West Freeway Church shooting video
Courtesy Twitter, NY Daily News and West Freeway Church
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Video still from the West Freeway Church shooting shows armed defender (upper left in tweeted image) shooting at the hooded attacker holding a shotgun (in black, top center):

From the Associated Press:

Two people were killed in a shooting at a church near Fort Worth, Texas, on Sunday morning and a third person has been taken to a hospital in critical condition, officials said.

MedStar Mobile Healthcare spokeswoman Macara Trusty told the Associated Press that two people were fatally shot at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement. A third person in critical condition is being treated at a hospital and all of the victims are male, she said. MedStar is an ambulance service.

Authorities have not released any details about what led to the shooting.

An elder at the church told the New York Times that one of those killed was a security guard who responded to the shooter, calling him a dear friend.

“He was trying to do what he needed to do to protect the rest of us,” said the elder, Mike Tinius.

“It’s extremely upsetting to see anyone committing violence,” he added.

Tinius said he didn’t know the gunman and that the shooting appeared to be random.

A woman who answered the phone at the West Freeway Church of Christ told the AP she could not answer any questions and said she was told to direct inquiries to authorities.

Trusty said she was told by a supervisor at the scene that one of the people who died was the shooter. White Settlement police have not responded to AP requests for comment. In an interview with Dallas TV station KTVT, Mike Drivdahl, the spokesman for the Fort Worth Fire Department, said he believes the gunman was among the three who were shot.

Two more people were treated for minor injuries at the scene, Trusty said.

White Settlement is about 8 miles (12 kilometers) west of Fort Worth.

It is not the first deadly shooting to take place at a church in Texas. In November 2017, Devin Patrick Kelley opened fire on the congregation at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, killing more than two dozen worshippers, before taking his own life.


Multiple reports are coming in of a shooting at the West Freeway Church of Christ in Fort Worth, Texas this morning. A man carrying a rifle walked into the church and fired three times.

From the Dallas Morning News:

MedStar spokeswoman Macara Trusty confirmed that one person died at the scene of the shooting, one person died en route to a hospital, and another person was transported to a hospital in critical condition.

The shooter was reportedly stopped by armed security in the church.

Jason Whitely of Dallas’s WFAA tweeted the following:


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    • I’d prefer he were the one who died en route to the hospital. Why should it be the innocent victim that suffers for 20 minutes before succumbing to his wounds?

      • While the ambulance takes the long way around town. Anyone who shoots up a church needs to take the “scenic route” to the hospital.

        • “First stop is six flag for the driver and me” says the ambulance medic, “The we do the sightseeing list and finally take your murdering ass to the hospital!”

        • Better for the murderer to die immediately — the sooner he dies the sooner he visits HELL, which will be more painful than any long ambulance ride.

          Most people don’t realize that someone in critical condition isn’t feeling much pain, if any, especially if they are in shock and unconscious. I would also hope the victim would have every possible chance of pulling through.

  1. And there were numerous injuries at CNN headquarters when numerous anti gun talking head fought each other for camera time!

  2. Once lived not too far from there. That part of the city was pretty quiet, and boring. Ft. Worth is now a liberal-run city (like all the major Texas cities). I expect there will be a number of complaints from liberals about armed security at a church.

    • Quote Sam” Ft. Worth is now a liberal-run city (like all the major Texas cities). I expect there will be a number of complaints from liberals about armed security at a church.”

      And the response to them should 4KQ.

      • Liberals? No, no, no, you have it all wrong. Those are Californians who are sick of the liberal anti gun politics of their home state…… they just think that Texas would be a *perfect* place to live if it only (fill in the blank). Wash rinse repeat until they destroy your state too.

        Don’t be so enthusiastic about telling people to flee their anti gun liberal hell holes for a “free” state. They’ll screw it up.

        • There is a very high probability that Texas will be blue by 2024 because of those major cities, just as has happened to Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and others — those major cities will eventually rule the state, just as NYC rules NY and gone are the 40 electoral votes!

        • So now those same Liberals have been invading my state for some time as they “flee their anti gun hell holes” and bring their libertard ideas with them.
          I had a the love of my life girlfriend in California, but nothing could have persuaded me to move there. So, now they are moving NY and CA to FL.

