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courtesy ABC News

Courthouse Shooter was Scheduled for Assault Hearing

Four people shot including a LEO in Pennsylvania…

The gunman who opened fire at a Pennsylvania courthouse Wednesday afternoon was scheduled for a hearing on assault charges he received weeks ago, according to authorities.

Four people were shot at the municipal building that houses the Fayette County Magistrate Court in Masontown, Pennsylvania, a spokesperson for the Fayette County Emergency Management told ABC News.

The gunman entered the lobby shortly after 2 p.m. and began shooting with a handgun, said Lt. Steven Dowlin, station commander of the Pennsylvania Police Department’s Troop B, which handles Fayette County.


University of Nebraska at Kearney Police Now Armed After 44 Years Unarmed

Almost half a century without guns…about damn time . . .

After 44 years without carrying guns, the University of Nebraska at Kearney police now are armed.

On Aug. 27, eight of UNK’s full-time certified Nebraska police officers started carrying Glock .40-caliber weapons, said UNK Police Chief Jim Davis. It cost about $10,000 to equip officers with weapons and for training.

“Our students and our campus community will be safer with armed officers,” UNK spokeswoman Kelly Bartling said.

 The change was made, she said, after conversations with other police chiefs in the university system in an effort to align UNK police policies, procedures, standards and equipment with those peer agencies.
courtesy Denver Post
Well, it is election season, so there’s something they can do about it . . .

A conservative group that describes itself as “Colorado’s only no-compromise gun rights organization” is working to make sure a top Republican state representative loses his seat.

“We love election time,” Rocky Mountain Gun Owners posted on its Facebook page. “It’s when politicians are reminded that their votes have consequences.”

The group spent the weekend delivering flyers to voters in House District 37 that accused Rep. Cole Wist, R-Centennial, of “voting like a gun-grabbing Democrat” and urged people to vote against “Cole ‘The Mole’ Wist.”

The vote that started this campaign against the No. 2 House Republican came at the end of the 2018 legislative session. Wist co-sponsored a bill that gave judges the authority to issue extreme risk protection orders — allowing law enforcement to remove firearms from people determined to be a significant risk to themselves or others.

courtesy Breitbart

Gun-Control Supporter Tester Claims to Love Hunting but hasn’t had a Hunting License in Six Years

No Montana hunting license in six years? I’m thinking perhaps he doesn’t hunt . . .

On June 12, 2018, Breitbart News reported Jon Tester’s support of a gun control measure that would have expanded the prohibited persons list for the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

The measure failed because it portended a violation of due process rights by forcing forfeiture of Second Amendment rights on accusations rather than convictions via an incorporation of the terror watch list.

Ironically, the Orlando Pulse attacker was not on a terror watch list to begin with, so Feinstein’s push was simply gun control for the sake of gun control. But Tester supported it.

And according to Fox News, although Tester is campaigning on his love for hunting, he has not had a Montana hunting license in six years.

He put out a flier that said, “As we gear up for hunting season, Montanans know that hunting isn’t just a sport – it feeds our families, and it creates lifelong memories with our kids and grandkids. Montanans are lucky to have some of the best access, longest seasons and greatest hunting in the world.”


Thousands of Firearms Melted Down at Guangdong

Am I the only one who feels bad for the guns? . . .

More than 6,000 firearms have been destroyed by melting at the Shaoguan Steelworks in the northern part of Guangdong province after a ceremony in Guangzhou, the provincial capital, on Thursday.

Peng Hui, deputy director-general of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Public Security, said the centralized destruction of the 6,434 firearms demonstrated the police’s determination to fight against gun and related crimes in the southern province.

“Guangdong police have zero tolerance on gun and related crimes, and more special campaigns and operations will be launched to fight against the crimes in the months to come,” Peng said.

The weapons destroyed on Thursday were seized following the busting of major gun and related cases in the province in recent years, he added.

courtesy Sun Sentinel

Schools, Sheriff Accused of Concealing Information in Parkland Shooting

Non-compliance from Broward County? Say it isn’t so . . .

The parents of two children killed in February’s massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School say public agencies are subverting democracy by stonewalling them in their search for public records related to the case.

The agencies, including prosecutors, the school district and the Sheriff’s Office, are engaging in “an intentional pattern of noncompliance” with the state’s broad public records law, according to a petition filed in the Broward Circuit Court this week.

The legal action was filed by the parents of students Meadow Pollack and Carmen Schentrup, who died in the shooting spree.

