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Yesterday’s murder-suicide at UCLA wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment, impulsive act by someone disagreeing with the tenor of a classroom discussion…as so many anti-campus carry types say their fear. The shooter, Mainak Sarkar (above), a UCLA Ph.D. grad, had planned things to the point of making a list of those he wanted kill. As CNN is reporting . . .

“Everybody tries to look for a reason for this. Well, first of all, there is no good reason for this,” Beck told KTLA. “This is a mental issue, mental derangement, but it was tied to a dispute over intellectual property.”

Sarkar felt the professor he killed had released information “that harmed him,” Beck told the station. “UCLA says this is absolutely not true. This is the workings of his imagination.”

Sarkar drove from Minnesota to LA with two handguns with the express purpose of killing professor William S. Klug, whose name was on the list.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 12.57.44 PM

Another individual on the list, an unidentified Minnesota woman, was found to have been shot to death apparently before Sarkar left on his murderous road trip. When Sarkar arrived at UCLA,

He went to his former professor’s fourth-floor office Wednesday and shot him dead with multiple rounds, then committed suicide, Beck said. The shooting sent the campus on lockdown for hours, leaving students shaken.

Investigators who rushed to the scene found a note, according to the police chief.

Another professor was also listed, but wasn’t harmed. We probably don’t have to tell you that UCLA is a designated gun-free zone. Not that that had any impact whatsoever on Sarkar. Nor would it affect anyone else with similar intent. It’s just fortunate for UCLA that Sarkar didn’t have a longer list and/or was more determined to check off all the names he’d accumulated.

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    • Guessing Indian red dot (pun intended) vice feather type. US citizen is my guess, think I read the pistols were legally purchased. I failed my PC class, had to retake it 10 times before they just passed me to get rid of me. 🙁


      At some point there was an page listing a his religion as “Islam” and there was a screenshot. The wiki page as since been edited to remove the Religion reference. Since a wiki can be edited by multiple people fairly anonymously, it is uncertain what is true. I does not sound like religion was big determining factor in this crime. Not sure how a 6-ft tall white man turned out to be a brown guy from India, though.

    • He’s one of those “white Indians”, most likely a Tea Party type as well.

      • No, it was over intellectual property. Most likely Primitive Baptist.

    • Every time the media publishes the pictures of a person who committed a crime who is not a white male, the bigots come out.
      It is irresponsible for the media to publish pictures of criminals who are not white knowing full well that it will fan the bigots.

      • And if he had been white he’d have been an inbred racist right wing extremist hick.

        The only “fair” solution is to not publish any pictures OR names. Just call them “some asshole.”

        “Some asshole shot a UCLA professor then offed himself.”

        No bigotry, no 15 minutes of fame for some asshole.

        • In all honesty ip theft is serious when you just spent years of your life working on something……… remember when they charged those grandma’s with 20k years for movie theft…… would be interesting to hear more details about this case cause I gotta say Minnesota to la drive is some serious hate

        • Luckily this is a first to conceive country, on both patent and trademark law. All you have to do is prove that you thought of it first and call Dewey, Cheetum, and Howe to evaporate any and all infringement.

          The RIAA only stopped because bringing suits against 12 year old girls was bad for their image.

          Having had IP stolen, there are easier and MUCH more satisfying ways to deal with it than a cross country murder trip.

        • I like it:
          Some asshole robbed a bank
          Some asshole mugged a lady
          Some asshole was in a high speed chase ….
          The headlines write themselves!

      • The press had him described as a 6′ white male even before his picture came out.

        Now who is the bigot, hmm?

  1. Looks like those “young white male” theories are falling apart at the seams

      • Yeah….that description auto-populates the shooter description field for any active shooter story. There’s a whole template for that.

        Odd, though, it’s supposed to indicate “Christian”, “Tea Party member”, and “anti-government” in the default description, too. Must be a bug in the code.

  2. …And that’s the last we’ll hear of this shooting from the mainstream media. It doesn’t fit the narrative.

    • Exactly… If this had been a white, male, NRA member loner the talking heads on cable news would be talking about it for a month. Minority does it and step 1 is to try to justify it (he must have felt threatened or was subjected to racism, etc) and step 2 is to sweep it under the rug because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

      And people wonder why so many Americans are pissed off.

    • I emphatically disagree. Gun-free zones do save lives … the lives of murderers who ignore the “gun-free” status.

      • I do not think that is True, Many of the Murderers that violated a GFZ ultimately offed themselves, too.