      • With all due respect, there are lot of conservatives in Dallas. However ALL elected officials – city, federal, county, school system – are all DEMOCRATS. Democrats vote how the liberal leaders direct them. So somebody is voting for these turkeys.

      • ” We are NOT liberal and never will be.”

        All I know is what I read in the newspapers.

        I could be wrong, liberal mayors don’t appear by magic. Even in city manager forms of government, if the mayor can name department heads, and the mayor is liberal, the influence of liberal department heads determines how the city is run; what is tolerated, and what is not.

      • The only one confused is you. Your mayor is a democrap and was elected by the people — so the majority of that city is leftist — plain and simple!!!

    • Town, City, County, State and Country can’t protect every opening where some idiot could sneak through ? Atleast there was some sort of armed security, better than none at all ?
      As long as the Media keeps blowing up the shooters part. It will give more fuel to some other nut job to do the same thing ?
      Media needs to focus more on the Good Doers that are going to stop shooters, Fire with Fire.

      • “Media needs to focus more on the Good Doers that are going to stop shooters,…”

        Fat chance. “Good news” doesn’t sell advertising.

    • Exactly…..the most critical security position is the parking lot and communications between all. As long as you have internal push bars all external doors should be locked from entry other than the main entrance. An attacker should never make it to the sanctuary with a long gun.

    • Watch the video. The guy had it concealed in his coat. Unfortunately, an armed response can only be just that: a response. In this case, it was an absolutely flawless response by the man who took down the shooter. He was fast and accurate, but not psychic. He unquestionably saved many lives today, but there was no way he could have stopped the guy before the shooting began. Bearing arms is not a perfect solution to violence in the world; it is merely the best one available to us.

    • If I saw the video correctly before it was deleted, the asshole was seated inside, wearing what looked like Arab robes, with at least 3 armed men right beside him, as in keeping an eye on him but without a hand on their guns. They may not have been real good, but they were there, and they were armed, and they did stop the sumbitch. Not seeing how anybody can deny domestic terrorism. If they would let people see the video instead of hiding the truth, there would be a lot more armed folk in churches, really fast.

  3. I always go well armed everywhere, including church. Living in Texas, even the pastor approves, in fact he requested several of us members be armed at services, and we are the only ones who know we are armed to we can defend each other without friendly fire issues. Adding video surveillance 24/7 also. I recommend every place of worship have armed members.

    • MB says:
      December 29, 2019 at 13:16
      “I always go well armed everywhere, including church……………………”

      Got that right

    • Even God told us that in the end times Christians would be persecuted and murdered. If that isn’t reason enough to have armed security I don’t know what is! The majority of these churches are only in the business of collecting tithes, for the “church”!

    • I agree with video surveillance. Don’t rely on others memories. Have hard evidence if nothing else.

  4. there is a growing dissension against God loving Christians in this country.. good men must stand and fight against the evil liberaltards and their hypocritical, discriminatory, and racist propaganda trying to divide this great country.. #TRUMP2020 #CALEXIT

      • The left is the problem. They are the ones openly proclaiming how they are coming for us. Most people just want to be left alone

    • Trump has been stoking the fires against brown, Muslim and Jewish people. He is reckless and irresponsible in his speech.

      Notice how there is more racial and religious attacks than during Obama? More Jewish people are getting attacked under Trump although Trump is not anti Jewish. All because he speaks to the inner white supremacist of many white males in America. He feeds them what they want to hear so he can win votes and gain popularity with Republicans when in reality he is a Democrat who doesn’t care about America first. This triggers hatred and violence towards Jews and Muslims, blacks and whites, citizens and immigrants.

      Bush made the country hate Muslims. Obama made the youth hate white supremacy/privilege. Trump is making the country hate diversity.

      Divide and conquer America via preventing unification by demonizing the country’s main characteristic [diversity, inclusion and integration].

      • Is this a conversation you have in your head much? It doesn’t depict anything I’m familiar with

        • Call to build a wall to stop brown people from coming in. Limit legal immigration to only white nations. Blame brown people for making white America a minority in “their” country and taking their jobs.

          Ban Muslim entry into America. Bomb Muslim countries. Then prioritize Christian refugees. But train and equip Muslim terrorists that kill Americans.

