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By Lee Williams

USA Today’s “extremism” reporter Will Carless has extremists on the brain. He’s written about extremist cops, extremist podcasts, extremist militia groups, extremist videos, extremist Facebook groups and now, extremist gun show recruiters.

Before he joined Gannett’s flagship newspaper about a year ago, Carless was the extremist guy at the Center for Investigative reporting (CIR), a small nonprofit located in the San Francisco Bay area. While you may have never heard of CIR, but you’ve probably heard of their donors.

They include George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, The Wellspring Philanthropic Fund, which donates millions to left-of-center advocacy orgs, and other similarly aligned groups. Carless’s work has also appeared in The Trace, the propaganda arm of former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun empire.

Carless’ latest USA Today story, “Down the barrel of a gun: How Second Amendment activism can be a gateway to extremist ideologies,” is, in a word, extreme.

The logic he uses to support his story is simple…incredibly flawed, but simple. Since there are vendors at gun shows hawking Nazi paraphernalia, III% patches, and controversial books, Carless would have you believe they’re recruiting for the right-wing extremist movement. And anyone who supports gun rights is ripe for their recruitment.

Carless hatched this crazy theory after actually visiting a gun show.

“Gun shows like this have long been part of the connective tissue between mainstream conservatism and the American extremist movement,” Carless wrote. “The vast majority of gun owners are law-abiding citizens, but experts and former members of the extremist far-right said a passion for gun rights often serves as a gateway to radicalization – one eagerly exploited by recruiters and leaders in the movement.”

In other words, if you support our God-given right to self-defense as codified in the Second Amendment, expect to be sporting a swastika armband and goosestepping to SS marching songs by the end of the day.

Carless cites authorities like Igor Volsky, executive director of Guns Down America, as his primary expert. “Gun culture and gun rhetoric is, itself, bathed – saturated – in extremist conspiracy theories,” Volsky is quoted as saying in the story. “What all of these conspiracy theories have in common, what this rhetoric really emphasizes, is the fear that a powerful government is going to come in and disarm you and impose their values onto you.”

Given the current administration’s policies, I’m not sure I’d dismiss the fear that a powerful government is going to disarm me as a conspiracy theory. That’s Joe Biden’s stated goal. It’s still right there on his campaign website for all to see: “assault weapon” bans, confiscation under the guise of mandatory buy-backs, regulation by the NFA, standard-capacity magazine bans, one-gun-per-month rationing, and the closing of so-called loopholes.

The White House now acknowledges that they believe the most severe threat from domestic terrorist comes from the far right, Carless points out.

“What do you expect the Biden White House to say?” asked Alan M. Gottlieb, founder and executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation. “They are the far left that, as Biden himself has said, wants to ban 9mm handguns and semi-auto rifles.”

The rest of Carless’ story describes his one-man sojourn through the gun show aisles. His reportage is like a trip back through time – to the mid-1990s to be precise.

He dredges up The Anarchist Cookbook and The Turner Diaries, which some vendor evidently still had in print. The former, Carless said, “describes how to make homemade bombs.” Yes, it certainly does, but there are far more worrisome plans and racist books available on the internet, all of which are still protected by the First Amendment, at least for now.

“Nestled in the middle of the show at the Atlanta Expo Center, a man proudly displayed Nazi memorabilia: medals, swastika patches and a model of a German amphibious vehicle occupied by toy Nazi soldiers. People crowded around his table, asking questions about buying and selling Nazi stuff,” he wrote.

I’ve seen a few gun-show vendors selling Nazi memorabilia, but I’ve never seen a crowd at their tables. Most people, myself included, just walk on by.

Almost no one at the gun show was willing to talk to Carless, which is not a surprise. He spoke to a few people but they refused to give him their names. That was probably for the best.

fake news

He’s biased, just like all the rest of the legacy media, and his entire premise was wrong. Are there extremists who own guns? Sure, nearly half the country owns guns so there are bound to be a few.

But implying that the vast majority of law-abiding gun owners are somehow likely to fall under their spell is pure fabrication. It’s fake news. And it’s about what I’d expect to see from USA Today, given their ongoing partnership with The Trace and the extreme leftwing politics of those in charge.


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This story is part of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project and is published here with their permission.


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  1. “Extremism in the pursuit of liberty is no vice” :Barry Goldwater. Who wouldn’t pass muster in 2021. Some folk’s collect Nazi chit because of the art deco vibe…

    • You beat me to the quote.

      If right wing means support for smaller government, lower taxes, gun rights, free speech, and individual responsibility (i.e. conservative principles), shouldn’t right wing extremism be support for little or no government, zero taxes, gun rights absolutism, free speech absolutism, and individual responsibility (i.e. libertarian principles)?
      Why do some people think it makes sense for the extreme version of conservative ideology to be the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, which is clearly a far left ideology?

      • The author will carless can reach me @ 1-800-eat-poop.

        Obviously what will carless wants is Gun Control and he assumes calling Americans exercising a Constitutional Right “nazis” moves his football. Unfortunately for will carless and his ilk history clearly shows Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is rooted in racism and genocide. Therefore will carless and his Gun Control ilk are the very nazis they claim to disdain.

