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California Gov. Gavin Newsom (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, File)
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By Matt Manda

California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s new law to ban firearm advertising “attractive to minors” has criminalized First Amendment freedom of speech. It’s not a law protecting children as the governor frames it.

“Those who are backing this industry can no longer market to our children. The idea that we even have to do this is ridiculous,” Gov. Newsom decried on Twitter. “This law by the way goes into effect immediately. Because decent human beings, people with common sense, know that we should not be allowing this kind of disgusting marketing to go on another day.”

Gov. Newsom held a .22-caliber youth model rifle and called it a “weapon of war” while pointing it directly at the cameraman.

What the governor and his handlers refuse to accept is his intentional and ill-conceived law is not a gun control law but is one restricting the First Amendment. Therein lies his greatest problem.

The Law

The law, AB 2571, prohibits firearm industry businesses, including gun and ammunition manufacturers, distributors, retailers and ranges, “from advertising or marketing any firearm-related product, as defined, in a manner that is designed, intended, or reasonably appears to be attractive to minors.” State authorities are the arbiters determining if an advertisement is “attractive” to minors.

Bearing Arms’ Cam Edwards labelled the law as “hog wash.”

“The fact that California Democrats seem to be targeting youth shooting sports specifically, if not explicitly, is evidence that this new law isn’t about reducing firearm access to youth,” Edwards wrote. That is what Gov. Newsom has in mind. It’s not about stopping criminal firearm violence. It’s not about holding criminals accountable for their crimes. It’s always been about limiting the rights of law-abiding Californians.”

Under the new law, potentially offending ads will include caricatures that “reasonably appear to be minors or cartoon characters” used to promote firearm-related products. That could be the use of images or depictions of minors in marketing materials. The law specifically forbids ads in “publications created for the purpose of reaching an audience that is predominately composed of minors.”

California’s new law would impose a $25,000 minimum penalty for sponsoring any adult-supervised youth shooting event. That includes the state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife’s hunter education courses. Boy Scout target shooting merit badges could even be included.

Gun Save Life youth kids nra camp
Meanwhile, in the rest of America…. (Courtesy Guns Save Life)

First Amendment Problems

While the law targets youth hunting, safe and responsible firearm education and more, as much as Gov. Newsom would like it to be, it’s not about the Second Amendment. It’s about the freedom of speech First Amendment.

Now that Gov. Newsom signed this law, testimony at the state legislature in opposition to it regarding the law’s premise is more relevant.

First Amendment Scholar Professor Eugene Volokh, the Gary T. Schwartz Distinguished Professor of Law at UCLA, testified in opposition to the bill while it was being considered in the state’s legislature.

Prof. Volokh slammed the bill as an attack on Free Speech rights, saying, “I think even the bill as proposed to be amended would be unconstitutional, for three reasons: One, it would cover fully protected political speech, not just commercial advertising; Two, even as to commercial advertising, the law is unconstitutionally vague: It covers any ads that are ‘attractive to minors,’ even if they are equally attractive to legal adult buyers; and Three, the law also covers constitutionally protected commercial advertising, such as the use of caricatures of minors or cartoon characters in ads that are clearly targeted at adults who lawfully buy guns that their children could use for legal hunting or target shooting.”

Rob Bonta
California Attorney General Rob Bonta (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

There are already lawsuits filed, including by Second Amendment gun rights groups and pro-hunting youth recreational shooting organizations. Still, California Democratic Attorney General Rob Bonta, said his office will, “take any and all action under the law to defend California’s commonsense gun laws.”

Gov. Newsom’s efforts to impose more gun control is not surprising. It’s always been about doing what he can to crush Second Amendment rights. Now, he’s stepping on First Amendment rights to show he sees no limit to his anti-gun agenda. It’s Gov. Newsom’s new blatant and unconstitutional attack on the First Amendment rights of free speech and freedom of association.


Matt Manda is Manager, Public Affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation

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    • Careful some on TTAG may construe that as a threat. Not me by the way because I absolutely agree.

