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I thought long and hard about posting this. I even slept on it. And . . . here it is: police brutality in all its glory. Sure, Blake Robles shouldn’t have stepped-up to the cop; I always communicate passivity to cops with my words, body language and tone of voice. And it’s hard to watch a man [literally] cry to the media after getting walloped and chest compressed by a Marine cum law enforcement officer. But I reckon there’s a direct correlation (if not causation) between “liberal” carry laws and police accountability. In other words, cops are more likely to respect their fellow civilians if they think they might be packing heat; both practically and culturally. And wouldn’t you just know it . . .

The Grand Jury was informed that “[i]n consideration of the newly adopted guidelines, coupled with the lack of articulated justifications on the part of an applicant for needing a CCP aside from Reserve Police Officers, we rarely issue new permits.

This despite the fact that a story last June that a Vallejo man with permitted concealed weapon stops restaurant robbery. What’s the bet that he got his permit outside the city? And the cops almost kicked the crap out of him too?

Guns save lives. Gun permits save societies.

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  1. There’s a lot to be said about this video, but two US soldiers getting chesty with each other is not going to end well.

    • Unfortunately this was not two US soldiers, it was a US soldier and a US marine. There has always been sibling rivalry between the branches, and that is really made this not end well. Would the officer have struck a fellow marine?

      • A marine IS a soldier, as defined by any English dictionary you chose. It is a common, general English term, and being a Marine doesnt retroactively erase English definitions just because you need an extra distinction beyond your uniform.

        I’m going to get flack for this, but a Marine is still a soldier, since a soldier is someone who fights in the armed forces. Yes, most dictionaries will say “especially one in the army”, but no dictionary will say “except for Marines, they are not soldiers.”

    • So you’re telling me that it is normal for soldiers to brutally oppress their fellow country men, for no other reason than they were exercising their 1A rights? I would have never thought such a thing was possible and that incidents like Kent State were simply aberrations.

  2. WTF? See I would definitely rather have a gun in hand than a cop on the way in 45 min, “Oh I see your a younger punk how bout I smack you into next week for calling me about being assaulted.”

  3. 45 minutes to get there, where a person was getting his ass beat by 2 other guys at the least? Jesus… He’s lucky it wasn’t a robber strung out on meth or crack, he could have died.

    I will admit that the victim was a little short with the police which probably wasn’t a very good idea. My last two experiences with cops was either me doing my CCW paperwork or me bleeding badly in a burning car and both of those times I was still respectful.

    Luckily not all cops are hotheads like that cop was or else the entire country would be falling apart.

    • Luckily not all cops are hotheads like that cop was or else the entire country would be falling apart.

      The country isnt falling apart? Where do you get your news?

    • David,
      Many cops do this every single day. They world is falling apart and we’re playing the fiddle while it happens.

  4. The cop was already getting his back up with “First of all, I’m not on your time watch,” and he definitely escalated the situation by stepping into the guy. That was completely unnecessary. It’s true that the guy should not have stepped up in turn, discretion being the better part of valor and all that, but there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that the cop’s reaction was nothing more than schoolyard bullying, and completely unnecessary.

    The guy was ticked off that it took 45 minutes, and I’m not suggesting that the cop has to take unnecessary abuse, but all he had to say was, “Well, I’m here now, so let’s see if we can get this worked out.”

    But he didn’t. He didn’t like the guy’s attitude, and his ego wouldn’t let him let it go and move on. We’ve all seen the prison documentaries where “respect is everything” and even the smallest perceived slight cannot go unanswered without losing face. That is precisely the reaction of this cop. He felt disrespected, and there was no way in hell he was letting that go unchallenged.

    • Not a cop so I defer to those who are for their opinion. But am retired military and there is no excuse for turning this into “Marine vs Army” co@kfight when he could have as easily used verbal judo to show a bond and disarm the victims understandable rage at being beaten.

    • Agree with you on the first two paragraphs,Matt. As a former police trainer, this cop’s attitude stunk. His use of force was uncalled for and his actions constitute a clearly illegal assault.
      As for the internal affairs officer, he cannot release any info about the investigation or the discipline meted out b/c all this depends on officers geting”use immunity” to insure that they will report truthfully about misconduct. Finally Robles doesn’t have to sue; but he sure should have charged the cop criminally with the appropriate level of assault. Cops like this give the good majority a black eye. A professional doesn’t take his bad da out on others.
      Kudos to Robert for airing this!

      • I assume you’re referring to the “good majority” who never do anything about cops like this and testify on their behalf to maintain the blue line? Okay then you and I have different definitions of “good” see if a person can do good and chooses not to, and innocents suffer for their lack of action, that person is then a bad person, period.

    • Absolutely agree. It does not cost you anything to say:

      “I’m sorry that our response wasn’t timely. I’m glad that you are physically OK. It is an issue we strive daily to improve in. Now that we are here let’s work together so that we can help you to solve this issue OK?”

