Texas Governor Greg Abbott el paso shooting
(AP Photo/David J. Phillip, File)
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Governor Greg Abbott today issued the following statement regarding the shooting in El Paso. The Governor will also be traveling to El Paso this afternoon.

“Today, the El Paso community was struck by a heinous and senseless act of violence. Our hearts go out to the victims of this horrific shooting and to the entire community in this time of loss. While no words can provide the solace needed for those impacted by this event, I ask that all Texans join Cecilia and me in offering our prayers for the victims and their families. The state of Texas and the Department of Public Safety are assisting the El Paso Police Department as they conduct their investigation. We have deployed troopers, special agents, Texas Rangers, tactical teams, and aircraft to the scene in a support role. The state of Texas will do everything it can to ensure justice is delivered to the perpetrators of this heinous act.”

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    • blah…blah…blah…same-old…same-old…so when is walmart going to do something about security?….

    • ….after the election…that second term promises to be an unpredictable path for gun owners…

    • Exactly. Public hanging would work too.
      None of this “insane” bullshit. String em’ up in public and watch this shit disappear.

      • And offer it up on pay-per-view. We could use the proceeds to take back our Constitutional Rights.

      • ….bloodthirsty, I know…but we really need to start making examples of these guys…let’s start with the death penalty…

        • This is Texas, we are talking about. This is one scumbag who will be executed, unless he dies from other causes first. And, we can bet that Greg Abbot won’t be offering any pardons to this asshole.

          • “This is one scumbag who will be executed…”

            But first a bullet behind each knee while he awaits trial.

  1. I hate this, and every time it happens. Both for the victims of such violence, and for the way Democrats use these acts to work harder at taking away good gun owners rights.

    • “…Democrats use these acts to work harder at taking away good gun owners rights.”

      It is becoming increasingly difficult not to go full conspiracy theorist. Just too convenient that the rate of these events is increasing so rapidly.

      • I know what you mean… IMO it’s the fawning coverage; however they phrase or try to deny it, the constant and intense coverage just buffs the ego of and emboldens the next crazy bastard who’s watching it.

        • “…intense coverage just buffs the ego of and emboldens the next crazy bastard who’s watching it.”

          That could be it. Holding judgement because….well, because.

      • don’t disappear down the rabbit hole…people do this for various reasons and often different agendas…the common element is a desire for attention and focus on whatever cause they’re espousing…and sometimes, apparently….just for the hell of it….

  2. Thanks for your concern Gov. Where the hell you when we were trying to pass Constitutional carry ? Another one of the well, I got my permission slip people. News flash, permission slips can be revoked by a change of administrations. Other than this , I think he has been a darn good governor.

  3. Need to look for a few complete lowers even though I’m flat broke so I can do a few builds I want at a later date.

  4. We do not have a gun problem; we have a moral problem. Guns are only as good or bad as the person that is using them. Also, every society of men and women either must be controlled from within or from without; be the word of God or the strong arm of men; by the Bible or the bayonet. Finally; ;all of the things that suffer from crime; envy; greed; prejudice; and hate come from ignoring the precepts and principles of the Bible.

    • You may need to explain that very slowly to Vlad there Bradley. Vlad is under the idiotic impression that banning inanimate objects will somehow decrease crime. I think shipping his anti-gun behind to London would be most educational. No guns allowed, not even by the police, and they just surpassed New York, City, of all places, for the rate of crime. The most common? Knife crime. Apparently, that wonderful gun control you seem to be in love with, Vlad, did not stop hateful, evil people from stopping what they always do: Kill, maim, murder, and terrorize others.

  5. Every time a tragedy like this occurs, it is only natural to become emotional about what has happened and to become angry and upset. Then there is a response to blame the instruments that were used by the individual who committed this crime. However, human nature is not perfect; it is corruptible and fallible and yes sinful. It is not the fault of the NRA; the gun manufacturers; the AK-47 or the AR-15 ; or large capacity magazines; or the gun culture that is responsible for what happen. If human nature was inherently good; nothing bad would happen; it is what comes from inside the individual; not what is outside. society can have an influence; but in the end there needs to be a moral compass which informs our reason and conscience what course of action to take and take out our anger and frustrations out on innocent people.

