El Paso mall walmart shooting
U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers gather near the scene of a shooting at a shopping mall in El Paso, Texas, on Saturday, Aug. 3, 2019. Multiple people were killed and one person was in custody after a shooter went on a rampage at a shopping mall, police in the Texas border town of El Paso said. (AP Photo/Rudy Gutierrez)
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As time has passed, the full magnitude of the shooting in and around an El Paso Walmart store has become more clear. After a 21-year-old Allen, Texas man opened fire with what is reported to be an AK-47 rifle, 20 people are dead and 26 have been injured.

From NBC News . . .

Multiple senior law enforcement officials believe Crusius posted a screed online just prior to the attack. They say investigators are examining a posting they suspect is from him but that they have not officially confirmed it.

The sources said it was too soon to draw any motives from the posting.

A second person was also taken into custody, but it was not immediately known what role, if any, the person played in the shooting, sources familiar with the investigation told NBC News.

More details will be revealed as the investigation progresses, but the first call to El Paso police was received at 10:39a this morning according to Gregory Allen, El Paso chief of police. He said that the first officer arrived on the scene at 10:45a.

Chief Allen said in a televised press conference that the shooter was arrested outside the store and surrendered without incident as soon as he was approached by police officers.

ATF and FBI are currently involved in the investigation along with local and state law enforcement.

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  1. Another Leftist trying to murder his way into forcing the government to pass gun control.

    • Every hit on his name brings up left wing media sites trying to paint him as a ‘Trump supporter’.. and some no name from the Washington Examiner supposedly broke the story through her ‘contacts’ in El Paso PD..
      sounds like they are trying to create a narrative..

    • No.

      He was a white supremacist trying to send “invaders” back to where they came from. He was doing this to end diversity in America. He was “protecting” his race and the “West.”

      • You do understand that manifesto has since been shown to be fake. I mean sheesh it originated from 8chan. Any person with two brain cells would have looked at that and been skeptical. The guys still off his rocker for what he did but don’t make the media’s job of spoon feeding ideas to the sheep so dang easy.

        • Really? Because the FBI says they are looking into a post that had a manifesto posted right before the attack. We, will see if you are correct.

          But it makes no sense for 8Chan to make themselves look bad when they want the opposite and are actively working to clean the mess after such attacks. Last time they said the Christchurch attack wasn’t real. They said the Synagogue shooter wasn’t one of theirs. Etc.

          Not only that, but 8Chan called into news stations and trolled saying it was blacks that did it.

        • Just because the FBI says they were looking at a post doesn’t mean the post that has been plastered all over the internet within a half hour is the right one.

          72 hour rule dude.

        • Looking at Unix time of that 8chan post I bet it is genuine. The post is minutes before the attack and included his full name and model of firearm.
          Even the responses to that post look to be immediately before the shooting.

          So yes there is no chance it is a hoax.

          That said he is both far left and far right since he clearly also expresses support for left wing eco-terrorist agenda

        • The totally discredited hack FBI says, what?
          The Russians did it? Hilary is a demigod? Trust us?

      • And you’re just reveling in all this. It’s like your happy and joyful this happened. Your a sick person.

        • I don’t want people to make stories up and blame people that are not at fault because of their personal politics. You can’t ignore the root causes of such attacks if you truly want to stop them.

          This terrorist attack upsets me.

          I have seen over 70 people die in a year because of this growing ideology. I want people to understand why this is happening and how it’s only going to get worse. I am not going to sit on my hands like people in Germany did.

        • “I have seen over 70 people die in a year because of this growing ideology.”

          Ok. Well then I think you should take a step back and relax man. Really. Let’s look at this logically. First, this ideology isn’t new or growing. Nazi like ideology has been around awhile even here in America. All the sudden lately though, some of them have adopted the tactic of this age, which is mass shootings. In times past it was assassinations, bombings, and arson. The number killed this year by what you would call “alt right terrorists” is way, way, less then the amount of black youth that have murdered eachother this year over drugs and turf. But that doesn’t attract headlines. So, what I’m saying is, you can’t get all upset about this but then sleep just fine at night as young black men die by each others hand by the thousands.

          Now, what is concerning, to you, me, and every law abiding gun owner, is the fact that the media will paint this sicko as one of us, and use it to further the leftist goal of killing all of us. That does bother me more and more. Is that every time there’s one of these, regardless of his motivations, is they’re using as an excuse to come murder you for your guns.

        • Hank, I do care about the black community’s situation.

          White people deny the system that white supremacy has created in America that caused most of the problems in the “projects.” They act as if the “projects” was the doing of black people, that government didn’t setup this project and rally the whites to hate blacks. The Democrats have been doing it for generations yet Republicans defend whites as if Democrats are all black and black people created the party.

          White people defend white people simply because they are white. They can’t admit to the white supremacy that was prevalent in America that gave their parents or grand parents privileges that weren’t given to non whites. They don’t like to acknowledge that white supremacist policies created the current problems in black America. It’s pride and ego that won’t let them see the truth.

          This attack was done by a white person because of what is ultimately white people’s policies. It’s not a gang shooting that killed gang members. It’s innocent people of a specific ethnicity massacred for the benefit of white America (according to the murderer).

          • The ‘projects’ are a result of systemic racism of DEMOCRATS.
            Don’t blame Republicans for what your leftist masters created. But that’s what idiots like you always do. First the leftists rebranded Nazis and Fascists ‘right wing’, when the core tenants of both are government control of almost everything. That is a LEFTIST ideology.
            Try learning real history, and not the revisionist crap that has been shoveled down your throat by the leftists in academia and the press.
            But you won’t, because you are a good little leftist sheep.

        • @user1. My God dude. Really? I guess I’m wasting my time. Never mind. You need an education, a real one. Not a leftist indoctrination. I’m not even gonna bother trying with you. Your a lost cause.

        • User 1 except you are yourself making openly racist and bigoted statements.
          Your taking advantage of this event to spread your own hypocritical double standard is disgusting.

          70 people killed by an ideology? Way more than that have been killed by BLM’s and the the US left’s nonsense. MS 13 kills more than that.

          As far as the criminal justice system is concerned per violent crime committed African Americans are stopped less, searched less, arrested less, shot by police less, imprisoned less than whites so your claim there is systematic unfairness tomAfrican Americans is a bald faced lie.

          This killer is a NUT with both left and right wing ravings. If you yourself were not a bigot ruled by your own confirmation bias you would not have been blind to the actual text references this nut made supporting environmental extremism.

          Do you also blame al gore for this?

        • @Hydguy

          I literally said Democrats have been causing a lot of problems with their white supremacy policies. Then you say I am blaming Republicans for those policies. I said white people defend white people even if they are Democrats because they are white. Republicans defend Democrats because they feel like their race is being attacked. They side with their race. They rather deflect to Chicago blacks or Muslims.

