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Joe Biden pledged countless times during the presidential campaign to effect sweeping gun control via executive action on day one once he was in the White House. Day one has come and gone with a record number of executive orders signed by Grampy Joe…but none of them have anything to do with gun control.

This has left gun control advocates feeling…“betrayed.” Cue the sad violin music.

Twenty-two additional days have passed since Biden’s inauguration and still no gun control action from the BidenHarris regime, despite this week being the third anniversary of the Parkland massacre.

Biden 2020
AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin.

According to CNN (no really) the hair-sniffer-in-chief has signed forty-nine (49!) executive orders as of February 10th. But none have touched on gun control. Not. A. Single. One.

But friends of Shannon Watts, aka Shannon Troughton, president and owner of of VoxPop Public Relations, a boutique liberal PR firm, never fear. On Wednesday, they met – virtually – with White House officials. Following that meeting, members of the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex tooted their tiny tin horns with cocksure confidence that action on “gun safety” will soon be a-comin’.

From the Washington Times:

Leaders of prominent gun control groups said Wednesday they expect to see substantive action from President Biden on the issue in the near future after a meeting with White House officials.

“President Biden is committed to taking executive action and working with Congress to put in place reforms that will keep this country’s kids and communities safe,” said Peter Ambler, executive director of the group Giffords. “Today’s meeting was a strong affirmation of that commitment.”

Mr. Ambler and other leaders met virtually with Susan Rice, who leads the White House Domestic Policy Council, and Cedric Richmond, director of the White House Office of Public Engagement.

Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, said they’re “confident” about seeing executive and legislative action in the “near future.”

But “soon” can be a slippery and subjective adverb. Especially from a chief executive who can’t seem to remember where he is most days.


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  1. Man… If I had to look at that screwed up face for very long, I’d probably want to shoot myself.
    No wonder she don’t like guns, can’t keep a boyfriend…

    • There are much more flattering photos f her, but TTAG always uses this one because in it she looks like a stupid cow.

    • Why do some people have to lower themselves to schoolyard name-calling? It doesn’t matter if she is ugly as a post. What does matter is that she is espousing Unamerican views and is dumb as a bag of doorknobs.

        • For many “Moms Demand Action” had a porn reference. Shannon’s upbringing must have been very sheltered for that reference to go unnoticed.

      • Sometimes ugliness on the outside equates itself to ugliness on the inside. Usually from a deep seated anger at being ugly… Period.
        On a side note: That mug would make a fine target at the range. Is that a ventriloquist dummy with Creepy Uncle Joe or a Creep’d Out little girl with a Pervert.

      • “What does matter is that she is espousing Unamerican views and is dumb as a bag of doorknobs.”

        And she’s a skank. Don’t forget that.

      • Moms? I pity their kids.
        No stinking Gun Control democRat is going to be anywhere around when a criminal comes to knock down your door and f you and yours up. Bottom line…These pasty mouth busy body sicko Jim Crow Gun Control Zealots can either stfu or try to come and get ’em.

      • Your virtuous, high-minded admonition touched me to my core. I am a new man. Tears are running down my face. Your example is a shining light to us all. In the future I will focus solely on how that ugly, stupid cow is as dumb as a post and espousing unamerican ideas.

  2. I will support them making the NICS background check available as a “yes/no sale” to the general population through a phone line or internet search.

    So don’t say gun owners won’t compromise.

    • Not sure where you see the problem with me. You as a taxpayer are already paying for the database so you should have access to it if you choose to. There are no privacy concerns if the answer is a simple yes/no.

      If you want to make a private sale to someone you don’t know, the option to look and see if they are/aren’t a prohibited person should be a useful tool to most rational people.

      Notice I didn’t say the words: required, documented, registration.

      Having it available would change absolutely nothing for you if you chose not to make use of it.

      • Except that the list of No qualifiers will expand until we are all No’s. If you want John Q Public to be able to do background checks then just make the entire NCIC public. Let me check anyone for nay reason if I feel like it. Let me run serial numbers too.

      • …”you should have access to it if you choose to”.

        I’d wager that if one didn’t “choose” to use it and sold a personal firearm to someone else eventually it would come back to bite them if the ATF, IRS or other gov’t agency found out. Offering a choice in government terms usually only refers to killing unborn babies…

        In states with concealed carry permits, permits to acquire, or FOIDs, a far better safety measure is to sell only to someone who has a verifiable permit in their posession, write down the number (or take a pic if the buyer allows) and record it on your own data base, books or what ever you use.

