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UK Shadow Exchequer John McDonnell reckons the UK should get rid of its secret service (toodle pip, Mr. Bond) and disarm The Land of Hope and Glory’s armed police squads. He signed a paper calling for the end of MI5 and removal of firearms from police squads drafted by the Socialist Campaign For a Labour Victory. Or did he? In the wake of the ensuing furore, the SCLV says McDonnell only blessed their “general principles.” Yes well, look at this . . .

UK Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer John McDonnel (courtesy

That’s Jimbo cheerfully brandishing the Socialists’ manifesto calling for MI5’s demise and disarmed cops. So I guess the Labour politico – the man who would oversee the UK government’s finances –  didn’t read the document in his hand hands before he signed the basic manifesto. (Maybe he had to sign it to know what was in it.) Meanwhile . . .

Mr McDonnell’s support for disbanding the police came as [UK Prime Minister] David Cameron criticised Labour’s leader Mr Corbyn for his criticism of the shoot-to-kill policy.

He said: “Has it not come to something when the Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition is not sure what the police’s reaction should be when they are confronted by a Kalashnikov-waving terrorist?”

I wonder what he reckons a disarmed British subject’s reaction should be?

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    • Indeed,why should anyone care about the british when they don’t care about themselves? They’ve already thrown in the towel and after everything that has happened,they still refuse to push back,I can already imagine a muslim sitting on the british thrown,that shitbag princess that got killed in the car wreck was trying to accomplish that very thing.

    • Maybe it’s time for James Bond to climb down off of the girl and grab his PPK before his government grabs it for him and confiscated it. Ooooh. Jaaaamessssss……

  1. “I wonder what he reckons a disarmed British subject’s reaction should be?”

    Being British I suspect a rousing call for keeping a British “stiff upper lip” is in order…

  2. I’ll be damned.. the Rothschilds finally reveal their true intent. Next they’ll admit they had Lincoln assassinated. (They did) The NWO in action folks. Oddly enough it’s just like the OWO only we’re all slaves but moreso.

  3. “I wonder what he reckons a disarmed British subject’s reaction should be?”

    A school of little fishes for the progressive tiger shark. Everyone one has a purpose in the socialist paradise. Someone has to be food.

  4. Getting rid of government agencies is always good. Not sure if MI5 is the most pressing, but a smaller government is always and everywhere better than a larger one, the exact composition is just a trifle detail.

    If you’re going to disarm anyone, like Britain has already done, why not everyone? Beats the heck out of disarming everyone other than tax feeders and Bloomberg’s private mafia. If guns are so evil, just get rid of them wholesale. Let the SAS throw punches and shoes at their adversaries.

  5. I thought Bond was in MI6. I always thought of MI5 like the FBI, jurisdiction within the country’s borders, and MI6 like the CIA, no jurisdiction inside of the borders.

    • MI5 is a straight up intelligence agency without law enforcement power. Scotland Yard is the law enforcement arm of the central government. Our FBI is more like a combination of both.

    • During a reload, run to the terrorist, hurdling the bodies of those he’s just shot, to offer him a flower to put in the barrel of his gun. He’ll be moved to tears and renounce murder and evil forever.

      We’ll need lots of candles, too, for all the dead!

  6. England and France battle for the coveted “Europe’s Biggest Wuss” award.

    Winner commits national suicide first. My money’s on the Brits.

  7. Disarming governments is actually a good idea.
    Instead of the people being disarmed and the government armed, try something new.
    Disarm the government and arm the people.
    What a start!

  8. The White race has spent way to much time murdering each other in countless wars,they should have spent all that time, effort,and money wiping out the middle east and africa.Now a dormant gene called the “pussy gene” is coming out in most White people and they just roll over,White western culture is finished,it has cut it’s own throat.In my opinion,the White race doesn’t deserve to live.

  9. Might as well. The country has been “civilized” (pussified) enough that I’m not sure anyone knows how to use a gun there anymore, save perhaps the army.

    …and the criminals.


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