dayton Ohio mass Shooting
Authorities work the scene of a mass shooting, Sunday, Aug. 4, 2019, in Dayton, Ohio. A several people in Ohio have been killed in the second mass shooting in the U.S. in less than 24 hours, and the suspected shooter is also deceased, police said. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)
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Early this morning another mass shooting took place outside a bar in a popular entertainment district of Dayton, Ohio. A man reportedly in body armor opened fire on a crowd at about 1:00am. According to reports, police responded quickly, shooting the attacker to death, but not before he’d shot 33 people, killing nine.

The shooter is reported to have used a .223 caliber rifle. Given the Gilroy, El Paso and now Dayton shootings, this appears to be a self-perpetuation cycle of copycat shooters. Both the Gilroy and El Paso shooters were inspired by the New Zealand mosque attacker. It isn’t know yet whether the Dayton shooter posted any kind of manifesto as well.


Here’s the AP’s report . . .

A gunman wearing body armor and carrying extra magazines opened fire in a popular nightlife area of Dayton, Ohio, killing nine and injuring dozens, authorities say, in the second U.S. mass shooting in less than 24 hours.

Dayton police patrolling the area responded in less than a minute to the shooting, which unfolded around 1 a.m. Sunday on the streets of the Oregon District, Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley said at a press conference.

Whaley said if the police had not responded so quickly, “hundreds of people in the Oregon District could be dead today.”

The Oregon District is a historic neighborhood that Lt. Col. Matt Carper described as “a safe part of downtown,” home to entertainment options, including bars, restaurants and theaters.

The gunman, who has not been identified by authorities, was shot to death by responding officers. Whaley said he was carrying a .223-caliber rifle and had additional high-capacity magazines with him. Police believe there was only one shooter, and have not yet identified the suspect or a motive.

At least 26 others are being treated at area hospitals, though no details about their conditions have been released.

Miami Valley Hospital spokeswoman Terrea Little said the hospital had received 16 victims, but she couldn’t confirm their conditions. Kettering Health Network spokeswoman Elizabeth Long said multiple victims from a shooting had been brought to system hospitals, but she didn’t have details on how many.

Nikita Papillon, 23, was across the street at Newcom’s Tavern when the shooting started. She said she saw a girl she had talked to earlier lying outside Ned Peppers Bar.

“She had told me she liked my outfit and thought I was cute, and I told her I liked her outfit and I thought she was cute,” Papillon said. She herself had been to Ned Peppers the night before, describing it as the kind of place “where you don’t have to worry about someone shooting up the place.”

“People my age, we don’t think something like this is going to happen,” she said. “And when it happens, words can’t describe it.”

Tianycia Leonard, 28, was in the back, smoking, at Newcom’s. She heard “loud thumps” that she initially thought was people pounding on a dumpster.

“It was so noisy, but then you could tell it was gunshots and there was a lot of rounds,” Leonard said.

President Donald Trump has been briefed on the shooting and praised law enforcement’s speedy response in a tweet Sunday morning.

Gov. Mike DeWine issued his own statement before 7 a.m., announcing that he’s ordered flags in Ohio remain at half-staff and offered assistance to Whaley.

“Fran and I are absolutely heartbroken over the horrible attack that occurred this morning in Dayton, the statement said. “We join those across Ohio and this country in offering our prayers to victims and their families.”

The FBI is assisting with the investigation. A family assistance center was set up at the Dayton Convention Center.

The Ohio shooting came hours after a young man opened fire in a crowded El Paso, Texas, shopping area, leaving 20 dead and more than two dozen injured. Just days before, on July 28, a 19-year-old shot and killed three people, including two children, at Northern California’s Gilroy Garlic Festival.

Sunday’s shooting in Dayton is the 22nd mass killing of 2019 in the U.S., according to the AP/USA Today/Northeastern University mass murder database that tracks homicides where four or more people were killed — not including the offender. The 20 mass killings in the U.S. in 2019 that preceded this weekend claimed 96 lives.

The shooting in Dayton comes after the area was heavily damaged when tornadoes swept through western Ohio in late May, destroying or damaging hundreds of homes and businesses.

“Dayton has been through a lot already this year, and I continue to be amazed by the grit and resiliency of our community,” Whaley said.

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  1. Never ascribe to randomness, accident, replication, lunacy that which can more easily (and accurately?) explained by a good old fashioned invisible hand conspiracy. Just too, too coincidental.

    • Mayor Pete Buttigieg is already responding to this one by saying the 2A is a death sentence and the NRA is a terrorist organization.

      I don’t believe the recent string of major attacks this past week is necessarily a top-level conspiracy, but (1) it shows how the moral fabric of our country is rapidly deteriorating, (2) we need to be able to defend ourselves at any given time for the unexpected, and (3) the Democrats will rally for increased gun control like banshees.

      Politics aside, I truly grieve for the innocents who are caught up in these attacks.

      • ”””””””””””””””””’) we need to be able to defend ourselves at any given time for the unexpected, and (3) the Democrats will rally for increased gun control like banshees.”””””””””””””’

        There is no defense with your pop gun pistol against a maniac with a high capacity murderous assault rifle who is wearing a bullet proof vest. Now what part of this do you not understand.

        He would laugh at the sight of your pistol.

        • Head shot, moron.

          I’ll tell you what, even a person wearing body armor would at least wince – if not temporarily stop shooting for a moment – with a mag’s worth of bullets coming his way. Shoot several to pierce/wound an arm or leg, or smack into his vest (would still be painful), and then take the opportunity to aim for the head.

          Not rocket science, but then again, you’re Vlad. Or are you? We’re all noticing that there are two trolls here using the same name Vlad, and your twin is actually the smarter one.

        • It’s called VOA…put down several rounds on these perps fast and effectively and they will be inclined to cease and desist…even with a so called “pop” gun. Constitutional Carry would be the best deterrent to this garbage…already.

        • Vlad, I know you don’t like to be confused by facts, preferring to keep a discussion on the emotional level, but here I go. I’m guessing you read that L.E. responded in less than one minute. Now I’m going to take an educated guess here because facts are still sketchy, but that kind of response time tells me that the officers were on foot patrol in the area. Or, perhaps paid off duty security for some of the venues. A common practice. Either way L.E. most likely responded with handguns. And before you start with the trained professional bullshit. Most of my citizen friends can shoot circles around most of the L.E.O. I worked with. Why? Because they like firearms, like to shoot and want to do it well. Most L.E.O. shoot because they are made/paid to do it and are about average at best.

        • to Head Hazard

          quote”””””””””””’Head shot, moron.———-

          Sling your bullshit somewhere else. Ever try a head shot under stress or at long range? And every knowledgeable defense instructor will tell you to avoid the head shot because even if you manage to hit the head due to its rounded shape the bullet can easily be deflected off.

          I might add during the last Church slaughter by a maniac the next door neighbor cut loose with his own assault rifle and aimed for the nut cases legs and that did not stop him either. The neighbor was smart enough not to even attempt a head shot with a rifle while shooting off hand and under stress let alone try such an asinine stunt with a pistol. Go back to your fantasy world as it will get you killed in a gun fight.

        • Why do people and MORONS LIKE YOU who say we “can’t” keep millions of PEOPLE from coming here illegally & living here illegally think we can effectively ban handheld machines?

        • BLAAA the Impotent

          This one line here PROVES without a doubt you are an idiot, moron and retarded!

          “”even if you manage to hit the head due to its rounded shape the bullet can easily be deflected off.””

          a human skull bounce a 9mm or 38sp??? Really you can’t be that much of a Neanderthal?

        • So Vlad, you’re advocating for open carry of larger weapons so we won’t get laughed at by the maniacs?

        • Vlad, your ignorance of shooting knows no bounds. Head shots are a viable option. No professionals teach it? Tell that to Bill Rogers. Former FBI and many government/military contracts to teach a lot of high speed, low drag kind of guys. All he teaches are head shots. On a Rogers range. 8″ steel plates that are pneumaticly powered. Exposure time is usually 1/2 second. I took his Advanced Firearms Instructor and Officer Survival classes. They were fucking tough. At the end of the day you only wanted four things. A beer, dinner, a shower and a bed. Next, bullets bounce off heads. I’ll allow that there have been rare cases of minor calibers deflecting. Any serious handgun caliber will crash right on through the ol’ cranium. Seen it at too many autopsies. You really should subscribe to the old axiom of better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

        • Well Vlad, that is exactly why we must train and practice head shots. The whiney little perps committing these acts are cowards and fold at the slightest resistance. He would wee his pants in that fraction of a second at the sight of my large frame, old school, effective revolver.

        • Ok Vlad, you’ve convinced me. We should get rid of the bans on AP ammo for pistols. Good plan.

          But in all seriousness, if you were an actual gun owner, you’d know what a failure drill was and why it makes body armor largely useless.

        • to Gadsden

          ”””””””””””””””””””’Vlad, your ignorance of shooting knows no bounds. Head shots are a viable option. No professionals teach it? Tell that to Bill Rogers. Former FBI and many government/military contracts to teach a lot of high speed, low drag kind of guys. All he teaches are head shots”””””””””””””””’

          If your god and savior is actually teaching head shots then I would not waste my money attending his classes. He really is a Moron. Every instructor I have ever talked to does not recommend taking head unless its such a desperate situation there is no other alternative and unless you are standing almost on top of the guy.

          And your idiotic comment that larger caliber pistols penetrate better is exactly the opposite of what has been proven decades and decades ago. The Germans found out the .32 acp out penetrated the .380 and the 9mm out penetrated the .45 acp.