  2. I consider myself a liberal as in a classical liberal. Leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone; libertarian. The modern liberals are hard right authoritarians who tell us to “comply” for our safety just like a certain well-known leader from the 1930s and 1940s did. I have learned that the left is EVERYTHING they accuse the right of being. The left knows the only way they’re going to be able to force their will down our throats is if we are disarmed. They’re not really for disarming ALL Americans; just the ones they don’t like or agree with. The only possible good that could come from that is (if history repeats itself) that they will turn on each other once they have oppressed or destroyed their perceived enemies.

    When they fail at an argument or can’t argue on the facts, they will call you the usual names-racist, homophobe, sexist, et. al.

    • Hard right huh? Kinda emaciated your point with that. To your little Leftist pals YOU’RE far right. Classical Liberalism, so called, has failed utterly. As an example you can’t even bring yourself to call a spade a spade. I’d argue, from personal experience because I was where you are a few years ago, it would serve you well to see the moral integrity inherent in the American Right, and hope to God Right Wing Populism takes over. Because your ideology and its isolationism has opened the door to the garbage we’re currently faced with. The hurricane cares not that you’ve left you’ve stayed indoors, it will still tear your roof off if it can.

  3. Typical nazi tactic. Accuse others of what they are doing.

    How many times has dacian the nazi accused others of being racist?

    • The only reason 2A supporters appear to be right extremists is because the Looney Socialist Lefties have moved s-o-o-o-o far to the left. Proud to be that far from them.

  4. When you are at a gun show and you see Nazi paraphernalia on a table alongside The Anarchist Cookbook and The Turner Diaries, you know what kind of nut case people you are dealing with. They are part of the window dressing of the show. It brings in more of the fruit cakes.

    Doubt my word??? Then just strike up a conversation with these people some time, its chilling to say the least. I have plenty of experience with these creatures as my first visit to a gun show was in 1962. That more than qualifies me to make this statement.

    • When you are on a college campus and you see communist propaganda on a table alongside Che t-shirts and the Communist Manifesto, you know what kind of nut case people you are dealing with. They are part of the window dressing of the campus. It brings in more of the fruit cakes.

      Doubt my word?? The just strike up a conversation with these people some time, its chilling to say the least. I have plenty experience with these creatures as my first enrollment on a college campus was 1986. That more than qualifies me to make this statement.

      • Just make sure there is enough info for everyone. Leave no civilized person go away empty handed. Go Bernie !!!!!

        • Walter you would not know the difference between a “Com” and a “Soc” if you studied the subject 10 years in college.

        • A “Com” wants to mass murder everyone who doesn’t agree with him, and a “Soc” wants the “Com” to mass murder everyone who doesn’t agree with him.

        • darcydodo…You do about as much damage to the democRat Party as Jim Crow Gun Control joe…Keep it up, people need to see the truth about the modern day Rat Party.

          Because you are a spoon-fed history illiterate who runs around pointing your slanderous, libelous fingers at everything you forgot to factor in scumbags like b. h. obama’s long time pal, co-worker and mentor the communist terrorist bill ayers. There’s plenty you can copy and paste about ayers and his ilk first before you can have a podium to criticize others.

          And yes there is all sorts of stuff at Gun Shows, the First Amendment is welcomed too. Anything related to WWII, etc. is collectible, etc. Busy body pencildicks like you who get their panties in a wad about everything will just have to go pound sand.

        • dacian the stupid,

          Why should Will study any subject in college, for any period, since YOU obviously never did. And most of us are smart enough to realize that the vast majority of folks with college degrees outside the business and science majors are nothing but credentialed morons.

          Oh, and WHAT was your degree that you tout so loudly, and why does it qualify you to opine on anything (except, perhaps, underwater basket weaving or gender studies)?

          The cable is waiting, dacian – don’t disappoint her. It will probably be your first, last and only opportunity to interact with some one/thing that “identifies as” a female gendered object. But OTOH. disappointing others is your only life skill. That you blow smoke up your own anal orifice about what an “intellectual” you are amuses the rest of us. Keep doing it. Your delusions become more intense by the comment. Your relationship with reality, however, does not.

    • If, as you suggest, every 20th, or every 10th, or even every 5th gun owner is a white supremacist, I’d still rather stand beside an honest racist, than to stand beside a lying racist gun control Democrat.

      Gun laws have always been racist. If/when you can admit that the idea of an armed black man scares you silly, then you can claim to be equal to the white supremacists who fear armed black men.

    • Your math puzzles me. I remember once you said your mother collects a Teamster pension the exceeds anyone else’s income on this site. (That one generated a lot amusement among some of my friends.) I remember another time you said you joined the NRA circa. 1962. Now you went to your first gun show in 1962. Just spit balling, but if you were 18 in 1962 that puts you close to 80 today. How old is your mom? And was the Turner Diaries even published in 1962? Tell you what pencil neck. I’ll let you know.

      • Turner Diaries was published in 1978
        By the way, my wife draws a Teamster pension and it is not enough to live on.

      • To Flag waver.

        In a futile attempt to educate your wild speculation and total ignorance. I was 14 in 1962 and yes that is the year I joined the NRA and have been a member ever since. And no, I never said my Mother collected a teamsters pension. I wish she had.