      • Thanks. I obviously forgot the punctuation after the word “retire”. Should be “retire.” Funny how such a little thing can change the entire meaning. 😉

      • Danger Danger Children Of California!!

        Obviously your armed guard protected gov. newsom is a pervert. After all the frist thing on the check list for any pervert is to see to it their victims are unarmed. If sneaky newsom tricks you kiddies into hating guns he succeeds in disarming you and then you belong all to him. Tell gov. newsum to eat poop.

        • Are you in dire need of a career change? Isn’t it frustrating to have to create budgets for everything in life? What if I told that up to $500 can be earned daily without stepping outside of your home,i8 would you be interested? In fact, soft skills supposedly suffice to make…

      • Billet UK soldiers in his mansion(s) who will have their way with his women and ask him about the Constitution.

    • Somebody needs to retire Newsom and the rest of those like him, and drop them into the middle of the ocean just them and nothing else.

  1. This wasted protoplasm and his ilk have no regards for human rights, property rights, nor US Constitutionally guaranteed rights. He has no understanding of the term inalienable rights or natural rights. In his mind and his ilk they believe in only the rights they think you can be allowed to have and they can change those rights at their will.

  2. Scholastic Clay Target Program, Scouts BSA, 4-H and Future Farmers of America should sue too.

    • This article sucks. It has links on “AB 2571” and “impose”. The first links to another article about a SAF lawsuit against the bill, and the second to another article describing the legislation, neither of which mentions any prohibition affecting group activities. TTAG articles should link to relevant source documents, not just other articles that have nothing to add.

      • AB 2571 is found at this link, although I do not know if it may have been modified before final enactment. I do not see anything prohibiting youth firearm activities, more against the youth marketing of firearm products. Which cannot be purchased by youth, although they might ask their parents to buy something.

        One big deal that I see is that if a prohibited youth-related advertisement for a product is published in a national magazine, and 1000 subscribers live in California, then that advertisement is subject to 1000 separate lawsuits from the state and assorted local governments demanding $25,000 EACH!
        See sections (F)(e)(1) and (F)(e)(6).
        It is unclear whether this fine would apply to the advertiser or the publication or both.

  3. Prime example of the type of fucking tyrant I was talking about in another post. Can’t explain to him why we have the 2nd Amendment because it might frighten him. So let this disgusting pig slowly eat away at our 2nd Amendment rights and while he’s at it let him destroy the 1st also. You know who you are.

    • Glad I don’t live in california for the governor would want to cut my right arm off due to the Yosemite Sam tattoo not to mention the left arm with the Tasmanian Devil.

    • Is Newsom a “Manchurian Candidate”?

      One of Xi’s fellow travelers and useful fool?

      • The Manchurian Candidate was captured and brainwashed into supporting the Chinese, with subconscious triggers. These people are true believers and know full well that they are trying to end freedom and capitalism.

    • Really anything that prevents them from having power over you. Hence the wild attacks on weapons, privacy, and communication of their activities in a factual manner.

    • The battle for the second amendment is not just about the second amendment and some guns, its also about the 1st, 4th, 5th, 14th amendments and the constitution and all the rights as a whole.

    • They hate the entire Constitution because it limits their dreams of tyranny. That’s why they attack it as racist or outdated. They want to dismiss it outright because they can’t make a coherent argument for their unconstitutional policies.

      • The founding fathers wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights because they knew in the future there would be Democrats.

  4. Of course no mention of Gov. De-Insane-us passing a Nazi law curtailing free speech in college classrooms.

    But the law may be the most significant among several measures DeSantis signed that put his imprint on higher education in Florida, not only restricting speech but also adding new limits on tenure for Florida professors and changes to how public colleges and universities are accredited.

    I guess forbidding people to wear masks during covid was not radical enough or insane enough for the Governor.

    • Projection, counterfactual contrarianism, and appeals to false equivalence. Par for the course for dacky boy.

      Duck season!

    • “I guess forbidding people to wear masks during covid was not radical enough or insane enough for the Governor.”

      Not nearly as insane as you are Dacian.

    • Dacian, did you read the entire article? Like most leftist news articles, they burry the truth about what the bill says in the bottom because they know most of their readers won’t make it that far.

