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Outdoor writer Jack Ballard has launched a campaign for the Democratic nomination for US Senate seat in Montana. In an interview with Tom Gresham on Sunday, Ballard indicated his support for Democrat-backed gun control measures like magazine capacity limits and more. In other words, outdoor writer Jack Ballard has outed himself as a virulent Fudd.

Fudd, as defined in the Urban Dictionary:

Slang term for a “casual” gun owner; eg; a person who typically only owns guns for hunting or shotgun sports and does not truly believe in the true premise of the second amendment. These people also generally treat owners/users of so called “non sporting” firearms like handguns or semiautomatic rifles with unwarranted scorn or contempt.

Listening to Ballard shuck and jive on the gun control question (it starts at about 25:20) provides a lot of entertainment. He claims there’s a big difference between western Democrats and coastal Democrats.

Gresham redirects him from what Democrats used to be — forty or fifty years ago — to today’s Democrat party and its platform to ban certain types of firearms and take them away from gun owners.

The GunTalk host asks Ballard how he plans to convince Montana gun owners that he will tell Democrat leaders to pound sand when they want to pass more gun control legislation.

Outdoor writer and confirmed Fudd, Jack Ballard. Image via

Ballard makes it pretty clear that won’t happen if he’s elected.

Resorting to a typical talking point, Ballard claims he’s hearing from fellow Fudds who who tell him that “we need to have a conversation” on guns and gun control in this country. Gresham pressed him on that, saying that all he hears from Democrats is “we want to take your guns away.”

At that point Ballard came out in support for banning private firearm transfers of guns (at about 29:00 minutes) and for magazine (which Ballard repeatedly calls clips) capacity limits, too.

Gresham didn’t let Ballard weasel his way out of straightforward questions and Ballard squirmed. He claimed that universal background checks only cover the sale of guns…even though the laws, as written, prevent owners from lending guns to others, even family members.

To his credit, Gresham aggressively called Ballard’s out on either his ignorance of UBC laws, or his willfully claiming that they don’t cover what they do. Ballard almost lost his cool, raising his voice trying to spin his way out of answering the GunTalk guru’s sharp questioning.

From there, the conversation turns to mag bans (at about 33:00). “In relation to magazine capacity,” Ballard begins.  “What I’m hearing from people is,” Ballard says (for about the third time).  “If we reduce magazine capacity and that reduced the body count in those mass shootings, is that more [unintelligible].”

“What’s the right number for a magazine?” Gresham immediately presses him.

“In relation to legitimate purposes for using a firearm, recreational shooting, hunting, personal defense, if you can’t gonna get it done in 10, you ain’t gonna get it done in 30,” Ballard says.

“OK, would you also apply that to police?” Gresham asks.

Of course, Ballard says no.

Gresham then framed it in terms of his daughter – or Ballard’s – facing more than one attacker and needing that 11th round.

Ballard only repeated his talking point that if you can’t get it done in ten rounds, you’re not going to get it done in eleven. Even if it’s his own daughter.

Ballard has just joined the Board of Directors of the Outdoor Writers Association of America. According to the OWAA website:

Ballard, a 21-year-member of OWAA, has two previous terms on the board and one as OWAA’s treasurer. He currently serves as an Endowment Trustee for the organization.

With so-called “friends” like Jack Ballard, who needs the Brady Campaign? It appears that the noted outdoor writer may have Zumbo’d himself.

What’s a Zumbo?

From the Miami Herald, circa 2007:

Noted outdoors writer in freefall from legend to pariah

In what might be considered the fastest career collapse in history, Jim Zumbo – for decades one of the nation’s most visible outdoor writers and broadcasters – has lost everything in a matter of only a few days.

Zumbo lives near Cody, Wyo., and has long been hunting editor of Outdoor Life magazine. He also has (had) a TV show and has been published in countless outdoors publications. Most of his writings have been on hunting, and he has long been considered a standard-bearer for all things dear to the sport.

All of which is gone now – permanently, it would seem – because of a few paragraphs he posted on his Outdoor Life blog on Feb. 16.

That day, Zumbo had been shooting prairie dogs with various Remington employees (“executives,” by one report), and one of their guides had mentioned in passing that an increasing number of hunters were using assault-style weapons, particularly for prairie dog shooting.

This amazed Zumbo, who, that evening – tired from the day’s outing, he later said – quickly updated his blog.

