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Clearly, we’re still in 2021 because you simply can’t make this stuff up. A pair of Washington State legislators, both endorsed by Everytown and Moms Demand Action, have introduced a bill to reduce the criminal penalties for murders committed in drive-by shootings. The legislators claim the bill will promote “racial equity in the criminal justice system.”

Eleventh District Rep. David Hackney and 23rd District Rep. (and convicted felon) Tarra Simmons introduced House Bill 1692 in the Washington Assembly.

As the Firearms Policy Coalition’s Rob Romano tweets . . .

Hackney’s bio page at the Washington House Democrats’ website paints a picture of a man who struggled in school until finally graduating with a Harvard law degree in order to “positively impact people’s lives through the law.” That apparently includes ensuring violent criminals are back on the streets more quickly.

In addition to his job in the legislature, Hackney sits on the board of a gun control org in Washington State.

Tarra Simmons’ bio page tells her story of dropping out of middle school at 13, getting pregnant and having a baby at 15, drug addiction, at least one felony conviction, incarceration, and a failed career in nursing. She too eventually earned a law degree (the Washington State Bar initially refused to admit her due to her criminal record, but she was eventually admitted upon appeal).

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Both Simmons and Hackney now serve in the Washington State Legislature. Both have also earned the enthusiastic endorsement of Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Control and Moms Demand Action anti-gun rights organizations.

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Let’s be clear about how these legislators want to “promote racial equity.” Both actively work to disarm law-abiding residents and make lawful gun ownership more difficult and expensive. And at the same time, now they’re working to reduce the penalties faced by convicted killers. That would return them to the streets sooner to prey on the very people Hackney and Simmons claim they’re working for.

Has the world gone mad?


Hat tip to the Mom-At-Arms blog for this story.

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  1. Well bit different from how we do it on this coast with not using pretrial detention and letting the offenders know names and addresses of victims and witnesses while free but just a different arc of the revolving door

  2. Just as long as it is peers killing peers I don’t have a problem with drive by shootings. I also really like how blatantly racist these Democrat politicians are being when they say that reducing the penalties or drive-by shootings will result in greater racial equity in the justice system. By saying that they are implying that only Negroes commit drive-by shootings.

  3. quote————-Clearly, we’re still in 2021 because you simply can’t make this stuff up————-quote

    Yes this is exactly what “T” Tag does all the time. They do indeed make stuff up all the time to appeal to the lower rung of society i.e. the Far Right.

    Looks to me that the bill was designed to give people who had served their time the opportunity to be able to secure jobs after being released and securing a degree in their fields of expertise. This is how civilized countries treat people and let them become productive members of the community. Its way over the heads of the ignorant Far Right who believe that once a person is a criminal he will always be one and even if he is not he does not deserve to have a normal productive life. If you ever wondered why I hate the Far Right, if this is not reason enough I would not know what would be. Sorry T Tag Author you can fool the uneducated but it does not work with people who are educated enough to see far right propaganda, ignorance and hate.

    The Outhouse gang will love this propaganda article as they are too ignorant to realized they have just been “had” once again. Critical thinking is as alien to the Far Right as washing their hands after going to the bathroom or getting a covid shot.

    • Have you considered stopping by the service station? The air pressure in your head is low, causing it to rattle and wobble whenever your lips flap in the breeze.

      • This bill is not about giving people who have served their time “opportunity”.
        ” introduced a bill to reduce the criminal penalties for murders committed in drive-by shootings.”
        The goal of this bill is to “reduce the criminal penalties”. Whom do they want to reduce the penalties for, ” murders”.
        A reduction is not equal to time served.

        • Don’t bother to explain that to dacian. He has a severe reading comprehension and confirmation bias issue and it shows up every time he posts something

    • most civilized countries don’t have drive-by shootings to begin with…their citizens are normally more law-abiding…even when firearms are involved
      agree…once a person does their time, they should have ALL of their rights restored…including voting AND gun rights
      they get the ONE opportunity…after that all bets are off

      • Well uh.. I have to say that there are in fact drive by shootings in other civilised nations. Like new zealand, canada, sweden, etc. They all have decently large gangs and boy do they sometimes go wild.

