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Chicago violence gang violence

On Valentine’s Day in Chicago, violent criminal predators shot nine people, killing four. Facebook Live streamed the highest profile incident, attracting even more national publicity. In that case . . .

a triple-victim attack ended with two fatalities. A two-year-old toddler took a round to the head and died as part of a crime broadcast live. The dead toddler marked the third child killed in about as many days in the Windy City.

Internal Chicago Police Department “Detailed Situational Report” documents share some additional information about these incidents and their victims. At the time of this writing, police have no suspects under arrest in any of these crimes.

Homicide – First Degree Murder

James Johnson, 23, a Black Disciples gang member, went into a “store” with a “friend.” A pair of individuals followed them in. Moments later, one bad guy produced a handgun and proceeded to administer a single lead pill to Mr. Johnson’s chest. The lead supplement sent Mr. Johnson to the big convenience store in the sky.

Mr. Johnson had 22 previous arrests and four – count ’em four – convictions. He caught unlawful use of weapons convictions in 2013 (sentenced to a year, meaning he was out in a few weeks – or time served in county jail while awaiting trial). In 2015 his prosecutors didn’t prosecute. His Strategic Subject List score came in at 405, meaning his lifestyle choices destined him to either prison or an untimely, premature expiration.

Robbery – Attempted (Handgun)

Next up, a Gangster Disciple found himself the victim of a home invasion robbery. Two masked subjects forced their way inside an apartment occupied by Dalvin (last name withheld – LNW), 19, and his Uncle Donnell (LNW). Of course, the intruders demanded narcotics (go figure) and cash.

Dalvin managed to barricade himself in a bedroom. One of the masked baddies shot through the door, wounding young Dalvin. For whatever reason, the masked hoodlums fled the apartment, leaving behind a partially loaded magazine of .45 ammo.  (I have a $20 bill that says that magazine was filled with ball ammo…)

Dalvin earned himself an SSL score of 355; his uncle 288. No stranger to the criminal justice system, Dalvin has 16 arrests including narcotics and burglary. With great skill and care, Cook County’s crack State’s Attorney’s office garnered exactly zero convictions from those.

Homicide – First Degree Murder

Gangster Disciple Malik Ellis, 18, yielded up his spirit after getting some .40 S&W loving to the chest. He rode as the passenger in a van when a dark-colored vehicle pulled up alongside.

The other vehicle opened up on the van, hitting Mr. Ellis in the chest. The driver dumped the van and Mr. Ellis at Mt. Sinai Hospital and left. With cannabis and retail theft arrests (and zero convictions), the dearly departed Malik also carried an SSL score of 354.

Double Homicide – First Degree Murder (Live on Facebook!)

Lazarec Collins, 26, a Traveling Vice Lord Body Snatchers Four Corner Hustler (imagine that spelled out on a tattoo), traveled with his girlfriend, Breunna McGowan, 21. In the back of the car rode the only Valentine’s Day victim of Chicago’s violence without an arrest record: two-year-old Lavontae White.

Collins’ ride picked up a tail. Upon stopping to check for traffic at the next street, a baddie from the tail vehicle stepped out and lit up Collins and his car.

Collins fled from the car, leaving his pregnant girlfriend and the infant behind. He took one to the brain housing group as he ran, just like Marvin from Pulp Fiction.  The mother fled the car as well, leaving her toddler behind.

Wasting no time, she ran to her nearby home with a GSW to the gut. Thankfully, she survived, along with her 14-week-old fetus. Sadly, the abandoned 2-year-old in the back seat caught one of the rounds and died as well.

Collins, the male half, carried a SSL score of 319 with 18 arrests and three convictions. His arrests included robbery, possession of controlled substances and gambling.

Not to be outdone, the female scored a 337 on the SSL – not the ideal candidate for a life insurance company policy. Her six arrests include battery and drug possession.

Homicide – First Degree Murder

Eddie Wade, 62, sat in his vehicle when a dark colored Jeep Grand Cherokee passed him slowly, stopped, then backed up. Aiming carefully, the right rear passenger proceeded to fire upon Mr. Wade.

Mr. Wade took multiple hits and bailed out. He did not die tired; he didn’t get far before he fell and expired.