      Copied from article-What ‘Stop WOKE’ restricts
      “Stop WOKE” was approved in March, mostly along party-lines in the Republican-led Legislature. It prohibits any teaching that could make students feel they bear personal responsibility for historic wrongs because of their race, color, sex or national origin.

      It also blocks businesses from using diversity practices or training that could make employees feel guilty for similar reasons. Anyone offended could sue an institution or individual, arguing their civil rights were violated by being made subject to such instruction.

      So are you offended by this Dacian? Making people feel guilty because of the color of their skin? I think what you don’t like is the fact that DeSantis is wise to Critical Race Theory which is being indoctrinated into our youths.

      One of my friends was going to college and was taking a reading course. Part of this reading class was to read a short paragraph about how someone liked cars from Europe or America and disliked Asian cars. Then he had to fill out a questionnaire about how this could offend people. Mind you, this is a READING class. My guess is if you didn’t fill out the questionaire correctly, you may have to get reprogrammed to correct-think.

    • Mask that do not work.
      Unless your OSHA certified on respirator use you should shut up.
      I doubt you even know what PPM is without looking it up.
      And then there is the fact that unless one is using a fully enclosed system no mask filters out ones exhale, so a infected person can still containment the area.
      The stupidity from those like you and the left is dangerous.
      And you continue to double down on it all the time.

      And yes, I am OSHA certified, made Auto batteries for years as well as HAZMAT endorsement on my license.

    • Right from your own source:

      “Stop WOKE” was approved in March, mostly along party-lines in the Republican-led Legislature. It prohibits any teaching that could make students feel they bear personal responsibility for historic wrongs because of their race, color, sex or national origin.

      LOL. Dacian wants you to feel responsible for what other people did throughout history! LOL

      “Racial responsibility” we can call it. LOL. It’s the latest grift for new gibs, and DACIAN APPROVED! LOL

      And Dacian calls it a “nazi law” LOL. Literally the Nazi’s were blaming everything historically wrong on an ethnic group (JEWS). Dacian wants those kinds of sentiments brought back here in the US, and if you go against them, YOU are the Nazi. LOL!

  5. “take any and all action under the law to defend California’s commonsense gun laws.”

    How about some “commonsense” 1st amendment laws against the things California profits from – like the car industry when there are over 2,000,000 people annually seriously injured in car accidents across the nation. California lets these advertise, and those ads are pretty darn well attracting to minors and others.

    Or how about the ‘under the influence’ drivers in California, where California lets alcohol and pot be advertised so how about a little “commonsense” 1st amendment laws against those things.

    But I have a better idea, how about some “commonsense” 1st amendment laws against Bonta and Newsom ‘advertising and marketing’ their blatant attack upon the constitution.

  6. I can see it happening from here, like a slo-mo car wreck. The Left has told the courts, the administrations, the people, “NO!, we’re ignoring it all and doing what we want.” (sanctuary cities as an example and this article)
    It’s only a matter of time and the Right WILL engage in the same. Ignoring the societal contract, norms, the courts, the administrations ect

    Heck, I’m on board with it. Speed up the frame rate and let’s get the collapse over with. There are better options of course, but many don’t understand how bad it can get when a society collapses so on they go.

    • Manse,
      I posted this earlier and was accused of threatening behavior.

      “Weapons of war is cool by me when used in certain sentences. Yes you stupid bastard (insert asshole politician’s name here) try to take it away from us and you will see how fast they become weapons of war.”

      I didn’t threaten anyone. My statement was in response to a hypothetical threat from a government official. “We are going to take away your weapons of war.” You see I used us in my answer to said politician meaning we had come to that place where everyone was on board with defending our freedoms. We don’t want to scare our politicians now do we… I’ve had it with everyone playing nice. There was no compromise on this last bill passed into law by that brain dead dementia addled jackass president. We lost more of our rights. There is nothing wrong with reminding our elected officials why we have the 2nd Amendment. To kill tyrants. So don’t be one!

