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CHiP officer tooling-up for Santa Monica College active shooter (courtesy CNN)

CNN is reporting that “up to six” people have been killed (plus the shooter) in the California shooting this afternoon. Apparently the shooter doesn’t count as a person anymore. According to reports, the shooting started with two victims that were specifically targeted before he started firing on other people. Naturally, the media is playing up the fact that the guy was wearing a “tactical vest” and say that he was carrying an AR-15. Or possibly a shotgun, according to other reports. That puts his death toll at around half of a London cabbie in 2010, whose similar rampage took place in “gun free” England. Why was this rampage cut short? I’ll give you a hint: the gunman is room temperature. Sounds like a good guy with a gun intervened.

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  1. I have a feeling the shooters weapon ends up being neither an AR or a shotgun given the medias track record on the subject.

  2. Crap. CA may ban 10/22’s as asault weapons and pass ammo background checks and taxes because of this. It’s kinda like lowering the speed limit to 55 because some a-hole caused a fatal crash on the freeway.

  3. Our media is so pathetically incompetent. I heard so many different reports, everything from, the shooter was arrested, only 2 wounded, then one dead, then 2 dead, that he was heavily armed, then there was a video posted from a CCV cam showing a black male shooting up street people now this. PATHETIC!

    PS I’m not including TTAG in my rant. I know you guys are just going off the media hacks reporting.

    • I’m most curious how the shooter ended up toes up.

      I really hope it was a CCW who took him out – just to watch how the grabbers and media manage to spin it off into marginalization outer space.

      • A friend of mine living in the L.A. area said that Ch. 11 (the local Fox channel) said the police killed him inside a junior college library.

        This was just one more spree killing inside another gun-free zone. (The L.A. County sheriff refuses to issue any CCW permits, so all of L.A. County is effectively a gun-free zone.)

        Will the gun control advocates ever realize that their policies are CAUSING, or at least Enabling, these spree killers? Probably not.

  4. The bullet holes in the bus look like an AR15. He’s dead, killed by a cop. All the cops I saw on TV were also using AR15s. I live about 5 miles away.

    • If that’s true, I wonder if any of the victims were the result of background hits from the responding units.

        • Well, an SKS that looks like the MSM’s image of an “assault weapon”. The standard Mini-14 is legal as well, but add a folding stock and it’s somehow more dangerous.

          The standard SKS and Mini-14 both look like pretty ordinary long guns when not modified.

        • This is precisely why you should own an SKS.

          Or a Mini. But SKS has further bonus points in that non-detachable magazine, which is sure to be a target of future bans.

      • I havent read anywhere where it specifically states an AR was used. A witness was quoted by one news story as saying “big rifle”, and another article I read used the term “assault style” .

        Thats why im saying at was a mini14 or sks.

        • First of all. does it have to be a California legal rifle used in this event? There’s still a lot of Fast and Furious guns that are on the lose. And LA ain’t that far from Mexico.

        • Absolutely not. I’m actually trying to imply that if they weren’t Sacramento-approved, then gun control laws couldn’t have prevented the shooting.

          Sort of looking for a massive “So there!” to use against the Anti-2A folks.

        • @Cyborg,

          Ah, but herein is the rub– Sacramento would rather we not own any MSR’s, thank you very much. Certainly, they wouldn’t approve of any version that shares those characteristics.

          The way we get AR15’s in CA is by means of “bullet buttons” or featureless builds, neither of which were explicitly defined as acceptable modifications by the writ of law. Through much pulling and gnashing of teeth, a 2A advocacy group in CA compelled the CA DoJ to concede that the bullet button made the MSR’s ascribe to the definitions of a fixed magazine rifle as defined by the CA AWB.

          The original framers of those laws in Sacramento did not sanction, nor foresee, those workarounds. Now, the legislature is working ever-actively to close these avenues, per ostensible intent of the original law.