        Why would a 14 year old join the NRA? My Uncle who was a WWII Vet gave me a copy of the American Rifleman because he thought instead of throwing it away after he read it he would give me a copy to read. I liked the magazine and subscribed along with other gun magazines of the time. My personal library today of books and magazines would rival some small town libraries.

        I well aware that to the far right they have the strange idea that liberals do not own guns but in our club of over 1,000 members more than 3/4 vote Democrat. Several relations and my Father were all WWII Vet’s and all hated Republicans vehemently and they were all either union men or in the case of my Uncle a life long businessman. He hated Republicans as well. All were hunters, gun collectors and fisherman. None hated minorities or refugees or immigrants. Some were immigrants themselves.

        I find it humorous that the far right nut cases that hang out on this forum live in a fantasy world thinking that the majority of gun owners think and act like they do. In reality most gun owners are decent and unprejudiced people and most support Universal Background Checks and safe storage laws because they know its just common sense and a good way of heading of draconian gun bans. Of course this is way over the head of the paranoid far right who’s thinking is so skewed that none can think logically or clearly.

        The only consolation I have is that the people on this forum are really a very small minority of Americans and thank God for that. All regular Americans thought the Jan 6th invasion was the worst thing they had seen since the Nazi’s invaded Europe in WWII and now they realized they were here in the U.S. and threatening to take down the country and establish a dictatorship. It will not happen as we the majority whether we be Republicans or Democrats will never let the ilk that hang out on this forum destroy our country or our democracy.

        I might add if my Father or Uncles and relations who fought in WWII were still alive and would have seen the storm troopers on Jan 6th they would have gotten out their M1’s and 1903 Springfield’s and mowed the insrrectionalists down , every one of them, because they all knew what was best to do with Nazi’s.. They got rid of plenty of them in WWII and a few more would have been great fun and good practice

        • dacian You? A member of the NRA? That must be an NRA different from the NRA I belong to. First we both know that you are not a “liberal”. You have admitted repeatedly that you are a Socialist.
          No, my Leftist adversary, most gun owners do NOT support Universal Background Checks as you Lefties have proposed. You see, the “Universal Background Checks” do not include mental health patients for the simple reason that it would violate HIPPA. We do not support “Universal Background Checks” because most of the states’ courts do not follow up with cases that have been adjudicated either as a conviction or as a dismissal. There are more holes in your “Universal Background” proposal than a sponge.
          Yawn, again, Jan 6th was a demonstration that went wrong and became a riot. Out of the thousands who participated in the demonstration only a relatively small number participated in the rioting. What is a “regular American”? I guess you must mean people who follow your twisted political views.
          The ONLY “storm troopers” in this country are you fellow ANTIFA and BLM thugs.

        • You blew your wad with me Dacian when you complain about Americas essy access to assault gunms then state you like to rub it in Australians faces that they cant have them.

        • To Walter our forum fool.
          quote—————No, my Leftist adversary, most gun owners do NOT support Universal Background Checks———-quote

          More than one survey taken in the last couple of years show even many Republicans would support Universal Background Checks and during the Trump Regime after the dual mass murders in Texas and Ohio Mitch McConnell Stated on MSNBC that if Trump would give the word the Republicans Under Trump would support Universal Back Ground Checks. If you had watched some other news outlets instead of Fox News you would not have just made complete fool out of yourself yet again.

        • TL;DR.

          dacian the stupid, first of all, with the POSSIBLE exception of MinorIQ, literally NO ONE on this site gives a shart what you do, what you think, or anything else about you. We love to abuse and mock you, because you are such a COMPLETE nitwit caricature of a Leftist/fascist, indoctrinated idiot. Your claims as to your age, gun knowledge, and educational attainments I will not classify as lies, because I have no absolute proof, but . . . your comments on this site would tend to render each of those claims suspect. IF your claims are true, my pity of you may actually exceed my disdain for you.

          The cable is waiting.

        • dacian, as usual your “surveys” are slanted and full of crap. The funny thing about these surveys” is that the questions are posed to elicit the response you want to get to your predetermined conclusions. If the question included information that I have already provided your sorry posterior the answer would a a resounding, NO. So again, nice try and thanks for playing. You anti-gun radicals don’t realize that some of us who are gun owners know your tactics.

        • Oooh!!!! possum, I devoutly wish dacian the stupid had the wit to understand that putdown.

          dacian, would you like a little aloe for that burn??????

    • “I have plenty of experience with these creatures….”

      I’ll bet you do, sweetheart. Can’t get that taste of nazi c*ck*, can you?

    • Let’s see, dacian the nazi. You’ve claimed to have been born in 1967. You were attending gun shows 5 years before you were born.

      Remember, jerry p. of canton, Ohio, I’ve been to your facebook page.

      Every comment you make proves that you’re mentally ill.

      • Every comment you make shows you are an ignorant high school drop out and drunk most of the time you post. I never said I was born in 1967 you idiot it was in 1948.

        Yes you claim to know everything about anything and what you do not know is not worth knowing. I bet its a relief to you knowing how ignorant you would have become if you had finished high school or college. (sarcasm)

        • “It was in1948″, strange way to word a birth date.
          When were you born?.
          ” It was in 1948 ”
          When were you born?