    • I did not know that gang drive-by shootings and drug turf wars were a “field of expertise.” Learn something new every day.

      • “…securing a degree…”

        Wait, hasn’t there been an argument that the prison experience amounts to an advanced education in criminality? So, to maximize their potential in their “fields of expertise” we oughta be advocating for a lifetime of education for them, eh?

    • dacian, There you go again. Calling us “Far Right”, etc. To you anyone to the right of Joe Stalin is “Far Right.” And believe me the lowest rung of society are people like you and a majority of the people on your welfare programs.
      The right to a job is based on the EMPLOYERS needs and conditions that they set for employment. Would you hire a thief who embezzled from his past employer? (Well, I guess you probably would and would live to regret it.) Would you hire a shoplifter who stole from your retail establishment? (Again, you probably would.) To get a good job you have to EARN it just like the rest of us. You are not “entitled” to a job. Ignorant is your middle name.

      • Walter you are a poster boy for proving that its people like you who perpetuate crime by not giving a man a chance when he applies for a job and is trying to become an honest citizen. Its ignorant , prejudiced people like you who guarantee that people who want to go straight cannot ever do so.

        I do not think I have ever met a more ignorant low life piece of shit than you.

        • Lol i just started paying attention to these comments and good lord man. You do give off the whole extremeist left wing type of person. Someone is has committed cold blooded murder against any INNOCENT person should get no more trys ever. Especially cop killers like the one who got out in NYC and went and killed again. People like you are a pox on our nation. I dont give a crud if bangers kill bangers. Helps get rid of the problem. But when they kill innocent people. No more chances. I dont care if they say they have been reformed. Know how many have lied and said that and then went to rape and kill again? ALOT.

        • dacian, There you go again. Repeating the same tired nonsensical accusations. IF a criminal wants to change his life there are programs out that to assist him. It’s called a parole and is regulated by parole officers who will assist someone in getting a job. In my line of work I cannot hire a person with a criminal record as I require my employees to be armed when they serve paper. (I’ve been running this agency since I retired from the Great State of New York in ’03).
          Let me ask you, how many criminals have you hired? What was that? Did you say none?

        • “who perpetuate crime by not giving a man a chance when he applies for a job and is trying to become an honest citizen.”
          Important to note, “and is trying to become an honest citizen.”
          Therefore, presently they are dishonest since they are “trying to become an honest citizen.”
          Being turned down for a job does not justify crime.

    • Unless there’s a really good government subsidy or impeccable personal recommendations, there aren’t many reformed criminals who get a job based on their resume’.

      I work at a company who has the support contract for a government agency. Our references were checked and a police report had to be submitted and resubmitted after several years. The government agency is strict as well. After they did random drug testing, 25 people at one site were walked that day.

      When I submitted the paperwork for my police check, the desk sergeant said “Firearms license? This check will be easy!”. A junior officer asked “How does that make it easy?”. The sergeant replied “He’s already been thoroughly checked and rechecked for the license.”

    • “They do indeed make stuff up all the time to appeal to the lower rung of society…”

      Like you, apparently… 😉

    • Shorter dacian the demented and stupid:

      “The problem is all you Nazi reichwingers arrgle bargle barr!!!”

      The cable says you never showed up.

    • Why should a convicted murderer ever get out of prison? The person or person’s they kill will NEVER get their second chance! Why is anyone surprised? The bill is from a black male and a convicted felon. Racial equity should be done by the blacks and mexicans stopping their drive by shootings, not by less prison time. You are only telling them it’s ok to commit murder and giving them less prison time. Have you ever looked at the recidivism rate for these killers?

      • About 3 times a work week, but Chris in KY covers the rest of the equation perfectly below and the other factors especially single mother households applies similarly to whites and hispanics as well.

    • ‘…there should be a reward.’

      May I suggest ~14.9 grams of lead lovingly delivered to the base of their skulls?

  4. The world and our society here in the USA, has been going deeper and deeper into the hole of darkness for many decades. One of the issues we face as a nation, and in individual states, is the ability to find quality intelligent people to run for office. Lots of unqualified, easily manipulated people run, as they are supported by million and billionaires that continue in their attempt to control the masses.