        • Vlad: The police usually don’t carry rifles at events so how do you think they stopped this POS? With a handgun, of course!

        • Blaaa the impotent

          “The Germans found out the .32 acp out penetrated the .380 and the 9mm out penetrated the .45 acp.””

          There are thousands of VERY DEAD Germans that beg ( if they still lived) to differ….some of them put into that situation by my own family!

          The 45 is not called ‘the flying sledgehammer” for nothing!

        • Vlad, we all know you’ve never spoken to an instructor. Unless, it was an instructor of leftist, pinko bullshit diatribe. I don’t know about .32 verses .380 verses elephant rounds. All I know is what I learned looking at honest to God dead people that had been shot. Remember being the first to see four in one house. All shot in the head. With .22 LR. Those bullets sure as shit didn’t bounce off.

        • Christ church shooter was disrupted witb a throw credit card machine.

          I don’t think it was a head shot.

        • So, you’re saying those buckets of defensive rocks in classrooms should really be rifles?

          Probably positioned around malls too.

        • Take a look at the FBI data sometime. Mass shooters generally retreat or suicide themselves when armed resistance is put up against them.

          Bulletproof vests don’t make people bulletproof, dummy. Pelvic cradle or upper chest shots, where the vest isn’t covered, are a quick way to stop somebody. And most level II series is only resistant to three shots within a certain square.

          I wouldve IP banned your ass a long time ago, troll

        • Apparently you have never read the story of David and Goliath. A well placed shot to the head or groin will end the attackers reign of terror quickly.

        • to Mad

          “”””””””””””””””Vlad: The police usually don’t carry rifles at events so how do you think they stopped this POS? With a handgun, of course!”””””””””””””””””””””

          Video shows one Cop with shotgun in his hand. Another news commentator said one of the cops did indeed have a rifle in his hand.

        • Dear Vladskie The Lesser (my name for you from here on),

          Yes, you are correct that handgun caliber bullets can bounce/skip off of skulls. This is why the “ocular cavity” is the focal point when practicing head shots in gun instruction classes. You are also correct that I have never had to fire during true duress, such as in a live firefight with a determined opponent firing back at me. I hope to God I will never have to.

          What you’re not seeming to understand, however, is that a hail of bullets from handguns will certainly serve to intimidate, halt, or even kill a baddie with body armor. And even if someone’s 9mm bullet happened to strike my head at a particular angle and glance off without penetrating, the force of impact coupled with the stripping of scalp from my head would either knock me senseless, or knock me unconscious, enabling the opposing force to stop me as a threat decisively.

        • The pistol you don’t see is far, far more dangerous than the one you see. The people who run their mouths, more than they run their brains never reach that level of cognition.

        • Vlad:

          The perpetrator was down within a minute. Police walking around with rifles and shotguns frighten the sheeple until after a mass shooting happens, then those rifles and shotguns in the hands of the police provide comfort to the sheeple.

          There is no way the police officers present ran back to their vehicles and retrieved their rifles and shotguns to stop the perpetrator and its highly unlikely they were walking around with them. They killed him first, then got their rifles and shotguns.

          Unless the police had covert snipers in position in advance and, if so, why would they do that?

        • Vlad, The Imbecile, (as opposed to the Impailer, for those that didn’t get it) everyone knows the video of the officers holding long guns was after the incident was concluded. I have a suggestion. Why don’t you conduct an experiment on head wounds. On yourself.

      • No one will call out the Democrats for all the political bombings that occurred in the 60s. That was more common than these crazy murderers.

        Can you imagine what that must have been like? Depending on your source, there were over 2500 bombings in 18 months between 1971 – 1972.

        Any commenters have a good recollection of those events?

        • Seems, 41, you do understand the propaganda technique of deflection? How about you give it a day before making useless comparisons

        • Considering the 2500 bombings, mostly to protest the Vietnam war, a good question would be, how many killed?

          With 2500 bombings, there must be thousands killed, right? I think the facts will show that there were more Americans killed in Vietnam in one week then were killed by bombings in that entire 18 month period.

          And the Vegas shooter killed more in one afternoon then all 2500 bombings combined.

          The reason is that the vast majority of those bombings were against unoccupied government offices, that represented the fascist forces behind the Vietnam war.

        • “With 2500 bombings, there must be thousands killed, right? I think the facts will show that there were more Americans killed in Vietnam in one week…”

          To put those casualties in perspective….

          Vietnam War lasted ~12yrs, ~58,000 dead.
          Korean War lasted ~3yrs, ~ 33,000 dead
          Vietnam – 4833/yr
          Korea – 11,000/yr (and this was a result of just a police action)

          Total killed in mass shootings (schools, malls, elsewhere) since 1960 – (as of 2016):
          222 events; 751 injured; 1075 deaths. Not thousands, only 1000. Average deaths per year? 19.19

          Jan 1969 – April 1970: 4330 political bombings in the US; 43 deaths (greater than 19.19 deaths per year in mass shootings)

      • @ Vlad, if you’re the real Vlad Tepes; “…We need civilized gun control laws with mental tests, assault rifle bans…”

        One, your semi-auto HK P30’s(which you bragged about) are “assault weapons” and Two, what makes you think you could pass a “mental test” with your crazy and rambling posts.

        You first Vlad, turn in your “assault weapons”.

        • Just make sure you’re addressing the real Vlad. This one above is Vladskie The Lesser, lol. Also formerly known as Pg2.

      • I don’t recall Mayor Bootyplug and his fellow candidates screaming this loud about the Gilroy shooter. Maybe because he hated white people?

        • Chris, your focus on homosexuality is fascinating.

          I think it is interesting that you mention homosexuality in any of your comments, is this a subject it’s often at the forefront of your mind?

          I mean, you could attack his service in the military fighting our foreign wars or you could attack his rugged good looks or you could attack his record as mayor.

          But instead, you focus on this homosexuality, evidently because that’s the most important thing to you.

          Well, we all have our priorities in life and I guess homosexuality is important to you, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

        • miner49

          “I mean, you could attack his service in the military fighting our foreign wars or you could attack his rugged good looks or you could attack his record as mayor.”

          Perhaps you have fantasies about what you call are rugged good looks of a man?

          I on the other hand will focus on the gay military man who gave an oath to protect the US Constitution. Who apparently NEVER really believed his oath in the first place. I understand that it makes Libertarians Liberals and the Left unforgettable when a elected gay person is held accountable by the voters.

          I’m sure I’m called a homophobe in some internet chat room. And that’s OK. As a CITIZEN AND THE BOSS OF ALL elected politicians, I wIll question them. You can give them a pass because of their skin color or their sexual orientation if you choose. That does explain why San Francisco for example has been disarmed by the gays who boast about the political power that have there.

          “Well, we all have our priorities in life and I guess homosexuality is important to you, not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

          I’m glad you see nothing wrong with me focusing on his homosexuality. Since he can’t wait to tell total strangers what he does behind closed doors in his bedroom. Also since homoseuxals in general say they are a “minority” had demand the government pass laws to protect them.

          Those laws they want passed are gun confiscation laws.

          Also their support for the Welfare Industrial Complex and “gun free” zone government housing projects. Amazing how they demand gay marriage and at the same time support single motherhood. Separating the father and his guns from the mother and his children. And replace them with Government $$$ and the guns of a big city police department.

          I think white homoseuxals are racist hypocrite pigs.
          (your move next?)

        • Quote: “I think white homoseuxals are racist hypocrite pigs.” So Black or Brown homosexuals CAN’T be RACIST or HYPOCRITES? What kind of person makes a statement like that where an entire group of people are painted with one “whitewashed” brush.. I’m not a homosexual and if I even know someone that is a homosexual they must still be deep in the closet, but I don’t have any delusions that I can “see” into the hearts and minds of all WHITE homosexuals…. Sounds like something a true BIGOT might endeavor to propagate..

        • To be fair I do need to give Tammy Bruce credit along with Milo yiannopoulos, the 100 members of The Log Cabin Republicans, the gay Patriot, and perhaps a handful of others. Who truly are supporters of civil rights for everyone.

          The rest however are as bigoted racist and intolerant, and as dangerous as Ernst Rohm. Adolf Hitler’s favorite open homosexual in 1930s Germany.

          He was head of the SA. Better known as the Brown Shirts. Lesser known is the fact that most of the SA were aggressive gay men. Aggressive in that they liked to beat up on jews and those they hated.

          Ok (now it’s your turn)

        • mad max
          I understand people are afraid and uncomfortable when I callout the anti civil rights white homosexuals. You can read my comments about the first black gay mayor of Chicago. Perhaps they will give you comfort? Scroll down to the near bottom. I’m sixth to the last comment.

          I will always callout the racist white gay scum who are working to deny civil rights to black people and everyone else. Check out my comments on this racist pig.

        • mad max
          I noticed you did not comment on a white homosexual who said an innocent black woman shouldn’t have a gun to defend herself with in Chicago. Do you agree with him?

