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Five years ago by U.S- born Al Qaeda leader Adam Gadahn (a.k.a. “Jihadi Joe”) recorded a video calling for American Muslims to buy weapons from gun shows and carry out one-man terrorist attacks. Four years later, the U.S. military vaporized Gadahm in a drone strike in Pakistan. This year, post-Paris, gun control advocates are using his video as proof that the best way to fight terrorism is to disarm American civilians. OK, that’s not how they’re selling it. But there’s no question that anti-gun rights crusaders aren’t letting a good crisis go to waste, including . . .

a renewed push to “close the no-fly loophole.”

We’ve exposed the “terrorist watch list” (real name Terrorist Screening Database) as a clumsy, cumbersome, unconstitutional system slammed by Congress for repeatedly flagging the wrong people, who can’t get off the TSD. The antis aren’t bothered about all that. They want to prohibit anyone on the TSD (who isn’t already prohibited) from legally purchasing firearms for one simple reason: they want to expand the number of law-abiding Americans denied their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Period.

Well, not period. Gun control advocates love them some “nose in the tent” strategy. If new legislation creates a system where government bureaucrats can deem people too dangerous to buy [and eventually own] a gun – without having to prove the prohibited person’s “guilt” in a court of law or deal with pesky state and local laws – gun control advocates will be ecstatic.

Why wouldn’t they be? Brand the NRA a terrorist organization (already done) et voila! They disarm five million Americans. In fact, anyone who has an “assault rifle” is a proto-terrorist! After all, who needs a weapon of war other than someone planning to wage war? Ipso firearms facto.

And so it goes. Or, hopefully, not. The good news: we hear that firearms sales are going up again, as Americans contemplate the probability of Hillary Clinton’s coronation and consider the possibility that they, too, could be caught disarmed in a public place with Islamic terrorists determined to kill all and sundry. It’s not what I’d call common sense gun control – people who know how to control a gun without getting all tacticool – but it’s a good thing indeed.

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  1. Okay, so lemme see if I’ve got this straight. Terrorists pulled off an attack in Paris using guns that are illegal for civilians to possess there. Therefore, we need stricter gun laws here in America.


  2. Having radical Syrian refugees shoot up an American city is a dream come true for the gun grabbers. Of course the gun grabbers really loved Sandy Hook, as for them it was not a tragedy, but an opportunity. Just look at all the blue state gun laws which were enacted after the incident.
    Oh boy, the liberals are just licking their chops now!

  3. How can anyone take these jackholes seriously ? Gun control, I one size fits all cure for what ails ya . I pledge to buy a gun a month until the anti-gunners shut up and go away…..or my wife finds out about my activism.

    • If you run into money troubles you can always straw-sell to non-violent felons. Tax evaders would be a good start!

  4. Of Course being from Chicago she opposes 2nd amendment rights. But she also opposes legislation to block refugees.

    WASHINGTON, DC –(ENEWSPF)–November 19, 2015. Today, Representative Jan Schakowsky released the following statement after voting against legislation that would block Syrian and Iraqi refugees from entering the United States:

    “Last week’s tragic attacks in Paris and Lebanon were a horrific reminder of the threat that terrorism poses to our global community. They also showed us the importance of coming together as one community to stand strong against those who wish to rip the world apart to serve their narrow ideological ends.

    “This bill before us today follows the all too common reactionary path that feeds fear mongering, hate and division, at a time when unity is needed most. We do not have to choose between security and compassion.
    “Refugees undergo the highest level security screenings of anyone who enters this country. They undergo rigorous levels of screening before they even enter the country and typically have to wait for over one year before they come to America. Those who claim the vetting process doesn’t exist or is insufficient are either unfamiliar with the details of the program or are spreading myths.

    “We don’t need to turn our backs on those who need help. With violence and terrorism at their worst in Syria, House Republicans want to block refugees from seeking a safe haven in our nation of immigrants. As a Jew, I’m reminded of when the United States closed its doors on those fleeing the Holocaust, sending many back to their deaths. It is very, very painful to think that we could do the same thing today to Syrians – Muslims, Christians, and Yazidis – who are seeking safety. That we could deny a safe haven to mothers trying to save their babies from bombs or starvation.

    “In the wake of these tragic attacks it is important that our nation comes together and does not give in to the hateful rhetoric of fear and division. Closing our borders at this precise moment would only deepen the problems in Syria and in the Middle East, creating many more down the road. Instead, let’s come together, welcome those in need and live up to the values of our country.”