The school board, Sheriff’s Office, State Attorney’s Office and Florida Highway Patrol have consistently and repeatedly blocked their efforts to obtain information, ignoring the public’s right to know that has been a part of state law since 1892, according to the victims’ families.

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  1. … extreme risk protection orders — allowing law enforcement to remove firearms from people determined to be a significant risk to themselves or others.

    Uh, no. Extreme risk protection orders empower police to disarm people based solely on unproven accusations. An unproven accusation is NOT “determined to be”.

    • Actually it would be a decent law if it did not become contorted into something you’ve described. The domestic violence law was at one time a good law , now it’s one of the easier gun grabs on the books. On a rant I go. A Misdemeanor lost guns For Life, a misdemeanor 6 to 8 months incarceration at most= lost guns for life.

      • The same is true for most gun laws and proposals. The laws are used as hammers to drive nails down. Loopholes exist that empower them.

  2. Cop with all of the ‘tats looks like a gang banger.
    Quite an unprofessional appearance.

    Melt down the guns…??? Many here in the USA would love to see that.

    • Is that a Punisher skull or something worse? Plus, that star. I’m not really into symbolism so I forget the meanings.

      He doesn’t look like a guy I would want to give a gun and a badge.

    • As a cop I agree. Not all agencies have the same policies regarding tattoos, and many are becoming more permissive.
      His tats are quite big, and the colors make it even more obvious. I don’t know him, he might be an excellent cop, and his tats are not affecting his performance, integrity, and judgment. However it may affect the perception part of the public has. At best it is a distraction.

      • The sheriff’s department in my county has a weekly Ten Most Wanted list in the paper and 8 to 10 have tats each week. Might be something in the cheap Chinese ink that encourages criminal behavior.

      • Damn sure says meathead to me. UNPROFESSIONAL and unacceptable.

        And if you want to talk to me private/”officer” take the damn shades off.

        To the original subject – why is that all the mall cops think they are John Rambo? Damn silly giving them a firearm to do whatever “Campus Security” does. They want carry a firearm join a real PD.

        • Some campuses are larger than medium sized towns. If you are a UT cop in Austin, which has 50,000 undergraduates, you’re spread over 2 counties, 3 municipalities, and you’re dealing with a very wide range of people, many armed, and many armed and drunk or on drugs. And about half of the people you are dealing with on campus aren’t students. You’re a real cop.

      • Not really. Believe it or not, not everyone likes tattoos. Unfortunately as a police officer who goes out and works with the public, you have to keep in mind that a certain image displays professionalism. A cop who looks like he just rolled out of bird and has a bird’s nest sticking in his hair is going to be viewed less favorably by the public at large than Officer CleanCut is. Thems the breaks, for better or worse.

        It is the same argument for not having officers look like they are walking the streets of Fallujah in full battle rattle. Image is part of that line of work.

        • The image I want cops to portray is quiet, professional, and polite. And with the ability to stomp a hole in you if required.
          That last part is just as important as the first.

          You are right, culture plays a big role. There are a lot of folks, like me, who will distrust Mr. Clean Cut on sight, but may not on someone who has some ink exposed.

          I’ve never understood the “tattoos are unprofessional” thing, but that’s probably because I grew up in a culture where men had tattoos, and I still work with a lot of professional, successful people, and most of them have tattoos. I’ve had some of mine for about 25 years now.

        • I didn’t say it was right or wrong, just was. I personally don’t really care if they have tattoos or not. Body language and manners are much more noticeable to me as an indicator of professionalism and ability. Unfortunately, some people have this idea that all cops need to be either Barney Fife, or Sheriff Andy Taylor. Anything else is somehow unnatural.

    • “Cop with all of the ‘tats looks like a gang banger.
      Quite an unprofessional appearance.”

      Entirely your opinion.
      90% of the defense contractors I work with everyday, have visible ink. They are highly professional and many have backgrounds as law enforcement officers. A bias against tattoos is how you perceive and feel about them and has nothing to do with their professionalism.

      • Blah blah blah. If my aunt had a pecker she would be my uncle.

        It’s unprofessional. AND a minimum indicator of a dumbass mindset – “I’ll be a nonconformist by conforming to stupid”. As your grandma would put it “would you jump off a bridge because everyone else was do it”. A rebel without a clue.

        AND too damn stupid/shortsighted to see that, when you’re no longer 21, it no longer going to be AT ALL “cool”.

        • You don’t see the contradiction in your statements do you.

          It is the standard, common appearance in that profession. It is often the appearance of the highest performing members of that profession. It is professional. It might even be the new model of professional.