No stranger to the criminal justice system, Mr. Wade had 38 arrests and 14 convictions. His arrests included drug possession, pot, unlawful use of weapons, armed robbery (10 years in the pokey) and a 1971 murder/voluntary manslaughter conviction that earned him three years in prison.

Battery – Aggravated (Handgun)

Is it racism when Cook County prosecutors don’t charge bad guys who try to kill black people with attempted murder, but aggravated battery instead?

Ebony (LNW), 28, and DeShawn (LNW), 29, shopped in a convenience store in the 200 block of South Laramie when someone approached and began firing into the store’s window. Both Ebony and DeShawn took minor hits around the edges.

Fearing for his life, the Four Corner Hustlers gangster DeShawn drew his own unlawfully possessed and carried .357 magnum and let loose with some big booms from inside the store.

The female half has a previous domestic violence arrest and her boy toy DeShawn claims 33 arrests and 11 convictions. His arrests include pot, gang loitering, parole violations, and gambling. He also survived getting shot less than a year ago, no surprise with his SSL score of 393.

Battery – Aggravated (Handgun)

Next up, Dachari (LNW), 18, has a new scar.

On a date with a girl he met on Facebook, The Four Corner Hustlers gangster sat in his car. He heard gunshots. Promptly, he bravely abandoned his date to fend for herself. (He must have called in sick the day they covered “chivalry” in finishing school.)

Never resting, Karma caught up with Dachari with a slug in the ankle. The hard-core tough guy (SSL score 469) would not cooperate with the police. He has 23 arrests and four convictions.

Battery – Aggravated (Handgun)

Rodriguez (LNW), a Spanish Cobra ‘banger, walked down the street when a sedan rolled up. According to cops, the rear passenger yelled out, “What’s up Cobra folks!” and fired once, striking Rodriguez in the abdomen.

The 22 year old has 27 arrests, 7 convictions and an SSL score of 396. His arrests include pot, gang probation violations and a pair of unlawful use of weapons charges within three months — one dismissed by prosecutors, the other finished after an eight day stint in jail.

You read that right: eight days for unlawful use of weapons.

Chicago’s judicial system is a joke

So, there you have it. Chicago’s gang violence victims are predominately gang members themselves — excepts for innocents caught in the mix. The Chicago Police Superintendent says criminals view Chicago’s judicial system as “a joke.” He’s right.

What’s more, all this bad press doesn’t help NBC as it rolls out Chicago Justice. Given the farce of Cook County’s State’s Attorney’s office and the judicial system as a whole, anyone at all familiar with Chicagoland carnage knows justice in Chicago is far from a sure thing.

Lastly, remember when the mainstream media talks about “gun violence” in Chicago, they really mean “gang violence.”

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  1. The numbness set in sometime back. Now not even Chicago is shocked by the atrocities being committed there. As sad as it may be, the rest of this nation has also become desensitized to the ongoing violence. It’s to the point that as long as such incidents largely stay isolated to the disenfranchised areas of places like Chicago, nobody any longer cares.

    • I wonder if it will get to the point where President Trump puts Chicago under federal jurisdiction or the the city is walled off and only those without a criminal record and who wish to leave will be released?

      • It’s difficult to say what the best course of action is. Sending in the Feds to regain control has its own set of dire implications. Doubling down on law enforcement efforts seems to be the most practical course of action.

        However, cities like Chicago have become so saturated with a potent mixture of violence and political correctness that it is now ingrained within the very cultural fabric. This makes the violence and backlash against the authorities, for enforcing the law, the new norm unfortunately.

  2. If you want more information about Chicago’s deteriorating situation check out this Blog
    It’s done by a Chicago Cop and he documents the Insanity that is Chicago Politics and it’s crime. He is a strong believer is Civilian carry and prosecuting felons under existing laws.

  3. As someone who has been in every damn neighborhood in Chiraq it’s even worse than what is relayed. Miles and miles of devastation as far as the eye can survey. I have no answers other than federalize it. And stay away from the city…

    • choosing to limit exposure i get, but i had to look up “devastation” to make sure it meant what i thought. manufacturing losses have left a lot of empty husks, but along with all those west side irish graystones and south side bungalow brick piles, most of them are still standing. and that’s after sixty years of no maintenance.
      four million just tryin’ to get by and a few thousand blasting away. little hope for some, and they know it.