“Sorry, folks,” he wrote, “in my humble opinion, these things have no place in hunting. We don’t need to be lumped into the group of people who terrorize the world with them, which is an obvious concern. I’ve always been comfortable with the statement that hunters don’t use assault rifles. We’ve always been proud of our sporting firearms.”

Zumbo issued an apology shortly thereafter. But to no avail.

Only days later he was fired by Outdoor Life (he wrote his first story for the magazine in 1962); excommunicated, in effect, by the National Rifle Association (according to his website, he had appeared promotionally with NRA officials in 40 cities); and disassociated from his TV show by Remington and Mossy Oak, among other advertisers.

The TV show, on the Outdoor Channel, has not been broadcast since…

The Gresham interview looks like a full-on self-Zumbo’ing. Time will tell if the People of the Gun feel the same way.


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    • You know why I “need” my hi-cap 25-round Glock mag?

      Because it’s in my nightstand Glock. The one I have next to me every night just in case. If I hear a definitive sound in the middle of the night that informs me an intruder is attempting to enter my home, I will have my phone in my support hand so I can remain in contact with 911 throughout the entire incident. My firing-side hand will have the Glock, a light source (mounted weapon light), and plenty of ammo so I don’t need to reload during a firefight. This way, I have all I need in both hands, without the need to put anything down.

      You know why we got the wonderful pro-2A ruling from Judge Benitez earlier this year removing capacity restrictions in California? The Judge specifically mentioned a single mother who encountered this exact scenario, and had a phone in one hand while holding her handgun outfitted with a factory capacity mag in the other. The Judge mentioned her inability to swap out to another mag if she needed more than 10 rounds – plus the fact that she didn’t have any extra mags anyhow due to the fact that it was the middle of the night and she was in her pajamas.

      Gawd, why do I have to explain this???

      • Montana just voted down red flag laws. We get that our elected officials have tangents but that doesn’t mean we have to agree with everything they stand for even if we voted for them.

        Trump visited Montana four times in support of a republican challenger to our democrat senator and the dem still won. That’s why trump hates Montana now.

        And Danes, the other MT senator got thrown under the bus by trump a couple weeks ago. Danes was doing backflips in support of trump and the send her back chants. Trump dissed the chants and left Danes swing in the wind looking like the hollow suit he is.

        • Apology not accepted Bob. Trump may be a @#$%, that doesn’t excuse electing Chuck Shumer (because that is who your really voted for, not Tester) Democrats are vile, putrid anti-Liberty filth and so are those that support them. Whining about Republicans (many) short coming doesn’t absolve you of your crimes.

          I expect better from Montana than your d-bag Gov and John “I’m so stupid I ground up my own fingers” Tester.

      • I NEED my high capacity magazines and assault rifles becase MY GOVERNMENT HAS THEM. That is the why of the Second Amendment……not for hunting, paper punching, or even home self defense……for defense against my tyrannical government with assault. No “sporting purposes” qualification in my copy of the Second Amenement.

      • Well, according to this fellow (who’s apparently some kind of expert), if you use your allotted 10 rounds, and the bad guy(s) is still a threat, you might as well use that 11th round on yourself.

    • There’s lots of things us Democrats in Montana like. Guns, not to so much. Covering up sexual harassment by prominent staffers, we like that. We also like sheep. All kinds of soft, furry, sheep. Any man who hates guns, disrespects women, and can knock back a Hamm’s “dirty thirty” in under an hour is my kind of man.

  1. Either you are a Patriot or you are just a damned Traitor !!!!! You are one or the other, there is no gray area!

    • Self proclaimed patriots always seem to be traitors at heart, ready to attack fellow Americans over a personal black and white standard.

      ‘Merica! You agree with me or you die. Even if I don’t know what the hell the fourth amendment says.

      • What is this crap you’re spewing, Caliper?

        I’m an American Patriot, and I boldly say it. And I know all the first 10 Amendments.

      • self proclaimed patriots fought to establish this country and were considered terrorists by tyrants like king george III. So how exactly in your vast knowledge of political history is fighting government avoidable? Ever. Patriots don’t infringe upon others rights… other people infringe upon patriots trying to keep their rights and fight the government from taking them. It’s pretty straightforward. Your 1st amendment right give you the right to say dumb shit, doesn’t mean you do anything other than say dumb shit. Our 2nd gives us the right to defend all your rights, including saying dumb shit about those willing to fight for them. So… talk is cheap, what have you done besides complain? Do you think the 4th will exist once they scrub the 2nd to a meer pellet gun ownership compared to those “in charge” or those enforcing law’s actual ability to own WMD’s (I’ll keep it simple, because compared to FUDD guns, that’s what everything else is).