      • There are always better peaceful options. People ignore the societal contract and well established norms, as in what the Left has been doing, and eventually the Right will too.
        When I say “I’m good with it” I mean I’m going to watch with my buttered popcorn because it will be bad. As I said, and I don’t think I’m alone in seeing it coming…like a slo-mo car wreck.

        • There wasn’t “an always better peaceful options” on April 19, 1775, nor on April 12, 1861.
          On those dates “the peaceful stuff” went out the window and SHTF.
          Don’t look now but we’re headed head long into the same position as we speak. The Dems will force it. Just watch. Best be prepared.

      • The time is quickly approaching when removing this government is going to be the only choice.
        If the next two elections turn into the same kind of shitshow as the last one this country will never recover.

        • I will never believe that Biden got more votes than Obama did. It just didn’t happen. Now he may have beaten President Trump but that doesn’t mean there was no BS going on. Pennsylvania illegally changed their voting laws in the run up to the election. When other state’s wanted to file suit against them our Supreme Court wouldn’t touch it. Claiming other state’s had no standing in Pennsylvania’s affairs. Wow how brave of them. One thing that is guaranteed to destroy a nation is the public’s questioning of the integrity of our elections. You are correct this cannot continue.

        • I agree. If they manage the same shenanigans this November as what they pulled in 2020, we may need to respond sooner. Waiting for 2024, may not be a viable option.

      • I didn’t accuse you. I don’t think it was a threat.

        What I was saying is, basically: The anti-gun already use the ‘boogey man’ of ‘radical far right extremism’ to falsely apply to anyone who owns a gun legally. But that actual ‘radical far right extremism’ also happens to use the same rhetoric concepts you did.

        If it some way offended you I am sorry. But the fact remains that if we say the very things they fear in such rhetoric it justifies their fear in the eyes of a public who looks around and sees gun forums and blogs full of the “if you try to come get them they will become weapons of war” when the anti-gun calls them “weapons of war”.

        • “But the fact remains that if we say the very things they fear in such rhetoric it justifies their fear in the eyes of a public…”

          Is “don’t frighten the horses” a winning strategy? Does that strategy tell the truth about the purpose of the Second Amendment? Is it legitimate to soft serve the Second Amendment, only to tell the truth when the unicorns “come over to our side”?

          Speaking softly while carrying a big stick, doesn’t rule out being direct, accurate, and truthful.

        • I was offended but because it came from you. Someone on this site that I have deep respect for. I understand exactly where you are coming from but I get really frustrated that certain politicians can talk their crap and never get called out for it. Politicians such as Newsome, and Murphy, and Swalwell. Politicians who if they could waive a magic wand would not only obliterate the 2nd Amendment but the first also. Tyrant politicians that lie through their teeth day in and day out. We aren’t the bad guy’s they are. I want them destroyed. At the ballot box mind you. But destroyed just the same.

        • I have great respect for you .40 cal and quite a few others on this site. I don’t want to threaten anyone but I don’t want them rolling over us anymore. I’ve had it with us being nice. They just don’t respect any of us.

        • @Sam I Am

          “Is “don’t frighten the horses” a winning strategy?”

          Its a winning strategy if you don’t want the horses to run over you.


  7. When you see yourself as a dictator, the Bill of Rights becomes the Bill of Needs or the Bill of Wishes.

    So, what would Gavin have to say to those of us who purchased firearms for our children? Are muzzle loaders even legal in Cali? Apparently .22 rifles aren’t legal, especially if it’s an AR style rifle.

    How do such braindead people even manage to feed themselves?

  8. So no more advertising for movies or video games then?
    California should just build their own version of Chinas Great Firewall.

  9. This is typical of the Leftists Mob. They will attack anyone who is not in sync with their Leftist-dogma.

  10. …. it didn’t take them long to try him
    in their court of law
    he was guilty then of thinking, a crime much worse than all
    they sentenced him to die, so the seed of thought can’t spread,
    and infect the little children . That’s what the law had said.

    And now we’re two hang men hanging from a tree…..

  11. Authoritarians can produce legislation faster than they can be challenged. The game is death by a thousand cuts. Unconstitutional laws are constitutional until overturned by the courts.