        • dacian, and this comes from you who claims to be a “gun expert” and that you have a “vast library” on firearms.
          Tell us, how come you can’t tell us the firing sequence of a cartridge?

      • I think it depends on which personality the meds induce. Or multiple posters using the same handle.

        We’ve had the Fudd and the antifa SJW (lower case antifa used deliberately).

      • ‘ Every comment you make proves that you’re mentally ill’, writes ‘jwm’ the Hitler acolyte who posts the same tired retort to Dacian every single time.

        • Sorry, nameless, brainless troll, whenever you post, all that shows up on my screen is “blah, blah, blah”. Spare us your “insights”, and go hang out with your friends on Salon or Vox.

    • Dacian, the guy that complains it’s to easy to get fully semi automatic firegunms in America yet gets his jollies off on rubbing it the Australians faces they cant have them.

        • Walter,

          Y’all seriously need to get the ‘gestalt’ on possum’s sense of humor. He’s funny as h*** . . . and he just caught you. His comment was a JOKE (they usually are). Trust me; it’s worth the investment of time.

        • We do have what gun-control zealots call “semi-semi-automatic” firearms. The bolt locks back on firing and you have to press a button or lever for the bolt to return and load the next cartridge.

        • Southern Cross, I have never heard of such a thing. These anti-gun zealots must have manufactured something brand new. LOL

      • I thought my single action revolver was semiautomatic because you have to cock the hammer before it automatically indexes to the next chamber 😊

  5. What about all the commie literature handed out on college campuses?

    Ooops. That doesn’t matter, because gun-grabbers are communists.

    • Nothing wrong with handing out truthful information on the Candidates or how best to civilize Capitalvania. Go Bernie

      • Nazis, Fascists, and Marxists always start out with gun control. Resisting gun control is as American as baseball, hot dogs, and Chevrolet.

      • dacian the stupid,

        There is a great deal wrong with sucking from the public teat and being subsidized to lie and propagandize about the demented philosophies of that born-with-a-silver-spoon-in-his-mouth demented psycopath Karl Marx (who is the direct progenitor of the greatest century of human fascist murder in the sad history of our world), and expect the rest of us to continue not only tolerating it, but continuing to fund it with OUR tax dollars. Want to propagandize on behalf of a demented ideology (and literally the most inept and ineffective “economic” doctrine in history)? Spend your OWN money, Champ.

        • Even the U.S. has social programs. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, aid to education. And under the present administration we will see the strengthening of them as well. Its long overdue.

        • Yeah, that’s the ticket, dacian the stupid, take failing, poorly-conceived and even more poorly executed, inefficiently-run and often counter-productive programs and “double down on failure” by using the political clout of the least popular president since Tricky Dick and the most corrupt speaker of the House since Sam Raeburn????? Not only is that politically IMPOSSIBLE (Build Back Bolshevik is DEAD, nitwit), it is insane to even consider it, given what’s happening to the public perception of the fascist Left . . . so, just about par for the course for you. Just keep committing forcible intercourse on that chicken, dacian the stupid. You are comedy gold.

      • If you think a senile old fart licking his lips and pointing his finger at you is convincing oratory, you go ahead. He can’t be much worse than we have now.

        • Herr Hauptman even the U.S. has social programs. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, aid to education. And under the present administration we will see the strengthening of them as well. Its long overdue.

        • Except that is true and that it is reality. I do not live in your world of goblins under every bed or the belief that it is better to save a penny in taxes today and then go bankrupt or die tomorrow because you could not afford health care or life saving drugs. I do not squeeze every penny that passes through my hands until it screams for mercy.

        • Pencil neck, you don’t squeeze every penny that passes through your hands until they scream for mercy because you don’t own them. Like every good socialist you took them from someone else. I’m beginning to believe you love socialist spending so much because you benefit so much from it. As a taxpayer, you’re welcome.

        • “I do not live in your world of goblins under every bed . . .”, says the man who blames literally EVERY ill in the world on all the imaginary reichwing Nazi conservatives who hide under his bed and torment his dreams. dacian the stupid, you give rich, new meaning to the concept of “lack of self-awareness”. A new thought and a cold drink of water would cause your immediate demise.

  6. I wonder if he has written on the type of political extremism that led to the 2020 Summer of Fire, Death, and Destruction?

        • I read recently that the Vikings abandoned Greenland because of rising sea levels. Must have been their campfires.

        • The Vikings abandoned Greenland and settled in faraway Minneapolis/St. Paul… home of the whackjob leftists who think defunding police is a great idea, then do their best to distance themselves from the concept when it (predictably) falls apart.

          That cadre of Vikings (and their fans) has sucked ever since! LOL

      • …And COVID, of course. And it totally had nothing to do with politicians, the propagandist media, and the corporate-sponsored Marxists.

      • dacian, You are way out of date, Lefty, they call it “climate change” now. ROFLMAOBT!
        I’m still waiting for you to answer my question.
        What is the firing sequence of a cartridge? With that “vast library” of books you have you should be able to come up with that answer.