  5. After members of his own party defected and his gun control legislation was defeated in the Democratic controlled Senate, Obama’s chances of picking this issue back up was unlikely unless there was another mass shooting. Now that the President “enjoys” constant news coverage of his many scandals, especially the IRS targeting of conservatives, he has lost credibility and Americans’ trust in government has sunk to all time lows in the polls. Even after a high profile mass shooting, Obama cannot exploit it for political gain because Americans simply do not trust him or the government. Obama has become one of the lamest of lame ducks.

    Has any other President in history burned up his political capital after winning reelection as fast as Barack Obama? Most Presidents have at least until the mid term election before achieving lame duckery. It only took Obama a few months to become irrelevant. Not one Senator or Congressman fears going against the President on any issue today.

    The next opportunity to advance gun control on the federal level won’t occur until Democrats can take control of the House and Senate. That’s not likely to happen in 2014 or 2016. The next opportunity for Democrats to advance gun control won’t be until 2018.

    • Never will they take my weapons…. The “chairman” and all his cronnies in the MSM (who he lost a lot of with the warrantless warrants), can spin anything they way they want. True Americans who believe in the Constitution (unlike he does) will defend it…..

  6. My favorite line from that article is the last one:

    President Barack Obama was in Santa Monica for a fundraiser just a 10-minute drive from the campus, CNN affiliate KCAL/KCBS reported. Obama’s schedule was not affected by the shootings or police followup.

    OK, so the President being in the area is maybe sorta-news. But his schedule? I’m sure glad it wasn’t affected.

    “And not a single fvck was given.”

    • I doubt he’ll want to try the “Hey. Erode the 2A. Because you can trust us now” argument for to gun control while on his “Oops, you all discovered that I actually make Dick Cheney look like the ACLU” tour.

    • To be fair, presidents really shouldn’t show up to homicide scenes. It’s dangerous and just distracts people.

  7. They’re already calling for more gun control because of the shooting. Do you think any of them will care to look at the list of incredibly strict gun control laws in California?
    Will any of them really care that this would not have been any less bloody had the killer been limited to AWB compliant firearms like the Mini 14 or Glock? (like Anders Breivik or Cho Seung Hui)

  8. As of this posting Midway has PMAG M2 magazines in stock. You can buy up to 10 of them. Also they have Checkmate M14 magazines in stock, you can only buy two of them at a time. They also have Glock 24 round .40 S&W magazines in stock, limit 2. Get’em while they’re hot.

  9. Hey, we’re down to 4 dead from the initially reported 7. Well 4+1… I only really care about innocent deaths. Lumping the killer into the count is kind of BS.

  10. Its like the wild west in here. thoughts with the victims family’s and praise goes to the cops response time. coulda been a lot worse.

  11. Thought Kirk Douglas said the Wild West days were over. Looks like the Obama Youth nationwide didnt get the memo.


    Latest pictures shows what he had and states “1300” rounds. Yeap I bet it was a .22 since 1300 rounds of .223 would be heavy! The picture only shows 7 20 count boxes of PMC. The magazines are hidden from view but look bright blue with a cutout in the middle like the ones that .22 AR conversions use. He also had a old revolver. He might of had a .223 upper but it wasn’t installed. Interesting how the the “assault rifle” is missing from the table.

  13. I thought Cali AR-15s had to have those bullet buttons for mag releases? You know, to prevent things like this from happening? Apparently that law, amongst many, don’t work other than to frustrate law abiding gun owners trying to enjoy a range day…

    • Like another person mentioned above, AR-15s should have been banned by their assault weapon law but manufacturers found a loophole with the bullet button. There is no California law specifically mentioning the “bullet-button”. It is simply a loophole.

      The problem is that, criminals by nature do not follow laws! If you’ve made the decision that you’re gonna randomly shoot people like some madman, you’re not gonna give a rats ass about any laws. Especially one that may mention a “bullet-button”.

  14. From pictures that have been posted, the “old revolver” he had looks like a Civil War 1858 Remington New Model Army (probably a replica). The media is calling it a .44, but it looks like it has a conversion kit on it for cartridge ammunition, probably .45 Colt.


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