      • Yeah look up “devastation”…SEE:Chicago. And it’s far more than a few thousand miscreant murderers. Everyone with a lowlife brother,uncle,cousin,son or nephew(or baby daddy) KNOWS who commits the crimes. And they vote the gimme shite massa’ party. And blame everyone but their own worthless selves…

    • You are right. It’s not safe anywhere anymore. Used to be that downtown and the Northside were pretty safe. Not anymore.
      This kind of stuff is what happens in cities under long term dummycrat control.
      They have turned a once great city into a warzone.

  4. What is the Strategic Subject List (SSL) Score and how is it calculated?

    Is there a “dead pool” based on a person’s score?

  5. Only more gun laws can save them………. I know let’s make firearms 100% illegal in the City. Oh wait, never mind.

    • “G.
      …However, it is ultimately the decision of the individual to choose not to engage in criminal activity…”

      like choosing death? that seems to halt careers effectively.

      thanks, special ed.

    • Avoidance of work? Nay, nay! The Chicago prosecuting attorney’s office won’t prosecute, so CPD has come up with a way to demonstrate that to the public.

  6. She just… got out and ran?!?! Her kid in the backseat and she did nothing?!? Fk’n animals! No, that’s not fair to animals. Most attempt to protect their young. I will never be with my kids and without situational awareness and my XD. My life to save theirs every time.

  7. Almost makes one want to take out life insurance on high-risk SSL’ers. Pay enough premiums and you just might come out ahead.
    Too expensive, I guess.

    Damn, that is one grim scenario.

  8. I would like to say I’m shocked by hearing this however we’re talking about third world country Chicago the crap hole of America America’s armpit if you will. How’s that gun control doing yah over there in Chicago.? More gun control is what they need LOL that’ll help everybody. What a big bunch of crap I feel sorry for the people who lost their lives and were seriously wounded but I be pressing a lawsuit against Chicago for denying me my constitutional right to protect myself with a firearm arm.

    • You don’t understand, obviously.
      Gun control works, when it’s actually in place.
      You see, in neighboring states, guns are easy to get, and they somehow make their way into Chicago. All this violence is someone else’s fault. It’s always someone else’s fault.

  9. The more the savages kill each other, the better off the world is. The only problem is that Chicago is an overflowing toilet and some of the turds wind up in my neck of the woods.

    • Except for the 2-year old and other kids caught in the cross-fire. He probably would have grown up a gangster, but he was still completely innocent. Sad story.

  10. I wouldn’t step foot in Chicago and I’ve done 3 tours in Iraq . It’s almost as if they want the gangs to kill each other off. Makes senses but unfortunately there are to many casualties/non-combatants

  11. Parents in the “Thug Life” put their children into danger anytime they are with them. Yes, the shooter was the one responsable, but the parents have to take some of this on their own.
    Aren’t there programs to get these bangers out of the life? If I am a target, I am going to carry for protection. A few 5 year stints in jail or a boot camp for 2 years might straiten these guys up and a geographic change would help immensly

  12. Prison is obviously too expensive to keep people incarcerated. Solution: outsource prisons to cheap places like China.

    They’ll get gruel and an AK to the head if they ever riot. And if they get released, it’ll be in China…

  13. Here’s a piece of vile jihad propaganda:
    The reporter, who seems to be a woman of muslim descent or a woman who ever-so-foolishly married a muslim, lies with statistics, saying “black men are 2.5x more likely to be shot by police, despite being only six percent of the population.”
    That’s either a deliberate, calculated, deceitful conflation of two exclusionary datum to support a radical agenda — or just plain stupidity.
    It’s more like black men are 2.5x more likely to be shot by police when adjusted as a percentage of the male population, but approximately half as likely to be shot by police when adjusted as a percentage of criminals committing crimes.
    And the editors let it pass through to publication, probably being too cowed and browbeaten to question the illogical rants of a muslim.

  14. It’s time to round up the gang-bangers and put them to work in labor camps.

    Have them build the southern wall. When they are done with that – have them build a prison on that wall and then put them in it for the remainder of their lives.

    If they try to escape into the US – shoot to kill. If they try to escape into Mexico – well – good riddance.

  15. Malik Ellis was not in a gang. If you guys don’t remove that comment from in front of his name me and my family will sue your ass

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