      To be clear I believe the police officer should have said exactly that. I mean it seems to me that, not all, but far too many LEOs in this country are beginning to forget that they work in partnership with their citizens to protect said individuals and to solve crimes.

      While I act in a respectful manner toward police and other LEO’s I absolutely expect that courtesy and respect to be returned. Particularly if I have just been the victim of assault and robbery I would tolerate absolutely nothing less than patience and compassion from a responding officer especially if they were local LEOs who had taken over 45 minutes to respond.

      The first time that I interacted with police in an emergency I was a minor and they were responding to a failed home invasion during which failed after I grabbed one of my dad’s pistols. I was concussed during that incident and was having difficulty answering questions coherently. I remember clearly though that the responding officers were becoming short with me at which point my father in no uncertain terms told them that if they did not alter their behavior then their presence would no longer be welcome in our home and that furthermore any additional questioning would have to be done at the hospital while I recieved medical attention.

      He didn’t raise his voice but he demanded that they perform their duties with courtesy and compassion in no uncertain terms. Both responding Sherriff’s deputies apologized promptly and agreed to escort us to the hospital after they swept our property one last time.

      Every citizen deserves the same respect and civility from law enforcement right up until the point when that citizen is themselves being apprehended on suspicion of a crime and even at that point there’s no need for rudeness and certainly not violence as long as the criminal complies with the LEOs instructions regardless of whether he does so with a “yes sir” or a “F***ing A**hole.”

  5. I’m not sure if the Officers actions were illegal but they were certainly unprofessional.

    I for one hope the victim does decided to sue it’s the best way to disciplined these rouge departments.

    • The cop attacked a man over non-threatening words. How would that NOT be illegal?

      If you’re a plumber and you show up to a house and the homeowner berates you because you’re 45 minutes late, can you bust that person upside the head, knee-on-belly them and handcuff them? Nope.

  6. Another “officer” who has no business on the force and needs to find some other line of work. Disgrace to the badge.

  7. It’s interesting to me that more and more cops get filmed doing crap like this, but less and less seems to be done about it. Sure the kid was a little too hot for his own good, but the officer is there to defuse the situation not escalate it.

    • best part is he filmed HIMSELF, and knew it was being filmed, and knew nothing would come of it, because he is part of a protected class.

  8. Cue the apologists saying that this represents an extreme minority of police. Except, of course, we keep seeing videos emerge of police abusing people and lying in reports thanks to the proliferation of small cameras in cell phones and a few departments’ decision to compel officers to wear cameras.

    What these videos show is unquestionable: (1) do not call the police unless you absolutely need to. They are no longer peace officers or public servants, they are concerned only with clearance rates. If that means they will invent a crime that you “committed” so that they can clear it, they will; (2) record all interactions with police. They will lie about what they did and how you acted; (3) under no circumstances consent to anything, any search, any questions, etc. Just be silent and try to leave; (4) Even if these actions represent what a “small minority” of police would do (hint: they don’t – most cops have huge egos and are horrifically offended whenever their power monopoly is questioned, which is why they hate open carry / people who record them), the good cops who are out there won’t intervene on your behalf to stop the abuse. If you disagree, feel free to talk to Kelly Thomas…

  9. The Officer sure comes off as a bully.

    I agree Officers need to not back down from aggression and control a situation but the Officer started off all wrong. And, maybe, they were out at a high pressure call and the Officer is still hyped up but the Officer still screwed up from the start.

    Officers deal with upset people every day. Is this his standard reaction?

  10. I love my local PD. All country boys, all level headed, all good people. If one of their own pulled crap like this he would be working in MacDonald’s before the end of the day.

    It really sucks to see a jackass with a god complex become an LEO.

    • Rob, I absolutely love your tag line.

      “Guns save lives. Gun permits save societies.”

      Just so you know, I’m stealing it.

      • Just to make it clear, I don’t need ANYONE’S stinkin’ PER-MIT. It’s my RIGHT. They can stick their permits in a dark, wet, stinky place.

        • I like you, really I do. Lets shoot pool some time but never forget, there are rules to this game and if you break them we will not be having a sportsmanlike experience.

  11. Since this police attitude, combined with the ever increasing size and number of military style swat units. Reminds me of the 1930’s……where was that? Oh yeah, Nazi Germany.

    I can hear it now……Heil Obama! Heil Obama!

    Time to brush up your German language skills.

    • Perhaps you’d be better off mastering English since it is this language you will use to persuade everyone you know, and ever have known including the Police force you seem to have grievances with.

      FWIW Black German’s do not & never will exist.

  12. Please don’t stop posting police brutality, it’s important that we and other people see what’s going on and considering they are carrying firearms and people seem to give them some mythical season pass on accountability, it’s relevant to the subject matter of this site.

  13. I honor police officer and Marine (who, as a documentary cameraman I have had the honor of spending hundreds of hours in the field with) but this seems to be a case of police abuse. I expect officers of the law to behave in a much more professional manner and not sink to such lows.