        • SAFEupstateFML I live in NYS. We certainly do have our share of crooked politicians. One was recently ousted. Fredo Cuomo?
          I know I’m no crook. Put more than a few in prison though.

        • Walter both Coumo brothers several previous governors, Mr. Silver who got convicted on corruption was given a new trial when we changed the definition of corruption and was convicted again, NXIVM, and a disturbing number of State contractors. Not everyone is a crook but a lot of people in power (political government or business) deal with it constantly. Good on you putting a few away I am barely able to fire a few of the ones they use.

        • Remember Sheldon Silver? I only know about him because the Las Vegas Culinary Union got him to hold up MMA legalization in New York as a way to punish UFC’s owners for not working with the union at their *cuzinoz*. Silver wouldn’t even let it get to the floor for a vote because you know how Democrats love democracy (sarc). Once he was arrested on unrelated corruption charges, they finally allowed a vote, and it passed. The state wanted it, the Assembly wanted it but one corrupt man in power was able to hold it up for years.

        • SAFEupstateFLM and Dude, Did you two read what I wrote? Read it again. I did say that we have had our share of dishonest politicians. But that does not mean that EVERY politician is crooked.

        • Walt the other side of the issue is it doesn’t matter if even the majority aren’t. Enough are to cause serious issues that should not be present let alone threaten basic functions of society let alone civil liberties. Denying the problems and pattern that Daniel pointed out is partly how things get this bad. Also not immediately treating every politician with suspicion and making everything they do subject to public record/review tends to cut back on how easily they can abuse our trust.

  5. You have got to be kidding me. Murder is murder. No matter if it’s a drive by or not. They should all forfeit their right to life.

      • Oh, give it a rest! The people who commit murder do not have a specific skin color or ethnic background. If you read what I wrote you would see that I meant EVERONE who commits murder. No exceptions.

        • So what was bail reform about again? Also our mass release of inmates over the last 2ish years? Sorry man equity is a thing and is part of the annual training for state employees…….. also 50 odd genders and thankfully fewer pronouns but those don’t tend to get as many people killed.

        • SAFEupstateFML Who are you trying to blame and for what about “bail reform”? The release of inmates over the last 2 yrs? the gender decisions? These were political decisions made by Lefties in the state government. I personally served as a Sergeant in NYS DOCCS for 25 yrs. I got out while the gettin’ was good in 2003.
          Equity has nothing to do with it. Leftist-socialist policies do.

        • Walt take a step back reread the last line you posted and compare it to everything I complain about? Not attacking you but you seem to have a disconnect/I sucked at the message.

        • SAFEupstateFML You made a statement and I gave you a response. I asked questions and you have not answered

      • Walt racism (most isms actually) equity bail reform, prison releases and reduced enforcement of basic law are all leftist platforms. Also the vast disparity of criminal activity in the black community also has roots in progressive programs (great society) so the equity absolutely is appropriate to call out (may have needed a sarcasm tag) as to why attempted murder from a moving vehicle being less serious than on foot would make sense to the communist mentality.

    • straignt out of te bible.. because it WORKS.

      Whoever by his own hand sheds the blood of an innocent person, by the hand of man shall HIS blood be shed.

      There was protection for accidental death, but drive by murder is NOT acidental. SOMEONE had a gun in his hand and wilfully prssed the trigger when the gun was aimed. Or pointed. That is wilful murder.

  6. Classic pre-revolutionary communism. Let the violent criminals skate, and take away the law-abiding citizen’s ability to defend himself. Anarcho-tyranny at its finest.

    And note how many losers there are on the Left. These two legislators are typical. You just know Hackney is the product of affirmative action. And Simmons should be cleaning hotel rooms. Two commie losers in a state full of them.

  7. I keep tellin’ ya’: criminals ain’t the problem. It’s law abiding, white gun owners who are on the edge of “snapping”, and shooting everyone in sight. ~100,000,000 lawful gun owners present an enormous threat; criminals, not so much.

  8. ‘The legislators claim the bill will promote “racial equity in the criminal justice system.”’

