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Ladd Everitt is the man behind the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, the most extreme of the groups seeking to degrade and destroy Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. You may remember the CSGV as the organization recommending that gun control advocates “SWAT” open carriers (call 911 and report them as potential homicidal maniacs). As you might expect from a man who’s slightly unhinged on the subject of guns, someone who appeals directly to people who share his neuroses, Ladd goes through phases. After Newtown, he was all about . . .

NRA Veep Wayne LaPierre’s “good guy with a gun” pronouncement. As in “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” Any time anyone without a prior criminal record shoots someone, Ladd’s Facebook links to the story and called the killer a “good guy with a gun,” complete with scare quotes.

For anyone who isn’t paranoid – a description that doesn’t apply to Ladd or his acolytes – anyone who murders someone isn’t “a good guy with a gun.” Ipso friggin’ facto. But Ladd wants people to believe that anyone who owns a gun is a potential bad guy. That’s his justification for disarming everyone.

Lately, the CSGV jefe’s gone on a new kick: gun owners are “degenerates.” In fact, the entire gun industry is filled with degenerates! Immoral degenerates! (Redundant much a lot?) 

Clearly, Ladd believes that gun ownership is immoral, as in “conflicting with generally or traditionally held moral principles.” That’s not a particularly hard case to refute. The majority of Americans support gun rights. Support for gun rights has been an American tradition since it was founded. There. Done.

Except for this: the majority of gun owners are moral, law-abiding Americans.

I know, Ladd … they’re moral until they aren’t! But here’s the thing — the only people who consider gun owners degenerates are people who don’t know gun owners. As more and more people join the firearms fold (despite the CSGV’s best efforts), as more and more gun owners open carry, more and more people will see gun ownership its a feature, not a bug. Far from degenerating, American gun culture is re-generating.

Oh, and lying is immoral. Just so you know.

[h/t Travis Pike]

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  1. So they’ve never heard of strip clubs, porn companies, insurance companies, HMOs, pot dispensaries, planned parenthood, etc..?

    • There is nothing immoral about any of those things.

      Strip clubs are bastions of sexual, financial and gender freedom for women. A place where the stripper overcomes the subordination of being nude via the very act of being nude.

      Porn companies provide sexual outlets and inspiration to those that need them either temporarily or long term for their own sexual and mental health. There’s nothing immoral about porn. If there were then porn wouldn’t predate written language. Without porn companies you’d have just porn individuals and that would allow the victimization of the models. With companies there is a thing that can be successfully regulated for the benefit of the producers of pornography and for the consumers of pornography.

      Insurance companies provide a necessary service. If people are too ignorant or lazy to read and understand their insurance policy or the total exposure of their insurance provider then that’s their fault. If insurance companies went around burning down houses and then not paying, that would be immoral. I think you were just grasping at straws for some group or entity you didn’t personally like and you failed tragically and miserably on this one.

      HMOs are just insurance organizations/policies. The department of redundancy department thanks you for your continued grasping of straws but this is another failure. If you buy a product and expect it to work differently than designed you’re an idiot and deserve what you get.

      Pot dispensaries provide necessary medical and recreational MJ to millions. After 20 years of both medicinal and recreational users having unfettered access to pot NOT A THING HAS HAPPENED. There were no spikes in car accidents, rape, murder, white women dating blacks, jazz parties, Funyun consumption related halitosis, etc… Basically a bunch of stoners got stoned and stayed the hell home. Immorality by definition is “bad” behavior which is by definition “wrong”. To just something wrong we must have a victim, a transgressor and a violation. I’m not seeing any of those things here. I think you just don’t like pot. I don’t like how you keep using my oxygen but you don’t see me calling you immoral for doing so.

      Planned parenthood was founded with a singularly moral idea, make it possible for those children that are born to live a higher quality of life by allowing people to choose to complete or terminate a pregnancy, thereby allowing people to decide to not contribute to the decline of the gene pool (even though genes hadn’t been technically discovered at the time, Mendelian mechanics was pretty well understood). Sanger was a bigot and an elitist which was so common at the time as to be considered the very definition of high society morality. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it immoral. Firstly the definition of what constitutes a person is not a settled matter. Until someone can come up with an objective and universally agreeable point of demarcation that can be shown to be the dividing line between a human with human rights and a fetus (which can be considered anything between owned property and a parasite) without human rights there is no defintion of morality that can be usefully applied and so your opinion amounts to nothing but sour grapes.