          Blame Jewish owned and/or ran media for fake news. Blame rich Jews for buying politicians and passing gun control. Chastising Jews for not being loyal. Call to make America “great again” to a crowd who blames Soros [Jewish] for all Americas “deep state” problems. Say there is a bunch of pedophile rings hurting American children and say Epstein [Jewish] was running it.

          See how Trump puts everyone against each other on purpose? Then he comes out and says we should all get along. That there are good people on both sides. You can’t demonize a group then ask people to stop attacking that group.

          Trump is reckless. He inspires hatred throughout the country from all kinds of people. He puts people against each other then blames them for doing what is natural in such an environment. Look how much he got Republicans to want to kill their countrymen in a civil war. The man is a New York 1%er Democrat, yet Christians believe he was chosen by God.

          Civil war is about the people killing each other, it’s not about a revolution against the government, it’s about killing the opposition to the government.

          Republicans are not supposed to defend a tyrannical government. Christians are not supposed to think of Trump as their lord and savior. Conservatives are not supposed to be calling for bigger government.

          Open your eyes. Bush wasn’t good, Obama wasn’t good, Trump isn’t good.

      • You seriously have no grasp on reality. Diversity is NOT a strength. When this nation was founded it was founded by people that came from Europe and Asia to escape persecution and to exercise their God-given freedom and rights. Those people may have been from diverse backgrounds but they came here and became one, working toward a common goal. What you and your worthless leftist masters are pushing with your diversity crap is for people to come here and to NOT assimilate and work toward a common goal, but to stay a separated group. That type of diversity is what destroys ALL civilizations because the society breaks down. This whole diversity issue began with Ronnie Raygun and has been supported by ALL of the Presidents and the illegal alien usurper since — except TRUMP!

        I hear you pushing your lies about “white supremacy”, but I heard nothing about the push for islamitization, black power, socialism, etc. which are all pushed by government through the lies of anti-semitism, racism, homophobia, anti-immigration agendas which are only designed to prevent any negativity towards those groups even though it is truth/fact! Why isn’t their anti-christianism or anti-caucasianism — why? because all of the blamers need someone to blame!

        You are a perfect example of one of the fools that will be instrumental in destroying this nation from the inside!

  5. So, how does armed security work? If they’re in the back and the attacker comes in shooting all around the front, where do they aim? Even a sniper in the balcony will have a hard time figuring out that moving target. Armed parishioners might be a better choice, shooting at close range….3 ft….no collateral damage.

    • The best combination is for Armed Security, but ALSO to encourage adherents/parishioners (those who are willing and able to do so both legally and physically)to conceal carry and to remain observant (in all senses of the word).
      Visible security is a deterrent. But it’s also good to back the visible with the hidden.

    • We do not know what is meant by “Armed Security”. See the links in my post above, the frame grab from the live stream of the sermon looks like it is a member of the congregation shooting back.

      That could be all it means. It’s become common for churches in Free States to organize parishioners to be present with their concealed handguns.

      Exactly as it should be!

      • Those in “free states”… you say it nonchalantly, but it really is developing into a clear difference. Democrat cities certainly can be called “occupied territory” or the like. We have 17 free states, where Constitutional Carry is practiced. In other words, we uphold the Constitution and the restraints on government.

        • Quote: “We have 17 free states, where Constitutional Carry is practiced.” No, we only have 17 partially free states with partial Constitutional Carry. No matter what state you live in, buying a suppressor through an FFL is extremely costly and time wasting. Even though SCOTUS ruled that you can not tax a right, they exempted the 2nd amendment. Even though they declared that a ‘right delayed is a right denied’ they have no problem with ATF taking months and months to issue their permission for you to exercise your rights.

      • Yes back in the Revolution they were. The 3% Christians, Now in modern times, now more then ever,we must be Armed-by exercising our 2=3%,who are and will save this God given country again.Persecution Nasty P Pelosi is a Deplorable hater as her Mistress ,master Coven Witch Hilda Beast,want total gun control!

    • “Armed parishioners might be a better choice . . .” Agreed. And, as the demographic for private citizens carrying concealed handguns steadily increases, it’s only a matter of time before a spree-killer gets out-gunned and out-shot by the very people he’s come to kill. Fortunately this church was armed or the carnage would have been a lot worse. Spree killers chose their targets for dramatic effect. Getting immediately killed by one’s supposed victims is not the way spree-killers want their movies to end.