  2. Hunters need to wake-up to the fact that the tiger will eat you last; but, nevertheless, he will eat you.

    Suicides – almost entirely by members of gun-owning families – constitute 2/3’rds of gunshot deaths. A single-shot rifle or pistol suffices for this purpose. 85% of suicide attempts by firearms are successful. If you need to reload the problem is to be traced to marksmanship.

    Homicides are mostly 1-on-1 or 1-on-a-few scenarios. A single-shot rifle or shotgun will serve the purpose. A simple hacksaw will reduce the overall length for concealability.

    Securing-a-free state – the most difficult gun part to fabricate is a rifled barrel. A home craftsman can do it; but not in volume. The statests are most concerned about the unwashed masses rising up and resuming control over their government. If the elites won’t let us have AR-15s why would they let us have single-shot rifles? Do they think that we will be unable to mill repeating actions and remount rifled barrels to serviceable military weapons?

    You may be content to see bans on firearm types you have no use for. Nevertheless, your unwillingness to maintain ranks with other gun owners will divide us and we will be conquered.

  3. This guy is a great example why there is such a difference between city gun owners and rural gun owners.
    I assume there aren’t many two legged predators where he lives. Hunters say you don’t need a handgun. “I only use long guns”. “What’s a hand gun for?”
    A hand gun is better and faster indoors than a long gun. 12 gage long gun? How about 410 double 00 buck shot to the face from a Judge revolver handgun? Only requires one hand for operation.

    This is why the NRA has never gone about 5 or 6 million members. They don’t care about city gun owners. Black Guns Matter the JPFO and Pink Pistols mostly cater to city dwellers. Because most of their members live in cities or suburbs.

    • Lots of democrats in rural Wisconsin think one rifle is all you need. They don’t believe the coastal democrats are going to take anything away.

      • I guess they think a Red Flag law won’t really hurt them? The hand of the gun grabber will reach “Forward” far across into rural Wisconsin. Black Helicopters???

    • No, he is an example of people who think the 2A is only about hunting, and those who understand what it really is about.

    • I disagree that a handgun is better indoors. If four thugs kick my door open at 3 AM, I’m not reaching for a fucking pistol, I’m reaching for my AR15. Handguns suck in terms of stopping power. We carry them out and about due to convenience, not effectiveness. Of course you are free to use whatever you want but don’t spout such ignorance regarding handgun efficacy.

  4. some of the so-called sports writers are demoncrap plants put there to quietly give their talks and interview the leftist prone shooters and get their point of view as” leading shooters”.in their shows. most of these are marginal shooters, using daddy’s gun or some old pick-up from a pawn shop. they have never really excelled in any shooting match or turkey-shoot. THESE ARE REAL FENCE-RIDERS AND WHEN INTERVIEWED, WILL GIVE A “DEFINATE MAYBE” ON ANY REAL GUN LAW SUBJECT.

    • Correct. Unfortunately, Operation Mockingbird is not only alive and well, it is as multifaceted as it is insidious.

  5. My “conversation” on gun control begins and ends with two words. One of which is not “merry” and the other not “Christmas.”

    • Whenever someone says you need to “have a conversation” about something it usually means that they think they hold the moral imperative and you are expected to agree with them.

        • I noticed last week that Starbux has issued a new official uniform shirt for their employees to wear if they choose. It has text emblazoned on the back in rainbow colors, which is a quote from Lady Gaga (paraphrased)”

          “Don’t let anyone tell you who you can be. Just be the person you were born to be”
          – Lady Gaga

          Of course, this means any type of person she herself agrees with and wants to promote, particularly LGTBQ+. If I say I was born a white heterosexual male and wired for an innate belief in a Creator who didn’t design the human body for homosexual procreation (which is why they must recruit), then of course she doesn’t mean me.

          TTAG, why am I being asked to go through a Captcha filter again? I comment on this site pretty much every day, multiple times, from the same computer and IP address.

      • It’s parentalism. They (the parents) figure us (the children) need to have a talking to.

        When leftists say to me that we need to have a conversation, I tell them, “No. Yours will be one-sided so I am unnecessary.” Either that or , “Go fuck yourself.” Both work equally well.