    • Surely you don’t think these shootings could be government or non-government organization assisted do you? Surely our government wouldn’t chose already marginally unstable individuals and “nudge” them (mind control, drugs) to commit useful acts of violence to further certain agendas. Naw
      Our government would never do that to villianize Second Amendment and its supporters!! Naw.
      But, then, our government would never run guns to Mexico to villianize American gun dealers. Naw.
      Our government would never weaponize the IRS against Conservative organizations. Naw.
      Our government would never implement an Operation ChokePoint to restrict financial services to the gun industry. Naw.
      Our government would never use fake media to slant and control public perception. NAW
      Our government alphabet departments…FBI, CIA, DEA, EPA,….would never implement deep state tactics to over throw an American President. Naw
      Our government would never vindicate and refuse to prosecute a “Guilty as Hell” Ex-FLOTUS/Ex-Secretary of State. Naw.
      Our government would never use false dossier to attempt a coup against a Conservative President. Naw
      Our government would never allow large corporations such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook to control and limit free Conservative speech and thoughts and sway elections. Naw.
      Our government would never encourage and support Anti-American groups and philosophies via legislation. Naw
      Our government would never implement public indoctrination centers….calling them schools….to transform our children into America hating, government dependent morons. Free college for all…more time in the indoctrination centers….paid for by the people who work for a living…..We The Taxpayers. NAW.
      Our government would never put blacks, and many whites, on the Government Plantation via free shit with controls. NAW
      Our government would never do anything unsavory. Move along. Nothing to see here. Nothing to be suspicious about. Only look at what our government tells us is true and important.
      America has been over run. It is not “enemy in the wire”. For decades, the enemy has been sitting in the Command post.

      • @STLPRO2A, nicely said.

        I just hope the Patriots in our government, the white hats in our law enforcement and intelligence agencies, will get stronger and start winning more with Trump’s support.

      • “Surely our government wouldn’t chose already marginally unstable individuals and “nudge” them (mind control, drugs) to commit useful acts of violence to further certain agendas. “

        Have you never attended a Donald Trump rally?

        You know, where he talked about the invasion of American by Hispanics from the southern border?

        Or when he told police officers to not be so gentle when arresting suspects, go ahead and smack their head into the patrol car roof?

        Or when he told his supporters to go ahead and hit the protesters, pledging to handle their legal costs if they did indeed commit battery?

        Or when he characterized people from south of the border as murderers and rapists, bent on destroying America?

        Perhaps you should crawl out from under your rock more often.

        • Coral, I am no troll. I just have a different viewpoint than you do and being a proud American, I plan on exercising my first amendment right to free speech.

          Your name calling is just more evidence that your position is invalid and your arguments are nothing but empty speech.

          No trolling here, just inconvenient truths that you would rather not face because it would interfere with your delusion.

        • Its no different than prominent regressives (theyre not liberal or progressive) arguing that milkshaking people is perfectly acceptable, without thinking of the nuts that inevitably escalate such things to more harmful materials than dairy products.

          Or the antis marching with signs saying “we WILL take your guns” or “we will disarm you”

          Or Wapo or NYTs commentators expressing a desire to unleash the military and heavily armed law enforcement on gun owners or a certain representative who threatened non compliers with nuclear weapons

          Rhetoric isn’t limited to DJT, who is just as guilty with his share of bullshit

          Furthermore, masses of immigrants from wartorn countries *IS* an invasion, and corporate and media heads are using it to argue for open borders, which benefits them (money, decreased cost of labor) and FUCKS working class americans of all colors.

        • America is doomed.i watched the downfall really take a dive with bill Clinton then bush jr then Obama etc

        • Troll. Same one that tried to tell us it wasn’t a crime for Hillary to compromise classified material because she didn’t know it was classified and also because she didn’t understand the law. Yeah… I didn’t forget Mr. Proud American.

    • It’s like you’re being satirical but you really are a tinfoil nut, aren’t you? It’s cute to say “it’s too coincidental” (which doesn’t really mean anything) until you sit down and actually think about any of the things that would be required for this to be some ‘invisible hand’ conspiracy. There’s two basic forms of it: one, an actual person in both cases was somehow forced or convinced by the Powers That Be (insert X-files theme here) to go murder a bunch of people for no apparent reason. One of those people will spend the rest of his life in prison after having being captured and the other was shot to death immediately. What would it take to get someone to agree to murder a bunch of people knowing they were going to be shot or arrested for it? You think that hypnosis and mind control works like that, maybe? Even in this case there would have to be scores of people involved in the conspiracy, any one of which could spill the beans.

      Then you have the second option which is that this was somehow staged or faked- the familiar refrain from nuts who think Newton didn’t happen. This is even more stupid than the previous option. Thousands of people would have to be in on it counting the bystanders, victims’ families, perpetrator, responding police, doctors at the hospitals, journalists, the ‘government’, morticians, etc. Again, in a world where the government cannot stop leakers from releasing all sorts of classified information, it boggles the mind that such an act would not be almost immediately found out.

      I knew a former Ranger who moved on to policing. He believed all kinds of shit was faked- including school shootings. I once asked him if he ever considered how many cops would have to be in on it for that to have happened. Then I asked him if any of the cops he knew would be willing to put on such a massive fraud in order to restrict gun rights. He couldn’t answer that. I’m sure he still believes every conspiracy out there, though.

      You’re in the world of faked moon landings where an improbable truth is discarded in favor of an much more improbable fiction because you haven’t thought through the difficulty in constructing such a conspiracy. All so you don’t have to confront the more frightening reality. It’s not all a plan. It’s not all some sneaky actors working behind the scenes. It’s that guy in your neighborhood who doesn’t seem that different from you. And there’s no solution.

      • Very insightful, there is quite a bit of truth here. Maybe a little too much truth for some people.

        While there may not be any total solution, I think there are many actions that we, as a people and society, can take to mitigate this violence. One important factor would be, stop the glorification of guns and the worship of weapons. More comprehensive mental health services available, from birth right on into adulthood.

        • Youre assuming these shooters are mentally ill. They aren’t necessarily (some, but most aren’t)

          What the shooter in el paso cited in his manifesto to justify his heinous act *are* completely valid concerns about labor, automation, immigration, the environment, overpopulation and other problems our ruling class refuses to address because they benefit from their billions, while everybody else gets screwed and is forced to live in a disintegrating open air prison.

          Mass unemployment through immigration and automation, environmental degradation, lack of potable water, and affordable housing WILL create perfect conditions for more killers like this. Of course, the “solution” will be to take more cuts at rights, without addressing the above problems.

        • “One important factor would be, stop the glorification of guns…”

          Could you be a bit more illuminating here? What, precisely, and in detail, constitutes “the glorification of guns”? While I would agree that anyone who wants a gun provides prima facie evidence they shouldn’t have one, there must be a clear distinction between liking guns, and glorification. Between making guns a hobby, and worshiping.

        • Balais, Anyone who wants to shoot hundreds of non-combatants and civilians is by definition, mentally ill.

          This idea that evil somehow exists as a force separate from mankind’s petty emotions is a fallacy.

          Many religionists want to blame the evil in the world on some outside force they may call Satan or the devil, that’s just a smokescreen for their own dark desires. Humans own their urges, it’s no sky daddy or demon that makes people do bad things, only their greed and self interest.

          Adverse childhood experiences are the root cause of many of these bad actions, we need to focus more on early childhood development and better mental health care at the adolescent stage, long before these humans acquire the means to kill their fellow beings.

        • Many religionists want to blame the evil in the world on some outside force they may call Satan or the devil, that’s just a smokescreen for their own dark desires. Humans own their urges, it’s no sky daddy or demon that makes people do bad things, only their greed and self interest.

          I am not at all surprised that your understanding of religious beliefs is sophomoric.

          In this case, it doesn’t really matter. It is enough to concur that evil exists in the world and is manifest in the hearts of man. When faced with acts based on that evil, understanding the why is trivial naval gazing; the focus must be on stopping the threat.

      • The most important element of a conspiracy is to ensure no one believes it is a conspiracy.

        “Treason doth never prosper. What’s the reason? If treason doth prosper, none dare call it treason.”

        Faked moon landings? Uh, ah, uuhhhmm, like, I actually know why there are no stars in the photos/videos.

    • 2 mass shooting incidents on a weekend. The Democrats must be relaunching their presidential election campaign.

      Their media lackeys are helping maintain the rage.

    • Washington Times is reporting the Ohio shooter was a self described “Satan loving leftist who hated Trump, wanted Biden’s generation to die, and was going to vote for Elizabeth Warren.”

      • “Washington Times is reporting the Ohio shooter was a self described “Satan loving leftist who hated Trump, wanted Biden’s generation to die, and was going to vote for Elizabeth Warren.”

        This ( ) is my surprise face.

      • “News article I just saw. The shooter was a registered Democrat fighting for gun control.”

        Everybody knows gun violence is always perpetrated by right wing crazies, nazis, KKK lovers. Your news source is obviously grounded in alt-right politics, trying to put the blame on the actual motives of the shooter.

        • “ If anything, they are Progressive.”

          You didn’t find anything just a bit off in my comment?

        • Sarcasm? Because the sources are pretty well referenced and based on the gunman’s own posts (with some decent steps to verify that it was his account). Regardless, they clearly cite their evidence.

  2. That’s three in a week. I’m willing to say there’s a level of organization here. Not Illuminati level, but a new terrorist group level. Given their motivations and chosen method of attack, it’s going to hurt us very badly.

    • Is it a conspiracy or organization when a meme goes viral? Copy-catting is a sort of conspiracy, but an irrational kind.

        • How many innocent people died then? Did that violence take away everyone’s rights and usher in a fascist police state?

        • “…and usher in a fascist police state?”

          I lived through that era. Everyone who wouldn’t let the anti-social crazies do whatever they wanted was a fascist. Nothing’s changed; same song, different verse.

        • @Sam I Am

          Did the cops shoot white NRA members, who have a CCW, while they were in their homes? Did they have red flag laws and raids back in those days? I only remember minorities having to go through that.

        • “Did the cops shoot white NRA members, who have a CCW, while they were in their homes? Did they have red flag laws and raids back in those days? I only remember minorities having to go through that.”

          Not really following your thought line, here. I wrote that I recognized evil, then described evil.