          Remember what the Republican party was?

        • @Kip

          Go look into the government and corporate/banker policies after WWII.

          I am not talking about today’s policies. I am talking about policies that created today’s environment. Which white people love to ignore as if it never happened. Currently both Republican and Democrat whites don’t want to tell the truth.

          By the way, I might be a white boy myself. Don’t assume my race.

        • User 1. Howard Zinn is not your friend dude.. Time to get past the high school arguing in your parents basement stage.

      • Says the liberal media. They ALWAYS try to paint these people as ‘right wing’, and it almost always turns out that it’s quite the opposite.

        • It matters not if it is extreme right or extreme left, they are 2 wings of the same damn ugly bird. Both are about power and control, both are a dictatorship if they gain the upper hand either of which is just as far removed from liberty as the other. We really need to push out there that we have no interest in either far left or far right and for those exact reasons and that we want true liberty because there is no such thing as liberty lite. Liberty lite is nothing more than degrees of dictatorship and once any restrictions on liberty are put in place (other than for infringing on someone elses liberty eg theft, murder, rape destruction of property etc) then it becomes easier for more to be put in place.

          • I don’t know where you get the idea that right wing is about controlling others. Quite the opposite, the further right you go, the more individual freedom and autonomy you support.
            As you go towards the center, and to the left, the more government you crave to control others.
            But having grown up a subject your whole life, it’s not surprising you don’t know the difference.

            • ok lets start with the drug laws. Republicans are the ones that push hardest for these yet with each new law that comes in the situation is not getting any better in fact it is getting worse. Now we have to ask why that is. A very simple part of it is making something illegal at least to teens and often into early 20’s often makes it more attractive to try. Now that is also just one small part of it. Another factor is also due to over regulation of a lot of things which as it gets worse breeds a vicious cycle of hopelessness. Now i am not saying that in all cases republicans have instituted these regulations however i am saying that in a whole heap of cases they have not fought against them or repealed them when they have had the power to do so. All i am saying is that when people start feeling this way and dont feel there is any way to change it many turn to escapism through various forms of drugs. This pattern can be seen throughout history and in many cultures not just western nations. I am not solely pointing the finger at the US on this. Most nations around the world are doing the same sort of thing.
              Btw I dont do any illegal drugs myself though i do drink occasionally (usually not more than a glass or 2) and i smoke cigarettes. Most people have a vice of some sort and making any of that sort of thing illegal or regulating and taxing the crap out of it is not going to change anything, people will still do it. If they commit a crime (eg harm someone) while under the influence or suffering the effects of withdrawal then they suffer the full consequences of that law not the whole argument that they were temporarily mentally impaired. It gets back to keeping the laws to the most basic of laws so all can understand and know the law and the consequences of breaking those laws.

              • Where is the constitutional right to do drugs enshrined in the Constitution? You might not understand how the Constitution works, since you don’t have it, so let me help you: there isn’t an explicit right to do drugs in it. It would fall under the 10th Amendment as a States Rights issue, The federal government only exerts authority over it by a bastardization of the Commerce Clause.
                And I really hate to be the one to tell you this, but it was Democrats that pushed the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, and it was signed into law by FDR (our first socialist president) And further criminalization was pushed by the left. And the liberals in Hollywood were only too happy to make movies about how bad pot was, all while happily indulging.
                I disagree with the drug laws, however I’m more concerned with keeping other rights like the right to bear arms, and securing the right to vote for all legal citizens and ensuring that illegals don’t get to vote, and that the dead don’t vote again.
                Seeing as how the Constitution is the law of the land, the 2A shouldn’t face ANY restrictions at the state or federal level on the kind of arms that law abiding citizens may possess.

              • i am in no way saying it is a constitutional right to do drugs….. HELL NO! what i am saying is that as it stands those laws against the drugs are not helping the situation as far as crime problems that go along with making certain things illegal. the same will happen if and when they outlaw firearms….. the crime problem will get worse as it has done here in australia where while the gun crime issue has continued the exact same downward trend for the most part however, in recent times in certain places where we now have a gang problem (also related to the social problems caused by over regulation) who are getting illegal firearms and using them in their crimes (No not saying those firearms should be illegal just stating the facts as they stand right now).
                I well know drugs were not in the US constitution however the founders did also state that the enumerated rights were not an exhaustive list. What i am arguing is that over-regulation across the board is the cause of a lot of the other problems.
                As for gun rights and the second amendment my view is that nearly every law that has been made for at least a century and a half pertaining to firearms has if you look closely has been unconstitutional. This includes laws in the south preventing blacks from owning them etc however the first of the major nationwide ones was the NFA which is in itself unconstitutional let alone most of what has followed.
                So to sum up any law that does not say within 5 years have a marked effect in clearing up a crime issue should be looked at closely as to why it is not having the desired effect and quite likely repealed then look rather at the social issues causing the problem in the first place. I am a strong proponent of laws being kept to the most basic laws so ALL can know and understand them and the consequences of breaking those few laws. I am also strongly opposed to any law that criminalizes anything where there is no victim (except maybe the one engaging it it harming themselves = no victim, darwin award). However as soon as there is a victim who has their rights stepped on (theft, murder, assault, rape etc) then there has been a crime and it should be punished with a proper trial followed by incarceration for a long period of time.
                How many are in prison in our various countries for “crimes” that the only person harmed in any way was themselves?

        • Hyddy, the Right wing has always been about controlling others. When the right wing leads the policies telling me who I can marry, is that not more government intrusion into my private life?

          When ‘law and order’ right wingers tell me what I can grow in my garden and what I can’t, is that not more big government telling me what I can do on my own property? So the whole property rights thing is BS?

          Apparently so, we see the current right wing administration approving multinational corporation pipelines directly through private property against the protest of the owners. So much for private property rights.

          We see the right wing forcing their Christian extremism on us, forced Christian prayer at schools is more government intrusion into private lives.

          The founding fathers were clear about keeping religion out of government, as Thomas Jefferson said, erecting a wall of separation between church and state is a critical part of freedom. Yet I see right wingers continuously claiming America is a Christian nation and attempting to ban other religions.

          The right wing wants to control every aspect of American life, just to increase the profit for the billionaires.

          And they distract the poorly educated with the fables about banning the Bible and forcing gay marriage.

          You people need to stay out of my bedroom and out of my garden, that’s what we call freedom and liberty.

        • You dingleberry, it’s the right who are more openly anti-gun in Australia.

          Anyway if the right is about freedom why are schrooms illegal?