    If you go back to the heyday of Occupy Wall Street, you can see video of hundred of hours of police being taunted, insulted, kids screaming “f-you” right in their faces, and maintaining a strict, professional bearing. Those are the types of cops I respect.

    • If you go back to the heyday of Occupy Wall Street, you can see video of hundred of hours of police being taunted, insulted, kids screaming “f-you” right in their faces, and maintaining a strict, professional bearing.

      lol wut? do you know why many cases of police brutality there were during OWS? Have you never seen any of the memes featuring Lt. John Pike?

      • The ratio is of concern. Virtually constant was the verbal abuse coming from the protestors to the cops, most of the time the cops acted like nothing was happening. This is not me siding with either, just pointing out that the cops are far more frequently attacking people who are not of the leftist persuasion, the fact that they attack any leftists at all does not negate that point. I live in NYC, I saw Zucotti park in person at its rape infested height. As much as I hate the police state those guys just let a lot of screaming and cursing go past them without acting like the animal in this video. The jackboots come out as soon as the order comes down, of course, but like I said that doesn’t negate the point.

  14. There is a LOT of accountability for LE these days. Nearly every single cop has a camera either in his car or on his body these days. And we like it that way! I can’t tell you how many times my camera saved my ass because I was the subject of a false complaint. And we hate it when our honor is tarnished like this. These cameras allow us to rid our departments of those who don’t belong there. You may not hear much about what happens to the cop later but I can nearly guarantee he will at a minimum recieve some form of discipline if not being fired. There are a lot of cop haters who quite frankly are just ignorant to the facts.

      • Must be convenient that you can just delete the video if you do something wrong. Wonder why this guy didn’t do that? The cop that sexually assaulted me (reached into my pants and fondled my genitals during a terry search) conveniently had a dashcam malfunction and no video evidence exists. There is also conveniently no police report of the incident at all. Crazy.

        • True, but we all know magnets can scramble anything stored on an LE2, before it gets uploaded to the mainframe. The LE4 with livestreaming (if integrated into patrol communications) will be far more secure from field deletion.

          Just like the early days, that recorder box in the trunk may have been locked, but guys quickly learned that a bulk tape eraser worked just fine right past that cage.

          Not implying you personally do any data corruption, but it happens rather regularly. Of course, once you watch that vid, they obviously have no fear of IA or the City Atty anyway, so they didn’t even bother.

        • CoryJ,

          Glad to hear that. Not everybody does. FWIW-Just because I know how easily it’s done, doesn’t mean I’m a proponent.

    • You may not hear much about what happens to the cop later but I can nearly guarantee he will at a minimum recieve some form of discipline if not being fired.

      I am sure the typical paid vacation which constitutes “punishment” will make him think twice in the future.

  15. Prof that the Kaliforian Gestapo wants to ban guns but in the end wants power to beat up there citizens and have power over all.

    Time to ban Kaliforians cops most of which are liberal jerks.

    • Geheime Staatspolizei have NOTHING to do with this incident aside from you trying to make ANYTHING negative in your world German relative.

      Take your English lessons again Chico, and this time pass the exam.

      • O,E. I know your a liberal Cops can do no wrong in socialist Kalifornia but your support of scumbags who assault Iraq war vets shows your ignorance of what happening in your nation go back to your love fest Di Fi poster liberal!

      • OE are you Di Fis love child or some dumb Kaliforian LAPD lover who thinks attack Vets is good? Your support of gun bans and Cops who can attack citizens at will shows your stupidity.

  16. Wow, I’m talking to a United States Marine?? BFD!! This cop needs to be in jail. IF the victim had done that to him, he would’ve been charged.

  17. The Grand Jury report was most enlightening. You see, under California law, a City may, unless it delegates its authority to the Sheriff, issue CCWs; the sheriff can issue for the whole county. But then we start to see procedures that are violative of the Penal Code. The application form is provided by the State, and it provides: “the applicant shall not be required to complete any additional application or form for a CCW license, or to provide any information other than that necessary to complete the standard application form except to clarify or interpret information provided herein. (PC section 12051(a)(3)(C).)” It is therefore illegal to require an applicant to provide written character references (the usual number, when required by the local pd , is three, but Riverside requires three written references and four mor personal references). There is no requirement in the penal code that the applicant have insurance, and in fact there is nological reason that the local issuing agency should require it. All of these agencies appear to require psych testing (which is permissable but not mandatory), but by code the fee may not exceed $150, not $375 as listed here. Yes, thre is discretion in issuing; but the law requires individual consideration; to limit issuance to reserve officers is an abuse of discretion as it says that citizens do not, as a rule, have just cause to carry.

    There are worse counties. Last I checked, San Francisco required psych testing, letters, and that a shooting demonstration of skill, matching that required of San Fran police officers, be conducted at the SFPD police range under the insutruction of a certified SFPD range officer (withthe applicant requried to pay for the range time and the salary of the range officer.) All told, the process, which with the standard application fee and fingerprinting and class (16 hours of classs an shooting) costs about $350, would ocst in SF in excess of $2000. Not surprisingly, SF has not a single issued CCW under the last sheriff, and probably not under the current sheriff (who, though a gun owner, is also a gun banner, and not being a LEO, not licensed to carry).

