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Two people were killed in a shooting at UCLA Wednesday morning, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed Wednesday morning. UCLA’s campus newspaper Daily Bruin sent a message on Twitter about a shooting on campus around 10 a.m.  It advised people to go to a secure location and deny entry into the building.” Two are apparently dead and subsequent reports indicate that a suicide note has been found. More as details are revealed.

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    • Agreed….. In order to have a gun on campus one would have to break the law. Maybe the murderer exploited a loophole in California gun laws and somehow was able to illegally smuggle the gun on to campus without anybody knowing…. Someone should do something about this for the children.

  1. Murder-suicide. Gender of the victims reported to be: 1) socially awkward and exploring, and 2) mercurial shapeshifter

    Film at 11.

  2. And yet they’ll use this as an excuse to ban everything. Gotta’ keep them younguns’ safe…

  3. Seems like they get their excuses at convinient times before and after a gun ban law to justify their actions ??

  4. Is anyone else a bit disturbed that the way they deal with the other students is to line them up and make them get on their knees with their hands up? I mean seriously, it looks like they’re about to execute the lot of them.

    I know they’re not going to do that but it still seems like a horrible way to deal with the situation.

    • That is just training for how everyone will be treated in the future utopia of the left.

    • I find that very disturbing.

      Along with that, the whole idea of this lockdown. What did they do lock down the whole city?

      Are we not free men with the right to travel? Do they have the legal right to basically detain thousands of people by just speaking the words ‘lockdown’.

      I find this very troubling, look at what happened to Boston when they were closing in on Speedbumps killer, whole neighborhoods in lockdown and military styled police doing door to door searches.

      This is not the country I grew up in.

        • Makes me think of two colleagues of mine who were in WTC, way up in the building that was hit second. After the first plane hit and the alarm was sounded with the instructions, ‘stay where you are’ they both said ‘eff that, we’re leaving’.

          Good chance that if they listened to the authorities and their instructions, they would be dead now.

          Yes I know every situation is different, but that is what freedom is all about. Being able to reason and make up your own mind about what is prudent and smart, where to go and what to do.

          These lockdowns aren’t for the safety of the citizens, yes that is a secondary consideration, sure, but they really used to make the jobs of the police safer and more efficient.

          I am all for police officer safety, I have no problem with that. But not at the expense of our rights.

          Of course very few people think this way, when the state says lockdown, stay where you are, put your hands above your heads, they will happily do so like the good little sheep they are. Indeed, conditioning.

          I find it troubling.

      • I’m not even that old and this isn’t the country I grew up in. I mean the one picture and the one video of this really, really irk me.

        It looks like something you’d see on LiveLeak right before some seriously f^%ked up s^%t goes down.

        This is how ISIS treats people. “Here, all of you just kneel down in a line facing that way…” WTAF is the LAPD doing getting their tactics from ISIS?

        • This is one of those issues that I feel is a bit complicated.

          I’m all for the police having the firepower and tools they need to do their job.

          That said I don’t like the idea that I can’t tell the difference between a SpecOps team member and a cop at 150 yards without optics.

          Further, I feel that the “war on drugs” (actually the war on personal freedom, but that’s another topic) is the main reason for this sort of “militarization”. Time was, cops did real police work and SWAT units were a tactic of last resort in the worst situations. Now however they’re used on “high risk” warrants looking for dope and have become an excuse for real police work like surveillance and investigation to take a back seat while the cowboys kick some doors and bust some skulls.

          When you’ve got toys you play with them and the cops are no exception. Instead of a stake out and grabbing the guy they want by surprise when he comes outside they now prefer to use all those nifty tools to make a dynamic entry, toss a few flash bangs and shoot all the dogs in a house. When they get the wrong house, do they care? No. They toss the place, scare the kids, shoot the dogs and damage the property without even having the grace to say “We’re sorry we got the wrong address”. This sort of thing wouldn’t happen if they actually did some real police work rather than taking what a CI says as gospel and running to the armored trucks like a drunken posse in an old Western movie.

          Ignore the obnoxious music and effeminate singing. Watch the video, it’s all cops on “no knock raids” getting the wrong house and often killing innocent people and pets. The one house they do get “right” they find a couple joints, which clearly is just cause for kicking in a door, shooting dogs, scaring the ever-living-s^%t out of the kids and hauling daddy off to the clink at 0300, right?

          Just look at the one guy near the end of this video, around 4:19. Even though there’s three guys already lighting up the homeowner this asshole can’t WAIT to jump in blindly bust some shots over his buddy’s shoulder. Well trained my ass.

        • Unbelievable. Look at this pic from dailymail;

          There’s got to be 130 swatted up cops just in that one picture.

          And the way they treat us ‘citizens’, these are prisoners of war, that’s how they are being treated.

          And you are right, war on drugs was called up and that’s what we got, an unwinnable war, with a domestic military force waging it full bore. A lot of them do look like they are having fun.

