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Recent email blast from Philip Van Cleave of the Virginia Citizens Defense League

“Virginia Turns out that Westmoreland County has had a bizarre requirement for permit holders, that goes all the way back to at least 1995. When the County sends a CHP applicant his permit, they have also been sending two other documents:  the judge’s order authorizing the permit’s issuance and another letter ordering the CHP holder to “carry both (Order and permit) with you at all times.” VCDL member William Martin was stunned when he read that letter and contacted the Circuit Court Clerk’s office about it. Everyone seemed to be denying they had anything to do with that letter . . .

“I called the Circuit Court Clerk’s office on October 25th and Deputy Clerk Betty Horner acknowledge the letter, saying it was a mistake and that letter is no longer being sent to CHP applicants.  She said in the all the years that letter has been going out, Mr. Martin was the first person to complain about it.

“Her comment points out why it’s important to challenge extra legal requirements levied by localities:  they are not legal and will continue as long as the population acts like sheep and accepts whatever they are told.”

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  1. Are PA fold really all that passive, or didn’t somebody explain the rules to them when they go their permits?

    Here in KS, all the requirement are pretty clear from the get go what to expect when one applies for the license.

  2. I don’t find the letter to be that big a deal to be honest. If the law states you just have to carry the permit, and the permit only, then that should be “it”. IMHO this just seems like someone bitching to bitch.

    • You must be thick. There are thousands of people worried about carrying around some letter that they don’t have to because of some clown thinking they can restrict someone’s rights.

      You can write for a newspaper, but you just have to keep this letter saying it’s OK at all times.


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