            • yet there are a number of freedom loving Aussies on this forum who care and dont want to see your liberty eroded. I for one wish i could move to the US and become a US citizen and i recognize that the US has its own set of problems but again those problems come from government that has gotten way too much power.
              My personal view if a govt has more power than the power to tie their own shoe laces they have too much power and i dont give a goddamn which style of govt it is. At a federal level govt should not have any power beyond protecting the borders. At the state and city level their power should not extend beyond organising infrastructure for public use such as roads. Keep them even out of the class room and let the parents of the local school decide the curiculum. Laws even regarding use of public roads should be kept simple. speeding for example, if someone drives at high speed but harms no one in the process then there should not be an issue however if they cause harm through the way they drive then they should be charged in the same way they would if engaged in criminal activity such as manslaughter, murder, assault etc. It is only when you step over that line and through your actions you harm someone against their will that their should be repercussions.
              doctors assisting someone to die used to be accepted practice in cases where the patient was in extreme pain and had no chance of recovery. It was a decision between the doctor and the patient and had to do with quality of life.
              If something is done between 2 adults, is consensual and harms no one else then the govt (of any level) should have no power to make any law regarding it.
              If a person chooses to grow vegies in their front yard it should be no business of anyone else but that person. Screw the neighbours who want to dictate that they MUST have a well tended lawn as they are no better than socialists of whichever stripe be it left or right.
              In short live and let live

              • See, you want to become an American. I don’t want to become Australian. Big difference.
                In the US, the political right trends towards more individual freedom. The left towards more government. So when something happens here, and we say Right/Left, you need to understand what we are talking about. We don’t need to worry about what your country thinks.

              • yes i understand what you are saying however while i agree that the right is more towards individual liberty than the left is i also see the right enacting laws that take away some of that individual liberty as well…. just not to the extent that the left does. Sadly either is about power and control to a degree…. it is shit either way and just the depth that varies and depending on where on the political spectrum you sit. These days both the left and the right need to revisit and learn thoroughly through reading the founding fathers thoughts on how the country was to be run because there is a lot that even the right is pushing that would have had the founders going to war all over again. They held individual liberty to a very high level to the point where they would rather see a serious criminal walk free due to insufficient evidence than a innocent man charged even of a minor charge and now there are so many laws that even lawyers specializing in a particular field cannot know every law pertaining to THEIR field of law. If they cant then how is the individual who is not trained in law supposed to know the law. Most of the laws need to be scrapped and get right back to the basics so everyone knows and understands the law…. all of it…. anything less is nothing more than legal tyranny

        • Think of it as a circle, with totalitarians on one pole and anarchists on the opposite pole. Politics can move either left or right — and if you move too far toward authoritarianism in either direction, you wind up in the same place.

          But really, our political terminology is terminally farked up. The Nazis and fascists were (still are) the authoritarian right wing of SOCIALISM. The communists were (and still are) the authoritarian left wing of SOCIALISM.

          The whole thing is a European paradigm that makes no sense at all in American politics & culture, which was founded on premises explicitly opposed to centralized socialism…unless the purpose behind it is to get everyone moving away from individual liberties toward centralized power.

          We’re going to be seeing a lot more mayhem from nutjobs like these two pieces of shit from Texas and New Zealand. It’s the worst of the European-style right and left. A poisonous hatred of outsiders combined with a poisonous hatred of humanity itself; postmodern nihilism come home to roost.

          • Fudds: thanks for letting everyone know what an utterly stupid sack of shit you are.
            I bet you jerked off watching the news about the shootings.

      • You seem awfully certain and *insistent* about that, considering how fresh all the information is. I smell a steaming pile of prepared narrative, all right, even if it does end up correlating to the final story.

      • User1
        If you mean white people like Bill and Hillary Clinton who have used racist slurs against black and jews you are correct. They sent their 12 year old daughter to a private lily white school. Instead of a public school in DC. Like president Carter did for his daughter.

    • Quote———————-Another Leftist trying to murder his way into forcing the government to pass gun control.—————-quote

      It was reported that the mass murder was a Radical Right Wing Racist according to his internet posts. He hated Jews, Hispanics and all Democrats. He drove 9 1/2 hours to a border town Walmart because he knew the patrons would mostly be Hispanics.


      The U.S. is now in crisis from home grown terrorist Right Wing Fanatics and even the Republicans are now soon going to have to support draconian gun bans which if they do not pass any of these laws will insure their massive defeat in the next election and they now know it.

      The entire U.S. population is now living in week to week terror, they are afraid to go shopping, they are afraid to go to any large gathering of people. This cannot go on any more in a civilized society if it is to survive as a Nation.

      The Isis bogey man has faded away in the face of reality and that reality is the U.S. people are now under mass attack by Right Wing Racist Fanatics who are conducting mass murder attacks now weekly.

      • Also the Internet needs to crack down on the type of Right Wing Racist Hate Websites the shooter was hanging out on. They along with Trump bear direct responsibility for the wave of Right Wing Nut Case shooters and hate groups that are now poring out of the sewers of hate and violence.

        • Yeah might as well do away with the bill of rights now. Obviously it’s just too dangerous. While we’re at it, about time we do away with these silly elections. After all, elections brought us The Great Hitler Trump. Better off having leaders chosen through birth by Divine Right, and ruling by absolutist edict.

        • You beat me to it. I would swear someone will soon be offering an apology for the 1776 “misunderstanding” and offer Old King George III of Hanover his job back, complete with a return to non-representation in Parliament, no Electoral College, heavy taxation, overregulation, disarmament, a return of hanging drawing and quartering as the penalty for felonies of the masses and no Bill of Rights.

        • News reports tonight 249 mass slaughter shootings this year as the Nation implodes in racial and political hatreds. Fareed Zakaria reported last night there has been an explosion of Right Wing Racist Hate Groups since Trump took power and he has been egging them on by promoting racial and political hatred and paranoia to appeal to his racist base..

          Shades of the violence that built up and exploded in Nazi Germany decades ago. Hitler would have loved Herr Drumpf.

        • Wrong Vlad, there was easily over 300 mass shootings just this week alone. The year total mass shootings is 11,789. Over 200 million Americans have died this year due to mass shootings.

        • The only cracking down needed is on lame-ass trolls like yourself, who come onto a public board to blood-dance before the dead are cold or the injured are out of surgery.

        • The only person I hate in the whole wide world is you vlad.a moron who thinks he’s intelligent

      • Vlad the Retard is back on the internet showing what a retard he is.. as predictable as sunrise and sunset.

        • I’m pretty sure Vlad is just eurotrash who has nothing better to do than shit-talk the USA.
          Notice how he used the term “Bogeyman”, instead of “boogie man”, the former being the UK/ Irish version of the term.

        • Houses, A boogie man is a guy who likes to dance and get down.