    Evil always looks the same: disarm the public; squelch free speech.

  12. “Bruen” did not settle anything. “Bruen” did spawn a forever war.

    Elections do have consequences. Newsome is only doing what his voters demand. The majority in Calif do not want a state/nation of liberties. They want the illusion of safety, and the life of libertines. What happens in Calif does not stay in Calif.

      • “Better eternal war then eternal loss.”

        Not making a comparison. Simple call for managing expectations and disappointments.

    • Newsome is taking on hot button national issues at the state level. He’s like the anti-DeSantis. He’s gearing up for a presidential run.

      • He’s actually running ads right now touting California as the only truly free state, not like that ass-backwards Florida. Does he use all of Kamala’s speechwriters as they quit every couple of months? Oops, see, there goes another one.

      • “Newsome is taking on hot button national issues at the state level….He’s gearing up for a presidential run.”

        It will be fun to see what unfolds during the next 2+ years. Remember, absolutely no one foresaw Covid-19. Not even “California Psychics”.

    • ” What happens in California doesn’t stay in California “… no shit. They invade new areas, like locusts infected with leftist Ebola.

  13. Let’s try an experiment. Remove all guns from absokurely everyone in California. I mean all, 100% and give to the poor elsewhere in the country. Let’s see how California fares.

    Of course this doesn’t apply to criminals because admitting they had a gun would be self incrimination. I’m not including politicians in the criminal category only just in this particular situation.

  14. He is okay with removing the death penalty for actual murderers on death row…but not for the innocent un-born children through abortion…he doesn’t care about others’ children…like it’s been said before…he doesn’t want to get rid of all guns…just our guns…

  15. Unfortunately, as long as his Aunt Nasty is still breathing, he’ll hold a political office. Lets all hope Nasty P doesn’t rig 2024 with Newsollini.

  16. Reply to Gavin Newsome – Have you ever seen a child walk into a gun store and buy a rifle? No you haven’t. IT”S ILLEGAL to sell ANY firearm to anyone younger than 18 DUMBASS! Could they be acquiring them in some other manner – possibly illegally? Why would gun manufacturers spend millions of dollars marketing their products to someone who can’t legally purchase them? Answer me that you LEFTARD IJIT!

    • “Have you ever seen a child walk into a gun store and buy a rifle? No you haven’t. IT”S ILLEGAL ”

      Barring minors from buying guns isn’t the point of the legislation. Preventing minors from being enticed throughout their childhood to buy firearms when legally permitted is the point.

      The presumption is that all the broken people who commit crimes will not commit crimes if they aren’t introduced to firearms (through advertising) in their childhood, in the first place. The theory even stretches to include preventing children of criminals and gangers from wanting to buy guns to take revenge on their enemies.

      It is all based on faith that the more illegaler something is, the less of you experience. Murder, for instance. It wasn’t sufficiently illegal, so “hate laws” were invented. As if somehow the reason someone was murdered is important to the deceased, and making murder illegaler cut murder to almost zero. Or soon will. Or someday. Or if “hate crimes” aren’t enough, defying “hate laws” will make murder more illegaler.

      It isn’t the severity of punishment that controls a crime, but the number of laws prohibiting a crime. Eventually, there will be enough laws against a disfavored activity, that such crime will be eradicated. How many laws will it take to eradicate murder from society? We won’t know, until murder is eradicated. Meantime, “we” must keep trying.

  17. It isn’t just about destroying rights. It’s an attack on the culture. They want to limit your ability to teach children anything outside of the progressive orthodoxy. They’d rather have your kids going to gender queer camps. They’re playing the long game. If you think things are bad now, just wait until the younger generation comes into power.

    • Trump winning shook them up. They expected 8 years of hillary and by then we would be past the point of no return. Now we have sleepy Joe and their pulling out everything they had planned to do slowly over hillarys time because they fear Trump or someone with some guts will destroy their plans.
      This midterm election will tell the tale.

  18. the backroom people are trying to groom Newsom for the next presidential Run, Hope people wake up and see the Problems. He already Broke his Oath to Defend the rights of Californians.