    What this really says is she wants as many of them to come over so they will vote democratic for the next 50 years and keep these liberals in power.

    • “This bill before us today follows the all too common reactionary path that feeds fear mongering, hate and division, at a time when unity is needed most. We do not have to choose between security and compassion”

      This is the SAME person who wrote the reactionary, fear-mongering tripe above, fostering hate and division? I’ll never cease being amazed.

      • I’ll go one further and say I’m doubly amazed. I continue to be amazed that the gall of these people continues to amaze me.

  5. Things like this are the cause of me to constantly dispute the idea that we are winning on the gun rights issues. Evil never rests, it comes back again and again, all along the front line, all the time. One difficulty people face when confronting evil is the desire to solve a problem “once and for all”. POTG are generally of the mind that when an election is held, or a court decision is recorded…that’s the end of it. Evil refuses to let anything get in the way of yet another attempt at oppression and enslavement (see D.C. refusal to obey court rulings that restrictions on gun ownership are unconstitutional). Evil presents with the proposition, “so, sue me”, knowing the people on the other side will eventually just give up and go on with their lives. Laws are only honored by the law abiding; evil knows no law superior to itself.

  6. I could while away the hours
    Conferrin’ with the flowers
    Consultin’ with the rain

    And my head, I’d be scratchin’
    While my thoughts were busy hatchin’
    If I only had a brain


      This cannot be tolerated in a civilized, caring, sensitive and enlightened society.

  7. How do idiots like this get elected and stay in office. Are the voters in her area all brain dead like her ? Or does she support more welfare and pay them off that way ? She is obviously not qualified to do much of anything. Using that attack and something a Radical Muslim Terrorist said to get more recruits to justify taking away the defense rights of Americans is insane. But it seems the anti-gun crowd will twist the truth any way they can to try to get what they want.

    • Those outside the land of Oz simply do not understand that by making illegal activities more illegal, you eliminate that illegal activity that wasn’t illegal enough before it was made more illegal. You must understand, Oz was often the leading murder capital of the nation before all those illegal guns were made more illegal by taking them away from the non-criminal citizen. The murder rate now is so much lower.

    • This is what concerns me so deeply. The antis used to at least try to mix a small dose of seemingly logical (to them) reasoning into their rhetoric. Now it’s as if that has gone by the wayside. The vile vitriol they spew now is, for lack of a more refined way to put it, absolutely bat shit insanity. The quotes I read from them at TTAG literally enrage and scare the hell out of me. How are we as POTG supposed to debate people who are this blind to reality? In past years, you could at least sometimes have a dialogue with them. But now you are in the debate for about 30-60 seconds before the small penis, racist, xenophobe, etc bullshit starts. What are we to do? My patience wears thin and my hope that they will see the light before it is to late is extinguished.

    • Her district encompasses the far north end of Chicago and suburbs like Evanston and Skokie. Several of these cities had assault weapons bans in place that were only dropped when it became obvious they couldn’t defend them in court. Her seat is safe for as long as she wants it.

      So the short answer to your question is yes. Enough of her constituents are brain dead this will play well with them.

    • They are the same type of voters who elected the city council in Seattle Washington. Or the city council in Los Angeles. Or the mayor of Chicago. Or the wonderful homosexual leader Tom Ammiano in California. Or the city council in the homosexual power city of San Francisco. Or the city council and mayor in the ” chocolate city” of Baltimore.

      • Wait, wasn’t chocolate city Ray Nagin’s term of endearment for New Orleans?

        Guess it doesn’t matter. Nagin’s in year two of a ten year stint in federal prison. With reportedly 26 bucks and numerous debts to his name, he and his federal public defender can recall New Orleans howsoever they want over the next decade.

        Given as many black liberal “reformer” mayors who end up in prison convicted of corruption, I’m only surprised that more aren’t convicted. After all, there’s no way any serious minded person could actually campaign and govern the way these liberals do, unless it’s strictly because the fix is in.

  8. Read my reply to Ditto in the first post. People vote for those most like themselves, when you’re a water-head (man I miss my childhood sometimes) you vote for the person that makes you feel good. What they’re saying doesn’t matter as long as the tone is sweet and the smile is large;)

  9. I’m so sick of these Reptilians! We need to find their dens and drag them out and deal with them appropriately!

  10. Hold on a minute….maybe she is on to something here. Before the invention of gun powder, it would seem that nobody was murdered, and nobody could commit a murder because well, no guns….everyone died of old age…unicorns danced in the streets…all mankind lived together in peace.. It was a wonderful time in the world’s history…

  11. A bit off topic for this post. I don’t know if this has already been covered since the plan to bring 10,000 refugees was revealed but the thing I have been wondering is where has the rest of the world been when it comes to taking in the large number of Mexicans that have entered the US illegally? How many countries have taken 10,000? How many have taken 1?