    • Bradley, your comment from 18:25 hours was very well written! Written better than I could have stated it myself!
      Can I have permission to use it?

    • nice, but unrealistic…people are getting crazier every day…and the media is right there giving them the attention they appear to crave…

    • Your last two posts explain exactly the politicians cannot explain why gun control has not eradicated violence, there is no co-relation to it. This trouble has been brought on by their godless, amoral, socialist changes to our society. Only morals based on Christian principals would address this violence and have the desired consequence. Not doing so will continue the decline of our civil society to utter chaos.

  6. Another commentator mentioned how convenient regarding the timing of this latest shooting is-coming right on the heels of the Jeffrey Epstein drama. Every time Demon-Rats (or their Repubi-crap counter parts) want to divert American’s attention, they drum up another mass shooting. My first response is to look beyond the shooting, and-other than wanting to take all our guns from us-what is going on in the back ground that they do not want us to see? That we would normally take notice of without this latest shooting drama to distract everyone? Anyone want to bet on how long it will take the left-wing media to call for more gun control?

  7. If human nature was inherently good; nothing bad would happen; it is what comes from inside the individual; not what is outside. society can have an influence; but in the end there needs to be a moral compass which informs our reason and conscience what course of action to take and not take out our anger and frustrations out on innocent people.
    Gun control laws will do little or nothing to prevent so called gun violence because the gun can not cause anyone to do something good or evil. It is only as good or bad as the person who is using the gun.

    When we can say it is legal to have the right to chose to kill our own children in an abortion clinic to escape the responsibility to be a parent or to solve our problem; then it must be OK to have the right to use people for target practice at a school; a church; a movie theater or concert; a bar or a nightclub; a municipal building or a shopping mall.

    If we do not defend life at each state of development; then it is not a mystery why mass shootings occur.

    • @ Bradley Carpenter:
      +1. I could not have said it better.

      It should also be pointed out to leftists who comment on TTAG that the hideous criminal abortion mess destroying our country was brought about not by the right wing, but by the immoral leftist influence of the judicial and legislative arenas of our government, thereby causing deviation in the moral compass of the masses in our society.

  8. the ear protection should have been a giveaway…WTF?
    racist white azzwipe…too bad he cooperated and was arrested
    oh…I am an old white fart BTW

  9. This may be the straw that broke the camels back. The weekly mass murders by Right Wing Nut Cases will force dramatic gun bans and the Republicans know if they do not support it their political careers are toast in the upcoming elections.

    Also the Internet needs to crack down on the type of Racist Hate Websites the shooter was hanging out on. They along with Trump bear direct responsibility for the wave of Right Wing Nut Case hate groups that are poring out of the sewers of hate and violence.

    • Yes, let’s just ban all of the web sites so that these people go fully underground and we have no clue what’s going on. Sounds like a great plan that won’t backfire at all.

      • @ M1Lou says: August 3, 2019 at 21:15

        Exactly. Tin-Foil time: Look at what happened after the House Un-American Activities Committee (McCarthy hearings as they became known) Hearings.
        Remember, Germany used hate speech laws to try and shut down the National Socialists. The Nazis just changed tactics, won, then used those same laws to consolidate power after winning… look how that turned out.
        The Communist/Socialists went underground after the hearings and infiltrated the schools, entertainment, the media. They never left. They learned the lesson the Nazis did not… patience and time.

        Ever forgotten a potato in a cool dark place? That sucker starts to sprout and spread.
        What can happen to a cut with a bandage if you do not change the bandage for a week (answer, it can be extremely gross)?

        We are reaping what was sowed by forcing an ideology underground: a great portion of the populace ready to give up their liberty.
        Never, ever shut down anyone’s voice, no matter how vile or disgusting. Knowing your enemy is very important. Tough to do when they are no longer allowed to speak freely (and bad enough most of them hide to begin with).
        Going to stop before I really start to ramble…

    • Ban the guns! It worked well for the Soviets, the Red Chinese, the Nazis, Pol Pot, and more recently, the idiots in Venezuela. Better to have a couple hundred murdered every year by small time nuts, than have millions turned into fertilizer by the Party.

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