          The shooter in Dayton was targeting boogie man and women at the nightclub.

          Let’s see if the date and shooter had a manifesto about immigrants or minorities, it was good to see that the police shot him in the list in one minute.

      • According to his social media posts and his manifesto he is ALSO LEFT WING. His links his nihilism, dispair and justifies his sociopathy justifying it also with the narrative of extreme environmentalism .

        • I’ll remind you that environmentalism isn’t uniquely a left-wing topic. I’m a conservative and a conservationist. You’ll notice they share root words. Let’s stop pretending this guy is some kind of leftist. He’s not. He hates the left and hates Trump and other “cuckservatives” for not being enough like Nazis.

      • . “””He drove 9 1/2 hours to a border town Walmart because he knew the patrons would mostly be Hispanics.””

        . He drove 9 1/2 hours to a border town Walmart because he knew the patrons would mostly be Hispanics. Who are know not to carry CCW in a lib city”

        Fixed it for ya….aka he went for a softer target is my bet

      • VLad tepes
        No he is a environmentalist wacko who hated what he called overpopulation. He hated people. Just like the left-wing terrorist group “Earth First” who also hated large populations of human beings.

        This guy is just like the Unabomber another Left-wing murdering terrorist.

    • In short, America is rotting from the inside out, and peaceful means to stop this seem to be nearly impossible. The inconvenient truth is that our leaders, both Democrat AND Republican, have been
      failing us for decades. They are either complacent or involved in one of the biggest betrayals of the
      American public in our history. The takeover of the United States government by unchecked
      corporations. I could write a ten page essay on all the damage these corporations have caused, but here
      is what is important. Due to the death of the baby boomers, the increasingly anti-immigrant rhetoric of
      the right and the ever increasing Hispanic population, America will soon become a one party-state. The
      Democrat party will own America and they know it. They have already begun the transition by
      pandering heavily to the Hispanic voting bloc in the 1st Democratic Debate. They intend to use open
      borders, free healthcare for illegals, citizenship and more to enact a political coup by importing and then
      legalizing millions of new voters. With policies like these, the Hispanic support for Democrats will likely
      become nearly unanimous in the future. The heavy Hispanic population in Texas will make us a
      Democrat stronghold. Losing Texas and a few other states with heavy Hispanic population to the
      Democrats is all it would take for them to win nearly every presidential election. Although the
      Republican Party is also terrible. Many factions within the Republican Party are pro-corporation. Pro corporation = pro-immigration. But some factions within the Republican Party don’t prioritize
      corporations over our future. So the Democrats are nearly unanimous with their support of immigration
      while the Republicans are divided over it. At least with Republicans, the process of mass immigration
      and citizenship can be greatly reduced.

      He titles his propganda “The Inconvenient Truth.”

      • quote—————————In short, America is rotting from the inside out, and peaceful means to stop this seem to be nearly impossible.————————-

        Wrong as usual.

        1. We need to vote out this Mentally ill Racist President that has fostered Nationwide paranoia and racial and political hate designed to appeal to his nut case base and divide the Nation to mask his own political failures and corruption.

        2. We need civilized gun control laws with mental tests, assault rifle bans, and safe storage laws and vetting of all gun purchases.

        • @ Vlad, if you’re the real Vlad Tepes; “…We need civilized gun control laws with mental tests, assault rifle bans…”

          One, your semi-auto HK P30’s are “assault weapons” and Two, what makes you think you could pass a “mental test” with your crazy and rambling posts.

          You first Vlad, turn in your “assault weapons”.

        • Come and take my GUNS you commie bastard and I will stick the muzzle up your ass and pull the trigger till the gun quits working

    • I wonder when the otherwise recently silent Grinch, et al., will be tied in as the deep pockets behind these attacks. The timing of these has put even the best military planners in history to shame.

    • shop in the off- hours….or shop online….walmart makes it easy enough to do…until they upgrade security in places like this …you’re on your own….

      • “until they upgrade security in places like this”

        You are responsible for your own security. If you don’t then that is on you. Walmart is NOT a gun free zone in all of the places I’ve been. That means they are doing their part. People need to carry their own water. This is NOT Walmart’s issue.

    • My thoughts, too. Where was everybody? Maybe he avoided the sporting goods department.

    • Because gun friendly Texas is more of a myth than anything else. An honest grade for Texas would be a low B or high C.

      • B or C would only be the case if you first bought into the myth that Texas was gun nirvana. NO state is gun nirvana under federal gun laws.

        Falling for that “guns everwhere” myth about Texas is born of watching too many T.V. and movie westerns set in the year 18-whatever.
        Unfortunately, that leads to overly heightened and brutally dashed expectations about the real status of guns in Texas. That in turn leads to the counter myth which you’re peddling, namely that Texas is supposedly shockingly only about a shade removed from California and North Korea on firearms freedom. Pure F’ing hogwash!

        Guns and Ammo ranks Texas at the 9th most favorable gun law state. We’d be higher, much higher, if we had constitutional carry. That’s not nothing, but it isn’t the be all and end all, either, in terms of a Texan’s day-to-day gun owning experience.

        Giffords & Co. gives us a solid F, which obviously I take as a source of great pride.

        Taylor nailed it. E.P. is heavy Democrat country, and all that that implies. That explains it. Nobody shot up the Walmart in League City, TX today, or any day, I noticed. Could it be that Houston suburb L.C. has by far the highest concentration of licence to carry residents in the state? I couldn’t possibly say.

    • Here’s everything you need to know about El Paso:
      El Paso County:
      Ted Cruz, Republican 50,288 25.03%
      Beto O’Rourke, Democrat 149,457 74.38%

      • Cripes, ‘Paso is even more Leftist than Austin?


        • The news reports say El Paso is 80% Hispanic and one of the safest cities of its size in America.

          And you’re right on the border, just across from all the rapists and murderers in Mexico according to Donald Trump.

          And this most recent shooting is a white boy from Dallas come to El Paso, I guess he was upset about the low violent crime rate in El Paso and wanted to do his white Supremist part to increase the death and destruction.

      • It’s been 20+ years since I’ve been to El Paso, but I seem to remember spending 3 days there and not seeing a single house that didn’t have bars over the windows and doors, so yeah, typical Democratic stronghold. Probably why he went there instead of trying that shit in D/FW.

    • According to the USCCA, Texas only has a permit percentage of 4.88%, plus no constitutional carry. Perhaps if El Paso is indeed liberal, they may make up a minuscule amount of that carry percentage.