      • Jeff Cooper once commented that you are qualified to defend yourself when the person who would harm you is in more danger from you than you are from him.

          • “He’s just plain wrong. Self-defense is a moral right, not a qualification granted by another.”

            This really needs explanation?

            Cooper was using a variation of “buying a piano doesn’t make you a musicisn”.

            Having a gun doesn’t make you effectively capable of using it successfully in self-defense.

            Cooper’s statement wasn’t about “rights”, but about mindset, skill and willingness.

        • Oh brother! Maybe you should research just how many violent acts, even with guns, were thwarted by someone who showed a weapon, fired a warning shot, or fired in the assailant’s general direction. These criminal shooters are COWARDS and only attack where they assume there will be little to no resistance and when someone pulls out a gun, their first reaction is to flee. No doubt, it is better if you know how to use your weapon, but it’s not mandatory or always necessary! I would rather one person be injured and killed by a poorly trained individual if it means dozens more are kept safe!

  6. It seems the Christians have learned some very harsh lessons. Good. But sadly Jews are just much more hard headed.

  7. Probably some poor Islam “refugee” that are being brought into this country by the thousands. They were brought into this world waging war and that’s all they know.

  8. We can never trust the totality of the early reports, the early reports are that several parishioners drew their weapons on the attacker.

    • You’re right, check the video link below posted by Tt78. These folks did great, could have been a lot worse. Show no mercy for the filth and be vigilant and ready.

  9. Any church that doesn’t allow members to carry are fools (I understand some states ban it outright). God works through people, and people stop other bad people. Protect your flock with the best means possible, which means church members armed and ready. Machete guy from yesterday is just another reinforcement of this.

  10. Some interesting news reports.

    A witness told CBS 11 News the gunman walked up to a server during communion with a shotgun and then opened fire. According to the witness, another church member shot the suspect.

    West Freeway Church of Christ, YouTube page of sermons. Today’s was live streaming but is now private.

    This YouTuber got hold of some of it, maybe just frame grabs. Go to still image at 03:19:

    Sunday’s service was live streamed on YouTube. The video, which has since been made private, shows dozens of horrified churchgoers ducking under their seats as several people, including someone who appeared to be a security guard, drew their own weapons toward the gunman.

    So witnesses are saying the shooter was challenged and shot down pretty darned fast. At least one church member and possibly several drew their guns on him.

    The incident is a horror. The reaction by the decent people there, absolutely what it needed to be!!!!!!!!

    • I will not deny that this incident was a horror. But, I will assert that YouTube, Facebook and other media venues handling of it has been a travesty to humanity. If it had been favorable to their agenda, we would be seeing endless looped replays of the events. Because it does not play into their hands they are deleting every posting as fast as they can. Unfortunately, usually, the internet is forever; let us see if this is truly true.

    • Good shot by the older gent! It looks like he spent time with the target as far back as possible at the range.

    • Thanks for the link, the armed members did a good job! That dude put a bullet in the bad guy 3 seconds after the first shot, thats outstanding!

      • “That dude put a bullet in the bad guy 3 seconds after the first shot, thats outstanding!”

        Not so fast, Bucko. I am a news junkie, and have it on good authority that things like this don’t ever happen; it is settled science. The obviously doctored video indicates some crazed gun nut made a perfect shot, and harmed no one else. Not possible. Average people with guns spray bullets everywhere, endangering (if not harming) innocent bystanders. Betting that the old guy probably shot an entire clipazine on full semi-automatic setting, but some right wing churchgoer sent a fake video to the local news outlet. Also noted no one is talking about the hearing damage that musta happened to all the people near the gunfire. More disregard for the well-being of others that gun owners always display. Ya’ll are just so mean.

    • The guy that drew was a hero. His actions forced the shooter’s attention away from the congregation. His death probably saved another dozen or more lives. Well done.

      • I watched the video several times. The guy who stood up knew he was drawing against a shotgun pointed at him, knew full-well that he was probably going to get killed. But doing that bought the critical seconds necessary to save lives. He was a very brave man.