    • Robles is a punk. He’s a shady ass drug dealing thief and he’s been kicked out of every place he’s lived because he robs his roomates and tries to act like a badass, if you knew him you’d know exactly what I am talking about. He got what he deserved. Ever wonder why he got his ass kicked and thrown out of his apartment? Funny they left that out.

    • having been assaulted by the police myself these two videos make me absolutely sick. especially the thomas one. the kid is crying “dad help they’re killing me” and there is not a thing a bystander can do to stop this frenzy. video cameras capturing these incidents is a recent blessing for victims and victims family’s. it was not always so and often these tapes are destroyed when they can get away with it. seeing something like this adds to my fear of police, thank god it didn’t escalate in my situation to this(thomas incident).

      • The male victim (Thomas) was being battered into a state of disability, this is a far cry from being verbally & then physically coerced into compliance given the fact that technology in the field of electro-muscle tonic stimulation and bio-chemical obscurants are widely distributed and trained with by professional police forces around the world to subdue a resisting suspect of criminal actions.

        The closed circuit monitoring and mechanical respiration system that Thomas was dependent upon to support his life was switched off, this is while he endured at the least clearly superficial physical damage and highly possible mental damages.

        The video capture device which is testimony in defense of Thomas and evidence in guilt of the uniformed aggressors is still NOT enough to secure life let alone justice for innocent members of the public.

        I’m sorry to read about your experiences with the police force in your constabulary Duzt, yet like all bystanders to such events past and present I cannot consol sympathies enough.

  18. I’ve never had a problem with the police or sheriffs here in NM; I usually drive beat up old pick up trucks and for the last three years I’ve OC’d a weapon, not one incident of harassment or disrespect, (knock on wood), I think part of it is that we hear about the bullies and authoritarians that abuse thier power from all over the country here on these web sites that aren’t representative of most of the cops out there.

    I like to think.

  19. As a police explorer, I can say 45 minutes, while probably slightly exaggerated, is a pretty long time to be left defenseless like that. I do feel that, while I completely respect those who serve, being a soldier (retired or not) does not entitle him to special treatment from anyone, especially when he says it like it makes him better than than the officer. On the same hand, instead of taking offense to it, the officer could have tried to identify with the man by saying he was ex-marine. Overall, it was just a big overreaction. But hey, we all learn from mistakes, eh?

    Oh, and that kid needs to grow a pair, he got slammed on the ground, not permanently disfigured…

    • As a police explorer
      What the hell is a police explorer? Do you go off in to the Amazon rainforest looking for new and undiscovered police departments?

      Oh, and that kid needs to grow a pair, he got slammed on the ground, not permanently disfigured…
      So are you willing to let me work you over so long as I dont permanently disfigure you?

  20. There are good and bad everywhere including the police. The police have a difficult job. I have encountered good cops (including one recently who let me park in a restricted area for the Hartford rally) and I have seen assholes (broke my balls and delayed paper while getting finger prints for my permit). The cameras have helped the good cops not get screwed or get falsely accused and the cameras have helped bad cops get what they deserve.

    In CT, we now have a law that prevents us from getting harsed or going to jail if we take pictures or videos of police during enforcement actions as long as we do not interfere.

    Per the case above, if he has a history of abuse, then he should be let go or given a different job.

    That said, I have met more than a few cops with anger issues and I question if they should be working the streets.

    My only rant about the police is when they are given special treatment. For example, one of the ranges I go to has time set aside for police only. That is fine, I am ok with that, except, it was made into law as a local ordinance on condition of keeping the range open and they pay zero for maintenance and upkeep — that falls 100% on club members. I cannot carry in a bar were there is alchol, but they can and in an incedent last year a few of the local PD got drunk and shot out a few windows on some cars. I would be going to jail and would have lost my permit, they where allowed to pay for the damage and that was it — according to the local news no further disciplinary action would be taken. My only grief is the special status when off duty, otherwise they have a difficult job and must deal with societies ills which must suck much of the time.

    • In CT, we now have a law that prevents us from getting harsed or going to jail if we take pictures or videos of police during enforcement actions as long as we do not interfere.
      We have one here in IL too, however the cops dont seem to care about it. The police officers also deliberately helped other people break in to this womans home without a warrant.

      My only grief is the special status when off duty, otherwise they have a difficult job and must deal with societies ills which must suck much of the time.
      The difficulty of police jobs compared to others are exaggerated. What about school teachers and social workers? How about connivence store, fast food employees? What of the bus and taxi drivers? They all must deal with the dregs of society. The police are allowed to use force, whereas everyone else has to use their witts and their voice. The job of the police is far easier than most.

      • “The police officers also deliberately helped other people break in to this womans home without a warrant.”

