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Clued-in members of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia know that Texas isn’t America’s most gun-friendly state. Arizona, for example, has Constitutional Carry – no permit required. Texas doesn’t “allow” openly carried handguns, and will probably only do so for permitted citizens come September. Regardless, foreigners still associate American gun-slinging with The Lone Star State. So when Britain’s clocked a photo essay on pistol-packing Texas women, they ignored the trigger discipline issues in some of the images (flagged, as always, by our commentators) and went ape sh*t on general principle . . .

Dressed to kill: Texas women who take their guns EVERYWHERE – and they all insist they won’t hesitate to open fire in self defense the headline proclaims.

(courtesy Shelley Calton)


I wonder if some Daily Mail readers look at these images, longing for a return of their gun rights. Or it they’ve drunk so much disarmament-flavored Kool-Aid that they shake their heads in condescending disbelief. [h/t OneIfByLand]

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    • I’ve been henpecked half to death by some dirty hippy girl who swore batgirl and supergirl were symbols of male oppression because they were “not original.”. I then asked her about Alice from the resident evil flicks, and she complained how she uses guns, like MEN!!! They fear strong women when they’re actually, you know, strong. (p.s., although she did love “Xena,” for some reason…)

      • They like Xena because she doesn’t use guns, beats up men, and eventually becomes a lesbian.

        Same reason those types of people like Willow in Buffy so much.

        I personally like both the above characters, but their sexuality and how “progressive” they are has absolutely nothing to do with it.

        • Yup.

          I thought the writing for that romantic ending was bad. I also though the writing for the Aang Katara ending was bad (although I liked the rest of the first series).

          But I’ve seen people say the same and get shouted down for being homophobic. :/

        • Tampons are fine with a Zombie camo-color scheme. Plain white tampons…..not so much. I heard though the plastic applicator can be sharpened and used to stab zombies in the head. I found this out when Z Nation was at the golf course a few blocks away from me here in Spokane Valley.

      • Xena is a HUGE lesbian icon and the actress, Lucy Lawless, is a tireless spokeswoman for lesbians because she knows where the audience is.

      • Well, someone else has already hit it. They don’t love women who are strong in reality, like a woman who realizes she is not the physical equal of most men and has the inner strength to arm herself against that physical threat. They like fantasy strong women, who fling musclebound male hulks around like confetti. The only real women they like are government-dependent losers in the mold of “Julia” –like Sandra Fluke.

    • When women carry I think it’s how. My wife carries and I think it is a sure sign she is strong. She is smart enough to realize the world is messed up and defense is not a bad idea.

  1. It can be considered predictable, really. Their culture makes fun of our armed women, as much as we observe how much England is not.

    I know which country I’m glad to be in. Hope your tea and biscuits can stop bullets during the next riot Londoners.

    • But don’t plan on it helping you if you come here looking for trouble. Our women can kick your whole country’s ass.

    • I made a decision a while ago that I wanted to be a partner that wanted me, not needed me. Those women appeal to me as strong, sexy, empowered women because they can take the responsibility for their own self-protection. Their (Daily Mail reader) comments seemed to be those of mouth-breathers (hurr, hurr, she needs a gun to get a man, hurr hurr) and hoplophobes.

  2. They have drunk the Kool-Aid.

    Fine by me just keep their nonsense on the other side of the pond. They can take in our domestic anti’s as well since they think Europe is superior anyway.

    It is a win-win!!

  3. Yeah, well. We’ll be laughing here when you get crushed by the new Bear in the east or overrun by the Star and Cressant from the south…. The French are already deploying military personnel from “seemingly unrelated attacks”. Right. Maybe the Brits aught to read they’re own BBC news site once and a while.

      • Three, you’re forgetting MY wife is armed too. Anyway, it’s possible they got the negative flipped.

        • Actually, it appears that the ring is on her middle finger not her ring finger, so mostly I just have to worry about my wife’s gun.

        • Well according to Mapquest I live 690 miles from the Texas border, so if I can come up with a good excuse for my weekend long absence I can cut it down to only one person to disarm and I think I can pour on enough charm to do that.

          And if I’m wrong, been nice knowing y’all.

        • There’s mounting evidence that you may well be a crazy man, Gov, but crazy in that “I’d buy that crazy SOB a beer or six if he ever makes it down Texas way.”

        • Alexander the Great could have settled, but then he’d have gone down in history as ‘Alexander, that dude at the bar’.

    • That they’re super cool if you work for him or are on his security detail, nice shiny HK’s or Glocks too. If you’re a mere tax cow, then you get to pay for them but they’re dirty. Don’t touch or we’ll send you to the Ministry of Love!

      • I have heard of Glocks described in many ways…

        I do believe however this is the first time I have ever heard them called “shiny”.

