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“99.9% of situations where people want a body worn camera for ‘accountability’ has absolutely nothing to do with an officer firing their weapon. Therefore; a weapon mounted camera would be useless.” – Boston Police Patrolman’s Association president Patrick Rose in Gun-mounted cameras create unique perspective for police activities [via]

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  1. Oh but think of the possibilities. A constantly scanning camera paired with facial recognition capabilities will be a wondrous boon for the police state.

    What began as a call for accountability is going to evolve into a great tool of oppression scanning, tracking and cataloging every face everywhere.

    So chillax Mr. police union guy. Unless his real concern is that ED-209 is coming to take his job.

    • “What began as a call for accountability is going to evolve into a great tool of oppression scanning, tracking and cataloging every face everywhere.”

      You can strike the “going to”. We’re already way down that road with license plate readers, facial rec is just trailing a bit.

      • And don’t forget that if the information exists, it will eventually be used. Maybe not your info, or mine, but someone will have that kind of information used against them. I’m thinking like how traffic cams have been used by the irs, or the phone records that big daddy wasn’t collecting…

        • We have *lots* of traffic cams here in Florida, and they are indeed used for things that have nothing to do with traffic.

          Local LE I know have told me they are highly useful in crime solving.

          Video proof of where you were when you claimed to be somewhere else.

          Add to that cellphone location data and dumb asses who brag about their ‘exploits’ on social media (read, Facebook), the cops are having an easier and easier job of busting people.

          I’m convinced it’s stuff like that that are driving gun murder rates down, it’s getting harder and harder to kill folks and not get caught, therefore, fewer and fewer people will risk even making the attempt…

  2. While I also have my doubts as to the utility of gun-mounted cameras, my gut (and life experience) tell me that if the union is against it, it’s probably a good thing.

  3. You don’t accessorize a weapon if you don’t have to. Nothing should be mounted on a weapon that doesn’t make the weapon more usable.
    That, and the reason given in the quote are both valid.

    • This is my problem here. The body cam arguments are not what I’m worried about- cops already being fitted with more crap all over. Leave the gun alone.

      Holster device that starts body cam upon weapon being unholstered? Fine.

      Putting stuff on a gun that doesn’t need to be there and provides no benefit in a firefight? No.

  4. I agree that weapon mounted cameras have limited utility, particularly since they usually don’t capture the events that led to the shooting, only the shooting itself.

    That said, I don’t mind cameras on cops at all. If it were feasible, I would even have a drone detach itself from the patrol vehicle and hover over the scene for an aerial view. Everybody needs to be accountable for their actions, particularly law enforcement.

    • When the police control the message that comes out, restricts media access to law enforcement-captured footage, hides behind union lawyers, etc., it’s really hard to feel like they’re being held accountable for their actions.

      • That’s the problem, they have control over the footage and they shouldn’t. How much dash cam footage has “mysteriously disappeared” over the years.

      • Police have little control over the message that comes out if the press likes a different message. For example, “hands up, don’t shoot.”

    • Yep. I’m still waiting for the push for cameras in the operating room where malpractice and resultant deaths can and do occur. How about the classroom and coach’s office where teachers and coaches may abuse children or promote their political agenda. Plumbers,electrician and mechanics should wear cameras also to ensure they aren’t scamming their customers. Food prep workers so everyone can see food is prepped properly and no one spit in it. Lets make sure that every car and truck has a camera that shows what the driver is doing as well as the road so we can reduce the great number of traffic deaths and prosecute the drivers who are on their cell phone or otherwise not paying attention. Good idea.

      • All of those are voluntary interactions except the surgeons in some cases. it’s not like a auto mechanic is going to stop you on your way to work and swap out your fan belt because he has a certain number of belts he has to change a month.

  5. “99.9% of situations where people want a body worn camera for ‘accountability’ has absolutely nothing to do with an officer firing their weapon.”

    Easy there with the numbers. Weapon mounted cameras could just be a hindrance- and God forbid it somehow interfere with a situation- I do like the drone idea.

  6. Perhaps we should consider stethoscope mounted cameras. If the honest goal is to catch as many people as possible in the act of killing other people wouldn’t that be far more effective?

  7. How about a ‘politician-mounted camera’? That gets surgically installed when they take office, cannot be turned off, and live streams 24/7?

    We’d have a lot less lifetime pols. And free reality TV.

    I’d give a provision for turning it off when they unzip their fly or remove clothing, however, we’d just end up with pols doing deals in the bath house, and miss all the couch favors. 😉

  8. This quote is taken from a story in which all the information is not provided in the story. I saw another story about these camera’s in which the reporter actually talked to the manufacturer of the gun camera. He said his camera is to be used in conjunction with a body camera and is not intended to replace the body camera.

    I think in this situation, the gun cameras make a lot of sense, especially form the body camera videos I have seen in which there is way too much movement on the camera to see what is really going on.

    Bottom line; quote taken out of context from a story taken out of context on the use of the gun camera.


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