        The meters hang out the outside of the building, there was no “breaking in” to her home. Another article had her claiming that they were guilty of trespass, but that still doesn’t apply. When you contract with the power company to provide you with electricity, you tacitly give them permission to have access to the meter (because it’s their property) for purposes of maintenance and reading, therefore they cannot be trespassing. Wackadoo woman doesn’t want the new remotely readable meter (which would keep people off her property, ironically) because of some crazy ideas about how the wifi is going to hurt her or her kids. However, she’s also not willing to pay for the non-remotely readable meter, which leaves them at an impasse. If she’s unwilling to pay for the non-wireless meter, and is also unwilling to have the wireless meter installed, her remaining option is to not have power. If I was in charge I would have “trespassed” just long enough to yank the meter out of the wall and tip my hat to her on the way out.

        • The meters hang out the outside of the building, there was no “breaking in” to her home.

          Curtilage is considered part of the home, and the curtilage was protected by a locked gate, and the lock on the gate was destroyed by the police officers who did so without a court order, denying her the ability to exercise her right to due process.

          The curtilage is a legal term which delineates the land immediately surrounding a house or dwelling, including any closely associated buildings and structures, but excluding any associated “open fields beyond”. It delineates the boundary within which a home owner can have a reasonable expectation of privacy and where “intimate home activities” take place. It is an important legal concept in certain jurisdictions for the understanding of search and seizure, conveyancing of real property, burglary, trespass, and land use planning.

          When you contract with the power company to provide you with electricity, you tacitly give them permission to have access to the meter

          It is pretty obvious she revoked that consent. At which point the electric co should have requested their property back or sued her for its value rather than break in to her home.

        • I can see that point, but I’m not prepared to completely grant it. I suppose that’s what the courts are for. I’m really not sure what the answer is, because as I said, if her options are wireless and paid-for non-wireless, and neither of those are acceptable to her, then the business relationship is terminated, and she can go without power. The problem at that point becomes that the way you turn off power is often by physically pulling the meter. If she refuses both of the first two options and refuses access to the property to enable the third, where does that leave them? They can take her to court, but while that’s going on she’s getting power for free because they can’t even get on the property to read the existing meter. Like I said, I guess that’s what the courts are for.

  21. The kid came off as a smart ass punk and he stepped up on the wrong person. He started off disrespecting the officer and tried to play it tough, and he got his ass kicked a second time. He probably had the same shitty attitude with the guys who gave him the first beatdown.

    • You’re probably correct, but that doesn’t excuse the officer’s behavior. His actions would have been considered assault if he weren’t a policeman. Just saying…

  22. a Marine cum law enforcement officer

    See, I think that’s part of our problem. We shouldn’t allow ex-military to go into the Police force because they seem to have trouble realizing that they’re no longer in a war zone out to kill anyone who opposes them.

    • Marine to LEO worked for me, altough this incident doesn’t sound very good. I have withheld comment because I can’t see the video.

        • I’m a fair person in an unfair world, so some folks are very happy with me and some will call me the “white devil.” My actions are based on the circumstances, and not my emotions. I get the impression you don’t like me, and that’s fine. However, such things don’t change what I do, how I help people, or how I enforce the law. I am in the practice of doing my best, and ensuring that other officers do the same.

        • Totenglocke, there really are still some decent coppers out there. Really. At least on an individual basis.

          There’s tons of corruption, beatings, and executing of dogs on the other sides of fences. Not to mention the above (frighteningly) rather standard encounter with the newly trained “control and dominate everything” paramilitaries we’re allowing on the streets.

          Accur81 does seem to be on the right side of that.

        • I never said I don’t like you Accur81, I’m just saying that what a person claims and the reality of the situation are often different. I’m sure every cop alive will say that they are wonderful and “upholding the law and justice” no matter how crooked or noble they are.

          We have no way of knowing if your actual job performance is what you say it is. All we have is your word, and regardless of profession, you should never trust anyone’s word.

        • or how I enforce the law. I am in the practice of doing my best, and ensuring that other officers do the same.

          Such as grabbing guns from fellow Californians who are doing nothing more than exercising their 2A right to bear arms. All the while posting on TTAG on how you are a ardent supporter of 2A.

          Accur81 does seem to be on the right side of that.

          Really? Have you ever encountered him in his professional capacity? How about you open carry a handgun around him while he is on duty and see how that works out.

        • “Such as grabbing guns from fellow Californians who are doing nothing more than exercising their 2A right to bear arms.”

          And again, for the 5th or 6th time, you level this accusation at A81. How do you know what he does? Have you encountered him in his professional capacity? Why do you keep using this same tired line?

        • He has said in the past that he has grabbed guns from American citizens, for no other reason than they were carrying without a permit, because they were a felon, etc. What cop who isnt a newbie hasnt ‘gotten guns off the street’? So I would like to ask you, where in the constitution does it state that a permit is required to bear arms, or that felons are banned from possessing them?