    • “”””””””””””””””””””””””””EL Paso? Really? How did no one take him out faster?==========

      There is no defense against a man with an assault rifle as he can kill 30 or even 40 or even 50 people without reloading and he can do it in seconds no matter how many police or armed citizens happen to be there. The piled up dead bodies happen before anyone even realize what is suddenly happening. In other words even if your armed your ass is grassed before you can even draw your gun. Any combat veteran will verify this. It is mass murder 101. And if the nut case is wearing a bullet proof vest he knows he can go on killing until he wants to stop.

        • Like I said before;

          VLAD TEPES is an acronym for:

          Very Likely A Democrat Troll Exhibiting Pinhead Erroneous Stupidity.

      • actually a total crock…but just keep putting out that misinformation…people who had personal weapons survived the mall shootings in Kenya…while being attacked by a group of heavily armed terrorists….

      • Look up the shooting in 1994 at Fairchild Air Force Base in Washington state. An Air Force cop, armed with a Beretta pistol, put down a whack job armed with an AK at a range of 70 yards. The cop could shoot; the whack job couldn’t.

      • if I had been there and the shooter didn’t get the drop on me first, I would have shot him dead from anything less than 25 yards. If it was actually a legally-enforceable “gun free” zone, I certainly would not have been there.

        I’m white, conservative, and a Trump supporter and I don’t give a damn about white supremacists. No one can justify killing unarmed civilians (even if some of them are citizens of Mexico or another South American country here illegally) just out for the day shopping.

        Everyone has the natural right to life and to self defense. The only penalty for the crime of being in the country illegally should be to be sent back to their country of origin.

        Also, the last I checked, Mexico is part of “Western Civilization”.

        • Exactly. Even the cops in Gilroy that killed the asswipe within minutes, used pistols. They acted quickly without slowing down to retrieve longguns from their vehicles parked far away.

          Headshots have always been an important aspect of survival in any program, ie; LE, Military, or Civilian. We all know that. But obviously there’s clueless shit-talkers out there that don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.

          Not only do they have no personal experience, they’ll constantly spew false information without researching the facts. You know what they say about ignorance.

        • I’ve literally never heard or heard of anyone that espouses the opinion that Mexico is part of western civilization. You are quite literally the first.

        • Valley Boy: All of the Americas are part of the “West”. Spain ruled South America for 300 years up until 1826 and most of South America (some say until recently) is still Christian.

          Specifically, from Wikipedia:

          “For three centuries Mexico was part of the Spanish Empire, whose legacy is a country with a Spanish-speaking, Catholic and largely Western culture. After a protracted struggle (1810–21) for independence, New Spain became the sovereign nation of Mexico, with the signing of the Treaty of Córdoba.”

      • all this still happened in a ”gun free zone”

        I’d rather be armed, instead of dead sheep like you…blaaa the impotent

  2. Daily Mail is reporting a 4 month old baby in the 20 dead number.

    Quick trial.


    Public Hangings.

    Mandatory viewing.

    This what what should happen.

    • Conflicting accounts. Baby may have been wounded, not dead.

      Shooter still needs to have the Long Drop.

    • I am all for hanging murderers, but the government should not mandate anything to anyone. If you think “mandatory” is good when you refer to someone not convicted of a crime you are a slaver.

      • Please excuse my attitude, just furious the shooter hurt/killed a child.

        Not my normal position.

        • explain to me how a group of walmart shoppers are “political”…or this could be construed as a hate crime?….guys like this just get off watching people fleeing in panic before them…it’s a power trip….want to put a stop to it?….lynch him on the spot…and leave him there awhile…

    • He needs a Texas hearing.

      A fair trial followed by a fair hanging. NOT the long drop. No hood either.

  3. The mass shooting deaths this year are probably approaching the number of people killed by Tylenol each year.

    • Thank you for posting the link. I listen to Savage occasionally if I’m in the car during his broadcast time.

      Here’s the part that should really stand out …Gun Free Zones. The media will not repeat the below part of his manifesto. I would bet money on it.

      “……….Remember: it is not cowardly to pick low hanging fruit. AKA Don’t attack heavily guarded areas to fulfill
      your super soldier COD fantasy. Attack low security targets……”

      • It only makes sense to understand the “Why” you have to read his thoughts, as warped as they may be. I saw that part as well, and you are most definitely correct. The truth as many see it is only what the media reports and its reported only as they want want you to understand it. I saw one news clip where a women said she thought he was armed with an M14. I thought to myself, Wow an M14, kind of an unusual choice of weapon, turns out not to be true, go figure. I’m not sure if it was a gun free zone or not, I carry in our local walmart, and I’m not sure if it is gun free zone? If there are no armed guards or metal detectors to me that classifies a a barrel of fish. When you as a business deny my right to self protection you assume the responsibility of my protection while I am in your business. I’m surprised you don’t hear more about this concept, lawsuits, etc.

        • I had a lot of arguments with Republicans about holding corporations liable for their gun free zones when an attack happens. They protected the corporation…

        • you don’t hear about it because it’s costly…and that’s a no-no…as well as the liability factor…so you’e on your own…noticed that the one guy who was carrying emerged unscathed…

      • That tactic is straight out of Sun Tzu’s art of war:

        Attack the empty, retreat from the full.

    • Yes. thank you. But… …The hispanic invasion of texas?!? WTF?!? Does this guy know the history of Texas? We’re talking about Texas, not Maine.

      • He wanted to attack another group but figured it was better to attack the Mexicans considering the current political climate. He didn’t want to attack white Democrats (probably Antifa) because he couldn’t bring himself to hurt fellow whites. He probably wanted to attack Jews or blacks before he decided on Mexicans. Thanks to Trump and Democrats he decided the best target was the Hispanics.

        • Loser1: always trying to blame President Trump. Did you blame Obozo for the shootings when he was occupying the WH? Of course not.

        • @Hydguy

          I blame Obama for continuing Bush’s Fast and Furious. I blame Obama for dividing America even further. I blame Obama for bailing out bankers and corporations with our property. I blame Obama for making IP law even worse. I blame Obama for further ruining the public education system with his common core. I blame Obama for further ruining health care with his fascist program. I blame Obama for continuing the foreign intervention and increasing drone strikes. I blame Obama for continuing with DHS and Gitmo. I blame Obama for making the NSA even worse and supporting political spying. I blame Obama for using the political FBI to attack opponents. I blame Obama for protecting Hillary instead of arresting her for her crimes. I blame Obama for giving Trump the idea of using executive power to pass gun control. I blame Obama from stopping us from buy AKs and ammo from certain countries.

          Do I need to say more?

        • You sure seem to act like you are an authority on this guy based on a handful of sketchy news reports & a crappy “manifesto”

    • I used to listen to Michael Savage driving home from work. He’s off the air in Chicago, now. Sometimes he’s rough, tho so is Trump. Smart guy.