    • They thought they were going to be able to force Kamala on us with Mayor Pete as the backup plan. They never expected the Puppet to finish out his term. Now they realize they need a plan C.


    • Remember the Cleveland Elementary School Shooting in 1979 in San Diego? When 16 year old Brenda Spencer used a Ruger 10-22 to kill 2 and wound 9 others? When asked why she did the deed she replied “I don’t like Mondays.” No, most children need adult supervision when handling/shooting firearms. A blanket anyone under 21 can buy a .22 isn’t the answer.

  20. Meanwhile CALIFORNIA has THE lowest rsation of gun ownership of any state and the plowest per caopita death rate due to gun crime. California is THE economic powerhoues of the USA and if considered as a economic entity is the FIFTH [ maybe even the fourth] largest single economy in the world. [an economt incidently THREE TIMES that of RUSSIA as calculated by GDP] California has led the USA in all aspects of envi rionmental control and most public health initiatives and the situation regarding DEATTH by GUN CRIME and SUICIDES is a PUBLIC HEALTH PROBLEM.
    Any other health problem that resulted in around 50,000 [crime plus suicide] deaths per annum would have had billions thrown at it by now. Indeed the automobile industry had exactly that with the full support of the electorate – in fact the electorate demanded it! The solution is simplicity itself REDUCE THE AVAILABILITY of unnessessary FIREARMS in PRIVATE hands by 95%

    • “REDUCE THE AVAILABILITY of unnessessary {sic} FIREARMS in PRIVATE hands by 95%”

      OK, this should be humorous —

      How ya gonna do that, Al? First explain how you get guns out of the hands of criminals. That’s the real problem, not the millions of legal gun owners with their legal weapons.

      Then explain how you’re gonna take 95% of legal weapons away.

    • Even if your statement was completely accurate, explain how such a wonderful place has people who crap in the street with impunity? I have been to 3rd world Countries that don’t allow public defecation.

    • Al just regurgitates a leftist talking point then goes to bed. He never responds because he has no answer. Al is the bumper-sticker anti-gun argument. He just copies a left-wing op-ed, adds a couple misspelled words to make it “his” then posts the comment and goes away.

    • Yes, and it’s also losing residents and businesses faster than it’s gaining them, due to all those nifty Left ideas. California is turning into a Schithole. Turn off the Water Hose from the Rocky Mountain States and the most of the State would look like the Mojave Desert.

  21. California voters we’re given a choice. And they chose Gavin Newsom. Let them live with the choice that they made. The Liberals and the Left and the Libertarians. Have never supported the First Amendment. What they support is pornography stores. They support cross burning. Including burning a cross on the Front lawn of a black person’s home. Don’t believe me? Then go look up the court cases. They support protests at military recruiting centers.

    But they don’t support protests at abortion centers. They don’t support Christian bakeries. The three L’s have never supported the First Amendment. You can have your pornography and your cross burning. If you want them. But those things have nothing to do with the First Amendment.

    You can walk around naked and have sex in public. On days the government gives you permission. It is legal for you to urinate and defecate in public. Because they will not enforce the laws against it in California.

    And it has become de facto legal to shoplift in California under the state’s Constitution.

  22. Common sense laws and constitutionally valid laws, particularly when they involve guaranteed rights specified in the Bill Of Rights are not necessarily compatible Governor Gav.
    It’s best you wrap your head around that concept.

  23. It’s really amazing to see how so many people now see California as an anti-civil rights and anti-Liberty State. When in fact, it was always just as bigoted, racist, intolerant, and as anti-civil rights as any other American state. Southern, northern, eastern, or western.

    It seems all that marijuana smoking, acid dropping, shooting up crystal meth, and their sexual liberation. Created “a fog” that many people couldn’t see through. But when gasoline gets to $7 or $9 a gallon. And that liberal government is now taxing the marijuana industry out of business.
    But for those that have now woken up it’s just too late.

    California in the first time in its history is being depopulated. The population is now declining. People are voluntarily leaving.

    • “California in the first time in its history is being depopulated.”

