knuckles made of powdered lead. I recall inspections where supervisory personnel checked for unauthorized gear. After the inspection, the gear was swapped out for equipment better suited to survival on the streets. Saps were especially common practice in eastern metro areas. Kel Lite/Maglite flashlights replaced nightsticks.

    Oops again. (Ball State) – Back when they mandated that toy guns have a bright orange cap on the barrel so cops knew it was a toy. My first thought was… if I was a gangbanger the first thing I would do would be paint the end of the barrel on my firearm bright orange. The few seconds of hesitation by a cop and he’d be dead. And, if I was a kid with a toy gun, I’d paint the orange cap black. That way my peers would think I was totally bad! It was bad enough back when I drew down on a teen with what appeared to be a 44 revolver but was really a Crossman pellet gun. If it looked like he was going to fire at me I could have taken him out and been justified. Still, I would have had to live with it. The majority of civilians have no concept of being a cop and coming so close to life and death decisions. You can do the right thing and still lose.

    • It is generally easier to get a silencer (oops i meant suppressor) in europe. in england its a lot easier to get then a gun.

    • Yep on the ‘orange muzzle’.

      And if you have a threaded barrel picking up something like a KAK Flash Can and painting it orange would definitely make it look more like a toy. HUGE orange muzzle device 🙂

  4. It should not matter even if gun control *does* work, and the more restrictions applied the safer we all are. The unalienable RIGHT to KBA is not affected by such things. It’s the price of freedom. To hell with all the studies. Who lives by stats, dies by stats. Keep your eye on the ball.

    • Never a June bug, but I have caught gravel and a bee bare knuckle at highway speed on a bike (also both of those plus hail to the face, highway). And those gloves to look alot like a pair of riding gloves that a friend of mine has.

      • I have a pair very much like that. Armored knuckles, back of hand, and the upper-most part of each finger.

        Gravel trucks out here are rampant, and they dump crap all over when they are driving. Wish it were just the trucks, but then normal cars and trucks throw up the rocks when they drive over them. Joy all day for us riders.

    • I flew into a bird on my Gold Wing at about 80 once. It went right through the windshield, hit me in the right shoulder, and came close to knocking me off the bike. And, many bugs on the knuckles (and face) on my 750.
      Lots of times, those gloves are not much more than protective gear.

  5. Did anyone else identify it as a Nerf gun from the first split-second clip aside from me? Sure, it’s painted to look tacticool, but it’s clearly not real-steel.

  6. This MEAN Arms device is brilliant. Ordered one to test, just for fun. They state they are working on models for other calibers/rifles and advise against using steel cased ammunition with it but do not specify a reason for that.

    • You ever loaded steal cased ammo by hand? Brass, and nickel, has a smooth surface that allows the case to glide easily in contact with other cases. Trying to load steal cased ammo, even ten rounds of 9mm in a Glock magazine, I have to take a break half way through and the last couple rounds are a pain in the ass.
      I’m sure they tried steal cases in this device and it kept jamming up.

      • I have never used steel cased ammo. I understand there’s enough milsurp steel cased 7.62×39 in the world to last through the next two world wars, but I can’t understand how steel cases wouldn’t wear out gun parts quicker than brass or aluminum.

        • There are a lot of mil-surps designed to take steel cases.
          Just a few: AK, SKS, Mosin-Nagant.
          The cases are all tapered, to make extraction much easier; .223/5.56 in steel just doesn’t extract as easily.
          I have no problems loading my steel cased ammo for those rifles designed for it. I did try steel cased ammo in my P-95 mags; much harder to load than brass, and wouldn’t feed reliably.
          Yes, thankfully, there is much surplus steel cased ammo left. Some of it in my house. 🙂

      • Michael, broad spray with a little, and I mean a little, Rem Oil. It helps a lot. I’ve had to load 1,000 steel case AK rounds i a weekend and I know what you are feeling.

      • I have used steel case ammo in AR -15s and SKS rifles, but never in any pistols. The Mean Arms video shows the loading process is very fast. I suspect the rounds probably have to roll against each other to some extent and steel cases would bind-up, as you have said.
        The SKS fed steel cases just fine, but I had some binding in the magazine with .223 rounds having steel cases and only used them once. I think they were Wolf or Tul. Fed okay mostly, but seemed to get “stuck” in the magazines every so often requiring manual intervention to continue firing.

  7. I searched out the “Style Me Tactical” page (Since the Daily Digest refrained from offering a link) and have looked at about 5 of her articles without yet seeing a gun.

    Lots of camo-pattern stuff, but it’s kinda useless unless she explains what gun she is allegedly concealing, where it’s located in the ensemble, and how accessible it would be in an emergency situation.

    Otherwise it’s just “Let’s look pretty in BDU-inspired clothes”.

  8. Speaking of “silencers,” what always amazed me was how much the movies and TV showed them able to make snub-nosed revolvers as quiet as a mouse’s sneeze.

  9. Ever see a woman try to move fast or run in high heels? Not saying some can’t do a little of that with a lot of practice, but in a self defense situation it might very well make the difference between life and death. Of course, it’s her life to risk that way… I’m glad she carries, naturally, but high heels seem truly insane to me in any circumstance, let alone self defense.

    I wear L.L. Bean duck boots much of the time, or other sturdy shoes that let me move easily and don’t threaten me with a broken ankle. I’m ready to MOVE, as well as to shoot, whenever necessary. But then, I live in rural Wyoming. 🙂 Have not seen a woman in high heels in a long time.

    • I see a lot of women in high heels. I live with one. She carries too. I just don’t get the correlation. It’s more style and less tactical and a whole lot of me. Looks like self promotion in a culture of self promotion.

    • High heels aren’t exactly tight; I’m sure the idea is that she’s kick them off if she had to run. That said, I do agree that it’s bad from a general defensive standpoint. But it’s a compromise; life is full of them. TTaG is almost entirely die hards, so it’s can be easy for us to forget that not everyone bases their entire outlook and dress choices around a defensive mindset.

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