  6. The Second Amendment was written to enable the People to own, to possess, to carry weapons of war. Every other use of firearms naturally rides along with that as you cannot do the one without the other existing.

    It also states the obvious need for training the use of arms and military action. As in a State Militia. Which I’d say we’ve fallen very short of. That’s the “well regulated” part of it. I’d certainly like to see the States do a better job with this.

    Our weakness in the one part does not negate the necessity of the other.

    • “A well regulated militia” does not mean “State Militia”. It is more like rounding up a posse of men that are known to each other and have been hunting and shooting together for years. Strictly volunteer and working together(like Neighborhood Watch) to make their town or area safe from bad guys or wild critters.

        • Back in the day, well regulated meant well trained, a critical activity when men fought in shoulder to shoulder formation, marched, pivoted, fired, and reloaded on command. Coordination was critical, and drilling a necessary activity. Several states had mandatory training after church on Sundays, and every able bodies man was required by law to maintain a particular kit of musket, powder and ball if they were called out. Today, not so much–like never.

        • Mark N. Not according to Alexander Hamilton. He wrote:
          “A tolerable expertness in military movements is a business that requires time and practice. It is not a day, or even a week, that will suffice for the attainment of it. To oblige the great body of the yeomanry, and of the other classes of the citizens, to be under arms for the purpose of going through military exercises and evolutions, as often as might be necessary to acquire the degree of perfection which would entitle them to the character of a well-regulated militia, would be a real grievance to the people, and a serious public inconvenience and loss. It would form an annual deduction from the productive labor of the country, to an amount which, calculating upon the present numbers of the people, would not fall far short of the whole expense of the civil establishments of all the States. To attempt a thing which would abridge the mass of labor and industry to so considerable an extent, would be unwise: and the experiment, if made, could not succeed, because it would not long be endured. Little more can reasonably be aimed at, with respect to the people at large, than to have them properly armed and equipped; and in order to see that this be not neglected, it will be necessary to assemble them once or twice in the course of a year.” -Alexander Hamilton, Federalist 29, Thursday, January 10, 1788
          On this I’d have to agree with Mr. Hamilton (although I disagree with almost all of the things he writes that have to do with money, finances, and banking). In the practical sense, little more can be done but to have the militia properly armed and equipped. If interested in the subject of the creation of the US government, there is no substitute for the reading of the Constitution’s explanatory documents. Verbose they might be, but after reading them, all the past layers of lies and falsifications just show up glaringly.

      • all able-bodied members of the citizenry…who have arms or are capable of bearing them…comprise the “militia”….the national guard is part of the army…the federal army…as has been demonstrated many times in the past…

  7. someone needs to point out to this fudd doofus that *several* mass shootings have been done with ten round magazines… in a couple cases *on purpose*, i.e. recently and in states where 30 round mages were *more readily available* than the number of ten round mags the shooters used.

  8. Whenever I hear “I’m hearing from people” and “the 2nd Amendment community” I’d like to know who they are and why nobody asked me what I thought.

    I’m “hearing from people” in “the 2nd Amendment community” that these Fudds can go fudd themselves.

    • I think that when someone says “all those white supremacists”. I don’t know any. I don’t know anybody who know any. I don’t know anybody, who knows anybody, who knows anybody who knows one. Same for KKK people. I heard there are 8 KKK members in the country. That’s probably true. They’re probably all over 65, too. I’m more worried about the Epstein people. No child is save around them, of any color.

      • The media said Klan membership was on the rise because:
        Reagan emboldened them
        Bush emboldened them
        Clinton angered them
        Bush emboldened them
        Obama angered them
        and now Trump emboldens them

        According to media hysterics the white supremacist groups should be bigger than ever. Making up nearly every white person, and several racial crossovers, alive. Either they are very good on keeping it on the D L or the media is making shit up for views and politics. Like when they terrorized the nation over Satanic Panic and 8 guys LARPing in Michigan as some sort of power coup.

    • What I’m hearing from people is that everything they see, hear, and read in the mainstream media is just made up crapola. Pure fiction, lacking even the slightest connection to reality.
      It’s pretty easy (and more profitable) to just reword; “I want…”, into; “some anonymous ‘other’ (not me!) wants…”
      Or just make boasts (under oath!) in front of a Senate Committee that was made up out of whole cloth. Knowing that there is no punishment for perjury any more, why NOT just make up whatever pops into their pill-crazed heads? It’s pretty much par for the course in the US now.