          Cannot imagine how cops, of any generation, avoid shooting white NRA members, but killing black NRA members. As for “red flag laws”, my generation long debated how to deal with people determined to kill spouses, or live-ins. How to stop the crime before it happened. We understood the need to prevent what would be inevitable, without violating the human rights of the speculated perp. We understood the plight of the eventual victim. The matter was a true conundrum. We never solved the problem, but also did not generally support the idea of preemptive punishment.

          Historic mistreatment of minorities? My generation was the largest catalyst for ending that, the civil rights generation.

        • @Sam I Am

          I was simply pointing out how the government of today isn’t the government of back then. We now have a police state that wants our guns and they will shoot us for them. We can’t exercise our rights without putting ourselves at risk. This is something only the minorities back in the day had to deal with. Now it’s everyone, including the Fudd NRA member.

          The cops/government use these attacks to oppress us. They use it as an excuse to destroy the U.S. Constitution. That’s a fascist police state going against the Bill of Rights without legal authority. They haven’t repealed the 2nd Amendment yet they sure have gotten rid of most of it.

        • As a teen growing up in three different southern states, cops targeted teenagers, regardless. Told a number of times by cops that just walking down a street with no particular purpose could get me “run in”. Arrested three times between high school and college, fined. Two times, the cops collected the fine themselves, and sent me on my way. One case ended up with an actual arrest on the books. Now, when the question, “Have you ever been arrested?” appears on a form, I must answer yes, for drinking in a grave yard after dark. Even though it was a juvie incident.

        • User1, sometimes you are just a little bit *too* right.

          I’m starting to feel like Yossarian in Catch-22 these days. As in, if the government isn’t trying to kill me, why do so many people in it have this obsession with making new laws that it can shoot me for if I disobey?

    • @Hank, I agree with you. I am not sure of how to calculate the probability of such a coincidence, but my guess is the odds are highly against it. These murders will get the Democratic presidential candidates to stop attacking each other for a week and hang-up on Trump. They will focus on weapons and on blaming all gun-rights people. They will not blame the shooters and the MSM will do all they can to fan the flames so that more violence occurs.

      Sounds very much like these events are orchestrated. Of course, that makes me a conspiracy theorist, and proud of it!!!

      • The orchestration is not coming from Democrats unless you count the FBI as part of them. This is coming from the “right.” There is a faction of the Republican party that these guys come from. I know you don’t want to admit that, but they say it themselves and they voted or supported Trump. It’s the younger generations that this is coming from as a response to the older generations.

        The left has their Antifa terrorist group. These guys are the enemy of Antifa and they fight each other in the streets on a regular basis. The boomers want to pretend these attacks are the work of Antifa and Soros because they can’t fathom their new reality. This only makes things worse because both this group and Antifa hate boomers and their BS. They both want to pull the current system down, which is why boomers think these guys are all hardcore leftists, even when they wear MAGA hats.

        The older generations live in a bubble.

        • Agree there are black hats and white hats in our law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Also agree they battle each other for control. The age-based foundation you suggest seems too simple an explanation. Maybe you are correct, but, I have not seen the evidence.

        • “The older generations live in a bubble.”

          Oh yeah; so right.


          I am of “the older generations”. I know evil when I see it. I know evil cannot be persuaded to refrain. I know evil is the destroyer, the accuser, the manipulator of men, the one who enslaves, a thief, a killer. Evil cannot be rehabilitated, only destroyed. You don’t negotiate with evil, you put a bullet in its head. People, regardless of label, who wish to control every detail and thought of another are evil. There are no pristine political parties, because….people.

          As a member of “the older generations”, I distrust “government”, at all levels. Worked many years for “government”, and know the beast intimately.

          BTW, you give “Republicans” way too much credit for what is going on. “Republicans”, as a species (different from “conservatives”), just want to be invited to the A-list parties; no energy for anything else, no interest).

        • @Sam I Am

          You’re the exception.

          The old people I see are always going on about Q, Soros, Antifa, deep state, the squad, etc. I went looking to see what they had to say about the El Paso shooting, they were rationalizing that it was Antifa or an eco leftists They were trying very hard to say he wasn’t of the right, he wasn’t a Republican, that he hated Trump, etc. Their brains were short circuiting. In their minds, there is no way these types of people could be right wing MAGAs, they must be Democrats.

        • “@Sam I Am
          You’re the exception.”

          Most of my life, when the word “exception” is applied to me it is a synonym for “idiot’. However, for this moment I accept the unwarranted and probably incorrect near compliment. However…

          There were hundreds and thousands of us who were looking to remove the impediments that minorities unnecessarily suffered. At that point, government was not considered benign, as it is today considered not benign by a large number of conservatives, Republicans and gun owners. The larger segment of the population was made up of children of “the greatest generation”, who were shielded by the mantra of the depression era adults, “My kid isn’t going to have it as bad as I did.” This intention to replace character with comfort metastasized in the succeeding generations, and here we are. The worst part of the children of “the greatest” was that they too often threw their privilege and comfort back into the faces of the parents who worked so hard to provide a life of ease.

          In defense of Fudds of my generation, the society at large (up until the 60s) was so much more genteel (overall) than today. There was no perceived threat from government as regards sending troops door-to-door, rounding up deplorables. It was easy to presume there was really no reason to suspect armed government tyranny, so the need for defensive arms was not on most people’s bucket list. Old habits die hard, threats are filtered through the past.

          The Depression and WW2 were not subtle, slow moving, unrecognizable events. The were dramatic, and obvious. That sort of experience was laid on the next generation – government tyranny, oppressive military attacking civilians were not even a possibility. Stupid people, in stupid places, winning stupid prizes was much like today – stay away from idiots, and the police won’t go upside your head. And many of us are tired from the general drag of society that is meaner, less generous, more self-absorbed. Because of the abandonment of traditional family and homesteads, we OFWGs (and others) face the almost certain prospect we will die alone, unknown, unattended, unremembered. You become more insular over time.

    • I told you yesterday about this group and I warned people there was another attack coming. You guys just want to say I am racist or a Jew hater or a supremacist or a bigot because I tell the truth about what is happening. The older generations don’t want to listen even though people are dying in mass and more are going to die (according to this group). What more evidence must I give you?

      It’s a new world. It’s not like it was.

      • I didn’t call you any of those things. I called you an idiot and a leftist. Not once did I call you a racial slur. YOU *wanted* to be called that. You *like* being called that. Because YOU are the racist here. You see everything in terms of race. That makes you a bigot. You think everything goes back to racism, and you’re incorrect. I’ve beeb trying to tell you Everything goes back political affiliations and religion, and race is just a sideshow. But you truly believe skin color effects thought and physical ability. That makes you just like all the Nazis you supposedly hate.

        • See. I point out their thought process then you attack my character. That’s what the older generations do. They deny the truth and call people names. That’s how we got to where we are in this degenerate society. That mentality is how you guys gave birth to SJWs, snowflakes and shitposters.

          It’s called identity politics. It’s something my generation was raised in and taught at school. We didn’t learn civics, we learned about identity. Both the right and left have their version of identity politics. Wonder why the word “racist” is now used for everything? How it has now lost its meaning and/or power!?

          I simply expose the current day politics and you call me a “racist.” Absolutely proves the point.

          Are you Hank Strange?

        • You deserve an attack on your character because you’re a stupid person. I defer to your incoherent rambling yesterday on white supremacy. That was a real doozy. I’ve seen a lot of shit posted here but that one was up there with Vlad’s shit. You feel however you want to feel about how you were raised. I didn’t raise you, those are your personal problems, grow up and learn to deal with them.

    • It’s not organization, it’s just a standalone complex effect.

      Borderlines emboldened by the action of others.

      It will continue so long as our media exists in its current profit above all form.

    • Possible. But given the carefully-nurtured climate of general unrest leftists have worked so hard to create, I don’t think we need conspiracy theories to explain why the crazies are starting to act out. I’m frankly surprised we haven’t seen more of this.

  3. What is wrong with people? How can such evil dwell in the hearts of men? Why is our society so sick that people like this exist?

    Get ready to be blamed and punished for these low life scum’s actions…

    • And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. (Genesis 6:5)

      43 When an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. 44 Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ When it arrives, it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order. 45 Then it goes and takes with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that person is worse than the first. (Matthew 12)

      • Yes, it’s evil hearts, not evil guns. So obvious, yet the Left laughs at the notion like we’re saying something absurd.

        100 years ago, the country was just as awash in guns as today, yet there wasn’t the rash of sick killings like this. What has changed?…we all know what has changed. The Left started pushing morality out of the courts, then the schools, and then the public square. Now with at least three generations of indoctrination that there is no Creator, we’re all nothing more than worthless stardust, and therefore no accountability, what else would be the inevitable result? Half the country is now devoid of respect for human life (abortion at the beginning, euthanasia at the end, violence in the middle) and purpose (there is no God or reason for living).

        A YouTuber with the channel called “Blue Collar Logic” is a fellow Los Angelino who’s an agnostic, but gives an excellent case for his support of a faith-centered society for the best health of the nation. The channel is mostly Left-vs-conservative talk, but this particular vid is very good:

        • There is only one problem with White Right Wing Religious Fanatics, they are the most racist and the biggest blasphemers of religion in general.

        • “Why is every white person who attends church a fanatical racist?”

          After watching the “news” since the 2018 mid-terms, you still have this question?

        • @Haz, “Evil hearts….not guns”. You are spot on, my friend. It has become so unfashionable to posit a real, tangible presence of evil. We get branded as religious kooks for so doing. Yet, it is there and by naming it we expose it.