        • With gun free zones correlation does equal causation when it comes to successful large scale shootings. These people are virtually always and only stopped by the arrival of people with guns, and are enabled by their absence during the period they are shooting their victims

          • But correlation between shooters in GFZs and those shooters eventually offing themselves does not prove that the GFZs are the causation of those shooters eventually offing themselves.

    • True, but in fairness, no number of lawful concealed carriers on campus could possibly have prevented or even minimized this attack. If some maniac is willing to drive halfway across the continent, walk straight into your office and kill you before then killing himself, then you’re pretty much toast no matter what the law allows.

      • It is probably true that if the general student population would have been armed, it would not have prevented the professor from being shot.
        However, it is very true that if the shooter went to shoot many students/professors having an armed student population most emphatically would have stopped him before he had the chance to kill more people.

      • There is one person who could have had a chance to stop the murder if campus carry was allowed — the victim himself.

        But all we can really do is speculate, since we don’t know the exact circumstances of the murder. If it was a complete ambush, the victim would probably have been toast whether he was armed or not. Being ambushed sucks.

  3. Will we ever find out his “religion” that allows such “revenge”—even though we now know that he was from India–or will that info also be hidden from the general public??? DMD

    • Religion, or lack thereof, only matters when it is used in an attempt to justify killing.

  4. He killed a woman, probably his girlfriend or wife, drove to Nazifornia, killed the professor, then himself, and all the FUCKING LAPD and the FUCKING NEWS are blithering on about is “he had an arsenal! Purchased all the guns legally! bleat bleat bleat.”

    What a bunch of goddamn FOOLS!


  5. I wonder about the woman in Minnesota, who or what she was to him or had done. I have not heard anything about her.

    • According to It was his wife.
      “The wife of the gunman in the fatal shooting Wednesday of a professor on the UCLA campus was found shot to death in her Brooklyn Park home. Neighbor IDs her as Ashley Hasti.”

  6. But it was a gun free zone – illegal to bring those guns on the campus. How could this have happened?!!!!

    • …And premeditated murder, it’s illegal. It’s against the law! In a GFZ! How could this have happened?

  7. Indeed, but on the other hand, Indian ‘dot’ types don’t seem to go around the country with guns shooting people quite as often as musloids do. So there’s that.

    If he was a Tea Party type, the media would be all over whatever evidence was present and everyone would know about it. That they are saying nothing itself is an indicator.

    But yea, there doesn’t seem to be any real proof.

  8. Sounds like some scorned lover crap. This is not the religious zealotism you’re looking for. Nore a mass campus shooting. Maybe he felt like he wasted his life pursuing a PHD (avg of 6 years effort).

  9. Why has this continued to be national news? I understand the initial burst of press while information was coming out and there was speculation an active shooter was on campus, but this turned into a very basic murder suicide. Tragic, but it happens all the time around the world. This doesn’t even constitute a “Mass shooting” as many in the media classify it. Is this only gaining attention because it was on campus? What about the thousands of rapes that happen annually at universities? Should we cover those too, or are they not shocking enough to garner ratings.

    • Why does anything hang in the news cycle? I’m plenty tired of hearing about that damn gorilla myself.
      The best part is nobody will remember any of these stories in a years time.
      We had a drug dealer kill a police chief here a couple of years ago. Was the only news reported day and night in the papers, on the radio, on TV for no less than three months. Between the investigations into the perps family, the memorial services and the unending parade of fundraising events you’d swear it was the only thing to have happened here in the past century.

      Can’t find anyone local who remembers it ever happened. I bring up the reports, show them and get “Oh, that sort of rings a bell.” I’ve asked no fewer than 30 people about it. Not one remembers it happening. It’s like I’m in some Twilight Zone sci-fi story or something.

      The media producers and consumers make up an unentertaining circus of fools.

      • I remember that case. The perp wasn’t exactly a drug dealer, a personal trainer selling steroids IIRC. Chief, who was on the verge of retirement, insisted on serving the warrant himself and got blasted. Perp’s innocent bystander girlfriend was killed by cops as well.

      • “Nobody panics when things go according to plan, even when the plan is horrifying.”

      • Not one remembers it happening. It’s like I’m in some Twilight Zone sci-fi story or something.

        Ever read Harrison Bergeron? The progressive left and their media machinery are doing their level best to make Orwell and Vonnegut’s bleakest visions become a reality.

    • Because if the nation had used a sane immigration policy (no immigrants of any kind for any reason) this would not have happened.