    • They are projecting their own thoughts on an imaginary group to self-validate. It also serves to elicit agreement, or at least weaken resolve, in the target because people are reluctant to go against what they perceive as “their group.”

    • Amen brother. Not once in the 18 years since becoming of legal voting age have I, or any other gun owners I know, ever been polled asking if I support any kind of gun restriction. And yet they claim 47% of the population does. Must all be MSBNC watchers. Surprising there is any diversity at all in that demographic.

  9. Hopefully Montanans will let this socialist-Fudd have a “conversation” solely with himself where he can do no damage to the Constitution.

  10. While his interview was pretty lame (“If you can’t do it with 10, you can’t do it.”), the Marine chopper pilot working with Brady was much worse.

    Maybe Jack will get into the Senate and maybe not. This woman is actively working nationwide to diminish gun rights and using, deliberately or not, her veteran credentials to sway people that she has knowledge about guns that the average person doesn’t. After hearing her speak, I believe that I know more than she does. Sad.

  11. He should be made to prove he has recently read the Constitution. So many politicians mis-quote it I wonder if they have read it since middle school Civics class. I was 9 the first time I remember reading it. That was 63 years ago and I still carry a self-notated copy in my hip pocket.

  12. Montana used to be one of those great states to live in. In another time, it was pro-gun, the government-please-leave-us-alone kind of state. Not anymore. I do not want to hear it from others here, but yes, Californians (and not the good kind, as I know there are a few of them) started moving there to Montana about 30 years ago, and they have completely wrecked, trashed, destroyed that state, sad to say. One can only hope that there are enough Montana old timers still there to tell Ballard to pound sand. At least the ones who have not fled and gone elsewhere. Old Timers who remember how nice Montana was before left-wing liberals like Ballard came along to tell them (and everyone else) what rights they were “allowed” because he said so.

    • I’m a CA resident and gun owner. I’ve had this argument with the ‘just movers’ for years now. What is happening in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Montana and more states is what I’ve been saying forever.

      You can run from CA. But it will catch up to you. The real secret to breaking gun control in the US is to break the lefts hold on CA.

      But folks would rather walter mitty about CW2 and the break up of the US. It ain’t happening.

      • THANK YOU JWM!!

        I’ve only been saying this for years, and several times here on TTAG. I’m really tired of the ‘CA blue virus’ excuse we keep hearing from our supposed 2A brethren outside this state.

        To all you non-Californians, if you truly believe that CA is a source of anti-gun nonsense (and it is), then support us as we fight the onslaught at its source. If you turn a blind eye to it, don’t complain if we’re undermanned and politically outnumbered to handle it all by ourselves.

        • I get the same BS in Cook co., ILL. So many retarded “facts”about how things are here. Even from Boch…😫

        • I’m in a neighbor county to cook county. Cheaper than dirt, magpul and a few other will not ship me standard capacity mags because of it. I am in a county where I can own them but it’s to much hassle or something for them to be sure.

        • How you going to fight the complete control the democommies have in commiefornia? the 2 or 3 republocraps that are elected have no way to override the commies, even if they were actually inclined to do so, and are not just out for themselves. The mass illegal aliens who are being given the vote by the commies seem to override your trying to do anything. Same with the judicial clowns. They almost always do the opposite of the Constitution that is supposed to be the supreme law of the land, and nothing ever happens to them either. So in the parlance of the 4 boxes — aint no one listening to your soap box, that ballot box is stuffed against you, the jury box is presided over by clowns that do not follow the law of the land, so what are you left with? that fourth box – aint no one started to use that one yet

      • Indeed, it is going to spread. Speaking and acting on feelings is more difficult than logic and rational thought. Being responsible for one’s own self is more difficult than off-loading it to the group. For the masses, feelings and being unhealthily dependent upon others is the natural tendency. Each generation will shift more and more away from thinking and acting for themselves. This is further exacerbated by public school indoctrination, social/mainstream media psychological engineering, erosion of moral foundations, and weaker/ineffective parenting.

        These are some of the several reasons why the long game favors tyranny. It doesn’t matter what age of Mankind. This is the natural gradient between liberty and tyranny from antiquity to now and beyond. Without the individual’s eternal vigilance and the desire to fight for the exercise of rights, tyranny wins.

