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Property maintenance man Zac sends his My EDC 2.0 to us via Everyday Carry.

He keeps things simple with his GLOCK 43 (hopefully carried in a holster), a sheeple-friendly Benchmade North Fork blade and an Olight H2R.

Coach wallets aren’t as pricey as I thought they would be.

Too often we ignore the sheeple-friendly aspect of blending in.  It can go a long way towards someone not “making” you as carrying a gun.  And if Zac’s doing property maintenance, in all likelihood, the tenants see a lot of him.

No doubt if it’s a sheeple-infested area, seeing fangs in the form of an aggressive-looking blade or a firearm printing through clothes will no doubt send some of the most unstable sheeple stampeding off a cliff.



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  1. Giving the benefit of the doubt on the holster, add a spare mag, which Glock provides with the purchase of a new pistol, and this EDC gets a nod.

    • Looks similar to my EDC. In addition to the main item, I have a mini Olight, small folding clip blade, and micro multi-tool. Just the essentials, and they don’t get in the way or lump in my pockets. I always wince at the pocket dumps that look like the owners are gearing for a three-day hike in the Badlands.

  2. WTH witn all the “sheeple/blending in” comments.

    Of you carry concealed, people dont notice.

    I dont think people can tell much about the knife by looking at the clip sticking out of a front or back pocket.

    I’d cut back on the drinking.

  3. What kinda stupid article is this. Why should we care. And why should we care what you think about it. Psh.

  4. As I have mentioned before to J.B.; Lay off the arrogance.
    J.B. has some form of superiority complex. And if you don’t remember, he is the one that brags about his “10 pound” EDC.
    Or quit drinking before you write a piece, and check you attitude before hitting the keyboard.

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