        • Raddy, the Problem is that the religion is based on a genocidal philosophy, if you like someone’s land, go, slay them, and take it.

          Just ask the Canaanites, or any one of a dozen other tribes that were exterminated, even down to dashing the babies brains out on the wall.

          Isn’t it interesting that there are no commandments against genocide, rape or domestic violence? How about no Commandments against slavery?

          One can observe that there isn’t much moral foundation to the teachings in the Bible, it’s more of a system to justify rape and pillage of your neighbors.

        • Very true. The bible does say that. Which is why I find it ironic that the atheist commies have killed more people and violently conquered more nations in a shorter span of time than any religion in history.

        • Nice try, Miner. You just performed the dog-and-pony trick of choosing a verse and making it represent the entirety of all Scripture by disregarding the context. Perhaps if you actually read the OT first…

          Also, please explain to the rest of the class why the Ten Commandments (the foundation of Western jurisprudence) is wrong. This pertains directly to the topic of guns, life, morality, defense, and all that TTAG is about, so please proceed.

          I’ll pull up a chair.

        • Hazy, help Me to understand why there is no commandment against rape among the 10 Commandments. If the 10 Commandments represent such a solid foundation for moral guidance, why is slavery not prohibited?

          The reason slavery or rape isn’t prohibited is because the Bible specifically authorizes both, rape in the case of conquered peoples and slavery for everybody, including your own family.

          And the most sacred of the Christian rituals, communion, is just ritual cannibalism where you eat flesh and drink blood.

        • And every athiest commie experiment in history has degenerated in to rape, slavery, and mass murder. Whats you point miner?

        • I just participated in Communion today (Christian Protestant), and we specifically note before the observance that the cracker and grape juice are the same items present at the Last Supper, and are simply symbolic of Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf. There is nothing magical about cracker and juice. It’s all a matter of the heart.

          And by the way, you and I are having a disagreement, but that’s all, and I recognize that you’re commenting on Christianity from the outside of the bubble. I recommend and hope that you become better informed.

          My original comment referred to an agnostic who recognizes the role faith plays in the larger picture of a society. Even he gets it. If a young person doesn’t believe he will ever be held accountable to a Creator, then he’ll naturally develop a worldview that puts him at the center of his universe in which he may lash out to hurt others. This is a major downfall to the world we’ve allowed for ourselves due to our rejection of any accountability to anyone.

      • Yes, this is a great place to quote sky daddy’s orders:

        Leviticus 19:33,34
        “When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them. The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt.”

        Whoops, was that my outside voice?

        • Don’t hold it against Miner49er. He’s following the Rules for Radicals like any good commie NPC. He’ll quote and hide behind the Constitution and Bible while working to destroy both.

        • Quoting the Scriptures is blasphemy?

          The verse seems very clear, and when we consider Jesus’s parable of the good Samaritan, aiding the wounded traveler, the intent is clear.

          Of course, America’s Christians are cafeteria Christians… “I think I’ll have some of that homophobia but I don’t want any of that compassion part.”

        • Miner doesn’t understand the first thing about the Bible. He doesn’t understand the whole and so like a good Commie he attacks it every chance he gets.
          It’s not Christians killing these people Miner.
          When we had a moral nation (that was basically Christian) we did not have mass shootings. Eliminating Christianity simply allows reality to be what you make of it. For some screwballs might makes right. .
          Brave New World.

    • It’s a 330 million person society. Every sort of sickness or aspect of evil you can imagine–and many more you dare not or cannot imagine–exists out there in people’s minds. There’s nothing new under the sun. It isn’t society’s fault.

      • That is something most seem willing to ignore. We have a lot of people, it’s a very diverse society-in every way imaginable.
        Screwballs and crazies that are 1 in a million are going to show up when you have 330 million plus. Couple that with a relatively free society and things are going to happen. We can mitigate the risk, but we can’t eliminate it.

        I do think society is at least partly to fault and I think that will always be to varying degrees.

    • Evil has always dwelt in the hearts of mankind. Our current post-modern relativist morality drivel has replaced our historic morality based in Judeo Christian values.
      A distinct decline in behavior. Nihilism runs rampant.

    • ???
      Are you saying you have insider info that Trump is going to start using an AR to drain the Washington swamp???

      Do tell!

    • This is what I’m wondering about to see if it’ll happen.
      Every leftist nut is going to be screaming for him to do something. Hell, the whole democratic party will too.

      • I hope Wayne LaPierre doesn’t blow sweet nothings into his ear about moar “sensible” gun control compromises to appease the Dems.

        • Imagine the deal Wayne would make with NY and DC to get let off the hook. They will come to him with an offer he can’t refuse. Then the general NRA member will cheer that he saved the Bill of Rights.

  4. The Left loves violent direct action. They say it all the time. It’s just weak conservatives are afraid to recognize and publicly acknowledge it.

    Because then they would have to be more vigorous in supporting shooting violent Leftists.

    • Chris, the violence that is occurred in the last 48 hours has nothing to do with the left’s actions, these killings were right wingers, exercising political terrorism to bring about a society more favorable to their cause.

      • Its the same thing leftist mass murderers do with similar results i.e. they accomplish nothing. The difference is, you people are silent and the news story quickly disappears when the maniac is a lefty…. Hell, we barely acknowledge the 100+ million people killed by leftist ideology in the last century….. This murdering piece of shit mentioned Trump in his crazy person manifesto…. God knows we’ll hear you guys screaming about this for the next 100 years.

      • From a story on the El Paso shooter:

        ” a rambling manifesto online just before his attack. In his anti-immigrant, anti-corporate/technology, pro-environmental views ”

        I’ll stipulate that anti-immigrant comes from the right. But anti-corporate/technology and pro-environmental comes from the left. So I don’t think you can pin these guys down as either right or left with anything close to certainty. Mostly they sound like confused people stuffed full of the latest sound-bites from social media. I doubt any one of them could even begin to carry a coherent political discussion.

        Mostly I’m thinking they’re just mad about being born.

  5. Makes one wonder what is going on. Reports now that the Walmart killer had a manifesto similar to NZ killer. Possibly the swift action of NZ to ban guns after that shooting giving the killer the attention he craved is inspiring more copy cats looking for same notoriety here in the USA. If 2016 election went a different way we would probably be looking at banning revolvers over 3 rounds capacity by now.




    And remember the Republican say, lets do nothing and hope it all goes away.

    • The AR15 is, by definition, not an assault rifle.

      Go troll somewhere else. These comments are for rational adults.

      • Chip, you say an A.R. 15 is not by definition, and assault weapon.

        Grammatically, you may be correct.

        But the victims doing the bleeding and dying say it’s the best imitation they’ve ever seen.

        • But the victims doing the bleeding and dying say it’s the best imitation they’ve ever seen.

          This is nothing more than appeal to emotion logical fallacy. Rifles of all types (including but not limited to the scary black ones mischaracterized as assault rifles) are involved in fewer killings each year than blunt instruments or bare hands and feet.

          Have anything else?

      • To Chips are loose in his head.

        “””””””””””””””””””””””””The AR15 is, by definition, not an assault rifle.

        Go troll somewhere else. These comments are for rational adults.”””””””””””””””””””””

        Tell that to the grieving families and all the piles of murdered people that piled up in the last week. What the hell does semantics have to do with this. Full auto or semi- auto mass murder with blood running in rivers down the streets , what the hell is the difference. Really your the one who needs to see a psychiatrist. Your the type of people we normal people do not want living next door to us. You remind me of of what Hitler once said “Losses can never be too high”.

        • I think Vlad is in favor of mass shooters using mini-14’s, shotguns, and SKS’s…. you know, the preferred weapons of leftist mass shooters. No victims/politicians ever came out calling those guns assault weapons. As a matter of fact those murders tend to disappear rather quickly from media circulation. And when Ilhan Omar and Vlad’s buddies shoot up a gay night club in Florida, a Christmas party in California, or an art festival in Texas, they’re quick to blame the gun used rather than the people involved. After all, its just “some people who did a thing” when it’s Vlad’s buddies.

        • hummm funny you post this…but when SHTF

          everyone calls upon us sheepdogs to protect you ‘sheepeople’

          I remember how much laughing I did the week of the LA riots….hey I need to barrow one of your guns!….ME laughing back on the phone….”You lib moron, now you WANT a gun when your ass is on the line!” click!

        • Tell that to the grieving families and all the piles of murdered people that piled up in the last week. What the hell does semantics have to do with this. Full auto or semi- auto mass murder with blood running in rivers down the streets…

          As with the other commenter, this is nothing more than appeal to emotion logical fallacy. More blood “runs in the streets” from handguns, by an order of magnitude. The problem isn’t the tool used by evil people. The problem is the evil – compounded by lack of means to respond.

        • “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””As with the other commenter, this is nothing more than appeal to emotion logical fallacy. More blood “runs in the streets” from handguns, by an order of magnitude. The problem isn’t the tool used by evil people. The problem is the evil – compounded by lack of means to respond.””””””””””””””””””””””””

          Chips in the head you would not advocate gun control even if your own family was lying dead in the street. I used to think you were just arrogant but your nut case posts prove you need mental health care desperately. Your responses are not even logical anymore. They remind me of ranting nut cases I observed in some of our mental institutions. They also lost all control of their sanity.

          And by the way sane people do get emotional when they see piles of innocent people shot dead in less than 12 hours. Its called being sane Chip something your not familiar with or have experienced in years if indeed you ever were sane.

        • Oh, hi, 2asux. Why the name change?

          Let me know when you have something other than ad hominem, non sequitur nonsense, and psychological projection to contribute.