        I am not advocating permits or FOIDs, but this is a much more private and secure-from-gov’t intrusion method if permits are already in place. While I often buy firearms, I rarely sell a gun and when I do it is only to someone holding a valid permit. In Iowa, at least, the permit is proof of the person having passed a NICS check and places responsibility for the info on the government and its reporting agencies which have a proven track record of failing to notify or report.

      • I’m actually on record here in favor of universally available electronic background checks. (Note that I didn’t say universally *required*, nor did I say anything about NICS.)

        If we’re going to have some kind of a background check — and public opinion, even among gun owners, overwhelmingly favors it, so it’s not just going away — then it might as well be one that actually WORKS and doesn’t create a registry. And is available to the entire adult population.

        Each party to the transaction puts in his own info (name, driver’s license, social security #, for instance), and the system spits out a go/no-go decision with a unique transaction number, which both parties can keep for their own records if they’d like. And that’s it.

        It’s not a difficult technical achievement. Any competent group of coders could put it together with ease. Plus, no info on the gun or guns would have to be involved — all the gov’t would know is that two people may or may not have exchanged firearms.

        Even if it were mandatory for *every* sale or trade…an idea I find repugnant, but the possibility has to be considered…it would still be less burdensome and intrusive than the current NICS check, and possibly more effective, as *all* the good guys could use it (while the bad ones will ignore it, just like they ignore the current laws).

      • “Notice I didn’t say the words: required, documented, registration.”

        That’s how they will get it passed – But once enacted, it will quickly be made mandatory registration…

  3. I’ve noticed the lack of immediate action. Dems have been reported to have realized that gun control is a loosing issue and consider backing off. Besides how can they keep BLM and Antifa armed and safe? It’s tough trying to keep every constituency happy.

    • “I’ve noticed the lack of immediate action. Dems have been reported to have realized that gun control is a loosing issue and consider backing off.”

      They don’t really control the Senate as well as they would like.

      2 of theirs won’t break the filibuster. That’s not good news, because they could possibly peel off more than 3 Republicans if the wanted to.

      And there’s the issue of Biden’s interview a year ago, where he said he would add gun control to a bill that Republicans would want to have passed.

      They still want to ban guns, but their footing isn’t exactly secure. We have hold onto our side at all costs…

      • Articles like this seem silly, I don’t think we should gloat that nothing has happened yet, as there is still 2-4 years for them to attempt to “do something.” Though Trump didn’t rescind 41F or gun free zones on day one as he said… Or ever even. There isn’t an Obama Care they are trying to ram through this time, and I don’t think Biden will neglect the opportunity to at least try something. If nothing else, more state department shenanigans, ITAR, 3D printing, choke point, all those Obama actions go back on.

        I would expect a Valentine’s/Parkland announcement. But if not, then they can just wait for the next big shooting for some emotional cover.

    • my understanding is that the Kenyan told them that the gun control thing will not get passed so move on to other abominations.

  4. The only thing that bothers me about this is the incessant howling of my dog. He keeps hearing the high-pitched sound of 1000 tiny violins, all playing a concerto in D minor for Shannon Watts.

  5. She needs to get laid bidden is too old and the other rug muncher….well I have no doubt that it’s coming. I just hope that they cannot get it passed no matter they will have a terrific fight because…. we are Americans if dumb dumb joe who hadn’t bought the election 🗳 we the Americans won’t get fucked in the ass

  6. Biden’s gun control executive orders appear to have run smack into the second amendment. That is a good thing for gun owners, they can thank those men that the 1619 project and it’s adherents are trying to cancel. Biden hopefully cannot run a bender on us as long as the Supreme Court is not packed, unless the existing members have surrendered their duties.

  7. You our not betrayed.
    A government knows what’s best for its citizens.
    President Biden is a wise an aged man with many years of experience.
    Rejoice that you may give obedience.
    Be the best citizen your country has, work hard and do not complain.
    Your country loves you.

  8. Ask an anti-gunner if he would object to your shooting a carjacker. After he runs down, tell him, “That’s OK. It’s easier to run over him, anyway.” His reaction to that statement will tell you whether it’s guns he objects to or the use of force by private citizens in self defense.

  9. Biden says he believes in the Second Commandment and supports the rights of all huntresses and sportspersons as long as they don’t shoot Bambi’s Parent 1.