      The fact is that gun owners are degenerates in exactly the same proportion as non-gun-owners. Anyone that thinks we have the high moral ground for owning merchandise is practicing an amazingly compact form of cognitive dissonance.

      • Margaret Sanger was a racist and believer in eugenics. She firmly believed that blacks were inferior to whites and wanted to see them wiped out in America. You might notice that pretty much all Planned Parethood abortion clinics are in poor black neighborhoods. That is a continuation of Sanger’s vision of the eradication of black people. I’d say the whole idea is very immoral and degenerate.

  2. “You’d be hard-pressed to imagine a more degenerate, immoral industry.”
    That comment has been taken out of context. That was said at an internal meeting about CSVG itself and companion organizations.

    • Hmmm. Bullying people into following their ideology. Threatening violence against law-abiding, peaceful citizens. Waving bloody flags to gain members. Vitriol of those that do not comply. A deep desire to hold autocratic power over all.

      They seem to check all the same boxes.

  3. So, since the government is the whole people, supposedly, we collectively as owners of the supply of public law enforcement and military firearms, are all degenerates?

    • We are “degenerates” because we don’t lick the boots of his masters Bloomberg and Soros. This guy wants any attention to keep the moneys flowing freely from his billionaire friends. Freedom, responsibility, honor, courage. These are words that don’t mean anything to an increasingly childish adult population. Guns among other things teach responsibility and independence, which they hate.

  4. You know who else called everyone they disagreed with and hated degenerates?

    Nazis. That’s right, literally Nazis.

    Keep on making it easier for us CSGV, completely discrediting yourself by using hate group tactics.

    • You are exactly right about the Nazis declaring things to be “degenerate.” Back when I was in college in Washington DC, I had to take an art course to make me a more well-rounded chemist. One of the things I did in that course was to visit one of the Smithsonian museums and see an exhibit called “Degenerate Art” that was actually really mind-blowing. More on that exhibit here:

      More on degenerate art the Nazis here:

      It’s sure telling that the enemies of freedom, whether they are ISIS, gun-grabbers or the mini-fascists on college campuses all seem to be running the Nazi playbook.

      • Those links are great for further investigation. I don’t know which is more frightening; if CSGV isn’t aware they are increasingly borrowing their language from evil, or if they are aware.

        Haha who am I kidding, of course they are aware. They’re totally evil. A front group for hopeful tyranny.

      • One of the major Nazi tenants was the false science of eugenics, which was born and bred here in the US first and continued in ways until about 1963 in prisons and insane asylums. Eugenics is a fascinating field because it is a (false) science built entirely from a non-scientific premise to suit a particular political view, that certain peoples are lesser than others and do not deserve human rights. It’s like anti-gun “science” on crack that most of the developed world accepted as fact for decades. The Rwandan genocide was a resurgence of the ideologies of eugenics and was universally reviled and condemned by the very nations that started and developed the eugenic studies and activities decades before.

        • Fred is right about the nazis. But I have to point out that he meant to use the word “tenets” instead of “tenants”. The first are a set of beliefs; the second are people who rent from a landlord. Hate to be a grammar nazi….

  5. I don’t wear enough tinfoil to believe these people intentionally work to destroy traditional morality for the purpose of making statements like this seem less ridiculous…

    Actually, maybe I do. You can’t take the statement seriously in any way unless you’ve completely given up on traditional morality. Leftists everywhere seem to use this tactic for every issue.

  6. That .380 Kimber Micro Belair is clearly a military style assault weapon of mass destruction. It is far too dangerous for common citizenry to possess.

    • ^ This.

      Kinda makes ‘Degenerate’ ~ respectable. Like, someday a really great American President is going to commence a speech with “My fellow degenerates”, and not be talking about the liberal (D) [they’ll have to get a different, even worse, name by then].

  7. Does anyone learn anything in school these days? Does anyone who calls themself a journalist try to learn anything before they start typing a “story?”

    Clearly, in addition to just generally being ignorant, this guy knows nothing about the tradition of barbecue guns.

  8. They’re always such angry, divisive people these anti-gunners. On the pro-gun side I typically see arguments related to practical self-preservation, prevention of crime, and securing of rights all backed with consistent hard data or legal precedent.

    On the anti-gun side I mostly see name calling and insults regarding genitalia and personal worth.