          Oh, and I guarantee that you couldn’t handle my work. I wouldn’t have to worry about you quitting; you’d burn out long before our paths cross.

        • Chip Bennet is the type of guy no one wants to see running around with an assault rifle in his hands. Hopefully his city has a red flag law because if it does he would not last 10 minutes without law enforcement being at his door. I am glad I do not work at his place of employment or I would quit and move out of the state post haste.

        • Despite your histrionics, those weapons are still responsible for a fraction of one perfect of all annual homicides.

          Your “Ban” wont affect the overall rate one iota. In fact, it might increase it as millions of otherwise legal gun owners of all colors are ensnared by already overzealous law enforcement and a legal system that is geared in fucking the working class and poor.

          Poor and working class proletariat WILL be most negatively affected by any proposed gun control measures banning ‘such weapons”. That is, after all, the end result, which is why ruling class media and corporate elites and their apologists are pushing for it.

      • Chip: Makes factual observation.
        Vlad: Asplode! Emote! Rage! Foam at mouth!
        Chip: Reply with calm logic.
        Vlad: Asplode! Emote! Rage! Insult, insult, insult!

        Everyone else on TTAG: Man, these “progressive” left types sure are angry.

    • The tool is not the issue. There is nothing “magic” about the AR15 and AK47. The AR15 does have good ergonomics and AK47 does have good reliability when made right.

      In both cases, the civilian legal version is a intermediate caliber (ie: as per original design, to be between pistol and full power rifle cartridges) self-loading rifles. Functionally no different than a Ruger Mini-14 or Mini-30, SKS, HK rifles, and many others. The only difference is APPEARANCE.

  7. Australia since the 1980’s has eliminated mass murder by assault rifle by melting them all down and it very well proves that they and New Zealand implemented the correct solution to the problem now doesn’t it. History does not lie.

      • Now Australia has more firearms than before which have been purchased on black market, non traceable. England now has a knife stabbing spree and in considering knife control. Controlling or banning inanimate objects does not reduce eliminate violence committed by evil people. Only self defense will enable this. How’s the rest of your antifa members ?

      • Those are homogeneous anglo nation states of subjects that are isolated ISLANDS. We have a trans continental melting pot of citizens with porous borders. Apples and oranges buddy.

    • Australia didn’t have many high profile mass shootings before port Arthur, and the subsequent gun ban, so nope, Australia is a poor example. In fact, they still have gun murders to this day, even cases where there are multiple fatalities.

      • “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””Australia didn’t have many high profile mass shootings before port Arthur, and the subsequent gun ban, so nope, Australia is a poor example. In fact, they still have gun murders to this day, even cases where there are multiple fatalities.””””””””””””””””””””””””

        Wrong, Australia never again had a mass murder in the huge numbers that were done with a maniac with an assault rifle. And Britain has had zero. The last terrorist attack n Britain the terrorists were forced to use knives and got the shit beat out of them by tavern patrons who beat them with chairs and went after the with broken beer bottles. In the U.S. hundreds would have been slaughtered. Britain’s system works and ours does no but then again these people live in civilized countries.

      • to pwrserge

        “””””””””””””””””””””Go ahead and try kiddo. How many people are you willing to send to their deaths to try and take my property?”””””””””””””””””””””’

        None, they will simply burn you and your house to the ground with the incoming fire from a Helicopter Gunship. We will all watch it on the news while eating our supper. It will be great entertainment. David Koresh was told to throw out his guns and come out with his hands up and when he did not they liquidated him.

        • Oh you’re adorable… You think you’re going to get your hands on a gunship? Really? The military will laugh in your face. How do I know? I was one of the people who you would be asking to attack US citizens.

        • to pwrserg.

          “”””””””””””””””””””””””””Oh you’re adorable… You think you’re going to get your hands on a gunship? Really? The military will laugh in your face. How do I know? I was one of the people who you would be asking to attack US citizens.””””””””””””””””””””””

          Reading comprehension, reading comprehension. I never said that you did.

        • Sergei, both the US Army Rangers and Texas ANG participated in liquidating David Karesh. The LEO‘s assaulted his compound in M1 13 APCs provided by Texas ANG. US Army Ranger sniper teams were in helicopters firing downward on the compound.

          I can assure you, military assets will gleefully take out crazy gun nuts all across America when given the order.

          But please, go ahead and discuss armed insurrection against the duly constituted government of the United States of America, just recall exactly where it got Jefferson Davis and Robert E Lee.

        • Who says you? Did you serve in the armed forced? There might be some that would attack civilians but they would also be the ones who got fragged, just like in Vietnam.

        • Vlad, ever hear of Posse Comitatus? Where the military are forbidden to be involved in civil law enforcement? The military are allowed to “assist” and the level of assistance can vary with the situation.

          But most rank-and-file troops will lack sufficient political reliability and will need motivation from ANTIFA Commissars with extraordinary powers to ensure orders are followed. However these Commissars will be noted for high casualty rates partly from their own inexperience, but most mostly from accidental friendly-fire while heroically leading assaults.

    • It’s all about total gun confiscation stupid.once they accomplish goal mass genocide will take place.moa polpot Lenin.history will prove this out

    • Australia had a substitution rate in regards to their overall murder rate.

      And yes, they have had mass killings since then.

      New Zealand’s unpopular new laws wont affect the overall rate either and unsurprisingly there’s a overall lack of motivation in enforcing the law


    • “Can TTAG ban Vlad Tepes?”

      Why? Does your browser not have a DELETE function?

      When I open the response emails from TTAG, it is immediately obvious if the comment is from Vadl (intentional), or a reply to Vadl. DELETE.

    • The multi profile trolls here are worse than Vlad. So many here push left agendas while pretending to support gun rights. At least Vlad is a blatant joke.

    • quote——————Can TTAG ban Vlad Tepes?—————-

      Your proof that what I have said many time before rings true. The Far Right would first ban freedom of speech and then institute a one party jackbooted state complete with stiff armed salutes.

        • to hank

          The only speech Liberals have advocated being banned is the HATE SPEECH that Trump and guys like you are pandering and which is causing the Far Right to keep gunning down innocent people.

        • Nearly all leftist websites don’t have comment sections. Ironic, Vlad has to come here instead (where he won’t be banned or blocked) to exercise free speech. Preach it Vlad. Let the world see the hypocrisy of the left.

        • Discarding the Constitution already?
          Has the dictatorship already started?

          You know, your post makes you a domestic enemy of the Constitution.

          Many of us swore an oath to oppose enemies like you.

        • Yeah… and I actually swore that oath. When you make yourself an illegal combatant for a left wing insurgency, any pretense of you having “rights” goes right out the window.

        • Miner49,… Vlad is a shrill maniac and pwrserge is trolling him to make him scream his head off. It’s been our experience here at TTAG over the years that most commies want to destroy the constitution while hiding behind it. Alinsky would be proud of you.

        • to pwrserg

          quote————————-Silly commie, you think you have rights… That’s adorable. People have rights… commies aren’t people.”””””””””””””””’

          Your the exact type of people (like Trump) who are promoting racist rhetoric that appeals to nut case Right Wingers that commit mass murder. They too believe other humans are sub-human just like the German Nazi’s did under Hitler and today under Herr Drumpf. Hitler killed millions in gas chambers and you love the mass murder of innocent people by Right Wing Lunatics because you believe they are sub-human. You just stated such and therefore proved that you are the problem in this country.

        • Vlad the Inferior

          You bitch about fascists but ignore leftists body count, which amounts to the tens of millions.

          Unlike Fascism, which was smashed to pieces by force of arms, Communism faded away at the end of the Cold War, only to get picked up again by academia and those who are obsessed with western self-loathing.

  9. I don’t believe that these attacks are random copycat occurrences. These incidents appear to be coordinated. There are no such things as coincidences when dealing with the left. Never forget that one of the left’s slogans is BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, even if it means murdering people. The left is violent and hateful and they despise all gun owners and want us dead.

    • @Hegemon, fully agree. When the stakes are as high as our Federal budget, the conspiracies will be rampant, extensive, well-funded, well-researched, and well-planned. When control of trillions of dollars is at stake, those who are evil will stop at nothing to get that control.

  10. While the nation decides what actions to take, for the near future, I suggest we do what Strych9 and a few others already mentioned: “arm up and have a plan”: decide what situations would you engage or not, limit your time in soft target areas, carry that extra mag/speed-strip (some of the influenced bad guys are wearing a vest), have quick access to a gun truama equipped FAK.
    Question: is my SA on point, whats the plan for loved ones, can I carrying a ballistic insert, is quick access to a truck long gun even fiesable, have I planned for the most likely situations for my environment? What else, as an indevidual, can I do to prepare?

    • You’d do better if you didn’t mention my dumb ass.

      My already moderately abrasive personality combined my recent inability to find fucks to give results in most of this board thinking I’m a complete asshole who’s never right about anything (which isn’t necessarily an invalid hypothesis).

  11. “Both the Gilroy and El Paso shooters were inspired by the New Zealand mosque attacker.”
    So there has been actual proof found that the Gilroy shooter was inspired by the New Zealand mosque attacker? So far all I have seen as “proof” is an Instagram post referencing a book that may or may not be “far right.” Since drinking milk and 👌 signs are now “far right” I hope there is more evidence.

  12. Get out to the range as much as you can and stay frosty, guys. Condolences to the victims and families.

  13. Sitting in Hammond ,IN 1st Baptist right NOW. Armed and accompanied by scores of fellow armed BELIEVERS. Satan doesn’t take a holiday-neither should WE.