        • Matt

          I’ve never said that I’ve “grabbed” guns. I have stored firearms for safekeeping during the course of a custodial arrest, because we do not allow arrestees to take their firearms to jail. If the arrestee is not a felon, their firearm is returned once they make an appointment with the evidence officer. Simple fix: don’t drive DUI with a heater. Simple fix #2: don’t commit a felony with a firearm.

          I do plan on posting myself as a gun owner once my wife recovers from her pregnancy – so you can ask if you see me.

          You have the freedom to believe that I don’t support the 2A. I have the freedom to support it.

        • If the arrestee is not a felon, their firearm is returned once they make an appointment with the evidence officer

          And if the arrestee is a felon their gun has been grabbed. Where in the constitution does it say a felon can not have guns? How does state/federal law over ride the supremacy clause in the constitution?

          And I’m sure you’ve ran across gang bangers who were carrying a gun without a permit, did you grab their guns too?

        • “Simple fix: don’t drive DUI with a heater. ”

          This comment alone makes me believe that Accur81 is not a LEO or marine. I’m guessing he just watched many old gangster movies.

  23. We have ALWAYS lived in a PoliceState, technically since 1933.

    No, I mean, REALLY, really, as declared by FDR:

    On November 19, 1973, the Special Committee on the Termination of the National Emergency presented Senate Report 93-549 at the first session of the 93rd Congress. The Introduction to the report, an examination of existing War and Emergency Powers Acts, states:

    “Since March 9, 1933, the United States has been in a state of declared national emergency. In fact, there are now in effect four presidentially-proclaimed states of national emergency: In addition to the national emergency declared by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933, there are also the national emergency proclaimed by President Harry S. Truman on December 16, 1950, during the Korean conflict, and the states of national emergency declared by President Richard M. Nixon on March 23, 1970, and August 15, 1971.”[1]

    “These proclamations give force to 470 provisions of Federal law. These hundreds of statutes delegate to the President extraordinary powers, ordinarily exercised by the Congress, which affect the lives of American citizens in a host of all-encompassing manners. This vast range of powers, taken together, confer enough authority to rule the country without reference to normal Constitutional processes.”[2]

    “Under the powers delegated by these statutes, the President may: seize property; organize and control the means of production; seize commodities; assign military forces abroad; institute martial law; seize and control all transportation and communication; regulate the operation of private enterprise; restrict travel; and, in a plethora of particular ways, control the lives of all American citizens.”[3]

    “With the melting of the cold war–the developing detente with the Soviet Union and China, the stable truce of over 20 years duration between North and South Korea, and the end of U.S. involvement in the war in Indochina-there is no present need for the United States Government to continue to function under emergency conditions.”

    However, what’s more disconcerting is the fact that FDR’s Emergency Act has NEVER been rescinded; more ironically surprising is the fact that the current one in effect, has been re-invoked by that ‘bleeding-heart liberal pinko commie peacenik’ Carter, and has been renewed every year since, by every proceeding POTUS, including GWB, and by one Barack Hussein oBUSHma:

    State of National Emergency in effect since November 1979

    The United States has been in a state of national emergency continuously for over 30 years, since the Carter administration invoked it premised on the “situation in Iran”. In November 2012, President Barack Obama informed Congress that the State of National Emergency in effect since November 14, 1979 will be extended another year.[1] The National Emergencies Act grants various powers to the president during times of emergency,[2] and was intended to prevent a president from declaring a state of emergency of indefinite duration.[3]

    When we live in an era where the FBI claims its agents can write their own warrants without any judicial review under the sarcastically named ‘Patriot’ Act, and when a POTUS can single handedly steal your own biz and private property for ‘public good,’ can sign NDAA of 2012 & 2013, as crafted, into ‘law’ and decides he can secretly and indefinitely detain, and even assassinate (yes, motherfucking ASSASSINATE) any American citizen that he alone arbitrarily deems to be a threat (to whom? to what?) and deludes he has the ‘right’ to willy nilly label anyone he dislikes as “terrorists” (as per DHS-MIAC Fusion center report, be they Christian Pro-Life activists, conservatives, libertarians, returning veterans, gun owners, Tea-Party, or liberal environmentalists & Occupy) without any judicial review, we are a de facto/de jure (depending on whom you ask) police state.

    Habea Corpus has been a hallmark of Western freedoms since the 13th Century England. No Western Govt has officially ‘suspended’ it, until Lincoln (challenged, then the SCOTUS overturned it), then Military Commissions Act under GWB, and now continued under Obama.

    No amount of BS verbal flourish is gonna change that.

    We do not have a gun-homicide epidemic, we have a pandemic of copthuggery since post-9/11 rah rah PoliceState with DHS formed to target us, the citizenry, not some Islamist cave dwellers. Like the inefficacy of laws designed to limit violence via gun rights infringements, no amount of laws can ‘prevent’ terrorism.

