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Yesterday, TTAG reported on a fund-raising drive by Susan G. Komen Foundation. The cancer research org would get a cut of the cash from the sales of special “Hope Edition” pink Walthar P-22s sold by Seattle’s Discount Gun Sales. Our man Zimmerman predicted howls of outrage. Before the metaphorical ink was dry on Dan’s post, the Komen Foundation spokeperson told nuh-uh (paraphrasing). They haven’t partnered with Seattle’s Discount Gun Sales. What’s more (or less), they have “no record of receiving money from this company.” The DGS web page for the pink gun is denying access . . .

A store employee at the gun retailer chain’s headquarters in Seattle, who would not give his name, told Hotsheet they took the page down Friday afternoon because of a dramatic increase in interest in the product. ‘We removed it due to the inundation of phone calls over an item we do not stock,’ the employee said.”

So did Komen come down on a deal that may or may not have existed? Well . . .

When asked if they took the webpage down at the insistence of Komen, he said no, and when asked if Discount Gun Sales entered into a partnership with Komen, he said he had “no comment on the particular item at the moment.”

Cancer research is good. Guns also help protect life. But once again, America shows that firearms is still the “f word” amongst a certain segment of society. The more I think about it, the more I think gun owners should co-opt the $2 bill. Know what I mean?

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  1. Ill be stopping at the bank this week.

    On the upside, that group IS shrinking. They just haven’t bothered to read that memo. They still jump up and down screaming whenever they hear the F word, but aren’t noticing that they’re sounding nuttier to the American mainstream.

  2. Hmmm…I guess the acid test would be…”Would Susan G. Komen Foundation have taken the money if it had actually been sent to them?”

    Otherwise, sounds like DGS tried to pull a fast one….

    • I’m pretty sure they would have accepted the money and then complained about the gun after the check was in the bank.

  3. Most gun owners are male so why aren’t there campaigns by the gun manufacturers and dealers to support prostrate cancer research and care for men which kills more men than breast cancer kills women?

    • Because generally speaking, boobies are more exciting to think about than penises. It’s just the way our culture is: breast cancer awareness/research is a movement “everyone can get behind,” contrasted with the subject of prostate cancer which is avoided for any number of reasons, from “ladies don’t talk about such things” to homophobic men who get uncomfortable the minute the subject comes up.

      The self-checks for breast cancer are titillating (no pun intended), but while self-checks for prostate cancer exist, good luck getting anyone to admit to it, and nobody really likes to talk about the professional checks, except in jest as a “sign you’re getting old” or “Hey doc, are you gonna buy me dinner?”

      • Matt,

        I’d like to add to the list that men’s health and welfare isn’t a concern of society since men are considered the disposable and sacrificial gender.

        • Aharon, prostate cancer doesn’t get nearly the funding and attention that breast cancer receives because men don’t agitate as successfully as women’s groups. That’s not the fault of the women — that’s our fault.

          It’s terribly unfortunate because almost every man will die from prostate cancer if they don’t die from something else first — which we often do.

          I’m tested regularly. Are you?

        • “Better use three fingers”

          Just kidding, I really should get tested, my great grandpa died from prostate cancer.

        • “men don’t agitate as successfully as women’s groups.”

          This. Don’t wait around for gun manufacturers and dealers to support prostate cancer research, approach them with a plan. I’ve heard doctors say that all men have to do to get prostate cancer is live long enough. The same can’t be said about breast cancer.

          Perhaps prostate self-exam isn’t practical, but you could ask your wife or girlfriend to help out. Just don’t ask when she’s mad at you and hope that she’s not too prudish.

          Sorry, can’t resist rearranging some of these comments…

          checks for prostate cancer exist…more exciting to think about than penises…a movement “everyone can get behind”…self-checks are titillating…that group is shrinking…

          Sorry. I think I need to come up with a new user name already.

  4. SGK is taking a lot of heat this week over the Planned unParenthood debacle. I think SGK is a great organization and deserves our support. I’m not buying a pink gun for it, I’ll just send them a check and ask them not to give it to the abortion people.


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