    Since blacks only comprise ~13% of the American population it’s imperative to pare their representation in the nation’s prison system down to that of whites, but instead of convincing black people to stop committing murder we’ll just change the laws to let blacks skate with a slap on the wrist and throw the book at whites. What better way to convince law abiding citizens that they don’t need a firearm to protect themselves?

  9. That’s a good idea, dropping the charges on drive by shootzings.
    Theres a meth house I know of that’s always full of fine upstanding citizens.
    “No No No possum , that’s not the racial equity we were talking about.”

  10. Anyone who is low life enough to use the drive by tactic should be given a longer sentence, not shorter. For the simple reason they choose to disregard the lives of other, innocent persons who may just be in the house, or neighborhood. If it was just gangsta’s and thugs killing each other, they are doing their community a service. But, how many times do we see news reports of kids, neighbors, elderly relitives, and completely uninvolved people killed and wounded by drive by shootings?
    Since the majority of drive by shootings happen in poor and minority neighborhoods, this strikes me as being nothing but limousine liberals and leftist loons looking for a way to keep those same neighborhoods terrorized, in constant turmoil, and stuck un the Dementiacrat plantation. Allow the useful fools and criminals to kill off the undesirables. Then, when it gets bad enough and people demand something be done, swoop in with useless disarmament schemes that will do nothing about the poverty and crime and drugs causing the problem in the first place.

  11. Part 1
    Yes race is the motivating factor to lower the penalty for drive-by shootings. Because most of these shooters are black. That is just a fact. But what is also a fact is that these shooters are very young black men. Often teenagers. Or those in their early twenties. And what people don’t want to talk about is the fact that most of these black male teenagers were raised in single-mother households.

    Because the white Libertarians liberals and leftists disagreed with the Christians. Who said a father is necessary in the home. A father that can provide discipline, love, guidance, and his wisdom from his own life experiences. Things that have been always passed on to his children.

    Unfortunately the sexually liberated do not believe that a father is necessary in the home. And they are quite comfortable replacing the father with a welfare check. And replacing the father’s guns with the guns of a big city police department.

  12. Part 2
    The Three L’s and the Socialists progressives all agree. A single mother should be supported by the government. They agree she should be enabled by the government, and be able to have five children from five different men. If she chooses to. And never get married. But be totally supported with government tax dollars. And living in a “gun free zone” government housing project. A place where single adult, law abiding males, are not allowed. And can be arrested for simply being a guest of an adult female resident.

  13. Part 4
    You took your “masks off” when you openly endorsed and supported the passage of proposition 47 in California. It is now state constitutional law that stealing from a small family-owned business (less than $950) is no big deal. A misdemeanor. But stealing from the rich is a big deal. It always has been. And it always will be. A felony.

    • Chris thank you for labeling the order of the posts and I do believe you have just explained the issue of black crime more accurately and in the least amount of words used that I have ever seen. By any chance did you ever work with statistics or data analysis where medium to large scale presentations would be made?

  14. Part 3b
    And now it appears that murder will become okay. As long as you murder people of a lower economic class. The question is will the three L’s support this??? Since they already support stealing from the lower economic classes.

  15. Part 3a
    This is very similar to saying that stealing from a mom-and-pop corner store in San Francisco is no big deal. But stealing from a Nordstrom store will cause 50 police officers to show up and arrest the thieves. Stealing has become okay in the state of California. As long as you steal from the middle class and the poor.

  16. Why should a convicted murderer ever get out of prison? The person or person’s they kill will NEVER get their second chance! Why is anyone surprised? The bill is from a black male and a convicted felon. Racial equity should be done by the blacks and mexicans stopping their drive by shootings, not by less prison time. You are only telling them it’s ok to commit murder and giving them less prison time. Have you ever looked at the recidivism rate for these killers?

  17. 🙂 in this case I was more referring to the way you organized your points. Very much a present by slide/post in well organized and digestible chunks. Also realized there is a similarity between socialism and libertarianism both are utterly unattainable and “true social/libertarianism has never been tried” as well as being easy to subvert by outside interests. So happy New Year and damn you are right.

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