        • “It might even be the new model of professional”

          Yeah no, it’s the old model of trash (I’m talking big obvious in your face prison-style tats like the mall cop has in the pic above).

      • Neither does a beard or long hair, but law enforcement agencies have had bans on them(except for undercover work) for years. If you want your tats to show, get a job where it doesn’t look bad to customers/public.

        Obvious steroid use by police officers is also a tell – it shows his/her contempt for normal values – cops with attitudes(such as militarization of their departments are NOT what the public should see when they see them.

        • “get a job where it doesn’t look bad to customers/public”

          To most of his customers, Mr. Clean Cut is likely what looks bad. Departments aren’t that much dumber than you, and they probably know their customers better than you. People who cant’ deal with their customers won’t last, and the department will hire people that can. That’s why you are seeing so many officers with ink, it’s what their customers look like and what they want to see.

  3. I know this has nothing to do with anything posted here, but, what happens to all of the guns of old? The millions of flintlocks and old muskets. The millions of firearms produced long ago. Where do they end up? I have always wondered that. The Vickers used in WW1 or the BARs of WW2. What happens to these weapons?

    • Seized from civilians by the European governments and melted down during WWI and WWII to make new ships, planes, tanks, and guns. And all of the guns of WWI and WWII that don’t show up at American gunshows or were melted down are locked away in forgotten Siberian warehouses or rusting away in Africa or Southeast Asia.

    • Some end up in museums and private collections. Some were sold to war zones and resold to other war zones until they break. Many were scraped or dumped at sea. Many others were warehoused to arm the survivors of the next world war.

      • I was waiting for “dumped at sea”. If you’re looking for leftover small arms from either of the world wars the bottom of the Atlantic is the place to go. The main reason the market isn’t flooded with these arms is that the bulk of them were supplied to Neptune.

  4. “Chick was in a bad mood” so sez the newz about the Maryland murders…no comment about Colorado Rinos. Couldn’t be worse than Illinois POS RINO scum…

  5. I don’t know UNK’s full reasoning but during my first stint in higher education the school I attended had unarmed “security” when I started and armed cops by the time I left.

    They got armed cops to deal with the armed criminals coming on to campus and because of Virginia Tech. The original reason for “security” was because they originally had armed security but in the early 1990’s a cop/security guard got into a gunfight with an armed criminal and a stray round from the security/cops gun hit a student in the head and killed them resulting in the university getting rid of guns.

    So that whole idea swings back and forth depending on the school/circumstances.

    As for Mr. Wist, it’s Centennial. I am hardly surprised that he’s anti gun.

    • I wouldn’t trust university cops with guns. When I was at Case Western there were two incidents where school cops forgot their guns in the bathroom, and the police chief was a gungrabbing jerkwad who said “campus carry would send the wrong message to the community [of ghetto gangsters, muggers, and rapists].” They should be disarmed and beholden to the local police. They only maintained a force of 6 armed “real” cops after the big shooting/hostage situation in 2003, and 2/6 left their GLAWKs in the bathroom? Come on…

      Also there was an incident where one of the cops stole a couple computers.

      • Well “when I went to college” back in the early 80s is was clearly understood that “campus security” were mall cops. Main duty was to check that doors were locked, transgressor were chased out of the steam tunnels, and wrote tickets for parking your motorcycle in unapproved areas. Call the “real cops” or FD is there was an actual incident. Same as down at the local shopping mall.

        Mall cops don’t like it when no one takes them serious. Get a real job (or become a cop).

  6. That’s a funny photo before the gun melt.
    They are melting the gats while being overlooked in the photo of military/police with guns.

    • Elicited a 2x look c…. I thought ,”gee add a couple more guys hosting the flag of the United States of America on top a pile of rocks/ \ ironicatbest ain’t it.

    • Umm “Guangdong province” is Southern Chicomland. You’re shocked that the commies don’t approve of private gun possession?

      New Fed law. Any firearms turned in to the popo in any part of the US will be airdropped into Chicomland. At the expense of the State which seized the gun. With 100rd of fresh ammo.

  7. The UNK has went forty years without having firearms, let’s hope they can go another forty with out having to use the ones they have acquired.

  8. Deep State to all…All infringements….”ERPOs/STOP/RED FLAG LAWS” Are all cleverly designed to circumvent the US Constitutional-Bill of Rights, period…Any Questions, see “China’s-crime fighting methods!” lol! Everything I see now a days is targeted at diminishing a U.S. Citizens Constitutional Rights…Eventually, you think YOU’LL are in China! *(P.S. Fight The Future!)*

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