    • ….based on that “manifesto”… it sounds like he would have been better off shooting up the board room of General Motors…than a walmart…but if all your after is attention…I guess it will do…

  4. the ear protection should have been a giveaway…WTF?
    racist white azzwipe…too bad he cooperated and was arrested
    oh…I am an old white fart BTW

    • The only people in this world who are not racist are idiot whites afraid of being called names by communists.

      • Depending on your definition of ‘racist’, we’re either all racist or almost no one is racist. Or all Republicans are racists and no Democrats are racist.

        • The word has lost its meaning. It’s overused. Anybody who disagrees with the far left is called racist, Nazi, homophobe, xenophobe, etc.

        • Beats me, Gov.

          I don’t have anything against Mexicans or people from other countries in South America.

          Our Government is supposed to put it’s citizens and sovereignty first. If there is work available that no American wants, then the work should be offered to those that want the work through a legal process (not via illegal immigration through open borders).

          It has nothing to do with the race or ethnicity of those that want to come to the United States.

        • I am a white, middle-aged, non-FUDD gun owner.

          Does that make me racist? Human race definitely. But Sci-Fi has made me flexible in that regard.

        • Max, there’s nothing racist about the desire for an orderly system for immigration unless your desire is for a chaotic immigration system. But why would anyone want a chaotic immigration system? First because they want the takers to outnumber the givers (taxpayers) so they can achieve their goal of turning the United States into a communist utopian shithole. Second, because they honestly believe that the USA is the source of most of what’s evil in this world and believe that America needs to be taken down a few notches so the Putins and the Xi Jinpings of the world can run the show. So it shouldn’t be surprising that people who are that delusional would jump to the conclusion that people like us are racist. They probably think the sky is green and grass is blue.

  5. In his menifesto he talks about using 8v3 7.62×39 fragmenting hollowpoints. They work much better than standard x39 hollowpoints that dont even work sometimes. Look for an import bam on them as they are rusdia

    • Lordy that sounds phony as hell. His ‘manifesto’ is an instruction manual to others, down to the /ammo/? Sounds as legit as stories that end with “literally shaking.”

      Never forget; HP ammo bans are a gun banner hobby horse, same as bump stocks. Color me suspicious that he presents a “plan” that can be neatly thwarted by passing the current slate of gun control proposals. And when it comes to rifle rounds, anyone not exaggerating knows that it doesn’t matter all that much to unarmored, man-sized targets. And there’s only one sort of person who’d make such an exaggeration in a political statement.

      Leftist trying to ban guns, or a racist leftist trying to instigate a race war by banning guns. Does it really matter which?

  6. Too Effin bad, guess more people should take responsibility for themselves and carry a firearm. El Paso, really, nothing good in El Paso, so I really don’t give a crap, no one I knew. . Americans should wake the F*#^ up and stop depending on others to protect themselves. When seconds count, the police are only 30 minutes away.

    • Do you think you could draw and fire and hit a man pointing a rifle at u suddenly out of nowhere between the double doors at walmart., With both hands full of groceries or pushing a shopping cart, thinking ( my car needs gas, what’s for dinner tonight, ect) NO, likely you would be dead along with your wife right there in the foyer.
      Why don’t you think if others before shooting your mouth off tough guy.

      • Never say never. This murder got as far as he did because he entered a target rich environment with few, if any, people willing to carry.

      • the dude gave up the first time he encountered opposition…GOD you come across as a helpless little wuss….

      • If I was the first shot, maybe not, but surely by #20 I would have had time enough, but hopefully by #3 or 5, to react to the sound of gunfire not previously aimed at me and draw my gun…

      • Yes you idiot situational awareness is required.pull your piece and blow his filthy brains out

      • Pointing it at Me?… no , but unless the dreg had 360° vision there should have been someone willing to drop those groceries you think are so important and put a couple in the dickholes brainstem.

  7. Another mysterious “Lee Harvey Oswald” type….Another so called “all political party hating NZ eco-terrorist”?! Or is it a “Deep State” put up job to promote the “Civilian Disarmament, the Governmental Regulation of U.S. Constitution-Bill of Rights, and Authoritarianism…”?! You can almost hear all the talking heads, ivy-tower media shills, Hollywood Elitest, closet potentate politcians, and low information voters…Vocally demanding everyone to surrender their rights for the “greater good, for the public safety, etc…”

  8. I’d like to think I’d have got six shots off back the other way before I bled out.

    Hopefully that will never get tested. Unless maybe I’m 107 at the time…

    • An interesting side point here is that the police apprehended this man without firing a shot, yet the local keyboard commandos around here think that anything less than 16 cartridges in your gat is akin to a death wish.

      • He was unarmed and off the property when they found him. He had no fight in him and he didn’t want to die. Any CCWer could have fired a round at him and he would have gave up. He was not suicidal. This wasn’t a school shooter emo kid.

        • OK, sure. That doesn’t change the fact that he killed 20 people yet was apprehended without a shot fired. If cops still carried wheel guns all those cops would have still made it home this night.

        • @Manse Jolly

          He thought he would be martyred. Real tough guy. But guess what? He ran away and tried to escape. Then when he saw police he gave up without a struggle. That’s because he wasn’t actually suicidal. He is a coward and he even implies so in his manifesto. He could have easily offed himself like the Gilroy shooter did before the cops got to him.

        • By the time he encountered cops, he had completed his mission. It would not have furthered his agenda to throw away his life resisting arrest. He’s not a whack job; he’s a terrorist. They are all the same whether their ideology is right wing, left wing, racial or religious. The only good news is that Texas has and uses the death penalty.

      • Sadly, the national media wouldn’t report what would probably be the greatest death in the history of mankind.

        • I still gotta go with Genghis Khan dying while plowing his harem after conquering the world. No one will ever top that.

        • getting castrated by the captured princess you’re attempting to rape isn’t exactly going out with a bang.
          i’ve been told he fell off his horse.

  9. Chicken shit murders in cold blood innocent unarmed shoppers, those people could be your wife, children, parents, sons and daughters, who went to the store for milk and diapers and will never come home.
    Give him a trial, convict him, One week later fire-up “Old sparky” and fry the sumbitch until he sets on fire.

  10. Yeah I was kinda shocked no one engaged this POS. Until I saw jwtaylor report on the senate race. THAT’S Chiraq like! I hope he fries…

    • El Paso is not just liberal (and it’s not only due to Mexicans, btw) it’s O’Puto’s home base. He made his career buying votes from that town, as did his family.

  11. Is the AK-47 report accurate? The media is historically ignorant in identifying firearms.

    • In his unconfirmed manifesto he says he is using a WASR 10 over an AR-15 because of the bullet.

      • He says in his manifest it’s because he doesn’t have an AR and that he’s going to use the WASR because this is a test to see if it’s more deadly.