  10. you could not find a picture of William Klug, that was not posted by
    ANTI GUN Rights GAVIN NEWSOM, got to be better source than the Lt Gov of COMMIEFORNIA who wants to restrict gun ownership to the highest degree.

  11. Looks like he’s a Mainak, Mainak on the floor. And he’s offing himself like he’s never offed himself before. He has danced into the danger zone.

  12. Shame somebody in California didn’t take that illegally carried gat off him. Wonder if he sold antiques?

  13. Alloh snackibar? Look for this to go away quickly if this dark fellow is a moose-lim. Lookat San Berno and scrubbing the apartment clean so quickly…

  14. Well I can speculate as well as anyone else. I’m thinking a lazy ass that got everybody else to do the work on his dissertation. Prof let somebody in on the truth and that had a negative effect on future employment, grant sucking opportunities.

  15. Well, well, well, WHAT do WE have HERE? Of course it’s a “non-white”, a friggin’ foreigner, someone in our country on a “Student” or “H1-B” visa just as I predicted yesterday. The “tell” that the killer wasn’t the typical mentally ill “white” or violence-prone “black” belonging to certain subcultures present with in our nation was the arrival of the BATF and FBI “on-scene” minutes after the shootings were reported and the fact that perpetrator’s name wasn’t released for nearly 24 hours.

    For those who missed it here’s yesterday’s post:

    Notice like the Merced College (California) stabbing and the Umpqua (Oregon) Community College shooting sprees last year where the two perpetrators were “minorities” ie. Faisal Mohammad, a Moslem and son of immigrants (Merced) & Christoper Harper-Mercer, “biracial”, father an immigrant from the UK (Umpqua) no “ethnic” and/or “racial” description of the attacker has been released to the media and public.

    There can be no doubt the offender in today’s UCLA attack belongs to a “community” which has been granted “most ‘favored’ status” by law enforcement and the media, one to be protected at ALL costs because had the shooter been “White”, “Christian”, “Straight” or member of the GOP or TEA Party his photo would’ve been plastered all over our TV screens and the internet within minutes of police arriving “on-scene”.

  16. But Cali doesn’t have campus carry–so there aren’t any guns on campus, and nobody shoots professors there. This story must be made-up…

  17. Repatriation saves lives.

    The sooner we return to being an Anglo Christian nation the sooner the majority of killings stop.

  18. Just more evidence that we should have closed the borders in 1800. Every immigrant since has worked to destroy the freedoms left to us by the Founders.

    • That’s possibly the most idiotic statement I’ve ever heard. My entire pro-2A family immigrated here in the early 1900’s from Germany, England, and Lebanon. You actually believe that only the original European settlers, who slaughtered the indigenous tribes and brought the wonders of slavery, belong in this country? Have you even traced your own family tree, or are you just a troll?

  19. How many seconds did it take gavin newsome to rub himself in the blood???

    I bet he never heard of the deceased before his tweet.

    Newsome is so far beneath contempt it’s like he’s staring at the sun. Newsome looks up admiringly at vomit

  20. He didn’t do that cause Kali passed laws against that. Progressive thinking doesn’t allow that on campus so it couldn’t have happened. I’m burning down a cvs lol

  21. Immigration control would have prevented this. Let’s see winger Gruesome Newsome control that.

    “Immigration control. Not gun control.”

  22. What happened was awful, but the media’s response was nearly as bad. They were licking their lips at the prospect of getting to blame a white guy for a shooting at a college campus; namely the most liberal one in the most liberal state in the union. Hell, they gleefully reported a tall white guy did it mere hours after it happened.

    Instead those pesky things called “Facts” got in the way of their agenda, and guaranteed this story will be swept under the rug. Nobody in the MSM will be talking about this story this time next week. Fucking evil degenerates the lot of them.

  23. The thing is, he could have just as easily killed his wife and ambushed the prof with a knife. Yes, guns work better for mass killings (though knives can work too – see stabbing sprees in China), but something like this there are a number of implements that would serve.

  24. Race has nothing to do with this folks. This guy was an asshole with some deep rooted issues. I’m pretty sure history will confirm that assholes with deep rooted issues come in and every size, shape and color.

    Seriously, we don’t live in a country with one kind of people. This should be acutely obvious to anyone considering themselves a proud American. If you’re so tired of the “indian red dots” and “ghetto goblins,” stop seeing people as classes and races and see them as humans. Because you can expect violence like this from ANYONE. We need people to be big, not bigots.

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