    • It’s really only Missoula, and the California Triangle, from Kalispell-Colombia Falls-Whitefish that they’ve destroyed, not the whole State. Plus Helena, OFC, but that’s every State Capitol. Naturally, Capitals are full of Statists. Everyone in a Capital works for the government, so naturally, they think and do whatever the government says to think and do. Their do-nothing-but-attend-meetings lifestyle requires it…

      • Doesn’t the MT Legislature meet only every other year?

        If true, imagine how much damage could be averted in CA if Sacramento were closed every other year.

        • Correct.
          They only meet once every other year. And since they ended their session earlier this year, I don’t have to worry about them until 2021.

      • Knute(ken), you’re missing Butte (which votes D because of the unions) and ‘BOZE-Angeles’. There are other areas too that are heavy D voters….

        • I was discussing the takeover of Montana by Californians specifically, and not just democrips in general. In my view, both parties (and the smaller ones too…) have been bought and paid for by the same few elites, so “D”s and “R”s after a name no longer mean anything to me. Whatever letter a politician has after their name, to me it only means “Trademark of ___________(fill in the blank) Corporation”. Witness all the rebloodlicans that vote right along with the democrips, just as their masters instruct them to.
          Just notice the ‘support’ that Trump gets from the “R”s. Is it “slim” or is it “none”? They sure didn’t rubber stamp his first two years like happened with Obomba and the Skull and Boners Bushes did they? Nope. The master ordered and they obeyed. ALL of them. The last non-bought politician in the US was likely Jim Trafficant, and what happened to him shows why no one else has the cajones to do what he did.
          They hassled him every day of his 2 decades in DC, never let him on one single committee, even when he was vastly senior to others, and finally railroaded him into federal prison based on secret testimony that has NEVER had a date set to release. Even the JFK documents will be released someday, after all the guilty are long dead, but not the Trafficant documents.

    • The majority of the people in the eastern parts still believe in gun rights. Unfortunately we are agricultural with a low population.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      What Joe said x 1,000!

      Montana is slowly turning (if not already) into the ‘Left Coast States’ / Colorado. Trump won in 2016 in MT because of the ‘Anybody-But-Hillary’ vote. Not sure how 2020 will play out for him in Montana.

      As for the 3 other major races in Montana (senator, representative [there’s only 1], governor)…..unless the Democrats put up total train wrecks of candidates in the general election…2, if not all 3, will go to the D’s…..(hope I’m wrong).

      Gianforte will probably get the R nomination for governor because he has the $$$ but lose in the general election because of the baggage he’s carrying.

      Daines isn’t the most liked but could win because he’s the incumbent.

      With the representative race being open, the odds are for the Democrats.

      Quite sad what my home state has turned into. ID, WY, ND, & SD look to be nicer places to live as the years go by.

  13. Ballard is a political nobody in Montana. If he makes it out of the primary- and that’s a big if – he’s running against Senator Steve Daines, a popular Republican incumbent. The only reason Ballard has thrown his name in the hat for Senate is because Governor Steve Bullock, a Democrat who will be termed-limited out of the Governor’s office in 2020, has decided to run for U.S. President instead of running for the Senate seat against Daines.

    Not worthy of a vote from any real LEGAL LAW-ABIDING AMERICAN CITIZEN.

  15. I hate that we have to rely on spineless Republicans to support the Bill of Rights. I have sent three emails so far this month to my Senators in DC including the one GOA put together that went to all of the Republican Senators.

    Put some effort and some money into this fight, or we will be looking at the loss of basic Constitutional guarantees.

  16. I wonder how many outdoor writers like this Jack Ballard are really anti-gun hacks. They make their living off of gun owners but they really Harbor anti-gun attitudes and beliefs. It just makes me sick.

    Many of the writers for guns and ammo and shotgun news and all those magazines could care less about gun rights too. Even worse, many are like Jorge Amselle.

    This guy needs to lose this election badly. I hope it cost him a bundle too.

  17. “OK, would you also apply that to police?” Gresham asks.

    Excellent question. Any restriction placed on the citizens would have to be placed on the police since we don’t live in a police state. That also includes body armor by the way. I’d love to see them take that from the police.

  18. He had been spouting 2A non equality based on a person’s firearm preference. Fully out in the open now and ostasized by the majority of the gun owning public: he now runs for political office in order to tear down the 2A. There are few clearer examples of my guns are okay but your guns are evil and must be banned. Dems can have him but odds are the States population will rightfull reject him.


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