        “Other gun(if I get one): Ar15 – Pretty much any variation of this gun doesn’t heat up nearly as fast as the
        AK47. The round of this gun isn’t designed to fragment, but instead tumbles inside a target causing
        lethal wounding. This gun is probably better, but I wanted to explore different options. The ar15 is
        probably the best gun for military applications but this isn’t a military application.
        This will be a test of which is more lethal, either it’s fragmentation or tumbling.”

  12. It is being reported that this is yet another “Gun Free Zone”. Fog of war and all that. We’ll know more tomorrow.


    • Not absolute proof, but the Android ap Texas3006 pulls up no 30.06/30.07 postings for any Walmart in Texas, except for distribution centers and the Walmart McDonalds in Uvalde. I doubt the El Paso Walmart was posted, but I bet the mall next door was…

    • No, he’s a terrorist in the true meaning of the word. He uses violence against the innocent to make a political point and to pressure society into bending to his will.

      • Oh he could of been a nice boy who always remembered his mom on her birthday. He was probably just a little misunderstood. And you know how uppity some Wal-Mart shoppers can be. He was just the son of a good republican gone bad.

  13. Watch the anti’s legislate to punish all the gun owners in this country. Was he really a lone wolf? I hope so.

        • It’s common sense to believe this guy lives on the internet and not part of a vast conspiracy. Speaking of morons, if he were part of conspiracy he would not be taken alive so he can interrogated and expose his fellow conspirators. I bet you didn’t think about that, well, because you’re moron.

          Pro tip: before you call someone a moron think before you run your mouth, lest people identify you are a moron. Oops too late.

        • They are not my friends, they are my enemies. They have threatened my life. I have followed these people for years. They have a little network going and they have their own “language.” They give each other ideas and radicalize each other to actually do what they talk about. They want to fix what the boomers broke by any means.

          The FBI is following these groups and are shitposting to get them to attack people. I think there was a FBI memo posted on the internet regarding this.

          There was another terror attack in the morning, as expected. This guy was more prepared for a fight and he went after a soft target as instructed. It appears he got in a shootout. He wasn’t a coward like the El Paso gunmen, he wasn’t going to be taken alive.

          They say this is the third terror attack by the same group. I’m not sure about the Gilroy attack because I didn’t look into it and the Dayton attack just happened. There are more young males cheering today and planning their attacks, they are very inspired, they could be writing their manifesto as we speak. It will get worse before it gets better.

          These are not random crazy people doing crazy people stuff. It’s similar to an Antifa organization that isn’t organized but has a common goal and uses the same tactics. The FBI knows this…

        • This is just for the record.

          There is no connection between the shooters. His politics may have been leftwing but his primary motivation was Satanic. This not a po,itical shooting.

        • “… common sense moron.”

          Interesting concept: a sensible moron. You wouldn’t think that that was so common at all. But if you say so; can’t argue with your intellect.

    • My wife asked me if I wanted to go to Walmart with her today. So I’m dropping  my LCP2 in a cargo pocket (in a pocket holster) and thinking this isn’t enough firepower for Walmart.

      J-frame? A little better, but only 5 shots.

      Well shit, I have two cargo pockets, I’ll take them both. And a knife.

      I have other options  (SR9C, XDM, 96A1) but just haven’t gotten used to carrying something bigger. I’m getting there though.

      • carrying at a walmart would seem a prudent act…even if you’re just sitting in the parking lot…

      • These guys rarely engage in a firefight. They want helpless victims. Faced with opposition they usually give up, run, or suicide. That’s not to say you shouldn’t carry as much gun as you’re comfortable with but there’s a very good chance that shooting him with anything would probably work well.

        Another aspect is how you’re engaging. Are you standing out in the open like a western movie? Against a rifle that would be a very poor tactic. If I were trying to get this guy I’d be looking to stay in cover, get in a position of advantage, and shoot him in the back. On the other hand if I was somewhere with my family I would be going in the other direction and only shooting if a BG was between me and the way out.

    • I’m thinking I’d like to be carrying a pig again. That’s an M60 machine, 7.62 for those who don’t know.

  14. Eventually we are all going to face disarmament as a result of an event like this. A democratic president would have used the Las Vegas incident to usher it in.

  15. To All,

    Fwiw, I’m both a retired LEO & a Texas Licensed Carrier of a Sig-Sauer 9mm handgun. = ImVho, intelligent persons ACTIVELY AVOID the so-called “Gun Free Zones”, as it is known to TX DPS that such places ATTRACT armed predators.
    (Cielo Vista Mall & the “on premises” Wal-Mart are “Gun Free Zones” & have NO armed police on the premises.)

    Also IN MY OPINION, a commercial enterprise, that is open to the General Public & that prohibits licensed handgun carriers from wearing firearms concealed should NOT be allowed to be designate “Gun-Free Zones” UNLESS they have ARMED POLICE ON-SITE during all hours that the premises are open to the general public.

    Yours, Jim Freeman
    San Antonio, TX

    • Reminds me of the people that make guests take off their shoes. Guests slip down stairs (rugs or polished hardwood) break hip. Step on tiny hard objects, step on mystery liquids and fall. Who’s responsible when the store/homeowner prevents you from exercising your right to protect yourself? Only you can protect you and yours.

      • At first glance, it DOES seem to make sense. . . right up until one grasps the fact that a business merely INVITES people to enter its premises, subject to certain rules, but does not COMPEL them to do so.

        Say I invite you to eat in my restaurant, but require that if you DO enter it, you must leave your firearm outside. You can CHOOSE to come in without your gun, or you can CHOOSE not to come in at all and keep your gun. If you CHOOSE to come in, you accept any risk of your own free will; I, in turn, make no promise to protect you, as you CHOSE to patronize my business under my rules.

        If things go terribly wrong, remember–you CHOSE to come in; I didn’t force you to do so. If you wanted to remain armed, then you could’ve patronized another business with different rules, or you could have stayed home.

        I have my choice and retain my property rights, and you retain your choice and rights; We are thus equal. Each of us has the free will and liberty to state our preference, and to act upon it in our own self-determined best interests.

        That’s America,.

        • The constitutional right exists everywhere but inside your business, yeah that makes sense. You can hold me responsible for breaking your rule but I cant hold you responsibe when harm has come to me while I’m in your unsecure unprotected gun free zone? Yeah makes sense. Either protect me or stay out of my way while I protect myself. A business while privately owned is open to the public, unless it is members only. Now it is all clear to me. Thx

  16. The shooter is an Eco-Fascitst ( he is also reportedly Jewish, Democrat, and Hispanic, so there is more here than meets the eye) . The philosophy started with Brevick and it is very dangerous. The primary goal of eco-fascism is to save the planet. They believe that capitalism is destroying the planet and that capitalist multiculturalism is causeing different races to multiply and use up natural resources past what nature has designed. They do not hate people because of their race, the New Zealand shooter even visited Muslim countries and praised their people, but they want to limit the spread, even the spread of their own race. They are increadibly dangerous and if you label them left, right, or simply crazy you are making a big mistake. They need to be confronted and countered immediately.