    Last I checked, OBL didn’t sign Patriot Act or form DHS, or formed TSA who is now putting hands down your wife’s bra and your daughter’s pants. Your CONgress and previous and current POTUS regimes did.

    So who are the real “terrorists”?

    Let that sink in: our ‘enemies’ didn’t institute and construct an infrastructure for the domestic PoliceState, our supposed public servants who are supposedly employed on our behalf, DID.

    Sometimes the current blind public adoration for anyone in a uniform reminds me of all the 1980’s USSR Cold War footages with Soviet ICBM and forehead high salute military march & parade down the Red Sqaure with state propaganda music playing in the backgroud, that we as Americans LAUGHED AT.

    Guess the joke’s on us, now, eh?

    No, but that can never happened in America, right? Especially when half of the sheeple populace delude only those in govt are deserved AR15’s/”assault weapons” aka “weapons of war” for “self-defense and has no place in a civilized society.”

    So, the honest question to our hoplonphobic detractors would be: then WTF are most cops doing with AR15’s as patrol carbines in their cruisers? What are “weapons of war” doing in their daily rides?

    The only time where full-auto/select fire “assault weapons” are necessary is to

    1. mow down/fend off waves of massive infantry amassing toward your known defensive position (a pre-Vietnam ‘Police Action’ tactic)
    2. to redirect your enemies into a ‘death funnel’ to ambush them
    3. suppressive fire, for cover, or until your teammates can out-flank your enemies

    So… which of the three does a regular patrol man or even SWAT need full-auto/select-fire AR’s, when the hoplonphobes claim that those are battlefield weapons that should only be relegated to war theaters, especially considering the fact that your local LEO’s daily mantra is “every stray bullet has a lawyer’s name written on it” ??

    Who are the LEO supposed to be ‘waging a war’ against? Us the American citizenry, their own employers??

    F’ng cognitively dissonant statist lunatics.

  24. Black Germans don’t exist? Wow. I really need to write my friend from over there whose father was a black GI that abandoned him and his mom back in the 1970s. He’ll be awfully surprised to learn he’s not really real…

    He’s a German citizen, last time I looked, and while there aren’t a huge number of them, he’s not alone, either. And, in a lot of respects, the Germans actually have less racism in their society, outside of the neo-Nazi fringe. I ran into few Germans that really gave a shit about race, unless they’d had a bad experience with an African-American GI, or were influenced by white Americans.

    • Blacks in Germany are symptom of Genocide and Colonialism.

      Accept these facts which incriminate your fellows agenda or be forever in perjury to these facts and remain at the kiddies table making life a collage of myth and fable.

    • I really need to write my friend from over there whose father was a black GI that abandoned him and his mom back in the 1970s… and while there aren’t a huge number of them, he’s not alone, either.

      So the stereotype is true – What do you call a white woman dating a black man? A single mother.

      I ran into few Germans that really gave a shit about race, unless they’d had a bad experience with an African-American GI, or were influenced by white Americans.

      According to Wikipedia there are 817,150 Afro-German or Africans in Germany. They could have made their decissions without the aid of Americans

      • Because they (Blacks in Europe) are usually pitied by the victims (Europeans) of aggressive, expansive and genocidal intents they are forgiven for their sin.

        When the Blacks of the African continent invade small prosperous White townships they too were forgiven for their sins, out of pity Continentally amongst the White founders, and out of spiteful cowardly tradition Internationally.

        When the Black revolutionary Government’s took away the White folk self determination in the de-nationalized Africa,and drafted laws to deprive the new emerging civilian of firearms, this was again out of spite and cruel intent aimed at the White folk.

        Rending Blacks from membership to a nationality and its origins that rise from ethnic efforts is no crime or injustice, matter of fact is quite the opposite. The affirmative action cabal know what kind of abomination it is they are fabricating, and they know why the body snatching pod person agenda is riddled with criminal intent, they have been pointing the accusatory finger at their victims and hosts for far too long.

    • The kid was a little worked up. He lives in a victim disarmament state where police are the ONLY option. Instead of defusing the situation, the cop repeatedly escalated the situation and then assaulted the guy. That was a crime. The cop belongs in jail. The fact that nobody in his department is willing to condemn him and no DA in the area is willing to press charges, means that this PD is just another state sponsored gang.

  25. as a Former Marine grunt, here’s my two cents. The officer probably could have defused the situation, but when some idiot calls and then bitches when you don’t show up fast enough for him, when it clearly wasn’t an emergency, then he’s just not starting things well.
    The kid is clearly emotionally disturbed. He’s also probably an asshole because he had four other roommates decide they didn’t want him living with them. Think about that. They pile his shit out in the lawn, and a “brawl” ensues. The kid is “beat up” although look at him. No visible bruises on his body- 45 minutes is enough time for some marks to show. He then cops an attitude with the cops, tries to assert himself and is smacked down.
    Look at his reaction to the video later. He’s crying and raging. He’s all over the place. Come on. No offense, and I know that everybody is a little different, but this guy is all over the place. Perhaps the Vallejo PD do have problems, but in my view, this guy was just begging for it. I’m 6’6, and 290 lbs, and when I talk to cops I deliberately slow my gestures, maintain eye contact and keep my hands very visible. Not because I’m afraid of them, but because I know that when I was searching people and cars in Iraq years ago, it’s what I liked. Put yourself in the cop’s shoes, he doesn’t know you. You could have killed 10 people for all he knows. Respect goes both ways, and that kid was just a punk who got what was coming to him.