    Most of the ones that leave do so because living there has become intolerable/impossible as well as the desire for better opportunities for their families. Refugee or not this is the same thing and the US has not done much to remove over 10 million.

    Not a peep from the Europe about how they need to take 10s of thousands and not a peep from the US government or majority of citizens about how Europe is not doing enough and must take X amount to not be an a-hole.

    Why does the US have to take in what may as well as be all Mexicans by the millions and at the same time be expected to take in refugees from across the world?

    • The problem for White,Christian, Americans is they don’t have a better country to immigrate to,every other race and religion does. It would be great if we could invent a way of travel where every White Christian on the planet could immigrate to mars and let the rest of the “human race” have what they’ve turned this shithole of a planet into. I’m sure people that read this comment will think “racist” but I’ve reached the point where I don’t care.

  12. H’mm.

    Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is one week away.

    Biggest shopping day of the year. The malls will be packed.

    What a tempting target for a jihadi with an AK or a bomb-vest under a heavy winter coat…

  13. “The United States needs to make more guns illegal because illegal Middle-Eastern terrorists used illegal guns to illegally kill people in the European country where guns are the most illegal”

    What a f***ing dunce.

  14. Stupid hag from my home state of Illi-noise. She’s not my rep-mine’s worse-Robin Kelly. Also featured on the pages of TTAG. Yep I’d be avoiding Chiraq during this yuletide season-the softest of soft targets

    • Groan. I’ve committed to be there for a couple of weeks over Christmas. In her district. Have to ramp up my situational awareness.

  15. Oh, they’re totally gonna gain a ton of traction with this argument… that they can go down even faster. The one’s with any brains are going to look at people like this rep and beg them to please stop helping.

    • And remember, we don’t have proper suicide-vest control yet. In fact I think they are totally unregulated, so we need universal background checks for suicide-vest purchasers, and maybe finger-printing or other biometric data. People purchasing suicide-vests should have at least a five day cooling-off period after purchase, and they should be restricted to only one suicide-vest per month. And our schools should be suicide-vest free zones, THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

  16. “Refugees undergo the highest level security screenings of anyone who enters this country.”

    Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, who *exactly* did you call in SYRIA to verify their backgrounds?

    • Same people Diana DeGette must have called. Idiot said basically the same thing when questioned about bringing in all the Syrians.

  17. Sad that the rest of us will have to step up and defend morons like this when SHTF, but we will. It’s what we do. They don’t deserve it, but we do it anyway in the process of saving ourselves and others who aren’t oxygen thieves.

  18. Me: “Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s statement ‘chilling reminder’ you don’t need brains to be in congress.”

  19. Paris Attack ‘Chilling Reminder’ That Regardless of facts, statistics and polls your duly elected representatives are going to push unpopular, effectively disproven, unconstitutional laws and regulations amid tragedies to further their own agenda.


  20. Riddle me this batman…. The current liberal position states we should not profile and consider all muslims as terrorists or bad people, “you can’t hold everyone with the same religion responsible for the terrible actions of the very few.” And yet the same liberals what to disarm law abiding citizens and remove a constitutional right because of, “the terrible actions of a few.” Truly makes my head explode how these people think!

  21. Reverent fecal matter………Idiocracy wasn’t a satirical movie, it was a warning. A collision alarm. We are colliding.

  22. Not all terrorists are complete regards, they put out on social media they should buy guns in America more to cause a ruckus within our democracy, divide and conquer, help set events in motion that lead to stricter guns laws and disarm the public. Don’t know why the anti’s can’t see how awesome it would be for the jihadis to disarm the U.S.

  23. Using a crime in another country committed by radical terrorists, as a reason to enhance gun laws domestically is absurd. It’s not rational. Someone making public comments that are not rational indicates at some level, desperation, as they are unable to make a rational argument. Desperation in the enemy isn’t necessarily bad.

  24. Hi there, I log on to your blog named “Rep. Jan Schakowsky: Paris Attack ‘Chilling Reminder’ That U.S. Needs Stricter Gun Laws – The Truth About Guns” daily.

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