      I can see value in converting Californication into a vast internment camp for Dims, Liberals, Leftists. A place where they can do anything they want, without restriction.

      They can check out, but they can never leave.

  24. We’ve always had such laws inn the uK as far back as I can remember and I’m in my mid 80’s> Howver that did not stop young lads like me joining the UK ARMY CADET FORCES and still does not and in those Cadet Forces Rifle shooting is an encouraged activity under supervision and proper training right up to the issue Rifle the SA80 though the CADET version is a single shot.
    Back inn the day I was trained from the age of 14 on the SMLE LEE-ENFIELD .303 and the BREN .303 Light Machine Gun [LMG] By the time I joined the Royal Air Force as an Aircraft Apprentice [Armourer] I had qualified and was badged to the UK Infantry Marksman Standard . Later in the RAF I recieved as I recall an salary upgrade for mARKS MAN and a rather nice Arm Badge to go with it Standard. Ay t that time probably 10% of all boys in the UK were at least competent with some kind of firearm and in the countryside farm boys usually had aqccess to some kind of shotgun -I had use under my uncles supervision of a single barrel 12 gauge. I cannot remember a single incident of gun crime or come to that knife crime and this at a time when a sheath knife was part of the Boy Scout Uniform. Every l kid I knew had some kind of knife.

    • @Albert L J Hall

      “We’ve always had such laws inn the uK as far back as I can remember and I’m in my mid 80’s>”

      mid 80’s now places you born in the 1930’s (maybe 1937 if mid 80’s means age 85)

      At age 14 it would have been in the early 1950’s (maybe 1951 if mid 80’s means age 85)

      How odd…. since you in previous posts said you were much younger than mid 80’s indicating maybe in your 50’s

      “… right up to the issue Rifle the SA80 though the CADET version is a single shot.”

      the cadet forces rifle (today) is the ‘L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle’ which is a cadet specific version of the British Armed Forces’ L85A2 SA80.

      The ‘L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle’ is not single shot, it is an L85A2 SA80 that has been modified and adapted to fire only semi-automatic. Semi-automatic fires one shot per trigger pull, it is not single shot but rather multiple shot by one shot per trigger pull until the magazine is empty. The ‘L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle’ is chambered in 5.56x45mm.

      The ‘L81A2 Cadet Target Rifle’ is a bolt gun, it fires single shot. The ‘L81A2 Cadet Target Rifle’ is the cadet version of the military Parker-Hale M82, not the L85A2 SA80.

      • Correction:

        I’m being told by someone who was actually in the “UK ARMY CADET FORCES” that the ‘L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle’ actually came in two variations, one chambered in 5.56x45mm and the other a rim fire version in .22 LR, both are semi-auto.

        The L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle was replaced by the .22 LR single shot bolt action made by Savage Arms as the main Cadet training rifle and is called ‘No. 9’ (number nine). It is not a version of the British military SA80.

        • The .22 LR rim fire variation of the ‘L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle’ was actually a ‘L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle’ chambered in 5.56x45mm that used a .22 cal adapter conversion kit.

      • or maybe Albert, its your advanced age in your “mid 80’s” that’s not allowing you to remember correctly.

        But you must be a spry mid 80 year old man to be able to apply deadly force with your bare hands by punching a woman hard enough to knock her out and put her in the hospital (as you related in a previous tale of your exploits). Been beating up on women long Albert?

      • “UK ARMY CADET FORCES …. I was trained from the age of 14 on the SMLE LEE-ENFIELD .303”

        The SMLE LEE-ENFIELD is short for the common “Short, Magazine, Lee–Enfield” variant of WWI. It was used in the “UK ARMY CADET FORCES” for training after WWI ended until 1932 when it was replaced by the non SMLE Lee–Enfield in use by the British Army.

        WWI began on 28 July 1914 and ended on 11 November 1918.

        If you were 14 when you were trained on the SMLE LEE-ENFIELD that means you were born around 1904. But you said you are in your mid 80’s now. If “mid 80’s” means age 85’ish then 2022 – 85 = 1937 as the year you were born, even accounting for being actually age 80 you would have been born in 1942.

