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“Looks like Amax bullets,” TTAG tipster TP observes. “Tough to be accurate with the Barrett. I’ll take my McMillan over it all day long.” I’ll say this about that: regardless of the gun or ammo, shooting the cork off of a bottle of expensive champagne without harming the surrounding glass is an impressive feat. Pouring a portion of the bodacious bubbly onto the desert floor, less so. Not to mention all the other bottles sacrificed for this demonstration. Still, you have to do something dramatic when you set gunfire to NFL Films background music. From all of us to all of you, have a happy and a healthy 2015.

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  1. Wow, this year of defending our 2A rights has gone by so fast. Happy new year to every one at TTAG and everyone who supports them!
    It seems like just yesterday it was still 2014…

  2. May the new year bring us all health, as well as victories in the nation’s debate over the 2nd A we all here hold so dear. May your powder stay dry and your aim remain true. Bang bang. Moleon labe.

  3. May 2015 bring national reciprocity, a few modifactions to the NFA, Holder’s arrest for high treason, and 5c/round across the board.

    One can hope :p

  4. I had 10 Baby Boomer exploding targets left over from Independence Day that I didn’t shoot due to police activity in the area…of my driveway.
    Well, I dispensed with those targets last night using my 9mm and my .556. I now know how flash bang grenades work to disorient people in a dark room. Man! Those little targets are bright. Takes a minute for my eyes to recover for the next shot.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Happy New Year and Good shooting to all!
    Now …Anyone notice what the bullets do after they hit the bottle? The last shot is the most telling. You have to be quick enough to stop the video but you can see the bullet is tilted up at maybe 10 degrees. It is interesting how just a cork can do this … and people wonder why they miss Deer, Elk and other large game at relatively short range.

    • I remember a detective story of a boy who was killed by a gunshot as he sat in an archery section of a building at a range. The building was downrange behind the backstop. A woman fired a 1911 and the recoil caused a second high shot. The bullet grazed an overhead wooden structure, pierced the metal wall of a storage room, deflected off acoustic ceiling tile, penetrated drywall and entered the boy’s chest, killing him.

      • Are you sure that’s a detective story? There was an actual accidental death (accidental not negligent imo) of a teenaged boy at a range that played out exactly like that. The article was somewhat slanted as you would expect and laid the blame on the pistol shooter that had modified his gun for competition this allowing it to fire two rounds sequentially. The actual fault lies with the layout of the range obviously, as there was a potential path from the pistol range firing line to the building where the boy was. It was inevitable that a pulley would find that trajectory and tragic that someone was there when it happened.

  6. I cannot help but wonder if they hand loaded their ammunition to subsonic for this demonstration … still great fun to watch nevertheless!

  7. “Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering ‘it will be happier.”


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