        • like you hear “nice glock” all that often. has to be right up there with “thank you for riding my bimota…”

    • They’re not becoming Islamic. Islamic nations don’t allow foreigners to come in and force their nations to convert their legal and political systems to those foreigner’s come countries’ systems. They also allow their police officers to carry firearms. However, they will both throw you in jail for burning the Koran.

  4. Women that are free and carry the right tool to defend that freedom. What’s not to love?

    The serfs and subjects that have voluntarily given up their birthright for an illusory safety would naturally be terrified of those that refuse to do the same.

  5. I had some stopovers in the UK for a day a couple of decades ago. They have the worst food in the world, especially if you are from South Louisiana where everyone knows herbs and seasonings make the food. Never liked the Brits, maybe holding something “agen ’em” for the attack of the city of New Orleans beginning the War of 1812, where in New Orleans we beat their butts so bad, we never had to fight them again. We had better guns then, and better aim, and still do. We also have the Second Amendment, and they don’t.

    • I get your sentiment, but I have to point out that the Battle of New Orleans, great American victory that it was, actually did not begin the War of 1812. Quite the opposite, the battle took place about two weeks AFTER the peace treaty ending the war was signed. Neither General Jackson nor his British counterpart had yet received the news that the war was over. Another case of fact being stranger than fiction.

      As for myself, while I deplore what the U.K. has become, I still retain a modicum of respect for the British as a people, considering the fortitude they showed in 1940-41.

      • Right on both counts, but the British still got their asses handed to them in the Battle of New Orleans. The real tragedy is what a douche Jackson turned out to be, what with founding the Democratic party and all the racism (Trail of Tears), etc.

        • The battle of NO was won as much by pirates as by Americans.

          The Democratic Party was raised from the ashes of the Democratic Republican Party, which was Jeffersonian in its outlook.

          Also, Democrats were of course different then, just as the Republicans which came later were Progressives. Or was the only third-party President ever elected “conservative” with the running of the War between the States?

          Yeah, Jackson the Hero of Tennessee was the first Democratic President, but he no more created the Democratic Party than Hoover created the Depression – which he didn’t; he just didn’t know how to un-create it.

          Manifest Destiny was what created the Trail of Tears, not “racism;” racism was pervasive, but the drivers were economic.

        • @ Russ: Jackson may not have created the modern Dem party, but he was the essential modern Dem President: Ruling by decree, with no respect for the other two branches of government, a rich landowner playing the uneducated mob against the “bankers and big money interests”, and something of a racist to boot.

    • Well now, their Pasties in Cornwall are very good; but that doesn’t count because the Cornish don’t really like those uppity British, kind of the way our Southerners look at the Yankees.

    • Had, not have. British cuisine was a casualty of WWII, however they’ve clawed their way up to being a world food destination.

      The Battle of NO didn’t “start” the War of 1812; the British impressing our sailors did. They felt (not unnaturally) that folks born British still were, and as Napoleon was so problematic they wanted all the men they could get, so they went after anyone born in America before the formation of the U.S.

      We didn’t like that, and declared war.

      Um, why am I talking to someone who knows no history? Well, one can dream…

  6. I read some of the comments. So many subjects have no idea what it’s like to be a free Citizen.
    I did see a comment from one UK expat living in the US, as an armed naturalized Citizen, attempt to explain it to the UK subjects.

  7. When I saw this posted, I thought “haven’t I seen this before?” And yes, I had, several weeks ago, on ttag. So I wondered why the Daily Mail would be running this on new years eve, of all days. The comments give the answer:

    “This all comes over as really quite creepy and reading it within 24 hours of a 2 year old shooting his mother in a supermarket by pulling her concealed legally carried firearm out of her bag makes it even worse. I am so glad that here in the UK owning a firearm is the exception rather than being a “norm”

    It wasn’t referenced in the story, but it was a no-brainer that it would show up when the story is still fresh in readers minds. The link they are trying to elicit is clear: In America there are women who carry guns, and carrying guns will get you killed. There was also a fair amount of scorn evident in the comments as well… ‘so IRONIC!’ Really well done, nearly subliminal agitprop.

    …cheeky buggers.

    • ““This all comes over as really quite creepy and reading it within 24 hours of a 2 year old shooting his mother in a supermarket by pulling her concealed legally carried firearm out of her bag makes it even worse. I am so glad that here in the UK owning a firearm is the exception rather than being a “norm””

      and where they fail of course – we have 300 Million people to their 64 Million… chances are somebody got killed by a fingernail clipper at the same time over here.

    • A three year old in Bangor, Maine killed his mother (and himself and a couple of siblings, if I recall correctly) earlier this month by setting fire to their trailer home. Not sure that can even count as a true accident, as the little pyromania-tyke had been caught earlier that very morning setting fire to a Bible in the family’s kitchen.

      Not a peep out of those limey lemmings condemning fireworks or any other incendiary implements as insensitive or untimely in the aftermath of that tragedy. Curious, that.