          I can’t recall who it was that said it, but the best advice lately seems to be just this, stay away from crowds. Better not give any back talk when they are ordering you to your knees in that situation.

          Amazing that they can do this to whole cities and no one seems to even care.

          How is this power justified by the constitution? It doesn’t say ‘the state may do anything it damn well pleases and shut up’, last I checked.

        • If the citizen can be trusted with all that kit, why should fellow citizens who work as police officers not be? Considering this is California, obviously the state’s hypocritical on this point, but the Montgomery, AL swat team isn’t much different in their gear and Alabama’s not exactly an anti-gun state.

          As for the “war on drugs”, you know the shit’s illegal to possess, sell, buy, or consume, but you still do it anyway? You deserve what you get for being a moron. I feel that I should be able to carry my weapon on my person through airport security, contrary to the law. Do I do it anyway? Fuck no. I’m not going to ruin my future by being locked up in prison when I can attempt to settle the matter civilly.

    • Did you catch this line from the dailymail story?

      “Students who took any photos were all told to delete the images from their cell phones by teachers. ”

      That just seems awfully odd to me, Were the teachers told to give these instructions out, and if so by told by whom? And why…

      Not trying to go all tinfoil hat with this question, just trying to think it through, just seems like a really odd thing to do. I just can’t see teachers coming up with this request by themselves so someone must have told them to do this.

  5. Proper conflict resolution skills seem to be seriously lacking with today’s “feelz and emoshuns” populace.

    • That’s because in the everyone gets a trophy crowd does their level best to make sure the delicate little flowers have no conflict to resolve.

  6. Love the whole shelter in place idea. Unarmed in a room with unlocked doors that open outward.

    Meanwhile – were there any officers left anywhere else in the state? It looks like they dumped hundreds of police into the mix.

  7. Good thing guns aren’t allowed at UCLA, or somebody might have gotten shot.

    No, wait…

  8. Heard on the radio earlier, “while male with high powered rifle” on campus. Guess, not so much.

  9. College students are experts on sheltering in place.

    Unfortunately, the place where they are sheltering is their parents basement and they’ll stay there until their early thirties.

  10. Were the Gun-Free-Zone signs not big enough? Was the red lettering not bright enough? Do they need to be posted in other languages as well? Inquiring minds and all….

  11. Sad that peoples’ lives are at stake but people can’t help but make fun of the lives in peril. Pretty sick.

    • I don’t see anyone making fun of those that are in peril. Police, government, a little media…

    • The people in peril trapped by dumb policy knew they were performing parts in security theater. Hence the hundreds of posts on Twitter and other social media showing desperate MacGuyver-like attempts to mount a hopeless defense. Not only is current anti-gun policy a show; it’s a complete farce.

      • Not unless there is some undeniable evidence that the shooter was a leftest. Until such time they will be continuing to blame Milo for inspiring it.

  12. The door looks to open outward (away from the camera) due to its position within the jamb and no visible hinges. I am curious how the application of a belt (buckle?) will keep the door from being opened. I do not see a hydraulic door closer to secure a belt against. Maybe these are engineering students?

    Most likely the door is fire rated by UL for 30-45 minutes (at a minimum) but I am not up to spec on my California (earthquake) code building requirements. Anyone have any idea or experience with this trick?

    • If the hinges are on the right he could be messing with the hydraulic unit, hidden behind his hands/shadows.

      Leverage is against him, though. Someone yanks on the door and snaps the belt.

      They’d have been better off cranking down the flow valve. They’ll seize right up.

  13. Notice like the Merced College (California) stabbing and the Umpqua (Oregon) Community College shooting sprees last year where the two perpetrators were “minorities” ie. Faisal Mohammad, a Moslem and son of immigrants (Merced) & Christoper Harper-Mercer, “biracial”, father an immigrant from the UK (Umpqua) no “ethnic” and/or “racial” description of the attacker has been released to the media and public.

    There can be no doubt the offender in today’s UCLA attack belongs to a “community” which has been granted “most ‘favored’ status” by law enforcement and the media, one to be protected at ALL costs because had the shooter been “White”, “Christian”, “Straight” or member of the GOP or TEA Party his photo would’ve been plastered all over our TV screens and the internet within minutes of police arriving “on-scene”.

    • I’m probably guessing it’s either Black, Latino or Asian. Also the Isla Vista punk was half Asian.

  14. I love the title on the Fox News article: “UCLA campus deemed safe after murder-suicide”. As the writers of this site might note, the campus was also safe BEFORE the murder/suicide. Until it wasn’t.

  15. If they had campus carry instead of a police state, the carrier’s could had just cleared leather and went to low ready (if it actually seemed necessary – only those near the shooting would have responded) upon the alert instead of shutting down everything and rearranging all of the furniture.

    What a waste of time and resources. If they did that in Chicago everytime there was a shooting, the city would be shutdown for the next century.

  16. It actually wasn’t a “lockdown”

    In the absence of locks (locks are not conducive to an open and inclusive atmosphere) cowering students secured doors with kale garlands and sandal straps.

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