    Why can’t they just make their argument based on the evidence? Why do they want to attack people instead?

    (Hint: rhetorical questions)

  9. The ‘religion’ of Progressivism and the religion of complete and total submission (Islam) have one thing in common.

    In Islam, lying is permitted, if it is in the interest of Islam.

    Progressives, the same thing.

    • ” The ends justifies the means”. This means, lying, cheating, stealing and mass murder is perfectly acceptable if it advances the goal. This is true of communism and all of it’s spawn(which includes progressivism) and Islam.

  10. Setting that “degenerate” bar really low, huh?

    Man, don’t let those folks hang out with single, enlisted men in a forgien country on some R&R.

  11. What’s immoral is a private citizen declaring people should stop using the most cost effective tool for lawful self protection.

    Please Ladd look into the eyes of s brutally beaten woman and tell her she’s immoral for wanting to defend herself.

    • The man or men who beat her should have been educated to not beat her up. Don’t you see, all problems can be solved with cultural and sexuality/gender sensitivity and education. If you don’t agree you’re a degenerate that needs more cultural and sexuality/gender sensitivity and education. If you think you have a better way or believe in individual responsibility you are a degenerate that needs more cultural and sexuality/gender sensitivity and education.

      It’s a pretty tight logical fallacy loop. It’s just so logical one needs not use any logic to second-guess it or consider any other alternative because that would simply mean one needs more cultural and sexuality/gender sensitivity and education, and we’re back in the loop. Unquestioning loyalty and a refusal to question is freedom after all.

  12. It would be SOOOOO poetic if he was someday shot and killed with an arrow…….. “Ban Assault Bows”!!!!

    Not that I would rejoice or be happy with someone dying prematurely; but I would enjoy the irony of it. Since I’m a degenerate and all….. “sarc”

    • I don’t want to kill the man (although i would argue he needs killing), but i would gladly shoot him in the ass with an arrow.

  13. Damn…………….

    Life as a CSGV designated degenerate is……………….Fμ©|{ing Awesome.

    Carry On……..

  14. Hey CSGV, since you are using labels to be divisive, which really isn’t cool, I’ll partake. I clearly have a target on my back these days as an armed degenerate bitter clinging infidel affluent libertarian American white man. There are a lot of people who don’t like guys like me and many of these people, CSGV included, have openly threatened violence against me and mine. The funny thing is, I personally don’t live in fear of anything because I have taken responsibility for my security. I may not agree with others but I don’t attempt to exclude them and certainly don’t threaten them with violence. I wish you could do the same.

  15. But Ladd wants people to believe that anyone who owns a gun is a potential bad guy.

    Unless they’re an agent of the state, of course. They’re magical seraphim who always use force appropriately.

    • Oh, I don’t know: what if you went out with a dirty and rusty gun in a cheap nylon holster on a thin web belt sagging off to the side, threatening to fall out of the holster at any moment?
      That would be an embarrassing fashion statement.

    • I can see both sides. I regard most of my guns as “tools” and don’t wince when they start to show wear.

      That being said..
      My Garand with it’s walnut stock and my CZ75 in highgloss stainless are my “BBQ Guns” because I like the way they look. They aren’t typically used for EDC or as truck guns, though both see use. They’re just the ones I’m the most fond of and if someone is going to see a gun on my hip – or if I carry a rifle at an open carry rally -those are my “go to” options.

      It’s no different than having a nice outfit and a pair of shoes for social occasions when you want to look your best.

  16. If gun owners were degenerates,then the left would be building monuments to us,not to mention giving us medals,calling us heros and worshiping us.

  17. Buying shiny jewelry to show off at a garden party = high class society.

    Buying shiny guns to show off at a BBQ = disgusting criminal degenerates.

    Why? Because guns.

    And if you don’t understand why guns make you degenerate, you’re just too far gone to be worth talking to.

    And for those who are a bit slow on the uptake:
    Exiting sarcasm mode.

  18. They can call me any name they want.. Degenerate, bigot, sexist, pervert, racist.. Just don’t call me a liberal progressive.

  19. Bing a gun owners is immoral? Is this woman is talking of immortality in terms of “Christian Morals”? Wasn’t it Jesus who told his apostles to purchase a sword for the person carrying the purse of coins? If Jesus was in modern times wouldn’t that sword be a firearms?


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