      • Oh, dacian the stupid, that was lame, even for you. The summer of BurnLootMurder was caused by global warming. RIIIGGGHHHTTT!!! I would ask if you ever stop to actually listen to the s*** that comes out of your mouth (or fingers), but (i) obviously you don’t, and (ii) if you did, you would still lack the wit to perceive your own stupidity.

        Are you SURE you aren’t a parody puppet maintained by Titania McGrath. Naw, couldn’t be . . . she’s FAR funnier and more articulate than are you.

        • You can always tell when Lamp’s poor wife escapes his clutches, because he turns his (impotent) rage on his betters here on TTAG.

        • Your Better, There is NOT a damn thing “better” about either you or dacian. Neither one of you have a brain in your head or a hair on your arse.

        • nameless, brainless troll,

          Thank you for proving that, no matter HOW pathetically stupid our resident nitwit dacian is (and he IS pathetically stupid), it is always possible to find some nitwit even more stupid . . . and along comes the nameless, brainless troll.

          You parents must be SO proud!!!!

          Oh, and get some new material.

        • Wow. Lamp really is angry and imbalanced. No wonder his wife and kids have a no contact order against him. Enjoy ringing in the new year alone lol 🖕🤡!

        • Better Than Lamp (aka A Very Low bar) Seems you are the unbalanced. But then it seems that dacian has another handle here. I think that is what is called a “split personality”?

  7. The “progressive” leftists have neither facts nor truth to stand on. Which is why every argument they make starts and ends with calling more than half of the country a bunch of irredeemable -ists of some type.

    • Your periodic reminder that ‘Ing’ is a simpering coward who will surrender, comply and narc on the true patriots the minute TSHTF. I cannot stress enough what a complete loser this ‘man’ is. The only reason he’s not considered the biggest 🤡 on TTAG is because that half wit Geoff has that ‘honor’.

      • Your Reckoning Doubtful. But of them are usually very reasonable people. You seem to have a petulance for name calling. Believe me ad hominem tactics don’t convince anyone.

  8. “The vast majority of gun owners are law-abiding citizens, but experts and former members of the extremist far-right said a passion for gun rights often serves as a gateway to radicalization – one eagerly exploited by recruiters and leaders in the movement.”

    And there it is.

    • Yep, MinorIQ, there it is . . . you being irrelevant, ignorant and pointless, ONE MORE TIME. So, you relying on a proven propagandist of meager or non-existent “talent”, in a provably propagandist platform, making a claim based on “experts and (alleged) former members of the extremist far-right” (with absolutely ZERO support or citation) is MinorIQ at his demented best.

      You have proven nothing except your own partisan dementia, lack of ratiocination, and proclivity to prevaricate . . . but you do that on the daily. The cable says she misses you.

      • Yes they are some of our most outstanding U.S. Citizens. They are civilized caring human beings. George Soros has given billions to universities around the world including the U.S. and also for humanitarian programs in Africa. I have not seen one greed monger gangster criminal Republican do the same.

        • dacian Outstanding to whom? George Soros is a citizen of Hungary and the US. Seems that as the US does not recognize “dual citizenship”, he is NOT a US citizen. Bernie Sanders is a Communist who took his honeymoon in Moscow and has extoled the “virtues” of Communism. George Soros only gives money to “universities around the world” with strings attached, strings being that the money goes to propagate socialist rhetoric.
          As to seeing how much money Republicans give to charity, it is a well known ACCEPTED fact that Conservatives give far more to charity than you Lefties. Tell us, dacian, how much did you give to charity last tax year?

        • Walter your not bullshitting anyone. Republican greed mongers only give to charities when its a tax write off not as Soros did when he gave billions to universities around the world. The average Republican cheap skate greed monger would charge you for the clinkers that dropped off his rectum.

        • Walter you always succeed in making a complete fool of yourself. Soros has dual citizenship and yes he is indeed a U.S. Citizen.

          Soros in June 2018
          Born György Schwartz[1][2]
          August 12, 1930 (age 91)
          Budapest, Kingdom of Hungary
          Citizenship Hungary
          United States[3]
          Education London School of Economics (BSc, MSc)[4]
          Occupation Investor, hedge fund manager, author, philanthropist
          Known for
          Managing Soros Fund Management
          Founding the Open Society Foundations
          Advising the Quantum Fund
          Annaliese Witschak

          ​(m. 1960; div. 1983)​
          Susan Weber

          ​(m. 1983; div. 2005)​
          Tamiko Bolton ​(m. 2013)​
          Children 5, including Jonathan and Alexander
          Relatives Paul Soros (brother)
          Website Official website

        • Unlike you, dacian, I don’t bull shit anyone. I tell it like it is. Something you certainly have a serious problem with. Thanks for proving my point. Soros is NOT a US citizen as we do not recognize “dual citizenship”. Ah, your source “solsarin” is a radical Leftist organ. Nice try, thought, but your mouthwash just isn’t cutting it.

        • dacian, as to the Republican’s giving to charity for right offs, that would be your vaulted opinion. I ask you again, how much did you contribute to charity last tax year? And don’t tell me you didn’t deduct it from your income tax (assuming you even paid any of your “fair share”)

        • Walter,

          For dacian the stupid to have any income against which to deduct his (nonexistent) charitable giving, he would first have to . . . actually have income. Can you imagine a business owner daft enough to hire dacian???

