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Ryan Cleckner, former Army Ranger sniper and long-range rifle instructor in Texas is good. Real good. How good? This video shows him hitting a target 1,000 yards away with a Barrett M107 .50 caliber sniper rifle in one shot. While standing. And holding the 37-pound rifle in his arms. Blindfolded. OK, I’m kidding about the blindfolded part. But if anyone could do it I have no doubt Mr Cleckner could. And from that display of awesomeness we head to Ogden, Utah for the latest news from the firing range . . .

Where Police Chief Kevin Warren was “participating… in a regular department drill, led by two certified firearms instructors” and managed to shoot himself in the arm. The report didn’t say how it happened, but rest assured that the local constabulary are “investigating.” It was probably down to one of those rogue guns that goes off by itself.

In related news, the Detroit PD was filming a training video including a simulated purse snatching. Seems they forgot to tell the FBI agent filling his car at a nearby gas station. He pulled his gun and gave chase. Fortunately the videographers managed to intercept the agent. Memo to the trainers: “the more you sweat in training, the less you will bleed in battle.” Not the other way around.

A Schaumburg, Illinois police officer has been charged with two counts of Official Misconduct. It seems that a couple of women wanted to do their civic duty and turn in a .22-caliber revolver they no longer wanted. Officer Bryan Woodyard took possession of the gun. He told the women he “would take care of it.” And that was that. One of them felt uneasy about how Woodyard handled it. When his department investigated the matter they found the revolver in Woodyard’s lunch bag. He’s out on bond, looking at the end of a seven-year career in law enforcement.

14-year old was arrested in nearby Chicago after he dropped a handgun while crossing the street. Two officers watched the lad drop the gun, pick it up and tuck it back into the waistband. They arrested him and charged him in juvenile court with unlawful use of a weapon and unlawful possession of a weapon. His mother’s response: the authorities were “wrong” for citing him. “My son’s side of the story doesn’t count,” she protested. “They’re going to make it whatever they want.”

Maybe there will be some ammo for the rest of us now. Late Wednesday, the House voted to stop DHS from proceeding with new contracts to buy millions of rounds—until they report to Congress on their need for the ammo and its cost. Notice this isn’t a “don’t buy” order; it’s a “tell us why” delay. At the end of the fiscal year, when they’re having to dump “use it or lose it” funds, the smart money (not yours) says they’ll place a huge order for ammo anyway.

The latest statistics released by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Weapon Related Injury Surveillance System reveal that gun-related homicides are up by 100%, and gun related assaults are up nearly 300 percent since 1998. That’s when The Bay State went all civilian disarmament. Regardless, MA legislators have filed more than 60 gun-related bills following Sandy Hook.

Hold on. Hold on for the MIAG Magical Mystery Tour. Mayors Against Illegal Guns is set to launch a cross-country bus tour on June 14, six months after the Sandy Hook shootings. The agit-prop cart and pony show will take “gun violence survivors, their families and friends and law enforcement officials to 25 states in 100 days”  where “[t]hey will read the names of victims of gun violence and urge their representatives in Congress to support legislation that would require comprehensive background checks.”

This Saturday, Hayward, California’s Strowbridge Elementary school will host a gun buyback. Sorta. They’re offering students a book and a chance to win one of four bicycles if they turn in their toy weapons. They’re hoping this anti-Second Amendment indoctrination process will spread to other schools in the area. Heaven fore-fend.

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  1. All it would take would be a bus filled with cool guns on display following the MAIG bus from stop to stop. Let people hold a real gun and talk to someone who can answer their questions. Maybe even have a gag order on politics and let the guns speak for themselves.

    I’d bet the guns would draw a whole lot more traffic.

    • Good idea, except for one thing: the bus will be full of “gun violence survivors.” Not only did these people go through terrible experiences, but they clearly blame the firearm for it, or they wouldn’t be on an MAIG campaign. Wouldn’t holding a real gun be a traumatic for them?

      I’m not too sure, and I agree 100% that the way to stop gun control is to introduce more people to firearms, but this could be a concern…

      *puts on flame suit*

      • Another way to put that in context is a lot of returning veterans are “gun violence survivors” – but they don’t go around crying about it like the MAIG props.

        Maybe our bus needs some purple heart recipients to spread the “don’t be a whiny little b***h” message from coast to coast.

        • The difference is, the vets signed up to fight overseas. No one asks to be at a spree shooting. They were just watching a movie, or shopping at a mall, or carrying on with their normal lives.

          I see your point, though.

        • At the risk of sounding inflammatory, isn’t spending your free time in gun free zones (where almost all spree killings occur) asking to be a victim? I don’t go to malls that don’t allow me to carry, I don’t go to theaters that ban guns, and if my children were not already adults, they wouldn’t be in public school…..

    • Along with an ammo display. Where folks could look longingly at a brick of 22’s with a $9.99 price tag on it.

  2. “gun violence survivors, their families and friends and law enforcement officials…”

    Wouldn’t DGU count as gun violence survivors? Fill a bus with them, their families, friends who are glad they’re still around and the LEOs who arrived on scene and decided it was a good shoot.

      • Especially if you get women to tell their stories, like the mom of two who shot the guy 5 times and he ran away, or the young mom who blasted 1-2 guys with a shotgun while she held her baby in her arms…

        Like it or not, most people feel protective of women (I’m NOT suggesting this is right or fair, so ease off on that)…

        Fire with fire could also mean getting peoples’ emotions going or way. I mean, we already have the facts to support us. Might as well win the hearts, too.

      • Maybe institute Whine Free Zones? I think you may be onto something. Think Timex… photo of Bloomberg crying… voiceover “Another statist, totalitarian politician; takes a licking and keeps on whining”.

    • I agree. Let’s have people hear from those whose lives were saved by having a gun when they were threatened. Enough of this one-sided whining by survivors of the mis-use of guns. Someone who was attacked by a criminal has my full sympathy, up until they start blaming the gun instead of the criminal, and demanding that I be disarmed.

      I’m ready to take part and tell my story. When and where?

  3. Have they released their tour dates yet? I assume they’ll be up here in NH to continue harassing Kelly, and I’d love to be there for a counter-protest.

    • Is this doing any damage to Kelly? I would think Doucheberg is doing more harm than good to his cause by travelling around telling everybody how to live. I’ve read that it is backfiring in the South.

      • everything he does backfires in the South. if he came down to rural Georgia or Texas, he would do so discreetly. no one here likes him. period.

        • He may very well end up doing more good for the 2A cause than anyone else. He is such an egoist that his name and stamp is all over everything he does and he is so repulsive, he’ll turn more people off than he’ll turn against us. Hopefully!

  4. There’s a gun store in town I almost never visit because their prices are CTD stupid. But after leaving the FLGS across the street today, I decided to visit. Damn if they didn’t have aisles and aisles of ammo, and every caliber…all at close to CTD prices. I didn’t get anything, but at least I know there’s a place to find ammo locally if I ever get more money than brains.

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