      • Evil never takes a day off.
        Matter of fact, it does double and triple overtime then charges the expense on the public dime. Evil also underpays the interns it employs while demanding an unsustainable $15/hour minimum wage for employees working for low margin enterprises. Evil also asks for altruistic donations for non-profits while creating subsidized slush funds to hide their government-paid wages.
        Such nice people. Vote for me, they say.
        When the mask slips off they will laugh and call you a fool, saying you knew I was snake, yet you picked me up anyway.

  14. This was definitely not a copy cat. No one is going to get all that gear together and plan a shooting in just a few hours. This was a coordinated attack. We’ve had previous mass shooters admit that their motivation was to push for more gun control and since that didn’t work, now they’re coordinating multiple attacks in multiple states to REALLY push for gun control.

    • Gun control is the precursor to what they are actually trying to accomplish. They want a race war and the return of segregation. They figure white males will rise up once the minorities/Democrats vote for gun confiscation. Then in that fight they will be able to expel the invaders to different lands and setup an ethno state for whites again.

      It’s not simply about taking your little .223.

    • Yes, these attacks were coordinated by Donald Trump, with his talk of invaders across the southern borders and murderers and rapists from Mexico.

      • These people only agree with Trump’s rhetoric, they don’t agree with all his actual policies. They thought Trump was going to be the next white nationalist president that would bring back white supremacy policies. Now they don’t like him so much and are seeking someone else. They are desperate. They even thought for a second that Andrew Yang could be an option, the “Yang gang” was a thing for little bit. Now they feel it’s time to ramp up the attacks to cause the problem they need to bring in their solution for an ethno state because Trump isn’t doing exactly what they want (he is mostly talk).

        I’m not sure if they want Trump to win 2020. I have to go look into that. I wouldn’t doubt that some think it’s better to get a minority Democrat to push the right into action than to have lying Trump. Whatever is the most effective at making the right wingers angry is what they will advocate.

    • Don’t the police have dogs that can find guns by sniffing for the scent of gunpowder? Maybe you should make sure to clean your tools and put them in the proper containers like the Mexicans do.

      • A few cans of propellant spread all over the place should screw the dogs up. Back when operation golden flow was on they also were constantly checking for pot too. Some of us got tired of the random dogs being run through so we waxed the floors with a bag of pot. Dogs went nuts as soon as they came in.
        Yeah we got in trouble but it was worth it.

  15. We can expect more to come to with the same liberal idea to ban semi-auto long guns.
    I would now consider all liberal Democrat leftist organizations terrorist at this point. Regardless, at the end of the day, its all the left parties that manipulated the minds of these monsters.

    • Well, on an accurate scale of political affiliations, the leftists are the ones pushing for all of this government increase, including the return of white supremacy. But in today’s politics, the El Paso gunmen would be considered right wing. From an anarchist’s perspective, identitarians/collectivists are left wing.

      • Yeah, the shooter and his sister both lived with their parents in a house in Bellbrook. Almost sounds like a domestic that went horribly wrong.

        • I absolutely agree.

          Mass public shooters DO NOT target their family members.

          Some domestic murders do attsck their victims in public venues, but they do not target strangers as well. An example is the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Deputy who killed his wife and her female friend (nor lesbians. Just out at a venue together may be to pick up men) at the M &M Lounge before committing suicide which set him off.

          This guy had a private dispute to settle. He attacked them in a public venue so he could then kill more people to maximise his publicity.

          This was NOT motivated by a pokitical agenda

        • Mass public shooters DO NOT target their family members.

          Remind me again: who was [Newtown shooter, name redacted]’s first victim?

        • Chip, in this you are right.

          Mass shooters are, by definition mentally ill and killing a family member can be a part of their delusion or could just be a collateral fatality if they stand in the way of the shooters plan.

          In Dayton, six of the nine victims were black so it’s possible there was a racial component to his anger.

  16. Looks like this site is going to the dogs..(those liberal anti Bill of Rights extremists. )
    Some of those people need a cranial re-organization via a high speed wireless delivery system.

    Voat and Kiwi Farms are looking better every day…..just sayin’

    • Thats what TFB is for. Here, you can argue political stuff with the nut jobs, and they can’t delete/edit their posts.

  17. So, 1 weekly Chicago; .8 Baltimores … or have the numbers changed?

    What is it in Appalacias? Or Lybias (Does Lybia still count as a country? Or more like an aspiration?)

  18. It is the left who brought us to this. Identity politics through race, class, gender, etc…warfare, that divides, hyphenates, separates, and leaves us all nylistic, angry, dependent, alone. Hey, maybe “The Squad” and their mantra of victimhood and blame shall save us.

    • Referring to them as “the squad” is identity politics propaganda. It’s easy to fall into what we have been indoctrinated with at school, by entertainment and from our politicians.

      • White Supremacists like you are just the mirror image of the left. They are non white supremacists but the impulse is the same.

        I prefer to refer to Taliab, Omar and Ocasio-Cortez as the BDM-3 as in Bund Deutscher Madel. That’s the Hitler Youth for girls. They are Hamas supporters and Hamas is the local affiliate of the Arab Nazi Party known as the Muslim Brotherhood. I can see why a Jew hater like you would defend them.

      • And two members of the squad, Tlaib and Ocasio-Cortez, are white so how is referring to the group as the squad racist?

        • Per the 1964 Civil Rights Act, anybody who is “Hispanic/Latino” isn’t “white”. That’s why that white dude in Georgia who got in to it with the black politician lady in the store the other week, isn’t white. He’s Cuban, and even if he’s got blue eyes and blond hair and skin as blanco as aroz,… in the eyes of the law, he’s not white.

        • False,. Hispanic is an ethnic group made of Spanish surnamed or Spanish speaking individuals from the Western Hemisphere. Hispanics can be black or white. If you check Hispanic on Form 4473 you must also check race. Actual Spaniards are not Hispanic under the implementation of the law.

          For Sam, he went on a rant about the Jews yesterday and thinks Mexicans and Central Americans are coming here for welfare. You check an exchange we had yesterday. He also repeated the anti-Semtic trope that all Arabs are Semites.

        • If any of the conversation was related to Vadl, I deleted those immediately.

          As to Semetic peoples, I have to find a way to integrate these links with a claim Arabs are not Semites.

          Now, the term “anti-semitic” was coined specifically to identify hatred of Jews only. But such does not negate the semitic commonality between Jews and Arabs. From an ethnic point, “anti-semitic” Arabs would be those filled with self-hatred for their own people, their own lineage. We are left with the fact that Arabs are semitc ethnically, but anti-semitic culturally, politically. It would seem the idea that “Arabs are not anti-semitic because they are semites” is used to highlight that Arabs are anti-Jewish semites.

        • Well, it’s clear you weren’t raised in the south, where the ‘One drop rule’ has prevailed for 300 years. They even had this weirdly complex system of mulatto’s, quadroons, Octoons and just plain high-yeller.

          But in the eyes of the ruling white class, they were all black sub humans not worthy of natural rights.

          Even the Nazis weren’t that harsh, they let you have a Jewish ancestor, even Hitler had Jewish ancestors and he was all right in their eyes.

          In the south, one of the most damning insults is ‘ they had a N***** in the woodpile’, insinuating they had black ancestry.

          In fact, we all come from Africa.

      • “Referring to them as “the squad” is identity politics propaganda.”

        I agree. I like the label, “The Four Wackos” better; more descriptive; more accurate.

  19. “…shooters were inspired by the New Zealand mosque attacker…”

    What a complete BULLSHIT. Why do you try to present your own thoughts as facts?? That is how gun owners lose credibility and exactly what we constantly blame the democrats for.

  20. I guess that answers the question these shooters were looking to figure out for other future attacks. 5.56 isn’t as effective as 7.62×39. The Mandalay Bay shooting is another example.

    Now is the propaganda machine going to start demonizing 7.62×39 and commie guns?

    • Anyone ever use GoogleEarth to measure the distance from the Mandelay Bay Hotel to the concert venue then consult a ballistics chart for remaining velocity?

      Range was 500 to 600 yards.

      The bullets were barely supersonic.

      • If I remember correctly, the estimate I got was about 340m. The bullets were definitely still super sonic, even 100m further out.

      • He got a 10:1 wounded to kill rate. You can use a centerfire handgun at that range and get the same casualty ratio.


    • Trump, promise made, 2 1/2 years ago:

      “ this American carnage must stop and I will stop it!”

      You can throw that promise in the circular file, along with better, cheaper health care to cover everyone, infrastructure week and North Korea a banding nuclear weapons and ICBMs.

      Trump has spent 10 times as much time on the golf course as Obama, that’s where he is this very weekend, while innocents are being slaughtered across the United States in every city, town and village, including Chicago.

      Trump is president of all of America, and he has failed all of America.

      But he’s doing a great job for the multinational rich folk, the military industrial complex and the white supremacists.

  22. Gallup polls.

    96% of Americans want Universal Back Ground Checks.

    75% support a 30 day waiting period for gun sales.

    70% support registering guns with the local police department.

    Robert Reich: 5 Reasons the NRA Is Wrong
    Written by Robert Reich / RobertReich.Org April 8, 2018
    The next time you hear someone repeating pro-gun NRA propaganda, respond with these five points:

    1. Gun laws save lives. Consider the federal assault weapons ban. After it became law in 1994, gun massacres – defined as instances of gun violence in which six or more people were shot and killed – fell by 37 percent. The number of people dying from mass shootings fell by 43 percent. But when Republicans in Congress let the ban lapse in 2004, gun massacres more than doubled.

    2. The Second Amendment was never intended to permit mass slaughter. When the Constitution was written more than 200 years ago, the framers’ goal was permit a “well-regulated militia,” not to enable Americans to terrorize their communities.