  10. I fear any new Firearms Control Legislation less than I fear the Cowardess of the POTG to stand up and fight against it. The time for Whining, Pissing and Moaning is long past especially for those who continue to live behind enemy lines. History is repeating itself at a ever increasing speed. The only difference is it’s not the Nazi’s against the Jews. It’s the Tyrannical Socialist Democrats against U.S. Citizens. The only question is will those in the greatest danger of Oppression learn from the plight of the Jews or will they meekly follow along. As the Jews did. All the while believing it could never get That Bad. The Socialist Democrats have been building their armies both within and outside of government for decades. Slowly infiltrating all levels of the Government, Education, Media and Health Care. Placing ever controlling laws and regulation on the people to restrict the ability to control their own lives and thus their very Freedom. Indoctrinating the youth of the last several decades to their Ideology and False promises. Controlling who can say what, when and where while chastising and destroying any who speak ill of their Cause. These are the same tactics the Nazi’s and Fascists used to Control it’s citizens. Eventually exterminating the Jews as well as all their designated Enemies of the State. We have been witnessing the same things right here in Our Own Country and like those who suffered and were destroyed in Europe all those years ago. Many of the people of Our Own Nation refuse to see or fear to look as history repeats itself. What I fear is not the Evil I see manifesting before my eyes because that is something tangible and can be fought. What I fear is the Cowardess of others who refuse to see or fear to fight the Evil before them. For their Fear is as great an Enemy to Freedom as the Evil which threatens it. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • There is no evil, only that with which you perceive.
      A State does not want the destruction of it’s good citizens, it must rehabilitate those whom are not.
      In order to form a more perfect Society the non compliant must be punished.
      There is no evil in that.

  11. I hope you’re right Boch…I’m thinking an extremely minor “event” on Jan. 6 may have convinced even slow Joe & Ho that millions of Americans are PIZZED OFF. They pretend “white supremacy” is a problem while the capital escapade was not a KKK rally or Jew hating event. Millions of US are enraged over an illegal,unconstitutional and immoral charade of an “impeachment”(and the occupation of DC). We live in “interesting” times😖😡😕


    • There is no individual reason to have a weapon if you are a good citizen.
      The citizen is protected by its Law Enforcement and Military.
      Land of Oz? Is that in reference to an HBO series portraying life in the Department of Corrections.
      All criminals and non citizens need rehabilitation.
      Rehabilitation achieved through labor and the toils of their labor given to the State.
      Those whom refuse to be rehabilitated are tortured until death and publicly displayed.
      It is by these means the State forms a more perfect society.
      Give up your weapons and ideas of weapons, retain your freedom.
      The State does not want you placed in a rehabilitation center.
      Become a model citizen, give up your individualism, become part of the Social Order.
      Young and old, hard work and compliance, you will be rewarded.

  13. Don’t count the gun prohibitionists out. WE need to stay vigilant and involved. I’ve upped my donations to SAF and FPC.

  14. first of all . I am not going to complain if there are no new freedom control laws passed. but , at the same time I dont trust him. and I would not have written this article. because with these commies you just dont know. and we have to watch.

  15. Although I fully understand and share the anger and frustration we feel with gun control advocates I would ask that the rhetoric and name calling tone down immediately. While it is satisfying to vent, when it is shared in public forums it only increases animus between the conflicting sides of the argument. The anger and name calling only feed into the fear gun control advocates have for us. Of course the second amendment is on our side and there are many lobbyists continuously speaking reasonably on our behalf. However, every individual must think strategically and work within the constitutional system. Save the expression of anger and frustration for private gatherings and work toward the results we want. And please never forget that when you choose to bear arms those very instruments of lethal force put you under the highest level of accountability in what you say, what you do and how you carry yourself in all of society.

    • @Peter. Well said. At the very least, members of gun-owning community should refrain from patronizing, disparaging, flaming, or trolling each other over perceived political/ideological differences. Regardless of whether you’re a first-time gun owner or a diehard collector, a ‘Fudd’ or a ‘tacticool-warrior,’ it is imperative that ALL of us unite and, more importantly, REMAIN united against the inevitable onslaught of specious and draconian legislation (and likely litigation) that ‘progressive’ Democrats and the Biden Administration have in store for us. Eternal vigilance is (and always will be) the price of liberty. Molon labe.

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