  26. I don’t know what the big deal is here. The cop was just being a cop. Getting angry at a cop for using excessive force is like getting angry at a dog for pissing on your wheels.

  27. This guy shouldn’t be a cop. Period.

    Any thug can get into a pissing match. A real cop will de-escalate the situation, get the guy to calm down, and go handle business. This guy wasn’t really angry with the cops, he was angry at his former roommates, angry that he was on the losing end, and had 45 minutes to think about both, working himself up into a lather.

    This ‘cop’ talked to the guy like one would talking to a disruptive inmate in jail. I’d bet money that’s where he learned it. Things are different on the street.

    This thug needs to work as a bouncer, where his skills, or lack of skills, will surely come in handy.

    Oh, and the victim, well, I’d like to slap him upside the head too. You want to brag about being in MY Army, go ahead, but don’t ever, EVER cry like a girl on national TV. Just, don’t. If you feel you might, say you were in the Navy, so folks will know what to expect. [grin]

  28. I believe this pretty well proves what the SCOTUS said was true: The police have NO duty to protect any one person, and apparently this jackass cop knows it.

  29. I don’t give two sh!ts what was said, or who had an attitude. Any citizen that did that to another citizen would get criminal charges and possible jail time for that. Any civilian servant of the public should be held to a higher standard if anything. But, as is becoming common place in the exact places where the government can’t trust citizens with weapons, the police are immune from the laws they are sworn to uphold, and they have no loyalty to the constitution they swore to defend. Every single officer in this department is guilty of shielding a man who committed a crime. They are nothing but a state sponsored gang.

  30. Um, the man who made the call cleary did not step up until the so called “Marine” did. Idc who the hell you are. If you step up in my face im going to step back in yours regardless of who you are, what you do, and whatever piece you may carry(and by piece I mean gun), I am every bit your equal whether or not you have military training or carry a badge. This ofcourse only goes for corrupt pigs such as this and not a crazy burglar unless I have a gun myself. But still. That isnt a “Marine”. A real Marine wouldnt do what he did, he would do his best to try and defuse the situation and get it resolved rather than whack the guy upside the head and nearly strangle him. That my friends is a scum of society who deserves to be thrown in jail with the rest of the hoodlums in it.

  31. Folks I have been told funding is so bad in Vallejo, that cops only do business from 8 am to 4 pm. There are parts of the city they will never come to. I hope this is not the future everywhere.

    • I worked there 15 years ago as a medic and even then there were neighborhoods (the Crest, Lemmon street, etc) that they would not enter after dark, and if you did it was w/o lights and sirens or you would get shot at. Vallejo is a pit and a lot of the people there were not very nice to say the least. The officers working there are subjected to a lot of daily abuse. It would not surprise me if the victim was known to the responding officers. It is well known that it does not take much to incite local cops to violence here in Solano County. First Never run. If you make them chase you, you are screwed. This includes car chases.

      Do not play around. If they tell you to put your hand on your head, you had better do it and do it fast or they will do it for you, usually in a rapid and sometimes percussive manner.

      If they show up in an armored bearcat you are also screwed: Well trained teams of masked officers in body armor slinging Ar-15 rifles chambered in .40 sw to match their Glocks, tear gas, pepper spray, pepper bombs, beanbags, and rubber slugs, tasers, and the latest hand to hand and pain compliance techniques.

      The above is also true in the nearby bedroom communities of Fairfield, Vacaville, Davis, and Woodland, maybe even little ole’ Dixon. I would like to see our officers protected, however I am not liking living in a police state.

      The word is budget cuts have many officers feeling pretty jumpy out there and firearms in the hands of citizens make them especially nervous, go figure.

      Having said that the cop would be better off being more diplomatic. Better to exploit good will on the street than make enemies. That dirt bag might have valuable intel some day. And yes what he did constitutes assault, but so did the dirt bag by responding in kind. Someone should have been the big boy and de-escalated the situation.

  32. This is just another reason to allow people to carry firearms. Marine? He’s a fat mother fucker who pushes people a quarter his size. This guy don’t know hand to hand. He’s a fraud. Learned some bullshit wrist locks in training, a choke hold, and some basic strikes. Notice how you never see a cop fight someone as big as they are unless it’s with a weapon, with their copperhead buddies, or the guy is already in cuffs. When they do get into it with a larger person all that crap they learned goes right out the window, they get tossed around, and their cardio sucks. Pussy…go jump rope and learn how to fight light you run your mouth.


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