        • Agreed, I just wish he was a more practiced man. 3.1second draw got him killed. a 2.1 second draw could have saved his life.

    • Sawed off shotgun at close range. It just leaves you wondering what in the fuck is wrong with some of the humans out there that they are so very inhuman, so evil as to do such a thing.

      It is at least hopeful to see a whole bunch of common folks drew guns in their own defense. That wasn’t just two or three armed citizens. Our country needs many more people willing and able to do so.

      Hope for the best, but be prepared.

  11. You need good trigger control, not gun control. Unless you want to be a sheep awaiting the slaughter. Then you can apply the “run, hide, or fight” logic approved by the USDA, CDC, FBI, USPS, and the Clinton Foundation. Yes you can neutralize the shooter with a pencil or the fax machine, I have heard if you train you can even use telekinetic stuff to jam the gun.You can also eat rice with your fingers and use vegetation to wipe your bottom. Just make a choice, hopefully the good one, which might even save other good folks’ lives by the way. If you can carry and shoot do it, some folks cannot, they are your brothers and sisters too, protect them if necessary. We are not living in heaven folks, the world is evil and it’s only going to be worse before others any better.

  12. No security force is perfect. They took out the evildoer. Sorry people were killed. At my church we have a heavy but discreet armed presence. Except the parking garage. I’m a protector THERE…Hammond,IN 1ST Baptist.

  13. Racist attacks have soared under the Trump regime. He ran his campaign on racism and hate just as Hitler did. At this point we do not know who the attacker was but the majority of hate crimes have all been conducted by Right Wing Extremists many using assault rifles.

    The counter argument (projectionism) is that Obama was a divisive President. What a laugh. Only the Far Right Racists would make such ignorant and racist statements. Obama was the great healer of the Nation and did much to bring us together. He was constantly going out of his way to promote less racism and hate having been the victim of it most of his life. He had a televised interview with American Muslim Students showing how successful they were and how they were decent American citizens like the rest of us all are. Contrast this with the sleazy Ted Cruz who refused to even meet with the organization of American Muslims when he was running for President.

    As we can see the Republicans are the party of racism and hate with Trump as their star poster boy. Racism has soared under Trumps Regime and his immigration czar has lowered immigration to the lowest obscene level in U.S. History and at a time when the U.S. needs more immigrants not less. Trump has surrounded himself with racists.

    The 2020 Democratic President will have a herculean task of trying to undo all of the damage Trump has done to this country, not only by promoting racism and hate, but the damage done to the environment by rolling back anti-pollution laws out of blind greed and ignorance and also the damage done to our international relations with our former Allies who no longer trust us or share intelligence information with us.

    • 2020 is going to be a heart breaker for you. Just remember. vlad, all the education you passed on is going to come back to haunt you as you pass out of your 20’s and start to age. Being an uneducated minion at a fast food place is not a way to secure your future.

      Think about this. Really think about it. If it wasn’t for family you would be hungry and homeless. And eventually your folks are going to tire of your ‘activism’, which pays nothing, and begin to think its time to cut the aid and let the world teach you a lesson. Tough love as it were.

      Trump is our next president. He’s already loading the courts. He’s changed the make up of the 9th. Socialism/communism/fascism(all the same as practiced by the American left) are done for. The final nail was when an old white rich man, bloomberg, bought the dnc.

      You need to find a way to survive in a capitalist country that doesn’t involve super sizing the customers order.

      • Trump has been a disaster.

        No wall.
        No Muslim ban.
        Obamacare still here.
        Reading the New Testament on a college campus can get you expelled because of Trump’s EO on antisemitism.
        No Conceal carry reciprocity.
        Bump stock ban.

    • Every single statement you made “Vlad” is a flat out and disprovable lie.

      -90% of mass shooters were either registered democrats, voted democrat, or tweeted and Facebook posted about support for democrats, etc.
      -Most mass shooters in the last 20 years used handguns. Even in the last decade, over 60% used handguns. Only recently has the AR been popular for these sick left wing shooters, as it became popular in call of duty and they think it is more fearsome to use what democrats call a scary black rifle.
      -Obama was the great divider. Race relations tanked under his divisive rhetoric. Pew and REUTERS and even CNN polls prove this to be so. Obama constantly spewed racist remarks and pitted one culture or race against another.
      -Democrats haven’t got a chance to win the next election, and they won’t ruin the gains America has made under this president.