    3. More guns have not, and will not, make us safer. More than 30 studies show that guns are linked to an increased risk for violence and homicide. In 1996, Australia initiated a mandatory buyback program to reduce `the number of guns in private ownership. Their firearm homicide rate fell 42 percent in the seven years that followed.

    4. The vast majority of Americans want stronger gun safety laws.According to Gallup, 96 percent of Americans support universal background checks, 75 percent support a 30-day waiting period for all gun sales, and 70 percent favor requiring all privately owned guns to be registered with the police. Even the vast majority of gun owners are in favor of common-sense gun safety laws.


    5. The National Rifle Association is a special interest group with a stranglehold on the Republican Party. In 2016, the group spent a record $55 million on elections. Their real goal is to protect a few big gun manufacturers who want to enlarge their profits.

    America is better than the NRA. America is the young people frdom Parkland, Florida, who are telling legislators to act like adults. It’s time all of us listen.

    • Everything in that post is factually incorrect.
      Except: “The Second Amendment was never intended to permit mass slaughter.”
      The Second Amendment doesn’t permit anything; it’s a restriction on government.

  23. Is it not ironic that the Far Right Wing Fanatics that screamed the loudest that they loved Assault Rifles were the ones who caused them to be banned. By promoting racist hatred they sealed their own doom because their most fanatical members chose to commit mass murder on a scale never before seen in the U.S.

    Trump made an announcement that tomorrow he will have big changes coming and it will not be for more assault rifle ownership that’s for damn sure.

  24. Sounds like this guy wanted him some socialism and gun control now. He didn’t want to wait for the dumb people to accept it on their own, he was going to make it happen. He is a 24 year old white male. He shot mostly black people and appears to have accidentally shot his sister who took him to the bar.

    Seems like he wanted to instigate outrage to get a stronger reaction from the left. Being a white male that killed a bunch of black people with an AR-15, body armor, ear muffs and hundred round drums. He really wanted to get that gun confiscation going.

    So, he wasn’t into the send back the “invaders,” but he does want that socialism and gun confiscation like the El Paso guy and the like.

    These young white males really want us to fight a civil war over gun confiscation so they can get their leftism. That tends to be what comes out of revolutions or civil wars.

      • Wait. Didn’t you say the El Paso guy isn’t a right winger? Now he is?

        I literally said this shooter wanted socialism and gun confiscation through force. He wanted to initiate that with his attack. He didn’t support the ethno state like the other socialists.

        I think you are very ignorant to what these millennial white males want. I don’t think you understand their ideology. They are very similar but one wants a white nation and the other wants a diverse one. Ultimately, both want socialism. Go watch alt right ethno staters videos if you don’t believe me.

        I have been saying for a long time now that Republicans are becoming socialists and Democrats are becoming communists. Their ideologies are both leftism. America is shifting to leftism. I have pointed out how Trump is a NY Democrat who calls himself a Republican now and all the Republican fans think he is the best Republican since Reagan.

        You need to wake up. I think you have been asleep for many decades.

        • Moron, we are talking about the Dayton shooter here. A Satanist is not motivated by politics even he had strong political views.

          You White Supremacists are as lacking in self awareness as your mirror image on the left. You posted Hamas propaganda without checking on the latest from Hamas, that is, the report of senior Hamas official telling his supporters, he means you, “To kill Jews everywhere in the world.” (Link posted above.) Well, they are part of Arab Nazi Party. So tell me did the Holocaust actually happen?

  25. ONE THING all three recent shootings had in common… They were all GUN FREE ZONES.. Gilroy Ca.: Turns out that asshole SUICIDED when confronted by superior firepower by cops.. El Paso.. this ashole was a bona fide RACIST at the tender age of 22 living in mommys basement probably an ANTIFA wannabe just wanted to get a jump on their planned party in El Paso but also got the message fucked up must have run out of Ritalin… Dayton Ohio… This bag of shit killed his own SISTER after travelling to the bar WITH her and a friend, this was PERSONAL..
    Now, hey VLAD, get out your best body armor and I’ll spot you 30 yards and guarantee my 10 mm Glock with hard cast 220 grain round will not only land EXACTLY where I point the guide rod laser (slightly above and between your eyebrows) but it WILL penetrate your skull, scramble whatever it is you call a brain and open a hole in the back of your head large enough to allow the entire contents to evacuate the space it once occupied while also abruptly ending your will to continue the fight.. I practice ONLY headshots at ranges over 10 yards, body shots don’t require practice, they are pretty much point and shoot stuff but a concealed individual requires a certain finesse that they do not consider the average shooter capable of (unfortunately for them I am among a growing number of non-average shooters) and count on their concealment to adequately protect them…
    I also train for headshots out to 100 yards with two rifles, a custom Mosin Nagant and my M1A both fitted with sniper quality scopes.. Everything else ARS, AKS, other handguns I like to spend my time with point and shoot training, muscle memory is your best friend in a firefight (and yes I have been in well over a hundred firefights and ambuses) where superior firepower is more important than accuracy.. Get the assholes head down, then concentrate on ending him….
    BODY ARMOR: there are various levels of body armor, level one (lowest) might only take a couple of hits from a medium caliber handgun or up to a .223 rifle before it fails (I use 5.56 steel core penetrators exclusively) …. level 4 (highest) can take a lot of hits from big stuff (still VERY hard on the body) before failure.. No call on cause of death in Dayton as of yet, might have even been suicide after killing his SISTER who was one of the first people killed…..
    Dayton has probably been the death knell for the 100 round drum so if you ever wanted one you better get it now, at least you know it will work with .223.. can’t believe the guy went all in on the mag then cheaped out on the ammo…
    Anyway.. VLAD, you have had your moment, spewed your usual uninformed ignorance, once again managed to underwhelm everyone with your lack of factual knowledge and now it’s time to go back to cleaning your mommys basement like she told you…

  26. Let’s see what the investigation reveals.

    Regardless of this individual’s affiliations, he’s another young sociopath. Probably an extreme narcissist that was socially inept or rejected while he was in school.

    Maybe similar to Columbine, and had a history of social failures and was an outcast. He probably wanted to kill some classmates too, at one point in time. Probably didn’t have a lot of friends or even an intimate relationship. Probably didn’t respect his parents either since he killed his own sister. Maybe all of the above. Hopefully the investigation gives us some insight…

    But one thing is for sure. This individual had a black heart for a LONG time. Maybe he lacked guidance and discipline in his life. BUT, the lack of LOVE and GOD in his soul is obvious to me.

    Murder has always been the worst crime, regardless of the motive. It has always been against the law. It is a heartless crime which requires premeditation and malice aforethought, regardless of the tools or technique. A murderer has no regard for any life or any law. They only care about the Devil’s work.

    But the libtard politicians will use these incidents to further their agendas and demonize firearms and magazines. Many of whom are emotional knee-jerks hypocrites politicizing these tragedies.

    Did California’s gun control laws prevent Gilroy or other “gun violence” incidents in the State.

    Even if they banned all guns throughout the entire US, it’s not going to prevent folks with evil in their hearts of murdering innocent people of any number.

    Gun laws did not prevent Dayton or Gilroy. Gun laws did not prevent mass murdering like 9-11 or Oklahoma City.

    Outlawing guns is not the answer. It will only serve to outlaw possession for the law-abiding citizens that have a constitutional right to possess them. A right for “The People” that Shall Not be Infringed by its own government.

    My comments are not intended to offend any TTAG folks, nor is my closing statement.

    I commend ANYONE that puts their life on the line to protect others, especially our sheepdogs. It requires a selfless, loving heart and an inner strength to go into harm’s way. Whether it’s Military Service, Law Enforcement and Emergency Services, Civilians onboard planes and trains, and those unsung heroes we don’t read about. You are all special and I love you back.

    But, self reliance IS required, especially when SHTF. No matter what the threat is against me, my family, or teammates, I cannot rely on a reactionary force to mitigate the situation fast enough. It may sound harsh, but after the fact, is always too late when one life is too many.

    My comments are made based on my personal experience.

    My parents are legal immigrants. My brothers and I are naturalized citizens, considered ethnic, and have seen our share of racism. We were raised with guns at a very young age and taught responsibility not just with firearms but with every moral aspect of life. My brothers and I learned to respect and appreciate God’s graces and not take things for granted.

    I’ve sworn oaths numerous times starting as a naturalized US Citizen I’m former 11B , and former ranking Police Officer. I’ve worked special crime suppression units most of my career and seen and been in some serious shit. I’ve attended countless debriefings and funerals. My wife is also former LE and we recently celebrated her 30th year of service.
    We both have debilitating injuries and have learned quite a bit of life’s lessons.

    Gun control doesn’t work. Gun control is not about guns, it’s about control.

    Good shall conquer evil. If it means shooting the devil in the face, so be it.✌

    • I think his sister was the primary target. All the rest was supposed to a cover up. I think his plan was to escape but was foiled by a rapid police response that he didn’t account.

      Most people don’t know that John Mohammed’s DC sniper attacks were actually supposed to be a cover for the murder of his ex-wife. She was just supposed to be a random victim. Killers study other killers to find inspiration.

  27. well look at that, the communist ( demokraps) got another idiot to do a shooting. as the supreme court is getting ready to hear the case with ny. I wonder what they promised this guy. I know they are behind these mass shootings. they just seem to happen at the right time. like I said before communist don’t mind killing some people to brainwash people into thinking guns are evil and communism is great. and now with their work with the NRA almost complete it should be easy to come and take your guns comrad. keep boycotting the NRA and don’t worry they will get around to the other evil pro gun organizations.


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