          Oh, dacian, since you are fond of telling us about your hero, George “Nazi Collaborator” Soros, have you interviewed the survivors of the Jews Soros helped impoverish???? Or the countries whose currencies he DELIBERATELY destroyed, for his own profit???? A piece of human excrement like that WOULD be your hero, I suppose.

    • Problem with listening to so called ‘experts’ on ‘radicalization’ is that they don’t have a clue of what they talk about. Most of them are so deeply politically partisan that they’re little more than DNC propaganda. Case in point the ADL, the ‘Anti-Defamation League’ themselves have lost multiple lawsuits over the past 20 or so years for defamation. Largely for declaring people as far right or ‘nazis’ based off of the thinnest of ‘evidence’. Just as a reminder defamation lawsuits are some of the hardest kinds of lawsuits to prove in the USA thanks to the 1A. And yet the ADL keeps loosing them.

      These are the same kind of troglodytes that claimed ‘Pepe the frog’ was a hate symbol after far-left website ‘The Daily Beast’ got trolled in a 4Chan prank and SPLC just went with it.

      • Well, technically, Walter, it would be turkey shit, but we got the point.

        I do have to concede, however, that as pathetically wrong and deluded as he is, MinorIQ is light years ahead of dacian the stupid . . . and, yet, MinorIQ still struggles with a below-room-temperature IQ. They would need a scanning electron microscope to even detect an IQ in dacian.

  9. Nazis, Fascists, and Marxists always start out with gun control. Resisting gun control is as American as baseball, hot dogs, and Chevrolet.

    Fekkin’ idiots don’t read history.

  10. If ‘extremism’ is anything to the Right of Marx, Lenin, and Stalin then I’m a proud ‘extremist’ that loves liberty and will do whatever it takes to defend it. I’m “extremely” pissed with all the tyrants undermining our liberties and sending JBT’s our way to terrorize everyone into compliance!

    Everyone should be “extremely” serious about defending liberty.

        • dacian You are usually tripping all over yourself. You still can’t give us the firing sequence of a cartridge. And with that “vast library” on guns you claim to possess. Maybe you should crack the bindings on one or two?

        • Walter wasn’t that a previous troll? Then again between multiple posting IDs and changing out names when enough people ignore them many of them run together.

        • SAFEupstateFML Yeah, that would be him. He’s not the brightest light on the tree or the sharpest tack in the draw. Some might say, as dumb as a box of rocks. I’m still waiting for him to answer my question but I won’t hold my breath.

        • I think you missed the point of my comment. They say it’s okay to punch a Nazi. It just so happens that everyone they don’t like is a “Nazi” (like your video said). Therefore, they’re justified in using violence against everyone they don’t like. Everyone Antifa doesn’t like is a fascist, so they feel they’re justified.

  11. It’s a well known fact that environmentalism is a “gateway” to ecoterrorisim, I challenge Will Careless to prove it isn’t.

  12. I turn off commentary and articles like this when they only look at extremism on one side of the political spectrum. Too many of the people having conniption fits over the January 6 riots had no problems with all of the lawless actions of BLM and Antifa during the Summer of 2020!

  13. He’s right though: a strong interest in gun rights is absolutely a gateway to developing the values of self sufficiency, live and let live, individual liberty, and a strong opposition to centralized, authoritarian government. All of which are so far from even “moderate” leftist ideology as to be extremism, by definition. Personally, I’m proud to be a “right wing extremist” who has the audacity to believe that the government should be beholden to We The People and not the other way around

  14. “…what this rhetoric really emphasizes, is the fear that a powerful government is going to come in and disarm you and impose their values onto you.”

    Well, he got the meaning of the Second Amendment correct; Framers would be proud.

    • Sam in all honestly and I am not trying to be a smart ass at all but lets be honest for 1 minute. If the Founders could come back from the dead and see the death and carnage and rivers of blood that run in or streets today they would be the first to severely restrict and vet weapons of mass destruction like assault rifles. They could never have envisioned the invention of such deadly weapons and the mass carnage in our country today. They would have been horrified.

      • They would have been aware of improving technology.

        Repeating air guns were used by the Austrians against the French when Napoleon marched across Europe. Lewis and Clark used one on their exploration across America.

        Multi-shot flintlock guns were well known. Just not used very often because of their expense and occasional chain-fire incidents. Even ones that had multiple super-imposed power and ball along the same barrel and a moveable lock. Where do you think “MetalStorm” got the idea from? An old idea with new technology.

        Ian at Forgotten Weapons reviewed a multi-barreled 18th Century flintlock machine gun:

        I think WW1 would have been the eye opener of full industrial warfare.

      • dacian, Horse Pucky! If the Founding Fathers were alive today and saw how your Lefty Judges and legislature turn criminals loose they would opt for everyone having a gun for self protection. And for your edification some of our Founding Fathers were scientists. One in particular was Ben Franklin. I am sure they would understand that mechanical engineering (guns) would become more “modern” with the passage of time.