      You are a left wing troll, and I won’t bother reading, engaging or responding to your mindless drivel again.

      • to Erik in AZ , currently residing in a mental institution.

        “””””””””””””””””””””””””-90% of mass shooters were either registered democrats, voted democrat, or tweeted and Facebook posted about support for democrats, etc.”””””””””””””””””

        Your making a complete fool of yourself. Any google on mass shootings will tell you around 75 per cent or more of hate murders were done by White Extremists. That’s mass shooting 101. Remember Dillon Roof who gunned down black people at church after they made him feel welcome or the Jewish Synagogue massacre this year . I could go on and on but only sane people get the picture. For you its just fake news that never happened because you do not agree with reality. See a shrink you need one.

      • to Erik our resident White Supremacist .

        “””””””””””””””””””””””-Obama was the great divider. Race relations tanked under his divisive rhetoric. Pew and REUTERS and even CNN polls prove this to be so. Obama constantly spewed racist remarks and pitted one culture or race against another.””””””””””””””””””

        Change the word Obama to Trump and then your back to reality. As I posted recently. Obama went out of his way to unite America. Only Racists like yourself because of projectionism spew out wild Conspiracy theories. Again lets hear some documentation on your statements. I can give you one to show how disturbed you really are. Obama held a televised news conference when he visited American Muslim Students to show all Americans they had not only assimilated but were outstanding students and were an asset to America like the majority of immigrants usually are. History does not lie its only Racists like you that do.

        As I said before during the 2016 Campaign sleaze bag Ted Cruz refused to even meet with the American Muslim Association because he knew his racist hard core base would have had a cow if he had done so. Proving how divisive the Republicans are when it comes to race and religious relations in this country. And Trump got elected by using Hitlerite tactics promoting racism.

      • to Erik
        ++++++++++++++++++++You are a left wing troll, and I won’t bother reading, engaging or responding to your mindless drivel again.+++++++++++++++++

        You will be doing everyone a favor if you follow through on that statement. And you will spare yourself further embarrassment as well.

      • to Erik
        “”””””””””””””””””Obama was the great divider. Race relations tanked under his divisive rhetoric.”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””

        The only people Obama divided were the White Racists and the White Supremacists. Supremacists try to kill everyone different than themselves and White Racists like to talk about it. Which side are you on?????

        ++++++++++++++++++Pew and REUTERS and even CNN polls prove this to be so. Obama constantly spewed racist remarks and pitted one culture or race against another.+++++++++++++++++++++

        Actually its the opposite. And if you in your twisted mind disagree show us some links to CNN about that.

  14. I’ve never seen so much hateful drivel in comments. You people probably mistakenly call yourselves Christian and I think that’s the sickest part of the whole thing. God forbid you should confine your hatred instead to prayers for both those who died. The shooter was also a child of God. Leave your idiot politics out of this tragedy. You’re as disgusting as the reality of shooters in places of worship. If you read any part of the Bible and did your research, you wouldn’t be Jew-baiting pieces of horse dung. Jewish media? There are still idiots out there like you that believe this garbage. Very, very sad. No wonder this country has devolved into a cesspool of mental midgets. If there’s a ledger at the end of your lives, your names will definitely be on the minus side. I’m sorry I stumbled on this sick website.

    • I know, right? Isn’t ‘The Truth About Guns’ an odd name for a website that is clearly geared toward homosexuals and their twisted agenda?

        • Say JM why have you not left for Virginia yet after passing all that rectum gas about your leaving to become the incarnation of Walter Mitty and save Virginians from the Communists. You did not pass the smell test (pun intended)

          You will not be any more successful in defeating communists in Virginia than you were in Nam. You got the shit beat out of you there to.

        • Wrong war, wrong enemy dumbass. We aren’t fighting communists this time around. Just home grown nazi’s. You fascists should have stayed under your rocks. Your lack of education is showing again.

          I’m packed and ready. I’ll be there when I’m needed.

        • Aww, tuck. You’re another whining millinial. If your mommy will let you have the gas money and keys you can swing buy and pick up vlad and come to Virginia.

    • To Ben

      Well said Sir.

