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“Police arrived to a 911 call Friday night on Willow Road to a chaotic scene,” reports. “Douglas Morris Morgan Jr. was outside screaming for help and his wife was propped against a bed inside, dead from a gunshot wound to the chest, according to a Glynn County Police report.” Home invasion? Hardly . . .

Morgan told police his 20-gauge shotgun must have fallen off the dresser in their bedroom [not shown] and gone off accidentally, shooting his wife as she was on their bed reading. Morgan allegedly said he was inside the bedroom’s adjoining bathroom when he “heard a gunshot,” according to the report.

It appears that Mr. Morgan’s image of a sudden, tragic and entirely accidental interruption to a life of domestic bliss lacked a little in the credibility department.

Glynn County Court records show Douglas Morgan was arrested on June 1, 2016, and charged with simple battery; at the time he was ordered to have no contact with Michelle Morgan, records show. Police Chief Matt Doering said Saturday that officers had been called to the home at 242 Willow Road in the past due to alleged domestic violence.

And then there was the problem posed by Mrs. Morgan’s final resting place.

Morgan allegedly led the police officer inside the home and to the bedroom, where Michelle Morgan was “on the floor with her back against the bed,” the report said.

The officer first asked Morgan how Michelle Morgan’s body got from the bed to the floor. Morgan allegedly replied that he moved her to that position “to help her,” the report said. He said he used “blankets on the bed to stop her bleeding,” the report said.

Hmmmm. But what of the murder weapon? I mean, supposedly non-drop-safe shotgun?

“I then asked Morgan where the gun was when he went into the room and Morgan could not give me (an) answer,” the report said. Morgan then allegedly told the officer that “he grabbed the gun and ran outside” after the shooting. Morgan allegedly said he put it near a ladder that was up against a fence separating a neighbor’s property, the report said.

Morgan stated he may have tried to climb the ladder to contact the neighbors but that he was “unsure,” the report said. Morgan told the officer that all of this occurred about 10 to 15 minutes prior to the officer’s arrival.

Given the information above, I’m not entirely sure that Mr. Morgan’s account of the negligent discharge that allegedly led to his wife’s death are entirely accurate. I’d like to know why would anyone store a shotgun on top of a dresser and how a shotgun on a dresser would fall to the floor all on its own? Just wondering . . .

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  1. I’m guessing this wasn’t all that premeditated, or he would have come up with a better story.

    So if you blow someone away and you know the cops are coming and you have absolutely no plausible deniability, maybe just run instead.

    • “I’m guessing this wasn’t all that premeditated, or he would have come up with a better story.”

      Officer: Why take a shotgun up a ladder?

      Mentally deficient dreg: Was gunna prune bushes wit it.

      Officer: Why not use that chainsaw?

      Mentally deficient dreg: Dats fer diggin holes.

      Officer: What about that shovel?

      Mentally deficient dreg: Use dat fer pheasant huntin’.

  2. Guy’s either an idiot or severely deranged, potentially both.

    Was he also a butler by chance?…..It’s always the butler.

      • Apparently, she has had him arrested and charged more than once, yet still has moved back with the turd, up until the day she died. Sorry, no sympathy here. And he has repeatedly *allowed* her to move back in, despite clearly being headed toward murder. Sorry, no sympathy here.

        • It was her home not his. You don’t know the back ground. We have had no other family besides his. There wasn’t a way out for her. Domestic violence and abuse is real and scary. You don’t know until you’ve lived in a home filled with it.

  3. I’m thinking his best bet is to get a good lawyer that can bamboozle the jury.

    Words like “entropy” used repeatedly in long paragraphs of sciencey sounding shit might work if his lawyer manages to strike every potential juror with an IQ over 40.

    A long shot, but probably all he has at this point.

    I will say though, it would be pretty crazy under the circumstances presented here if the investigation showed that he was telling the truth.

    • We hear all the time about “gun violence.” Maybe this is actually one of those rare times when the gun jumped up off the dresser all of its own volition and shot the woman?

      • I was thinking a freak accident. Like when a blanket sits on the edge of a bed for a few days and then seemingly falls off for no reason.

        There is a reason (obviously) just not one that we can perceive with the naked eye. The blanket was SO close to having enough inertia to overcome the force of gravity that it stayed there for what seems to us to be quite a while before sliding off onto the floor.

        I could see that happening with a shotgun, and if it fell in a way that something got inside the trigger guard while it was being stored with one in the pipe and the safety off I would guess it could happen. Chances it would happen? Not high at all. I’d rate it as not outside the realm of possibility but the chances it would happen AND hit someone, nevermind in the chest…. Jesus, that’s like winning two lotto jackpots, while being bitten by a Great White shark and being struck by lightning and being abducted by aliens and then having Hillary Clinton tell the truth about what happened when she meets your family.

        • Hannibal beat me to it.
          It’s “beyond a reasonable doubt,” not “beyond a doubt within the realm of possibility.”

    • It was an armed man. Armed with a 20 gauge.

      I’m pretty sure even the most incompetent rural medical examiner would be able to determine the position of the body when the fatal shot occurred. I’m betting those results will not show that she was lying in bed when the shotgun allegedly hit the floor.

      • Ah, but could the coroner tell if it was the left or right arm?

        Perhaps the man in question also has six fingers? NVM wrong story.

  4. Making fun of domestic violence and murder. TTAG is hurting the cause turning this into a pro gun joke.

    Come on Robert. You’re better than this. Does your wife know about this post?

  5. WOW there must have been Hogue stocks on that shotgun to allow it to bounce high enough to shoot someone propped up in bed.

    Its really too bad about that batch of faulty primers that caused the delayed ignition until the shotgun was in mid bounce.

  6. “I’d like to know why would anyone store a shotgun on top of a dresser …”

    Because toddlers cannot reach/access a firearm on top of a dresser, especially dressers that are over 5 feet tall.

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