      • “rivers of blood that run in or streets today” What a joke! What a laughingstock! What utter, incontrovertible bullshit! (Describing Duncian, of course, but his stupid comments aren’t far behind…)

        I’m not from Missouri, but show me one – just ONE – instance of these “rivers of blood” anywhere in this country. Liar.

        And if the Founders could come back from the dead, they would be appalled that we haven’t yet run all these tyrannical leftist politicians out of town on a rail by now, or tarred-and-feathered the entire lot of them!

        After a short period of acclimation with recent history and modern weapons, they would formulate tactics and begin taking back their legacy without even waiting for us, the slothful procrastinators who allowed things to get this bad in the first place…

      • “They could never have envisioned the invention of such deadly weapons and the mass carnage in our country today.”

        Horseshit, cannon was a mature technology at that time, and battlefield reports of the era describe the effects of grapeshot, canister shot, and what a length of chain will do to human body…

      • dacian the stupid, please tell us again how knowledgeable you are about firearms, and how our Founders couldn’t have conceived of semi-automatic repeating firearms. Good Lord, you nitwit, the Founders and the Continental Congress actually evaluated such firearms as potential issue weapons for the Continental Army. Your ignorance shouldn’t surprise me, but . . . you always find a way to outdo yourself, when it comes to ignorance.

  15. I can’t decide what’s more Fuddishly Boomer: attending a gun show or kavetching over the Anarchists Cookbook.

    Nobody tell him about Elvis Presley’s hips, Mortal Kombat or that kids listen to music with swears in the lyrics.

    • And his reference to The Anarchist Cookbook in context of selling Nazi memorabilia is hilarious, since . . . the SDS and the Weather Underground used to regularly tout and distribute copies of it to their “Action Squads”. Never bothered me, since The Anarchist Cookbook is a pathetic piece of dreck, far more likely to result in someone killing themselves trying to follow one of their idiot recipes than to actually yield a useable IED. I’m guessing the famous incident of the three idiot Weather Underground members blowing themselves up in a NY brownstone resulted from exactly that. Funny, that . . . ignorant, shoeless, illiterate peasants in East Nowhereistan can make functional IEDs that have killed hundreds of American GIs, but the “educated” elite of the SDS/Weather Underground struggled with that task. Probably relying on their college degrees, instead of common sense.

      • ” The Anarchist Cookbook is a pathetic piece of dreck, far more likely to result in someone killing themselves trying to follow one of their idiot recipes than to actually yield a useable IED ”

        I couldn’t agree with you more. I used to have a copy of it (how it got lost is a woeful tale) and I was always amazed at how pathetically stupid most of the stuff in there was. You don’t even have to try and fabricate that stuff to see it’s basically suicidal. But is was a fun bit of memorabilia to have laying around, along with my copies of Zap comics.

        • I remember that. A friend gave me a text file copy he downloaded off a BBS (Bulletin Board, pre-internet days). I printed it on the university’s high speed line printer. Read it. Thought things did not add up. Gave the printed copy to a friend of a friend who then tried some mixes and nearly blew himself up. He was not the brightest bulb in the pack.

  16. How come…all the really excellent threads happen when I have to actually work at my place of work?
    I’m being repressed!

  17. “Almost no one at the gun show was willing to talk to Carless, which is not a surprise.”

    This seems like a lie. Anyone who has been around people of the gun knows we are a gregarious lot, even the introverts. Ask us our opinion of a gun, ammo, etc, and you’ll have trouble shutting us up. Few, if any, people would recognize Carless as an interloper trying to entrap them. If nobody answered, it’s because he opened with some obvious antigunner propaganda, like “Why do you feel the need to own a weapon of war capable of killing dozens of toddlers?” or declared he was a reporter investigating right wing extremists.

    • Anymouse, EVERYTHING in that article seemed like a lie. You are missing the picture . . . a first person article about, say, going to a gun show, or going to a gun range, or attending a school board meeting is never about getting first person, empirical information. It’s about making up stuff, POSSIBLY attending such an event (or, more likely, lying about having attended one), and using that to advance the narrative.

      If I ever read an HONEST first person account of something like that, from a Leftist journalist, I would be amazed. I won’t hold my breath.

  18. My own father fought the Nazis during the Battle of the Bulge. He lived through it (obviously, or I wouldn’t be here). And you believe I might have an interest in Nazi memorabilia? Seriously? I am a veteran myself and find the implication that firearm ownership/enthusiasm is a gateway to Nazi extremism repugnant. I go to gun shows to see what is out there and available. Unfortunately, the prices rarely do much for me.