      Here are some of my thoughts

      The very worst of America is found on this web site and many as you can see are mentally ill to boot. I only hang out here to make them look in the mirror and see who they really are and how they appear to normal decent American Citizens who are shocked at what they say here. Although for the most part I have never advocated actual gun bans, only gun regulation it does not surprise me that many Americans in their panic are now advocating draconian bans. Its not hard to understand why when you hear some of these nut cases on this forum as they are the last people who should be permitted to own guns. Required mental tests before getting a permit to purchase card would certainly do no one any harm that is for sure.

      • LOL. The real reason you “hang out here” is because you are an unemployed virgin and live in your mom’s basement. And hang out is a loose term for someone who spends at least 8 hours a day writing up Communist drivel. Perhaps Soros is paying you though. That would make sense.

    • “I’m sorry I stumbled on this sick website.”


      Feel free to request a transfer out; it will be granted.

    • Ben, when you are at a party, do you have the feeling that people across the room are laughing at you? I don’t think it is paranoia on your part.

  15. Childhood’s End.

    I grew up in an America where there were actual safe spaces. Not insult-free, don’t make me feel bad spaces, but generally a person was safe in their home, their work, their worship. I will leave an America that is dystopia personified. For all the social engineering over the last 75 years, America is not a better nation, not an improvement over the childhood left behind, not a paradise of peace. That evil existed when I was young, there can be no doubt. That evil as a force of nature has grown out of its bonds is unquestionable. As a young man, I believed I could bequeath my children and grandchildren a land as welcoming and robust as the one given me. Here, at childhood’s end, I know I can bequeath them nothing. They will be required to endure. I hope I nurtured that capability.

    When going to worship (five house of worship shootings in two weeks?) is as dangerous as going into gangland, we must admit we failed ourselves, and our futures.

  16. “This is the result of the anti-Christian propaganda being pushed by the Jewish media.”

    See if I got this right….

    “The Jews” coordinated four deadly attacks, in two weeks, on their own houses of worship to establish a cover for their propaganda leading to the shooting of Christians in their house of worship?

    Did I get that right, or just misunderstand your comment?

    • Your statement only reinforces my prior statement on how many nut cases hang out on this forum. Conspiracy theories seem to attract them like flies to a pile of dog shit. They are the flies. I am not speaking about you Sam.

  17. Unfortunately, as insane as it may seem, some (mostly those who are democrats) will again want to push for more laws that would help
    1) going fwd make it so any such guards/security will no longer be allowed to be armed (or place regulations that ensure unless they are rich or politically connected wouldn’t be able to be armed):
    2) ensure its made very difficult or made illegal for innocent citizens to be armed
    3) have no effect on the perpetrator of the shooting in being armed but help them minimize chances of meeting any such resistance from people that are armed.

    Lastly, the 2nd amendment guarantees protects the pre-existing right of the people to keep (ie own) and bear (carry) arms.

    • Strange how it is now the safest time to be alive that man has seen during his time on this earth and you like so many have become afraid of your own shaddow. Maybe you should find a news source that doesn’t make up false news and continually preach how bad things have become. Do you ever leave you TV and computer and walk around the block? If not how can you expect to know your neighbors.

  18. a job well done by a faithfull servant the democrats would jerk the gun out of this mans hands if we give them the chance lets not give them that chance…….

  19. How many people in the pews were armed and failed to respond to and stop the attacker. It has been proven over and over again that carrying a fire arm offers one very little protection in a situation such as this, no matter how many time the gun toting Walter Mittys out there say otherwise.

    • You claim, “It has been proven over and over again that carrying a fire arm offers one very little protection in a situation such as this” without evidence, without citation. Two armed members of the congregation drew down on the shooter. One was hit before he could shoot, the other ended the shooter. Then, there were about five other armed members who approached that side of the church after the shooter was down. We have no idea (because they were off camera) if they were drawing on the shooter before coming on screen. But we know carrying a firearm offers more protection than not having one.

      A firearm is like a parachute. If you have one and don’t need it, you were prepared. If you need one and don’t have it, you’ll never need ANYTHING ever again.

    • Unsubstantiated BS. Go read the CDC study that was conducted under the Obama administration, especially the part on defensive gun uses. It’s a pretty high number.

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