      Either that story doesn’t serve anyone’s craven political purpose, or else dancing in the ashes of victims doesn’t carry quite the same kick as dancing in their blood does.

  8. In WWII there just before we broke out of Normandy scout unit went forward, a brit plane was sticking up in a field. Some troops went to check on the plane and the Brit pilot was still in it. He had been stuck for a few days was a bit dehydrated. His legs were pinned. The Yanks could not free him and the whole place was about to be bombed. The Pilot said oh well so be it, come get him out if the plane in still there.

    The Brits used to have balls. They have been chopped.

    They are “Subjects” not citizens. And they voted out Churchill after the war. They subjected themselves to the fate of being of legal age just to buy a kitchen knife. Look at the guy who just forced his way into your home in a mean and threatening manner and you could be the one charged.

    On Tues the Dec 30 I spent the day at the range with the bro in law and my 21 yr old niece. She shot well and is going for her Ohio CCW. Proud uncle, me. Who knew she was tougher than the men in the UK.

  9. “Arizona, for example, has Constitutional Carry – no permit required [but arrest and public embarrassment are possible. Pro tip: make sure you’re a wealthy, world famous brain surgeon before you attempt open carry in an urban area.]”

      • That’s what everyone says, but then high profile examples pop up from time to time, in Arizona and other so-called open carry states. How very very very unlikely is it? Couldn’t tell you. How many cases go without media fanfare? You couldn’t tell me, either.

        Really, one would think that “shall not be infringed” would suffice to bar arrest or even harassment from LEOs for open carrying. It does not. So when there are state/local laws which can trump the plain language of the U.S. Constitution, it’s not much of a stretch to be concerned that there are state and local police actions on the street which can trump the plain language of that state’s own open carry law. Really the bottom line is that nothing is 100% secure, no matter what some piece of paper somewhere says. Ultimately what matters is what men with guns and badges are going to do, and the evidence is that they do not always follow the law.

  10. That’s a pristine S&W M66 in pic six. Why couldn’t they at least say what handgun was in the picture? Oh wait … they’re brits, and don’t have a f***ing clue.

    I answered my own question.

  11. FYI, most Brits I know fervently wish for restoration of the recognition of their basic rights by the Realm.

    After all, we didn’t break away because it sucked to be English; rather, we said “Toodaloo!” because we were being systematically denied the rights which as British Citizenry we were guaranteed under the English Constitution.

    Unfortunately, while the British Constitution is a beautiful document, when it was created the fear was of the Crown abusing its power, rather than the Houses of Parliament. After all, Parliament was composed of “regular Joes,” wasn’t it?

    Such being the case, there was built-in protection from meddling on the part of the King or Queen, but not buggering on the part of Parliament.

    They can pass any law they wish, and it then supersedes whatever portion(s) of the Constitution stand in the way.

    The Royals use and approve of guns, and would like to see an armed populace, but haven’t the power to make it happen.

    Parliament, on the other hand, should run New York.

  12. Theses women could have been asked to pose with their finger on the trigger ready to go…. Granted they should have been wise enough to say no, but some people don’t think about it when they have a camera in front of them them.

    • Yeah, but he usually takes pictures of kel-tecs and babes which both are significantly rarer commodity than real guns and real women. His cat photos are cool, I have to give him that.

  13. In fairness, IIRC the Mail is something of a sensationalist newspaper, the “OMG” aspect is pretty much part of their usual schtick.

    • Oh, BTW–re Texas, I just saw an article where Wendy Davis admits that she only said she supported “open carry” in order to have some hope of getting elected (as if those of us who care about that didn’t know already). At least in this state the culture is such that the statewide politicos have to at a minimum play like they support gun rights before they can even get out of the starting gate.

      • But the rest of us have a pretty sure way to guess which one is lying. Although politicians seem to regularly think we are so easily fooled and they are so sly, they seem to be proven wrong pretty regularly. Which will become more so, as long as there are more and more recordings of some promising under their breath things diametrically opposite their public promises.

  14. Why, when I read this, did my brain jump back to college days, when housemates in ROTC assessed gals by their “forward batteries”?

  15. From a Texan (Ft. Worth) commenting in the Daily Mail on that article:

    “Texas has had 699 deaths by firearms (including police shootings) and has a population of about 12.5 million people. The UK has a population of about 64 Million and had about 160 deaths by firearms EXCLUDING police shootings. Texas has had 43 police shootings, dropping the comparable number to 656. Less than 1% of the citizens in the UK own firearms whereas the closest estimate for Texas put it around 27.8%. So lets look at the numbers… 656 deaths per 3.475 million firearms owners in Texas vs 160 deaths per 640,000 firearms owners in the UK. Seems to me, as that’s .00025 deaths per owner in the UK but only .00019 for Texas. Guess you folks better learn how to control your urges to kill people with guns. “


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