    • Did you read his manifesto on Michael Savage.com? It’s different from what you say.

    • His arguments are against what will actually become a reality in America: A overpopulated, corporate state that doesn’t GAF about individual rights, but only panders to the hordes of uneducated morons that populate it (whether they’re mostly white, hispanic, whatever)

      For those reasons, and his arguments about corporations lowering the cost of labor via lobbying for legal or illegal immigration, are *absolutely correct*. They even have the corporate media running interference for them now and the post-labor union Democratic Party.

      Thats the cold hard bitch of reality about this whole situation. Bringing up those issues now will undoubtedly be associated with this shooter. And his concerns written in his manifesto are very valid ones despite his actions being overreactive and utterly inhuman in their brutality.

      Hell they’re ones talked about by both conservatives and liberals alike when the microphone is taken away from corporate-bought candidates.

      • Some of his analysis is not incorrect. I think his little plan of shooting up the wally world will hurt his cause.

        • …Thats…what I argued above.

          Any discussions about labor, immigration, etc will automatically be in the lines of “oh you oppose mass immigration? youre just like the El Paso shooter”

          It goes without saying that there are no valid reasons for targeting unarmed civilians. Any merit you have, ideologically, is automatically lost after that point.

    • And what is the basis of your ethinic description?

      Crusius sounds Lithuanian to me. I would not be surprised if his grandparents arrived after WWII as displaced persons.

  17. Folks The Drudge report had his name out before the cops even had him apprehended. His Manifesto was found and published before the guy was identified. Timing is everything. This is a huge false flag. Someone knew it was going on before it happened. Walmart released pictures so quickly? There is no way they would release evidence so quickly. The murderer is shown carrying his rifle and one magazine. 30 rounds doesn’t add up to all the carnage. MK-ULTRA mean anything to anybody? Something stinks here..My Prayers for the victims and their families.

    • We already knew who he was because he posted on 8Chan before his attack like other white supremacists did before their attacks. He posted his manifesto. He explained him motivation and weapon choices.

      Some employees were locked in the security room for hours, one of them leaked the surveillance camera image of the shooter onto their social media. They were trapped in the room until police cleared the mall. Another person posted on social media of the arrest of the shooter, which verified the image claiming to be the shooter as authentic. Also, I think a Hispanic cop took a cellphone pic of him in the back of the police car and posted it on the internet before they took him away.

      The gunmen had on cargo pants with pockets full of magazines. He wore ear muffs and shooting glasses. He said he wanted to use gloves because his gun gets too hot after a few mags.

      He said he planned this for only about a month because he didn’t want to lose his will. He didn’t want to plan for a year like the Christchurch shooter. He thought he would chicken out. He thought he would be martyred either way, but wanted to be shot dead over the death penalty.

    • Why do you guys always think MKULTRA is the only conspiracy they’ve got going? Besides, how is a kid this age a military test subject from the 60s?

    • Can’t you tinfoil onion-heads understand how the internet works? Of course we knew his name, because that’s his fucking goal. These aren’t “false flags” these are the inevitable result of the publicity that can be gotten for deranged individuals by killing a bunch of people.

  18. The gunman, in his “manifesto” seems to support an armed populace.

    “Remember: it is not cowardly to pick low hanging fruit. AKA Don’t attack heavily guarded areas to fulfill your super soldier COD fantasy. Attack low security targets. Even though you might out gun a security guard or police man, they likely beat you in armor, training and numbers. Do not throw away your life on an unnecessarily dangerous target. If a target seems too hot, live to fight another day.”

    From the alleged shooter’s alleged manifesto.

  19. His manifesto’s mention of labor, immigration, and the impending automation crisis are absolutely correct, which will no doubt transform the narrative about topics such as those.

    For example, since he argued against those things, and corporations, those things must be good now in the MSM narrative from now on.

  20. Interesting that he ended up captured even though he swore up and down that he wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen as it was the worst fate he could imagine.

    Also interesting that he’s basically a copy of the Christchurch shooter. Which I pretty well called back then. Manifesto on one of the chans? Oh, shit, I’m better at predicting the future than a psychic.

    Also interesting to note that we don’t actually have his full set of thoughts on the subject. He’d rather half-ass the manifesto but get something out rather than lose his nerve… so he’ll likely make up for that at his trial.

    Let’s see if our government has a smarter reaction to this than Wellington did. Either way, I sort of suspected and noted back then that the AusAsshole in NZ would likely spawn shit like this, which was his intent. He seems to have gotten one person. Regardless of government response I’ll bet that the media run with this “racist” narrative just the same as they did with NZ, a misrepresentation that only increases the chances of a copycat.

    It’s also interesting to note that both manifestos are, not just along the same lines but also fairly coherent and presented with a modicum of skill in written English. Neither of those things rate as a good sign in my book.

  21. Apparently he picked the Walmart patronized by English speakers. The Hispanics who shop there have probably been here longer than his family.. The border crossing shoppers and recent/illegal immigrants shop at a different Walmart. I would not read too much into this without further information. It could be simply a lack of familiarity with El Paso.

    • That used to be the Wal-mart I shopped at until I moved to the north hills area off of MLK. Cielo Vista is a decent area to shop and that Wal-mart doesn’t attract as many walmartians. I lived in El Paso for six years and knew only a few people who carried. My one buddy always had a small NAA revolver with him. Not much good against a guy with a rifle though. I haven’t lived in the city in over 10 years but it was fairly safe for being so close to Juarez.

  22. Is it me or do we see an increase in these shootings during important events associated with the agenda of the Left? We are now into the Presidential election cycle and they have nothing to use to beat Trump and now we have 2 episodes of shootings with the left and the Dem politicos screaming for gun control and confiscation! I am beginning to believe this is way too convenient and coincidental to be a one off event especially with the Supreme Court having a very important case pending against the City of New York! I am very concerned about the motives behind all of this

    • He watched the Democrat debates and decided the time is now. He doesn’t want Democrats winning.

      They have already begun the transition by pandering heavily to the Hispanic voting bloc in the 1 st Democratic Debate.

      • The he is an idiot because the winner of these debates has been Donald Trump.

        All the polls on Immigration show a majority of Hispanics who are native or naturalized citizens and green card holders support the border restrictions. So do a majority of African Americans. They must be white supremacists too, right?