  19. The author of the original article complains of what he states is a single display. And mentions the majority of people just glanced and walked past. Sounds like a real bunch of NAZI extremists now doesn’t it. Guess they were attempting to hide their interest.
    My Father was a WWII vet. He had several bit of NAZI memorabilia. Mostly things he picked up from dead NAZI’s. Even an issue P-38, which he mailed home in pieces and reassembled when he came home in 1948. He enlisted in early 1944, went into Normandy on D-day+3 as a replacement. Followed Patton across France into Germany and was part of the occupation forces after the war.
    What all that means is I was raised with a distinct anti Fascist/anti-Communinst belief system. Nothing I see from the so called right is anything like that. What I also see is the rise of central state control, Fascist/Marxist agendas from the so called Progressive left.
    State control of the Media/Social media. the demands that the Federal government have oversight and control of elections, which is clearly against the Constitution, Federal mandates over what private business can or can’t do with the faux vax, an ever growing bureaucracy of unelected and unaccountable petty tyrants only interested in their little fiefdoms and power, politicization and indoctrination of military and law enforcement. And the list goes on. But demanding we be able to exercise our Constitutional right, questioning the orders of questionably elected officials, expecting those in charge to enforce the laws they swore to uphold, or disagreeing with the current narrative and agenda is now considered extremism.

  20. I have an original ‘Mein Kampf’ first English translation. I’ve read it and I didn’t turn into a ‘Nazi’. I did get an insight into one man’s thinking, which is scattered on ‘the why’. The ‘How’ is straight forward. I have a copy of the ‘Turner Diary’s’, again have read it and I didn’t turn into a ‘Nazi’ or Timothy McVeigh.
    Knowledge is never bad, it’s just knowledge.
    Personally, I like going to gun shows on the chance I might find items not common, such as old gun books and magazines.

  21. All this is straight-forward Commie propaganda. Remember that the Nazi movement was the arch-enemy of the Bolshevik Communists. The Commies hated and feared the Nazis more than they did the Western democracies. That’s why every time they want to demonize an opponent, they throw out the ‘Nazi’ card. Kind of like certain ‘people of color’ using the race card to shut down opponents. Make no doubt that their ultimate goal is to dis-arm American citizens so that they can gain total control over us with less resistance.

  22. Folks,

    May I ask why any of you waste time arguing with Dacian. He is baiting you with contrived garbage and so-called “statistics” from leftist sources. Remember, there are lies, damn lies and statistics. Kind of like Clint Eastwood once said, He reminds me of dog manure. You can treat it several ways, it can dry up and blow away, you can scoop it up and throw it away, you can step on it, but you certainly do NOT argue with it.

    As far as the contrived anecdotes from his family and gun owners. I can say from my own experience that any real gun owner, serviceman, or true American does indeed abhor racism, but, they also abhor restrictions on gun rights and personal freedoms. The two are not mutually exclusive. To suggest otherwise is imbecilic. Which, ironically, perfectly describes Dacian.

    Signing off

    • Gun Guy, While I realize that we will probably never change dacian’s twisted demented mind or his ideas, we do have to continue to counter them because there are people who read this blog who are not as set in their anti-gun ideology as he is and his “thoughts (sic)” only further entrench their ill conceived ideas. Unfortunately, there are many bobble heads out there who want to take the :easy way out” even if the solution is impossible. Unfortunately again, we can’t shut these anti-gun radicals up. We still have the 1st Amendment. But that should not stop us from countering their false banter.

  23. I guess I need to close the loop with two points I omitted in my fervor. First, as I literally cannot stand stepping in dog manure and have no need to shovel it since there are no dogs around me, I let it dry up and blow away. Thus shall it be with Dacian.

    Finally, in the vast, vast, vast majority of my interactions with gun owners across this great nation, they have either been Republicans or conservative Democrats – thereby highlighting another Dacian lie.

    God Bless all of you, even Dacian! Happy New Year.

    I shall not post here again

  24. I guess I need to close the loop with two points I omitted in my fervor. First, as I literally cannot stand stepping in dog manure and have no need to shovel it since there are no dogs around me, I let it dry up and blow away. Thus shall it be with Dacian.

    Finally, in the vast, vast, vast majority of my interactions with gun owners across this great nation, they have either been Republicans or conservative Democrats – thereby highlighting another Dacian lie.

    God Bless all of you, even Dacian! Happy New Year.

    I shall not post here again

  25. So would this Carless dude freak and call me an Imperialist for my small collection of Great War artifacts? Though I have American, British, French and German originals and a replica or two. Most of my small military book collection is 19th and early 20th Century, because I’ve a amateur Historians interest in the small arms and munitions from roughly 1840 to 1920’s.

    I know some collectors of Nazi artifacts. None of those I’ve met collect because they admire the ideology, they collect because of the historical value.

    I don’t think our Founders would change the 2nd because of the advances in technology. They experienced the confiscations, the proclamations disarming communities, the Quartering of soldiers with no say. The 2nd had nothing to do with technology then, anymore than it does now. It was and remains about the ability of We the People to defend against a Tyrannical government. That’s pretty evident in the Founders’ writings.
    The “blood running down the streets” isn’t a 2nd Amendment issue. It’s a Criminal Justice issue. Until those that need locked up and the key tossed away (or executed if the crime warrants it) are dealt with appropriately, the blood will run down the streets. All the namby pamby BS about equity is just that, BS.
    The Democrat’s Moral Compass is so fecked up, they don’t know anything but the latest Commie garbage coming from the Elites on the Left, and that includes Comrade Bernie.

    This country is bound and determined for Civil War. There’s no common ground anymore, and it’s doubtful any can be found.
    Accept it and prepare accordingly. Maybe, after the next War, we’ll be smart enough to schit-can and outlaw Political Parties.

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