        If you are in your mid 80’s now that means you were born after WWI ended and after the SMLE LEE-ENFIELD stopped being used in the “UK ARMY CADET FORCES”.

        So how were you “trained from the age of 14 on the SMLE LEE-ENFIELD .303” in the “UK ARMY CADET FORCES” from the age of 14 when you were a lot less than 14 or not even born yet while that rifle was in use in the “UK ARMY CADET FORCES”?

        Maybe that advanced age in the mid 80’s is messing with your recollection, or maybe its something else.

    • “……I’m in my mid 80’s>…..”

      Ok All Hail.
      Now that we know your IQ, how old are you?

    • No one believes you. I mean no one. Not that you are British, not that you were in the armed forces of the UK, not that you have ever handled a firearm, let alone fired one..none of it…doesn’t that bother you, just a little bit? You truly prove the old adage that empty barrels make the most noise.

    • The only time you’re an Englishman is when you’re dressing up in womens clothes. As a “joke” of course when trying to to amuse the neighborhood boys.

  25. Newsom is almost certainly running for President in 2024, and this latest action is probably a strategic ploy to aid that end.

  26. Is Neusom’s visual aid actually a youth .22(LR)? Looks like a “closed” full size dust cover on the upper which .22LR routinely omit yet the mag well looks a bit short (front to back). A PCC maybe? It’s well decked out with alot of goodies for a .22LR! If we defer to the easiest “source” for the prop gun, it would be from his protection detail rather than trying to get something from an evidence locker or so called buy back results. Lol.

  27. There’re going to be a bunch of very unhappy kids in California. No depictions or images of firearms allowed that youths/children may find enticing? Does that include the shoot-em-up video games?

    • And all action movies from Hollywood.

      In fact, that’s probably a good counter to the law. Sue the movie studios under this law. They’ll push for a change.

  28. Well thank goodness, it’s about time.
    The video clip gaffes of our pedodent do a disservice to our country.
    Ban Freedom of Speach
    Biden 2024
    Vote often and vote late

  29. Aside from prima facie violations of the 1st and 2nd Amendments, Newsom would totally shut down an entire segment of the entertainment industry. Perhaps he doesn’t care that it generates billions in personal and corporate income. Hollywood has for a century been producing violent and bloody movies ranging from gladiators to science fiction to modern crime thrillers for a century.

    Such entertainment would not disappear and in fact would serve as a colossal windfall to many states, some of which already produce Newsom’s forbidden entertainment. He believes he’s more than a mere governor and perhaps has the power to legislate beyond the mere phone and pen as characterize two other God-wannabes. Clearly, he seeks more power and doesn’t care if it inflicts great harm.

    Although his ignorance of the subject is obvious, he blunders on with his hysterical, socialist view. If he were not so grievously uninformed, he might wander into the world of facts. The first fact is “his” people (Californians) are arming and probably defending themselves in numbers as suggested by the CDC and FBI. Any confiscation, doubtlessly would drive up the murder rate.

    Such a stupid law also would accelerate the mass exodus to free states, e.g., Florida and Texas. Newsom rapidly is becoming the laughing stock for leftist as well as conservative voters. They know he faces a hardening and growing voter block of criminals, illegal aliens, and hard core communists. Suggesting that he might run for president also suggests he fears his constituency and has no other realistic path.

  30. Regarding the foolishness, legislative and administrative, foisted off on the people of California, one can well conclude the following. Given who or what they support at the voting booth, they have earned and fully deserve exactly the sort of government they get.

  31. Will Gruesome Newsome also ban Hollywood from glamorizing and capitalizing on making money off of gun violence? Meh, probably not.

  32. Annnd…they just keep voting him back into office. Over and over and over and over and over…

    • And now that California has gone exclusively to Mail In Ballots, Newsance may be the governor until he croaks.

  33. A GRUESOME piece of SHIFF! Keep him in Kalifornicate and don’t contaminate the rest of the country!

  34. Again, Newsom proves just how stupid he is and without his connection with Pelosi he would have been out of office a long time ago. Both of these corrupt people need to go far away. Say, some country that has a socialist government and see how long they last.

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